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Amcor indoor air conditioner will not do anything.

\015 Um, it worked but now it doesn't. I have it connected and the lights and buttons function but it will not turn on. Last night there was a thud and then it stopped working.\015

Answers :

There has been a lot of complaints about the reset button located on the power cord. Some of the have been recalled from the manufacture. Also the control boards in these systems can be prone to problems or surges. Follow this link for more information at the unit and possible trouble shooting. http://www.amcorgroupusa.com/customer.html

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Amcor indoor air conditioner will not do anything.

There has been a lot of complaints about the reset button located on the power cord. Some of the have been recalled from the manufacture. Also the control boards in these systems can be prone to problems or surges. Follow this link for more inform ... Amcor AF9000E Portable Air Conditioner

Turning on our amcor air conditioner model # plm-13000e, it makes all kinds of noise and raddaling with the compressure comes on, its so bad we can't hear tv, our the radio. what is the cost of replaceing that part plus labor and anything else. or is it worth fixing at this time, i think it is about 3 years old. thank you for your time in this matter. john capaul [email protected]

These little units are filled with plastic covers and thin metel guards that can shift or loose a screw and begin to rattle as the unit vibrates. This is most likely the problem. Try to search it out before you scrap it. Hope this helps. Good luck. ... Amcor AL10000EH Air Conditioner

We are selling our house and have been leaving the air conditioner on for the last several days at 70. It has been keeping the house cool for visitors when we are at work. Yesterday I came home from work and the house was warm. I checked the air conditioner and it felt like it was blowing just air. Checked it throughout the night and still blowing just air, not cold anymore. I am thinking it ran out of coolant. I am not an expert or know anything about air conditioners. If you could give me your

It can be many things like a loose connection. It can be low of refrigerant or it can be the condenser fan has stopped working. Considering you are selling the house just call a qualified HVAC repairman and have it repaired. ... Air Conditioners

Amcor Blue blinking light Air Conditioners - Amcor Air Conditioners

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Amcor air conditioner model pcma12000e hoses - Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

Amcor Air Conditioner Model AF11000E - Amcor NanoMax 12,000 BTU NanoMist Portable Air Conditioner AF11000E

... Amcor NanoMax 12,000 BTU NanoMist Portable Air Conditioner AF11000E

I have an amana cr2-1 model outdoor air conditioner. We just bought the house and it did not come with a manual. I was wondering what we need to do to get it ready for the season. I have never had an air conditioner before, so I don't know anything about them. Do I need to do anything with the outside unit? Are there parts inside my house I need to do something with? Are there filters, or are they the same as the funace filters? I ask this because it looks like it is tied in with my furna

... Amana Air Conditioners

Air conditioner I have a panasonic air conditioner split system about 10 years old. It has stopped working yesterday.  The fan is not moving.  It seems to be smoking freeze air from the indoor unit.   No cold air coming out.   What should I do.  What can I do.

Faulty main control board or wiring loop may be a problem? ... Air Conditioners

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... Amcor AF 12000E Portable Air Conditioner

AMCOR Portable Air Conditioner - CF14000E Our portable air conditioner was working fine. I turned it off and was going to move it into another room, it would not turn back on. There was no green light on the LCDI plug. I tried it on different outlets but no green light coming back on.

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Cara servis indoor air conditioner - Air Conditioners

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Replacement Remote I can't find a replacement remote for my Turbo Air Conditioner - Room Air-Conditioner. (Info on Wall Unit - Model of indoor unit TAS-9H, Serial # A09HI02196, Bar Code # C2G5101320) (On the back of the remote - ZHF/LW-15, Rated Voltage 3V.DC) I live in Phoenix, AZ if you can tell me some place local I can get one or order one online. Thanks so much, Robert McDonald

EMAIL: [email protected] for parts / remote controls ... Turboair Air Conditioners

Anyone know where I can get a fan motor for the indoor unit of my centrex CTAR65GW split system air conditioner. i think the motor may be generic for most of the cheaper split air conditioners. Denis

Hi,\012I buy alot of those motors through www.grainger.com\012\012match up the hp, rpm, shaft size, mounting, voltage, etc... this can take a bit, but you will fi ... Air Conditioners

My haier room air conditioner (hwr08cx7) just stopped working. The power goes on, the electronic displays light up, but fan does not blow. I also cannot adjust the mode--fan, cool, energy saver, dehum. I can adjust the temperature/speed but it doesn't do anything. Using the remote gives me the same results. The air conditioner is about a year old....

The Haier A/C unit has a small, electronic keypad on the front, right corner of the cover. There is very little you can do with it but check the wires going to it. Make sure nothing is broken or pinched going to it. The electronic module can be repla ... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

Amcor PCMB-12000E Portable Air Conditioner I need to replace the motor on the lower fan for my air conditioner, can anyone tell me where I can get a new one?

You can get a part from any suppies store that sells a/c equipment ... some requier epa license .. but something like a fan u can buy that without a license .. ... Amcor PCMB-12000E Portable Air Conditioner

A few days ago I moved my portable air conditioner unit from one room to another. (Amcor 12,000BTU, Cooling/heating unit) Prior to moving it, the air conditioner and compressor worked fine. The unit is about a year old, and has only been used a few months of the year thus far. After I moved the unit into my bedroom, and plugged it in, everthing kept working fine, (including the compressor) but a funny, slightly burnt plastic smell (or some other chemical smell) was blowing out of the unit al

... Amcor NanoMax A12000E Portable Air Conditioner

How do i connect my indoor air conditioner split wall unit to the breaker panel where is the indoor cord to connect to my electrical breaker

... Air Conditioners

Problem with Amcor PLM12000E Portable Air Conditioner- system stopped blowing cold air after power outage. Compressor turns on for 3 seconds and then turns off. Blowing out fanned air and room temp air out the back.

You more than likely have a blown relay or fuse ... Air Conditioners

Sharp Air Conditioner AC09RLCSYS isnt cooling properly. Very moderate to low cold air from unit. At one point small bits of ice came out of indoor unit when on auto cool. Unit was switched off immediately and then turned back on after a few minutes with no additional problems, however still is not cooling properly. Unit is only eight months old. First used for cooling with no problems and great cold air, then for heating during winter. Now back to cooling and not getting the cold air like p

Unit may be freezing up if blowing ice crystals. Let thaw 24hrs try again. Make sure condensation drain line is cleaned out. ... Air Conditioners

I have an amcor kf10000E portable air conditioner and i need a cord and plug where can i get ine plz

... Air Conditioners

Amcor AMC12000E Air Conditioner doesn't cool

... Amcor AMC12000 Portable Air Conditioner

My Delonghi K900 overheats after only an hour of use. It is so hot, I'm afraid it will start a fire. Also, it only cools the indoor air to match the temperature outside. I thought I was purchasing an air conditioner that would actually cool the air. 

Hello, have you tried shortening the length of the exaust hose, portable air conditioners rapidly loose performance when the hose is long. The exaust hose needs to be as short as possible with the fewest possible bends. The overheating is usually cau ... DeLonghi Pinguino PAC-77E Air Conditioner

I have two Amcor AmcorAire UCHW-H09AF2 Split System Air Conditioner units -- 2 years old. One works fine, but the other does not blow heated air (Heat Mode). It is cold outside, but the good unit is blowing heated air at the same time the bad one does not. All other settings are the same. All suggested service numbers, as well as the company number in user guide are disconnected. Thanks

... Amcor Aire UCHW-H09AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

Air conditioner blows air but not cooling. Cleaned filters on indoor unit, still no cold air.

Take the cover off the air conditioner and check if you are getting power to the compressor with a volt meter. Also when the air conditioner is running if the compressor is running it would feel warm to the touch and you would feel a vibration when y ... Air Conditioners

Our Mitsubishi Electric Dual Air Conditioner is not working properly, it was pumping out hot air the other day and we have checked that it is not on heating mode and it isn't. Now the air coniditioning is supposed to be on and we don't feel anything coming out. Please help.

Check sure the on the outside unit that the fan is running and secondly the compressor is running,you will not any cold air if the compressor is not running ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

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