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Old unit blowing air, not cooled

\015 I'd like to know how old this model is (Frigidaire FAV157W1A1), and if it is worth the expense of repair. Would also love to know estimate for repair\015\012It worked great cooling my 800 sq foot downstairs for 4 years, but at the end of last summer, the air being blown lost its cool. I hate to just junk it as it has been a good machine - but have no idea how old it might be as it came with the house purchase (2004)\015

Answers :

You will have to contact the manufacture to get the age. The age can be determined through the serial number of that unit but often, only the manufacture can tell you. Window units are so inexpensive these days so I would recommend replacing it if you have done everything in regards to general maintenance of the unit like cleaning the indoor coil and rinsing out the coils at the back of the unit. Also, if you can get to the fan blades safely, they usually need a good cleaning as well. If you have done all this and it still doesn't cool, then I would replace it. I personally like the LG brand window units.

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In hottest part of day it starts blowing hot air. We turn it off for 2-3 hours and comes back on anabnd blows cold air again. Technician unable to determine problem. Says we should buy all new unit. Current unit 10 years old. Coolent level ok. Coils clean. This is a 2 ton small unit cools our master suite only. Our other unit is 4 tons and cools rest of house with no problem.

For this case, either the AC needs cleaning or the compressor may be week.  You may want to check on the thermostat, it may send signal to the unit to stop cooling.  If it is a split type AC, you may want to check for leaks in the tubes tha ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air.. what is wrong with it? a/c is blowing warm air. i checked the circuit breakers, all okay. check both fans, all okay. i pulled the filter, just a little dirty. i pulled the main panel off the unit and checked for a dirty coil, all okay. The unit is 2.5 years old and is suspended in the air in my garage. is there a clogged drain. should i get the bleach out? please help.

Check to see if you have power to the compressor. it my be a thermostate problem... ... Air Conditioners

My nordyne AC unit thats 2 years old suddenly froze up and after thawing, the compresor runns but the thing only blows warm air. COndensor fan is spinning but the air is cool, not hot like it used to be. Filters are clean and are ALWAYS changed. The inside of the unit is spotless, it looks like its never been used. Its always cooled my home down in 3 minutes as its a 55500 BTU unit.

You have developed a freon leak or the compressor valves have gone and it is not pumping. ... Air Conditioners

Our 10,000 BTU window air conditioning unit has stopped cooling air. It will blow air in from outside, but it does not cool it. The unit is a few years old, but has very few miles on it. Shot in the dark, what might the problem be?

The fan runs but there's no cold air?. Is the thermostat\015\012knob turned to the proper setting? Is the compressor motor running? The\015\012compressor is a football-sized case with no apparent moving parts. It\015\012is located insid ... Air Conditioners

My Amana portable air conditioner is blowing Warn Air. It's 2 years old. The temperature is set to blow cool air but the unit is only blowing warm air.

... Haier Amana Apn14j-E Portable Air Conditioner

Reset button for Ruud Achiever 14 heat pump/AC compressor? My Ac/heat thermostat was blowing fan on and would not turn off. I switched it off at the circuit box, and bought a new thermostat RTH221, wired it and it would not blow cool air when on cool nor warm air when on heat. Called the 800 number for Honeywell and tech said I had wired it correctly, to check outside and see if the compressor was running. It was not. This Ruud unit is only 8years old so I'm wondering if a reset button has

... Air Conditioners

Great site. I have a Simplicity SPAC 8499-5 Portable Air Conditioner and it was working fine up until yesterday (~2 years old). The unit is running and the fan operational but while the green light for Cool/Dry is illuminated that actually cooling unit for the air conditioner is not kicking in. The system is just blowing air (like in Fan) mode. I have checked the water reservoir and it is empty and placed properly in the unit so the switch is engaged but no AC.

... Air Conditioners

I have a frigidaire wall mounted ac unit. It isnt cooling like it should be and when the motor tries to come on my lights dim and there is a humming noise for just a few seconds before the hum stops. The fan runs and will blow "cool" air but not as cool as it should be. What is my problem here? I dont know the model # for my ac unit, it is probably 8 yrs old though.

... Frigidaire FAS155K1 Air Conditioner

Our upstairs Central AC unit will not cool below 80 degrees. Everything is blowing fine. It is 89 degrees outside today. The air coming in thru the ducts is 80 degrees. The downstairs unit blows 70 degrees even if thermostat is set for 78. The unit is 6 years old. We cleaned the coils. No change. What should we check next? Thank you!

You will need a thermometer, you can use a meat therm.take a temp reading of the air going into the return and then coming out of the supply at the unit, it should be at least 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the supply, if not it may be low on refrigeran ... Air Conditioners

Unit will cool for about 10 minutes and then compressor shuts off an unit blows warm air for about 10 minutes and compressor will start again blowing cool air and then compressor will shut down again and unit will blow warm air ... etc. the unit is running off a generator to cool down a 10x14 enclosed trailer and does not do the job of cooling

... Haier CPN10XCJ Air Conditioner

Why would cool air be blowing out of my central ac unit condensor that sits outside? The other unit I have next to it blows out warm air and responds well to thermostat changes. The unit blowing cool air still cools the rooms it contros... but much slower than the other unit does.

It probably has a low refrigerant charge. The air coming out of the outside unit should be warmer than the outdoor temperature when in the cooling mode and if it's a heat pump it should be colder than the outdoor temperature in the the heating mode. ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

I have a 6 year old Goodman ClJ24. Today I noticed that the motor in the unit was running backwards.Instead of blowing out hot air from the top, it was sucking in air. Also unit suddenly is not cooling.

Hi,Yes, once in a while the motor will just start to run in reverse...this is not fixable... you will need to replace that motor...and as you can see if it is not running correctly you will not get proper cooling...\012Here is a tip ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

My goodman ac unit is not blowing cool air inside, well not hardly blowing air at all but the outside unit is blowing cool air outside

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a 1992 Class C Gulfstream Ultra motorhome with a Dometic, Duo-Therm roof top AC system (ducted) model # 58915 and the old analog thermostat on the wall. The unit comes on and the compressor seems to be kicking in a few seconds later (just from the sound of it) but it's just blowing cool air. Not hot but DEF not cold! Do I need a new roof top unit or could there be a cheaper fix such as a known part that fails on these units? Hate to buy a whole new unit for 700 bucks plus labor if it's po

Well Paul I will do my best to save you any money I can. Have you checked the condition of the unit under the shroud? It sounds like you might just have a dirty unit and the cooling fins could be clogged with debris of some sort. There are many makes ... Air Conditioners

Old unit blowing air, not cooled

You will have to contact the manufacture to get the age. The age can be determined through the serial number of that unit but often, only the manufacture can tell you. Window units are so inexpensive these days so I would recommend replacing it if ... Air Conditioners

My unit is running but not blowing cool air. I went outside and the condenor fan was not moving. Took a stick and shoved a blade and the fan started moving but the air is still not cool inside. I did notice the air coming through the unit outside after fan was blowing was cooler than my 2nd a/c unit that was working fine. I wondered if the entire unit was frozen. I turned off unit at thermostat and figured I would see what happens tomorrow

Sometimes on new units it is common for the fan to not start until you give it a push. Did you happen to hear if the compressor was operating? If the unit was froze-up the Insulated Suction line would also be iced over as well. If it wasn`t it is mor ... Carrier 38CKC024 Air Conditioner

Sharp Air Conditioner AC09RLCSYS isnt cooling properly. Very moderate to low cold air from unit. At one point small bits of ice came out of indoor unit when on auto cool. Unit was switched off immediately and then turned back on after a few minutes with no additional problems, however still is not cooling properly. Unit is only eight months old. First used for cooling with no problems and great cold air, then for heating during winter. Now back to cooling and not getting the cold air like p

Unit may be freezing up if blowing ice crystals. Let thaw 24hrs try again. Make sure condensation drain line is cleaned out. ... Air Conditioners

My ac will blow cooled air, but then the ac unit will stop cooling and just blow hot air for a while. It'll switch back and forth instead of just blowing cool air. An ideas on what the problem i

... LG LXA1230ACL Air Conditioner

My Kenmore air conditioner is more than 20 years old closer to 25 than to 20 it need "freezone" or some such thing to make it blow cool air. I am I wrong. I do know the newer units don't work on any chemical additive

Your unit takes refrigerant 22. It is still available but not over the counter. If you put anything else in it, it will ruin the compressor. You can take it to an appliance repair shop and they can charge it up for you. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Amana PTH153B35AK This unit is less than 30 days old, heats fine cools fine, but when i have it in heat mode,set @ 70 or so, as soon as the room heats up, the unit will cycle into a/c mode and blow super cold air for about 5 minutes than return to heating. Sometimes it will reach the desired temp. and turn off like it is supposed to do, but for the most part it just cycles back and forth from hot to cold...Amana has the worse help/service i have ever seen, i was on the phone for an hour,everybod

This often happens if the unit is oversized or to close to a wall or object. ... Amana PTC153B35AK Air Conditioner

Our ac is not blowing any air the vents are cool to the touch but no air. The fan is running and the outside unit is running. We took our old filter out and havent' put a new one in--it's been a week

Dirty indoor coil? ... Air Conditioners

Oil Leak My 2-month-old, self-installed GE 2-ton mini-split unit is quiet and blows super cool air, but I find a small drop of yellowish oil on the lower left side every morning. Is that compressor oil? How is it getting into condenser unit? Is it a loose copper fitting? How can I fix it?

This would indicate a leak somewhere in the condenser sheet coil. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you should call a service tech in to fix this problem. ... GE Zoneline AZ38H12DAD Split System Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a wall mount midea split a/c model- MSG-36HR that will only heat. when put in cool mode it only blow's room temp air and the outdoor unit won't run. On heat mode it works normally. I have cycled power a couple of times, changed modes on the remote numerous times and just in case, changed the batteries in the remote. The unit is about 3 yrs old. Do you have any pointers. Cheers Tom

Most heat pumps are 'fail-safe to heat'. That is: the normal position of the valve which reverses the function is in the position which provides heat. The reversing valve must be powered to switch to the cooling position.Although the ... Midea Air Conditioners

Just cut on 8 year old Goodman CPLE24-1 AC for the summer. Ran 8 hours fine, Next morning noticed outside unit running, very little cool air blowing out of inside floor vents (like the blower fan was broken). Outside unit frozen. Capicitor replaced last July. (2) separate filters inside house returns clean. Whatz the problem? Help? Advice? Gotta fix it fast! By myself hopefully. Thanks!!!!

Due to the many different questions I see about Air Conditioning, I am including this overview to help us better understand each other for trouble shooting. A basic air conditioning system has a Thermostat, Air Handler or Furnace Fan and a Condensin ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

I have a window unit i just put in it is one year old and has not been used this summer it is only blowing room temp air and the it is on the cool setting and willl only work on high settign and auto i tried the reset button but the compressor still isn kicking on to get the freon in the unit working

If the unit is stored in any position *other* than the intended, normal operating position, the unit will not run correctly.Cooling appliances with compressors for refrigerants such as A/C units, refrigerators, freezers, etc., whenever mo ... Air Conditioners

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