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How to disable the energy saver of the amana ptac unit. Once the AC reach the lowest temp on the room , the unit turn off, then when room temp raise it turn on.

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To take it out of energy saver mode and back to manual operation, press the up and down temp. Buttons at same time and hold em in. Then press the off switch 2 times fast. Display will change to two dashes, then Let go off tem pop buttons , press heat button once. Then tem o up button until 0 appears in display. Hit off button again and it should be in manual mode.
\015\012This is the link to find the manual for your unit. Make sure the model number is correct. You should be able to find the info you are looking for if it is possible to disable the energy saver. Hopefully this will help.

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How to disable the energy saver of the amana ptac unit. Once the AC reach the lowest temp on the room , the unit turn off, then when room temp raise it turn on.

To take it out of energy saver mode and back to manual operation, press the up and down temp. Buttons at same time and hold em in. Then press the off switch 2 times fast. Display will change to two dashes, then Let go off tem pop buttons , press h ... Amana PTH153B50AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Amana PTH153B35AK This unit is less than 30 days old, heats fine cools fine, but when i have it in heat mode,set @ 70 or so, as soon as the room heats up, the unit will cycle into a/c mode and blow super cold air for about 5 minutes than return to heating. Sometimes it will reach the desired temp. and turn off like it is supposed to do, but for the most part it just cycles back and forth from hot to cold...Amana has the worse help/service i have ever seen, i was on the phone for an hour,everybod

This often happens if the unit is oversized or to close to a wall or object. ... Amana PTC153B35AK Air Conditioner

I have a Daikin 4mxs32 with 4 indoor 9K wall mount units. About 3 months old. All of a sudden it stopped heating or cooling in all rooms. It works in the closest room to outdoor unit. Not at all in furthest room but does work somewhat on unit directly on other side of the wall and also somewhat on unit directly on other side of wall behind closest unit. Then I also noticed that when I turn the furthest unit that somewhat works off the close unit that somewhat works goes up in discharge temp in A

... Cfm Daikin R410a Split System Air Conditioner

Daewoo dc window air conditioner model #DWC-055RL. The unit won't go down/pass 73 degrees, even though my desired temp is selected at 64. When I turn the unit off it then will read the room temp again and will go pass 73 but just doesnt go pass it when turned on. What could be the problem?

... Air Conditioners

Have a Vulcan MZ85 Gas Heater with a Vulcan Programable Thermostat T8602C originally hooked up in heat and cool system with one transformer the cooling system has since been removed and now operates the heating unit. The issue now is that you turn the thermostat on to heat it will heat up to the pre selected temperature once it reaches that temp it turn itself off it does not maintain the set temperature so you have to turn the unit off and restart to activate it have tried 2 other thermostats w

Hi, you need to wire the thermostat like this. You now have no cooling, so remove the jumper wire from RC and leave it on RH. Remove the yellow wire also. Make sure it is wired the same way at the furnace terminals also. Sounds as though you have 24 ... Air Conditioners

My central heating unit in house will not turn off. Thermostat sends signal when temp is reached but heat and fan keep running, I changed fan relay but no change, have to turn off breaker to get if to go off, when breaker is turned back on it is off as long as thermostat is at temp

Definately a relay - but i suspect inside the controller itself.Replace the thermostat(controller) unit.Thanks for using FixYA!! ... Air Conditioners

My air stops running inside before it get to the temp. Its set for but the outside unit keeps running and after a minute or two the air will start blowing inside again but the outside unit never turns off until it gets to the desired temp but because it stops and starts so often inside it takes a long time for it to reach the desired temp. Inside

You have a possible thermal overload problem in your furnace blower motor dirt will cause this problem when it doesnt allow air across the windings of the blower motor if not dirt the motors going bad and getting hot use a shop vac and eliminate dirt ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

Lg n98 remote for aircon what do the settings mean? the water drop and triangle with a squiggle in it . i usually leave it on the sun setting pick a temp and the aircon turns on and off and is very noisy. is there a setting i can use that maintains the temp without the main unit and fan turning off when it reaches temp

How do I set it to heat up the room? ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

GE AGM08LJG1 window unit: digital temp increases on its own. Ex: when set to 65 degrees (and timer set to turn the unit off in 4 hours), return to the room 2 hrs later and the digital temp reads 69. What gives?

Its telling you the room temp that is been sucked into the evaporator.its normal for this to happen.once you set the temp you want.it stays there untile you change it.but its all good. ... GE Deluxe AGM08LJ Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

CS-E9HKR PANASONIC A/C Unit does not blow cool air when turned on.The setting is on Auto, the temp set is 16C.Is turned on by remote control, It takes a while to start up and when it does , just blows room temp air. what can be wrong?

Change the filter whash the coil ... Air Conditioners

I have the rinnai energysaver 557FTR we inherited it with the house when we bought it. I was wondering what the water level tray is for exactly and also when I had it on earlier after a while when it had heated the filter light came on. I took out what I think is the filter and cannot see anything on it. The temp on the control was set to 22 but it said the room was 27. Not sure I agree as I was in the room. Does the machine not turn off once temp is reached? I have no operatng manuel for the ma

... Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell Chronotherm IV Plus a/c unit and I can't get my air condt. to turn on. The room temp. says it's 17 degrees in the house so it won't turn on. I need to know how to reset the room tempt. reading.

Not only are the Chronotherm IV's less than user friendly, they have a terrible failure rate. It sounds like one of the typical failures of the chronotherm IV. I suggest starting with a new thermostat. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a 11o a/c. when you turn it on at night to cool bedroom, it willnot restart the compressor after,it reaches the desired temp? also, when you go to turn it off, it seems like the unit still runs, you have to unplug it to turn it off.

Bad control ... GE Air Conditioners

I have a 561c central air unit. I just replaced the fan motor and capacitor 6 days ago. The unit ran great for just that long now the fan won't come on and the outside unit is hot to the touch, I can assist the fan and it starts and runs great until it reaches the thermostat temp. When it turns off it won't come back on. Is it the start relay switch?

Sounds like you need another capacitor since it will run if you turn it by hand to get it started. If you have a clamp on ammeter check the current draw on the fan motor. ... Air Conditioners

The unit runs constantly. How do you set it to reach a temp, then turn off until it gets warmer & turn on again?

... Fedders X Chassis A6X06F2A Air Conditioner

My lg wall unit (LWHD1009R) 10,000 btu the compressor keeps turning off after it gets going. even though I have it on a low temp. the comressor turns off after 5-10 minutes even though the room is not cold

My window ac 1.5ton cut off with a **** at 28 deg temp with in 3 minute .room temp is 31 deg. ac is 2years old and i bring in good working condition from my brother. it was kept idle for 1 year ... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

Carrier model 38TKB had problems with getting compressor to kick on at first usually just had to turn the ac on and off a few times and it would kick in and run fine until it reached the desired room temp or you shut it off. Now the compressor wont shut off unless I turn the breaker off. I figure there is a relay or switch sticking in the "ON" position undder my cover there seems to be a black block with lots of terminals under it and a round coil pack of some type which one needs changed

The Black Box is a contactor.It is stuck in the on position.Replace it. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Mistral Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner. MSS.3INV. The trouble we are having is the cooling will work for half an hour or so and the compressor will turn off leaving only the fan going and the comporessor and timer light flashing. This hapens before the desired cooling temp is reached. You can switch the main power off to the unit and back on again after a few minutes have past and the unit will operate again in cooling mode and then just do the same thing. The gas

Hello,What this problem indicate is that the thermostat of the air condition has been gone bad.When ever an refrigerator does such it simply mean that thermostat need to be replace by some time it could be on the time progra ... Sanyo 24KS32A Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have an ACE184XRO window unit. The reset button keeps tripping everytime the unit has reached it's cooling temp. It' used on the power saver control. How can I keep it from tripping the button?

... Whirlpool Window Air Conditioner

When it starts to work there is no problem until it reach the desire temp. the comprossor stop & not starts again even the temp of the room raise up

It sounds like your unit has a bad start capacitor or start relay. If you have a thermostatic expansion valve a lot of times the unit pressures won't equalize for long periods of time, so the compressor needs additional starting torque. If you let th ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have a Monacco Motorhome with dual dometics. Have a problem similar another to one described in on your forum - mostly the Front A/C will turn on for a few seconds and then quit. Sometimes the back unit just doesn't turn on when it should. I notice that this happens much more often when the inside temperature is much higher than the A/C Temp setting. Sometimes rebooting the thermostat helps sometimes not. Sometimes I have set the A/C temperature setting close to the actual room temperatu

Hi, Yes you're right - the dual thermostats can and do get out of synk.I suggest you take it to a qualified dealer if your in some kind of warranty - if not a worry - just remove the cover [s] at the unit and clean very thoroughly with a ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Haier hwr06xc7 window unit a/c: fan works, compressor turns on, but just blows room temp air (which sucks when it's 114 deg here). can this model be charged? is there something else i can check first before i go out and spend $$$ on a cheap a/c unit? fuse is not blown, all wired connections seem to be made

\012Hi,Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool… ... Haier HWR06XC7 Air Conditioner

Room temp stays at 76 and will not get any colder even though unit seems to operate and compressor sounds like it turns on and fan blows and water drains . it is set to 60. room is about 300 sq ft

Hi,\015\012From what you are describing the unit is working perfectly...You just have alot of heat infiltration and the best that unit can do is 76....\015\012If you want or need it cooler you will need to buy a larger size unit...\ ... Maytag M6P09S2ACOM Air Conditioner

The outside compressor and fan will not shut off. I have turned the thermostat system to Off and even to heat, but it will not stop. I went on a trip, increased the room temp to 80 on the thermostat and left. When we returned 2 1/2 days later, the coils were frozen and no air was comiing through the vents, even with the blower motor working. So I turned the unit to furnace and melted the ice on the coils, but had to pull the fuses on the outside box to get the compressor to shut off. Is there a

Sounds like the contactor is stuck. That's why nothing will stop the fan and compressor except killing the power to it. You should be able to get one fairly cheap. ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

Room temp 78 degrees with unit setting at 68 degrees. The unit is running (i.e. compressor) but unit not pumping out cold air. To be specific the unit is pushing out cool air just not cold with such a difference in room temp and temp setting. Any suggestions other than having an HVAC service contractor out.

Sounds like it could be low on freon I believe these units have about 1.5 pounds of freon in them and are critical in not undercharging or overcharging them if it is a freon 410 ac unit the pressures should be about 135 and both lines cold if is l ... LG LAN240HSV2-LAU240HSV2 24000 BTU 20 SEER Art Cool Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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