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Properly Insulated refrigerant lines of aircond are sweating outside and moisture or dew formed along the surface of foam insulation. what will be the possible root cause?

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The root cause is the temp of the lines are below the Dew Point of the surrounding ambient air. Improper charge, low load/ air flow, wrong insulation, improper superheat, are all items that can cause this condition. You may have to look further into whats going on.
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Properly Insulated refrigerant lines of aircond are sweating outside and moisture or dew formed along the surface of foam insulation. what will be the possible root cause?

The root cause is the temp of the lines are below the Dew Point of the surrounding ambient air. Improper charge, low load/ air flow, wrong insulation, improper superheat, are all items that can cause this condition. You may have to look further into ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have an American Sandard 15 Sheer 4 ton unit in the attic in South Louisiana. The a/c drain line from the unit is sweating all the way to the riser vent and down the riser into my wall. It appears that the unit blows so much air through the line and it blows cold air through the p-trap which is causing the condensation. Any solutions or suggestions to stop the condensation from forming on the line? We have already put to 3/4'' clean out vents to reduce the air flow from the unit. Any help woul

First, air should not be blowing through the trap. The trap is there to isolate the air and to make sure condensate flow is proper. Start by increasing the depth of the trap. The condensate is going to be relatively cold, in the range of 58 degere ... American Standard Air Conditioners

The suction line temp is 90 to 95 and drops down to about 68 on a residential unit checked the evap. it wasn't dirty flushed drain line wanted to know what could possibly be causing such a thing

Check the Liquid line drier. Make sure the temperature on either side of the drier is the SAME. \015\012If there is no drier, and there is an expansion valve installed in the air handler, then it might be "hunting" or have some trash or non-co ... Air Conditioners

I have a water leak that seems to be coming from my furnace unit. No water lines above unit. Seeing water dripping down inside of blower area along unit's wall. What may be causing the water?

Condensate drain is clogged. This then overflows and causes the water to run down inside the unit. Just clear out the drain. Very common problem. I've heard of companies charging up to $300 for a 5 minute job that anyone can do. ... Air Conditioners

I'm getting condensation leakage from the vents in the roof. This is on a ducted system, and it's leaking from the two vents closest to the main blower unit up in the ceiling. It's very high humidity here lately, and the leak usually starts around mid afternoon. Up in the ceiling you can see the drops of condensation forming on the under side of the main blower unit, and also all along the large insulated air ducts. I've got the thermostat set to 24deg, it's usually 30 - 34 deg outside. When I

Two things may need to be done here, one is to insulate the vents in the high humidity/temperature area to isolate them from these high conditions. The second would to install a drain pan under the system to catch any condensation and drain it away. ... Air Conditioners

Ice formed on a/c line from a/c unit to house

Either you have a dirty air filter causing a restriction of air flow and lets hope that is the problem. Or the worst case would be low on freon. Which means you have a leak and need to get that fixed cause you can harm your compressor if it runs ou ... Air Conditioners

Are walls suppose to have insulation? on a 2 story building,one side of building walls have a lot of moisture inside,and it's very humid, wall seems to swet, and it feels a little wet, can this be caused by not having insulation? or is it caused by a different reson? thanks.

It could be caused by no insulation if it's cold outside and warm and humid inside. If you have any electrical sockets on that wall you can cut the power and remove the socket cover and see if you can see any insulation. Make sure there is not water ... Air Conditioners

I have a GMP 075/3, serial #9711 816 586 installed in 1998. The control panel flat type fuse blows periodically. What is the correct fuse amp rating -- 3 or 5 possibly? What are the possible causes? The local techs don't seem to know what might be causing the failure. Usually it seems to be during start-up after an extended downtime.

I tried to run down a parts list on the net, to no avail. My suggestion would be to contact Goodman support to find out the fuse rating.\015\012There's a chance a local repair shop may have the service manuals.\015\012Here's Goodman's s ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Have you heard anything about this model compressors leaking at terminal head and if so do you know possible cause

... Mitsubishi MXZ-2B20NA-1 Mr. Slim Dual Zone Wall Heat Pump 18 Seer

Lennox Elite Model # CB30M-65-4P I had my A/C fixed while back because the freon lines keep hitting each other from the vibration which causes a leak in the line every 6 months to a year and since then my heater does not work. It will not blow heat only cold air. It was working just before repair. I bought the home 2 yrs ago. can you also suggest what I might could do to keep the freon lines from hitting each other? because4 this is the last time they will be able to repair it next time I

The copper the big line should have a insulating foam wrapped around it called rubetex which eliminates any rubbing. They should never be that close also. Now is this unit a heat pump? ... Air Conditioners

The unit constantly freezes up. Suction is at 85, liquid is at 285, suction line temp is 52. Ambient 85, while inside is at 85-88. Only 1-2 degrees of superheat. Taking refrigerant out lowers line temp (backwards), while adding it raises line temp (backwards). Airflow is not bad but not great. Possible blocked metering device or evaporator?

Has anyone added refrigerant? If there was a blockage I would think the suction pressure would be lower. Are you sure it isn't just overcharged. If you take the ambient and add 20F that would give you a condensing temperature of 105 which gives you a ... Intertherm P3RA-030K Air Conditioner

Our Goodman inside unit has an accumulation of ice on the Larger of the two lines from the outside unit. A thermometer in the grill in the ceiling indicates that the temp at the grill is 76.4 F even with the thermostat set at 73 F. The red light on the Control in the inside unit is illuminated and the outside unit is on. When placing your hand on the freon lines near the air handler, the freon seems to be pulsing. By that I mean that you can feel the pulsing thru the insulation of the large

It could be that the unit is to small and the compressor does not cycle on and off Try turning it off for a 1/2 hour then turn it on again and then check the air temp of the air coming out. If that does not work it might be low on freon. ... Air Conditioners

I have a parkinson cowan palma de-luxe universal 500 gas fire.I no longer have the details of the btu output and I need this information as my house is having cavity wall insulation. The surveyer told me that if it was not possible to confirm the output is less than 7 btu's ,then a vent would be required to be fitted to an outside wall.If at all possible,I'd to avoid this.Your help would be invaluable and appreciated.Thank you in anticipation.

Hello.They are worried about makeup/combustion air and rightly so.Your heater is probbally more then 7000btu(small) and a vent is a great idea.Maybe one that can be adjusted closed when not in use.Bahtroom fans,clothes drier,range hood & attic fans(i ... Air Conditioners


Have you used any cleaners or solvents to clean the radiator ,as this this sort of damage can be caused by tolouine acetone trichloreythelene .These sorts of disolvents are found in some cleaners and they can cause serious damage to plastics ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a thru-wall unit that is draining out of the back and cooling just fine. My problem is the hole in which the ac goes thru. There seems to be some condensation on the bottom of the unit that drips down onto the board below(would be the window sill if I had taken it thru the window). I have thought about taking the unit out and placing a piece of insulating foam in the bottom of the unit or closing the 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of the unit and the board with insulation or expand-a-

You are correct the gap needs to be closed, i would suggest the double taped insulation they use on pick up truck when you put a topper on, as if you ever need to remove unit it would be easier then the expansion foam. Hope this helps Tim ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Model GSC130481AG, S# 0808548576 The common wire to the compressor rubbed through the wire insulation and melted a hole in the discharge line from the compressor. Upon loosing all of the refrigerant the compressor ran hot a warped the valves. I repaired the leak and replace the compressor and liquid line filter drier. Upon start up the system would take little refrigerant. The suction pressure went into a vacuum with a 115# head pressure. What is wrong here?

You have a restriction in the system. Probably in the TXV or orifice in the A/H.The burn out sent trash/fragments through the system. I would open the sytem and blow nitrogen through, then pull a deep vacuum.You may need to install a low ... Goodman Air Conditioners

In our company there is ductatble AC unit having capacity of 10 Ton which catert the AC requirement of two office rooms. This AC unit is installed in passage above false sealing and duct is extened to both offices. Since installing these AC unit is having problme of sweating on false sealing area below the unit and near by area. Drain line of the condensate is checked and it is in dechoked condition. Supply line of unit is already insulated and return from the room is from open passage. Wh

Hi, this is a 10 ton a/c unit, more then likely has 2 stages of cooling. You say the copper suction line is wrapped with insulation already, and the problems continue? What you need to do next as the evaporator coils are in the ceiling, is to have a ... Air Conditioners

Heat does not come on. Furnace light blinks 3 times, indicating faulty pressure switch. I jumped the pressure switch, which caused the ignition filament to light up. However, it quickly shut off again. No gas comes out so the blower never starts up. Have checked the lines, they appear to be clear. Furnace is only about 6 years old. Any idea what is causing this and how to fix it?

Hi,When jumpering the pressure switch ...you need to let the blower start and then apply the jumper... the brain needs to see the proper sequence or it will not allow the gas valve to open...and when it shuts down the jumper must come off ... Air Conditioners

Hello! The copper line is broken where it attaches to the cooling unit. Is it possible that the line can weld? Thanks

Copper line needs to be brazed, system needs to be evacuated, and recharged. Contact refrigeration tech if not qualified. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Bryant split unit. After incurring some water damage that I assumed was from the overflow pan (the damage came from a poorly insulated elbow in the duct that was sweating) I opened the unit and found the condesate pan dry but the interior was completly saturated. I watched as condesate dripped off the coil and the supply fan would pull the drop and miss the pan entirely. Now I have mold/mildew forming in the unit and the insullation inside the unit is wet. I turned off the ac and left t

Most all brands of air conditioners are built along the same lines, and for the most part are equally well designed/constructed. Bryant AC's in my opinion are as good as any - and - although - I don't know all the facts about your problem - I do kno ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

I have a Coleman 5T 13 Seer Heat Pump. When the unit is running there is a lot of vibration (outside unit) and I hear a tinny sound (possibly like the fan hitting something). This seems to be worse during the hottest part of the day. When the unit had its last service they said it was low on freon and recharged it and it seems to be since then that the problem has occurred. Is it possible that the unit is overcharged? And if so is this dangerous, i.e. could it cause permanent damage or immi

I have a coleman mach roof air on the RV. It keeps blowing the 3amp fuse. Why?? ... Coleman Air Conditioners


Hello Wm_kidd,Here are the steps:1. You must take the 410 out of the cylinder in liquid form to ensure that\015\012the blend of the refrigerants that make up the 410 are kept in their\015\012original mixture.\015\0122. Y ... Air Conditioners

Is it possible to tap into a 220 volt line to install a 110 volt line? If so, how do you connect? Thanks in advance.

It is posible but....NOT WISE AT ALL.\015\012\015\012it is totally against all mechanical codes.it will cause dirty volt problems going to modern heat and air equipment.the new cicuit boards are very sensitive to voltage problems and will ... Ruud UPMC036 Air Conditioner

My husband ran a gas line extention up stairs to the master bedroom and hooked up small gas wall heater. The pilot lights, but wont stay lite. It has been about 20 mins or so now. What could be causing the pilot to keep going out other than air in the line?

Make sure that you are holding down the button long enough to heat up the thermocouple before you let go . The thermocouple needs to be hot enough to signal the presence of flame or the gas valve will stop sending gas to the pilot. If you are letti ... Air Conditioners

I have a CAPF Goodman Coil that apparently needs cleaned due to lack of circulation. The repair company wants 1000 dollars. Is there a way to clean the coil on your own and there is warning label that references PSI. Is iit possible to clean the coil without breaking the lines? Is the PSI warning in reference to the lines or the removing of the panel?

I think you are referring to the Evaporator Coil on top of your furnace. If so, the PSI warning is due to the pressure inside the copper lines. The newer refrigerants can run over 400 PSI with the unit running. This coil can easily be cleaned by you ... Air Conditioners

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