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How to connect 230V,60Hz 2400 BTU Airconditioner in 115V 60 Hz environment. Mainy how do you get a 230V supply requirement.

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Impossible to do because the compressor is wired to use 230V. The motor on the compressor won't even run. You will need to have an electrician come in and check your breaker box to see if you can add a 2 pole breaker that will be needed to run the a/c. To add 230 volt, you will need to upgrade the wiring as well as the breaker. I wouldn't recommend you doing this at all! You risk killing yourself and or burning your house down. Hire a proffesional for this job.

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How to connect 230V,60Hz 2400 BTU Airconditioner in 115V 60 Hz environment. Mainy how do you get a 230V supply requirement.

Impossible to do because the compressor is wired to use 230V. The motor on the compressor won't even run. You will need to have an electrician come in and check your breaker box to see if you can add a 2 pole breaker that will be needed to run the ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

Wiring diagram for Ramsond 18000 BTU Ductless split system. outdoor unit wiring diagram G 1 2 3 N L L N G. The first 6 terminals are interconnection to indoor unit. The last three terminals , L N G, are indicated for power supply. 240v power supply requires 2 hot wires (L's). Termination bar and wiring diagram seem to be missing the second hot wire. Where do the 2 hots terminate?

See link below for detailed wiring. I found it very helpful\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012http://www.ramsond.com/minisplit ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Split System Air Conditioner AS1CD12AA0/AS0CD12AA0

Since we had a new consumer unit with trip switches fitted with 100DP isolator and 30mA RCD, our Smeg 90cm Duel fuel cooker trips it when the main oven is on. The top oven and grill work fine, but as soon as the main oven reaches it's required temperature, it trips the box, we flip the switch to return the supply and it then can do it a couple of times more . We are going to get the main cut-out fuse upgraded from 80A to 100A and the meter upgraded to 100 amps from 40amps. Do you think that thi

Someone should check the current draw by the appliance. Then compare it with the name plate to determine if the problem is with the appliance or external power supply. ... Air Conditioners

Monitor Kerosene Hotwater heater KWH 124 shows Code 4 but does not have air in the supply line. The water in the shower is just getting warm when it shuts down. Restarting 2 or 3 time gets it going. But running down stairs dripping wet is getting old. I suspect the flame detector or maybe a partially clogged nozzle is not making a pretty flame. Where can I get a repair manual and parts?

... Air Conditioners

Lg ptac heat pump/ac 12k btu 230v stamped allum grille installation

1. open grill from out door box.\015\0122 fix outer box where u want.\015\0123 put a/c inside the out box\015\0124 make proper wiring.\015\012on the unit ... Air Conditioners

Noise I just bought the 8000 and 10000 BTU Frigidaire air conditioners just before my move and have found that they are very noisy (especially the 8000 BTU unit). The sound of the air flow is very noisy and the 8000 BTU unit also seems be have a slight irritating whining noise. I was thinking about taking out the three screws I saw on the side of the unit in hopes of getting the front off and attaching some cloth or something inside to make it quieter. Since I have now moved into New York City a

Adding cloth or any other sound absorbing material will not work. There is not enough room to add anything appreciable in the fan area. ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Just Installed a Dometic Rooftop air conditioner I Have 2 supply ducts that feed each end of the home the supply duct are not putting out any air when I took the cover off the unit seems to be blowing out a sufficient amount of air but am wondering how the air is suppose to get into the ducts

Usually in moble homes the air flow has terrable air restiction in most cases this is compansated with higher volumes of air flow (your gong to have to increase the blower fan speed to compensate. hope this helps ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Air Handler: I have two 24V supply lines one from the transformer the other, I think from the condenser fan. Both wires are connected to a relay which operates the indoor blower. When the 240V power supply is turned on I get a buzzing sound from the relay. Can anyone help me with this problem. Mickey

You have 24 volts from the indoor thermo to the transformer in the air handler then 24volts from air handler to the contactor when this is energized it goes to 240 volts to run the compressor and outdoor fan. Sounds like the contactor is not enegizi ... Air Conditioners

Unit's room temp always indicates 98. no matter what room or cool location it is placed in, The other functions on the remote OK. The high limit to adjust the required temp is 84. The ac will continue to run trying to get to set temp. but room temp (98 ) can never get lowered. HELP. My e-mail address [email protected]

Room temperature sensor located on indoor unit,must be the problem.This sensor only senses the room temperatur.In many Sanyo Split Air Conditioner this sensor is defective.If the sensor is located near a heat source, such as a sp ... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

New unit installation, 1800 BTU 220 volt. Getting voltage to both outside and inside units. Can't get the inside unit to start.

The ductless mini splits, can be a bit tricky,,, most of them,, you feed the outdoor unit with a 220 volt line, then 4 wires run from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.\015\012The outdoor unit is the one that supplies power to the indoor unit ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Split System Air Conditioner AS1CD12AA0/AS0CD12AA0

Hey can someone tell me what imm doing wronf asap please i went costco and got myself the HAIER 14,00o btu indoor ac, and well it doesnt get cold what so ever... it only good for about three mins, and than it gets hot? why?

I would return it and buy another one.Maybe that certain ac is defective.. ... Haier CPN14XC9 Air Conditioner

Error code I am getting an E1 error code and don't know what it means? Any help would be appreciated. I get the E1 error code in the temp display as soon as plug in my model HWR 10XC6, 10,000 btu window A/C unit. I tried the reset button but that was of no help.

Do you still the warranty for this unit? maybe you should contact the company which you bought the unit. ... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

I have a Thru-Wall Carrier 18000 btu Air Conditioning Unit Model KCA 183 P. This was installed in our mobile home in August 2007 but never used as there was only 30 amp service. The previous owner has either lost or missplaced the Operator's Manual, and as we have just now upgraded to 60 amp service, would like to use this unit. We can get it to run, but as it is digital we aren't sure what the icons represent, and how we should set it. We would love to be able to get the Operator's Manual

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Our house is being painted. We can't exactly remember how to get the unit out of the sleeve and we can't find the book. Also, will we have water dripping from it since it has to come out into the living room. It is a Haier #HWR 12xc5, 12,000 btu. and is working fine- just gotta get it out before the painters come. Thanks for any info. jb

... Haier HWR12XCB Air conditioner

Vaillant thermocompact 628E gas boiler - not working. Seems as though no power getting through. I had a to replace a switch where some drops of water had leaked into that supplies the power to the boiler, but having doen that it still seems that there is no power as the digital display is blank and none of the lights are on ? any suggestions or must I get a spark out/ cheers

Dear Prockie..\015\012\015\012First, find the wiring diagram and a voltmeter. Attach one lead of the meter to a good ground. Then trace the voltage as laid out on the diagram. For example, if you have voltage to a switch or devic ... Air Conditioners

I have a parkinson cowan palma de-luxe universal 500 gas fire.I no longer have the details of the btu output and I need this information as my house is having cavity wall insulation. The surveyer told me that if it was not possible to confirm the output is less than 7 btu's ,then a vent would be required to be fitted to an outside wall.If at all possible,I'd to avoid this.Your help would be invaluable and appreciated.Thank you in anticipation.

Hello.They are worried about makeup/combustion air and rightly so.Your heater is probbally more then 7000btu(small) and a vent is a great idea.Maybe one that can be adjusted closed when not in use.Bahtroom fans,clothes drier,range hood & attic fans(i ... Air Conditioners

Have a Carrier Window AC (1.5ton), Model: ''Optima Plus D EQR''. Recently fitted it, but unable to wire up the front panel (with LED indication and IR sensor). The AC can be operated only when this front panel is connected. Require help to connect the colored wires to the rear of the front panel as no wiring diagram is available in the manual. Wiring diagram or place from where i can get one is required. Thanks.

Carrier 1.5 tr outdoor unit wiring connection please. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

What should the supply air temp be on a home a/c system? we cannot get the temp in the house below 80 degrees when the outside temp is above 90. the home is in Alabama. the supply air temp is 66 degrees.

Should be more like 58F depending on the the house temp 20 deg. difference from supply air and return. unit is probably dirty and or low on freon. Tom ... Air Conditioners

BTU i need to replace my old window ac unit. I want to get one with the same btu's but i can't find that information any where on this unit.

There should be a tag somewhere on it. Take the front grill off and look in the area where the fan blows out the grill face or below the evap coil face where your filter covers the coil ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Samsung SH09BPD air conditioning unit and I'm getting error code 14. I wondered if you would know what this meant and if you could supply me with somewhere where I can get an error code sheet?

... Samsung Air Conditioners

I have an Amcor 18000 BTU Mini-Split A/C with Heater and Remote. It has never run more than two days and then I get E4 error code. It is difficult to get anyone to service these units in rural areas. I have a guy who works on it and is a licensed HVAC service person but needs some guidance as he deos not normally work on mini-split units and does not know Amcor at all. As far as i know last time he put more coolant in it. I want to purchase several more mini-split units and I have a pla

CLICK HERE for the manufacturer site and your owners manual.\015\012\015\012E4 is an "Abnormality of Outdoor Unit."\015\012\015\012This could be ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to get a repair manual or brief info on a above ground water pump manufactuer name is well mate, serial # 24801463, in order to check the right pressure that is required and to get other info on it. I would like this info to be sent to me asap. There is not a pick one choice that applies for an expert.

Hello,\015\012The serial number won't help me help you but here is a link to teh wellmate website and you should be able to contact them and/or get whatever info you need..\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I need to change a power switch for an Electrohome 1009 window air conditioner, 10,00 BTU. Where can I get the Part? How do I get the old one out?

(www.marcon.com). They also should have a manuel. Good luck. ... Air Conditioners

Alpine airconditioner model kfr60gw We have had the electricity supply to our airconditioning system switched off for a couple of months.We turned it back on again and cannot get the system to work. The remote control is working but the system is not responding. How can we get it to start up again?

... Air Conditioners

Teisco_Kid have John Wood (Deere) 60-75000 BTU output 1960s salamander heater. Got running ok. Purchased used. Cone does not get red hot like my other one used too. Smoky too. Prior owner had filled up with kerosene he said.Fuel was yellow colored. Should I put an additive in of some sort ? Would fuel or air pressure adjustment help get hotter ? Has .50 GPH with 60 degree nozzle which was installed when acquired. Think I should go to .70 same degree spray pattern semi-solid was told earlie

... Air Conditioners

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