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Carrier furnace model # 58PAV090-14 fan runs but no flame LED on circut board flashes 3 short 3 long

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Carrier furnace model # 58PAV090-14 fan runs but no flame LED on circut board flashes 3 short 3 long

See the link:\015\012\015\012http://hvac-talk.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=77420 ... Air Conditioners

Carrier furnace model # 58PAV090-14 fan runs but no flame LED on circut board flashes 3 short 3 long

... Air Conditioners


This means a high temp limit switch or flame roll\015\012 out switch has triped, check your air filter and clean or replace, than\015\012 watch unit when it runs and make sure the inducer motor is not slowing \015\012down or stopping.The ... Air Conditioners

No heat, no flame, the furnace is going through its cycle, but the blower wont come on or flame.... the red led light on the cicuit board is flashing 4 times... the code for this says its an ignition fault..and to check the ground connection....followed the connection back to the armoured cable where the power is coming in and reconnected and checked all ground connections they are fine....the furnace is a g6rc frigidaire...what can i do..???

Is the pilot light on if not try relighting it. ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I have a carrier gas furnace and in the cooling mode it works fine but in the heating mode it does nothing.i have checked for voltage coming into the board and its good,the led diagostic is blinking one short ,one long ,one short.....the problem is the paper that is usually posted on the cover is gone,so there is no way to see what is the calling code.any help would be appreciated,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.sounds like you have defective reversing solenoids on you heat pumpI tried to help you. Please help me and Rate/Vote on my response. We take the time to answer your questio ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a carrier model #58pav090-14 forced air furnace that has a red light flashing at the bottom in this sequence 1 short light then1 long followed by 3 more short lights can you tell me what that code is ?

... Air Conditioners

Luxaire by York Furnace,Model# G8T10012UHB11A,8 Red LED Flashes = Ignition lockout due to recycles,Has flame for a few seconds then goes off; does it around three times,Fan is working; blowing cold air


Hello I have a Nordyne furnace model #L1RA=072C-12A. The red light on the control board is flashing continueously and the draft inducer is running continueously. I don't have flames. What could be the problem? Thanks! Thomas

... Air Conditioners

Gas furnance would only operate for about 3-5 minutes then turn off. Replaced gas valve on furance for a Rudd comerical A/C 4 ton unit model UKKA-A048JK10E. Now the blower fan turns on but the igniator and gas does not come on as before. LED light (flashes 5 times) on board indicates flame roll out switch is open. Need manual to locate roll out switch, does it have a reset button or does it need to be replaced?

The rollout switches will be located at the ends of the burner assembly and will have a manual reset. they must be manually reset to ensure that the problem has been corrected. Most units will go into a soft lockout for a time and eventually a hard l ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

Control board I've got a Bryant Plus-90 furnace, model starts w/ 350MAV. The status code LED on the control board does not come on. Is this a problem with the control board, or is the issue somewhere else? How do I diagnose the problem? If it is the control board, what is the part number that I need? I've found part number 325878-751 that says it works for most model numbers that start with 350MAV. The word "Most" worries me. I can't find the part number on the current board.

Hello, check to see if the board is receiving 120 volts at the L1 and neutral terminals, if you are then the board will need to be replaced, if you are not getting power then trace the wirimg back to where the voltage stops, for example could be a ba ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier infinity model 38tdb037-3. The outside unit will not come on. the control board on the outside unit shows an amber led on status 2.it is a steady constant flash.the error is an apparent stand by/on demand.munualy depressing the contactor forces the unit to run and seem to work fine. communication is good. the inside unit shows two green leds and one amber constant flash. any ideals. maybe bad control board?

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Fujitsu inverter air cond. Just stopped working properly. Model outdoor AOT30PMAL indoor unit AST30PBA-W. Code oper. Red led flashes fast continously green led (timer) repeats 13 slow flashes. After power reset it takes rem. Con. Commands however while inside it looks normal the fan in outdoor unit starts but compressor only makes attempts to start. After a number of series of 3-4 starting attempts it stops and fan stops. Three way resistance test does not indicate open or short circuit compress

It sounds like your inverter is at fault. You will need an inverter tester ( most good service techs will have one ) to prove that the output to the compressor is correct. If the inverter is okay then it will be the compressor at fault with a locatio ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier furnace and a error led code is one long then an immediate short folliowed by another short before the long

Lucky for Light Emitting Diodes huh? (led)I'm looking at a legend, on a Carrier furnace door, right now.One long followed by two short is the "twenty one" code. Here's what the door sticker says; ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Fujitsu inverter air cond. just stopped working properly. Model outdoor AOT30PMAL, indoor unit AST30PBA-W. Code oper. red led flashes fast continously, green led (timer) repeats 13 slow flashes. After power reset, it takes rem. con. commands, however, while inside it looks normal, the fan in outdoor unit starts but compressor only makes attempts to start. After a number of series of 3-4 starting attempts, it stops and fan stops. Three way resistance test does not indicate open or short circuit c

Hello, my name is Heath and it will be my pleasure to assist you. Try using a hard start capacitor on the compressor. It sounds like the compressor is having a hard time starting and overamping the circuit. If you get a hard start capacitor it may he ... Inverter Air Conditioners

Rheem Criterion II gas furnace, model RGLH, 8 - 10 years old. Came back from vacation and furnace won't fire up. Went through start-up procedure. Brand new digital thermostat, maybe one month old, been working perfectly, replaced batteries in in anyway to no avail. On motherboard, two green lights (LEDs) comes on, but 'flame' LED (orange) won't come on.

... Air Conditioners

Intertherm gas furnace 80 % mod# MMHA-070ABHR-05 will not open gas valve and light <changed gas valve <control board<ignitor all three limits and still not working I have been in the hvac buisness for 10 years but cant solve this one ,the board is flashing a 3 code < i have called a fellow tech who had the same problem on the exact same model last year and he spent 10 hrs trying to repair this unit but was unsuccesfull also<i can make this furnace burn by wiring 24 volts direct t

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a GMP100 gas furnace. I need the diagnostics table that provides the meaning of the status light states. I get flame for 20 seconds and then the gas is shut off and LED on control board blinks 3 times. The flame sensor looks clean. I wired the flame sensor lead to ground as a quick test but then the gas goes out in 6-7 seconds. Any thoughts?

Hi!!! you just answer your question.change your flame sensor cleaning it wont work..\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Furnace RUDD Model UGRA 04EMAES - furnace starts for 1 minute 2 green lights left one flashing. After 1 minute furnace turns off never had a flame

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

90% furnace is calling for heat it ruins it's cycle the burners fire up than ruins for about 5seconds than flame cuts out this model was known for the control board to go bad without picking up the flame cutting out. plus its a hot service igniter that may act also as a flame sensor now iam not sure

I would go with changing the flame sensor first, then change out control board. I go with cheapest parts first. The few factory reps. that I've dealt with in the past that I thought were really honest always told me about 90% of the time it's the con ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 9200 Series Furnace and it is flashing 2 short flashes and 4 long flashes. What does this mean? Condenser and blower will not come on.,

On the back side if the door there is a Problem list with the numbers next to it. The fast flash will be the first number and the second slow flash will be the second number. It should be #24 which is the low voltage fuse. Located on the board eather ... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud furnace/airconditioner Model:UGPN-07EAMER, Serial: FU5D302F390401344. When the thermostat calls for heat, a little motor (within the furnace itself) or something kicks on, the burners ignite a few seconds later, then the blower starts. It's at this time the flame goes out and the blower is just sending cold air throughout the house. There are two green lights (power and ok) lit normally and the orange(ish) blinking "flame" light on the main board. When the flame goes out, the

Hi, this motor is the inducer motor, which is the first thing to start on a call for heat. Everything seems to be going through its sequence of operation just fine, but then shutting down on a safety. Look on the panel for a chart that should tell yo ... Air Conditioners

I have a Ruud 90 plus gas furnace model UGRA-07EMAES it has a yellow and green light on board, everything comes on in perfect order, but after the flames have going for about 10 secs it goes ploohhh! And the flames are gone. Then the fan kicks on.... Any help?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman model # FC32A3XN1A. The code is flashing 10 = Gas flow with no call for heat. There is also water in the bottom of the furnace below the circuit board. I also hear what sounds like water constantly running through the pipe leading from the furnace to our unit outdoors.

Turn everything off your coil is frozen over and destroying the furnace. The furnace has water on the flame sensor and it thinks the gas is on but it isnt. The water is grounding out the flame sensor. If there is no water damage to the circuit board ... Air Conditioners

Intertherm mmha070 not getting heat,,,fan just keeps blowing and blowing cold air...red light constantly flashing...says limit switch is open but furnace guy has been here twice and says the switch is fine...got sporadic heat for a few hours...yellow LED light stayed on indicating flame was sensed but after a few hours , red light flashing again and no yellow light at all...

Hi, did he bypass the high limit to see if it was bad? Sounds like you are getting false codes and you have a problem in your module or main board, which ever you have. The way it is acting, saying the high limit is open but the tech says its not, I ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Turn up t-stat, circ fan runs, hot surface igniter glows burner lights blows warm for a short time and then goes cold, flashes 1 flash, ignition problem, no flame when acting up. model# DGAA070BDTB.

The thermocouple lets the control know the flame is burning, and if it doesn't sense flame it shuts off just what you describe. Sounds as though you need to replace the thermocouple. ... Air Conditioners

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