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This unit just won't work at night

\015 We had a low ambient board, replaced it with a new one, have checked amp draw on compressor and outdoor motor, the indoor fan is working ok, the charge is correct cause we pulled it and put a new factory weight charge in, the error codes before we put the new board in were E13, now we're getting S07 , (outdoor pc board failure) . We built wind baffles for the condensing unit and that didn't help either. The customer is getting upset, Sanyo seems to be out of answers for us, we don't want to replace more parts that may not help, but we feel we're down to the expansion valve failing or the indoor pc board, and as much time as has been put in up to now, we feel it might be best to just get a new unit. Please help if u have heard of anything like this before.\015

Answers :

I had a similar issue with a product but not the same brand. It ended up being one of the many boards on this system even after the manufacturer said that the board that ended up being bad couldn't make the system behave in the way it was. After I replaced the bad board, it worked like a champ. I would recommend replacing the indoor pc board anyway. If that doesn't work, then there has to be something wrong with the wiring in the unit. If your charge is perfect then it wouldn't work even in the day time not just night especially if it were the expansion valve. I'm thinking that the units aren't communicating properly. Hope this helps.

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Dometic duo-therm rooftop ac unit motor wont spin unless i jiggle the wires that go into the motor then it works! Trailer sat in a monsooon storm last night. next morning compressor kicks on just fine and motor hums but fan wont spin unless i jiggle the wires? did somethning just get wet and needs to dry out or did it short out my run capicitor? Help?

If you have to jiggle the wires going into the compressor motor to get it going, I would submit that you may very well have a broken wire or otherwise loose connection that is making contact when you jiggle the wires. If all appropriate connections w ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

2 weeks ago one of my units stopped working properly. It got warm during the night even though I heard the unit running. I shut it off and called for repair service. They changed the thermostat and it worked again,until 2 night later same thing. I called another repair service and he found that it needed freon. For the last 2 weeks it has been cooling fine even with Fla.hot temperatures of 85-90 degrees. Last night same problem unit running and not putting out air thru the vents. Shut it off for

Sounds like the coils inside the air handler/furnace are freezing up. likely cause is the freon charge is incorrect (probably undercharged). it may have been correct when the tech did the work but some may have leaked out. it is slightly possible too ... Goodman CLJ36AR42 Air Conditioner

I have a Tempstar 9000 airconditioning unit and while I was weed wacking I accidently cut a wire to the unit. I replaced the wire but now the unit wont turn on and also my furnace blower wont work even in the "on" position. I have a energy saver unit attched to the a/c unit as well. One wire connects to the a/c unit and the other to the energy saver. If I push the connector on the unit with the panel off the unit will run. Cansomeone tell me how to connect those four wires?

Hello TLOEKS You blew the transformer FUSE inside the blower unit! It should be a 5amp blade fuse like the one that goes in a car.It is located at the curcit board at the blower compartment.Replace that to restore low voltage power and every thing wi ... Air Conditioners

Hi, just replaced the capacitor thinking that would solve the problem but it appears it did not. The motor outside would kick on the unit inside would kick on but the blower motor inside works sometimes and wont other times. Basically, the unit will work just fine all day then we notice the house is getting warm, check the inside unit and everything is running fine but the blower motor is not circulating the air. I have a goodman a30-10 unit. I read where some people said the relay could be bad

Turn off the power to the air handler(indoor unit). Remove the access panel. From the motor,trace the wires back to the fan relay. One wire will probably trace back to the incoming power terminal. The other is the fan relay. It could be intermittent ... Air Conditioners

Mit.hp model MUH24WN Unit was working fine shut off at night went to turn on during day and would not come on it was tripping the circuit (replaced circuit) still tripping we know it is definately compressor unit but I don't believe it is grounded tech. telling me we need a new unit other sources that work on these units say something may have gotten into the compressor, If you could tell me the possible answer to this problem?

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Intertherm I have a package unit that has stated dropping out the cond. fan and comp, but contiues to run the blower motor. when I opened panel I noticed that the contactor will pull in and then drop out . this happens every few mins. The unit did this for the 1st time night before last. When I checked it yesterday morning I replaced the contactor and still had same problem. while checking voltages the contactor pulled in and the unit worked fine all day. then last night the problem returned. I

Check the board for a cold soldered joint. If you can move the spade that the line connects to it should be re-soldered. A cold soldered joint can give intermittent service because it can make contact at one time then loose contact by even a change i ... Air Conditioners

Window unit comfort aire rad 121 e wont get cool. fan works, everything works, just wont blow cold air. can system be recharged like a car?

Actually it can be charged like a car "if" it has charging ports which it won't have unless someone has installed them - which would only of happened if the unit had a leak previously. So, to answer your question a window unit can be charged like a ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioning unit wont start we usually start it with the remote but its not working it. it keeps flashing a symbol up the top when i try to turn it on but it wont start it. how can i fix the remote because i really need to get it started. the remote control unit model is: AR-DB5.

... Fujitsu 36CS Air Conditioner

I have a fujitsu installed about 2hours ago and the timer light blinks about every 30sec and the heat wont work and the cold air works fine, and the outdooe unit wont turn on as well

I believe that this addresses your concern...\015\012\015\012During Heating operation, the unit will temporarily stop operating (between 7 and 15 minutes) as the Automatic Defrosting mode operates. During Automatic Defrosting operation, t ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

The downstairs ac unit has a pump that pumps the condensation frm the evaporator ( i assume) through a long tube outside. The AC would not kick on and the pump continuously ran. I was told to clear the line on the pump because the ac wont come on if the pump isnt working right. That was the case and I took an air compressor and blew out the line. I poured water in the pump to make sure it was working and did this three times and each time the water did pump outside. But the ac still wont come

Most older units will work regardless of what the condensate pump does. I have cleaned up enough water messes to know.\012The only way to test this is with a meter. You will need to identify the wire that turns on the AC and test it at the ther ... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana RHE30A2B heat pump. I installed a new thermostat, Honeywell, last night and now the coils are not cooling & the unit is blowing hot air. I have double checked all the wiring & everything seems to work as it should. Is there a breaker or fuse on the outside unit that I am not aware of before I call a service man out. We also had an electrical storm last night. It could be a freak thing, but I am still concentrating on the thermostat.

Hello,If you can hear a click or see a light when you turn your thermostat from up to down you do have power there. Or, you can put a meter on your thermostat and see if there is any voltage or not. If not in either case, you can try this ... Amana Air Conditioners

Furnace is a York Model#p4ugd12n09001a probably installed around 1991. The air condition was working fine. couple of days ago nothing was working. Blower wont tun on, air conditioning unit wont turn on. I did have the fan on the on position on the thermostat so it was always on until it stopped.

Probably a bad low voltage transformer. ... Air Conditioners

Fujitsu air con unit. Remote wont work. has new batteries

Check the micro processor control whether it is in manual mode or not. If not check the sensor whether it is functioning or not. If everything is fine then remote control has to be changed. ... Air Conditioners

My Rheem Classic High Efficiency Outdoor a/c unit stopped working following last night storms. Went to hardware store and purchased new fuses. Clerk said to turn off power hit reset and plug in new fuses. Looking for reset switch on outdoor unit and not able to find. Can you help me to locate this switch. the unit model number is RAMB-060JBZ. Mfr'd in 2001. thank you steve

... Ruud UAMB042 Air Conditioner

If unit is stuck on timer, buttoms on unit won't work but remote does and unit only comes on at night

Reset your timer on the remote .then you would be ok ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

After a very cold frosty night my unit stopped working. The 'operation' light was blinking a series fo 5 blinks and the 'timer' light was constantly blinking. My service man has now said both the PUMP and PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD need replacing! OUCH! $2,500 NZD! This unit is only 6 years old. I have been told that I might get away with just replacing the PCB but it's not recomended practice. Fujitsu will not help and it is just not good enough. This unit is only used for heating so only runs for 5

Try switching off and on circuit breaker it might solve the problem ... Air Conditioners

My unit is 4 years old. I always turn it off when I leave for work in the am and turn it back on when I get home in the pm. Last night I turned it on at 7:30pm. When I went to the front of the house about 45 minutes later, I noticed the unit outside was trying to turn on but would immediately turn off. I checked the breakers in the garage, turned them off and back on but still had the same problem. The fan inside the house is running but unit outside will not kick on. I looked for a magic

It could be a few things.. It could be the capacitor - which the most economical to replace first..\015\012\015\012If you are not really very mechanically inclined - get a trained pro to come out.. It is very dag ... Air Conditioners

After experiencing a power outage in our home, our LG Heater Unit stopped working, there is a blinking code displyed CH 24. I've shut off power to the unit several times, units appears to reset for 10 minutes then the shuts down and the blinking code appears again. I've tried letting the power of all night the issue is still present. Any suggestions. Thanks

... LG Air Conditioners

My air conditional unit outside ,fans turns on but the unit compressor wont turn on,just stopped working this morning.i turned the thermostat to 72 but only the fan on the outside unit comes on and it is hot inside the house..

Somethings aperson cant fix without a service tech. First it could be wire burnt of capacitor going to compressor. Second it could be bad capacitor. There is a dual capacitor on the ouside unit one side says herm that runs the compressor. Turn pow ... Emerson Quiet Kool 12HT13 Air Conditioner

Model FAC124P1A1 window unit, I connected the unit after being off for about 5 months and it tripped,it shot a spark from the outlet. The breaker and the outlet work but the unit wont turn on anymore. What happend? Will it cost a lot to repair?

... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a new AMICO AP- 11,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. I am getting an "FL" code and the unit wont work. I tried draining it, nothing. Checked the filters, nothing. I have only been running it ab

... AMICO AP- 11,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner 24 Hour Sale ENDS

AC unit wont work, inside coils are hissing but outside unit not turning on.

If thisnis a central air conditioner and there is hissing at the indoor coil then the compressor is running, it is possible that both fans are not running. The indoor motor may not run if the control board is bad, capacitor is bad or the motor itsel ... Air Conditioners

The unit goes on and off by itself. Pane wont work

... LG LWHD1200FR Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a 57915 Duo-Therm RV AC. Working great last night, but stopped sometime in the night. Fan or compressor does not operate. When I switch on the fan, I here a click in the unit, but nothing else.

Hi Steve,\015\012Thank you for contacting Fixya. This is Anil.\015\012I understand that you hear a clicking sound from the AC. Let me try to help you with it.\015\012Steve, the first two things to check are to make ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The remote works but the aircondition dont start. the unit start working alone in the midle of the night. please help me.thank you.

Make sure its not on a timer ... Air Conditioners

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