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Chemical odor coming from ventilation system

\015 Chemical odor comes and goes. This same thing happened last spring. I had my duct system cleaned and have had numerous furnace repairmen check unit but to no avail. I have checked under my crawl space and have not found anything dead or any water or sewage leaks.WEbought this house three years ago and this is the secound year that we have had this problem. Could this possibly be a problem caused by a termite or insecticide problem'\015

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I do belive I would some research to see if I could find out if there was dirt haul in from a chemical plant or close to one where run off surface water.If you can't find anything out you may try find what type order it is.Do you think it smells like freon?

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Chemical odor coming from ventilation system

I do belive I would some research to see if I could find out if there was dirt haul in from a chemical plant or close to one where run off surface water.If you can't find anything out you may try find what type order it is.Do you think it smells like ... Air Conditioners

Just bought a home that was not occupied for 2 years. Don't know how long the furnace had not been run. It is a Comfortmaker that is only 5 years old. The Honeywell valve is indicating all is good ( green light flashing "heartbeat" ) the system will not activate. Ventilation fan will not come on, igniters don't glow red etc. - there is 110V and 24V throughout the system. I just had a service man looking at it for quite a few hours over a 2 day period. He gave up and walked away saying what am I

... Air Conditioners

We just started getting a chemical odor when our heat pump comes on,I was worried that it could be harmful so I called the fire dept. They came out and said since there was no gas to the house they couldn't test for gases and that freon couldn't hurt you, Is that true if we have a leak? What could be wrong?

You may have a small refrigerant leak in the exchanger coil in the furnace. \015\012\015\012You might want to have a heating/cooling tech check the charge on your unit to see if it has leaked. Then a dye test can confirm if there is a ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Gas emergency heat pump comes on with chemical odor

If the emergency heat doesn't come on very often, it will burn off debris that has collected on the heat exchanger causing the smell. Also, check that there aren't any chemicals that are being stored around the unit that would put out fumes that can ... Carrier 52CQ-312-4 Comfort Series Heat Pump Air Conditioner

We installed a Honeywell RTH230B thermostat on a Trane XE60 Air Handeler this winter. When we put the system on heat it works fine. However, when we put the system on auto for cool the compressor fan comes on but not the air handeler fan. On the air handeler the terminal strip from left to right is R W Y G B/C. The red wire on the R terminal comes from the contactor on the compressor unit. The other wire from the compressor unit is connected to a gray wire that goes to the thermostat. The W

I ran into this before and had to call Honeywell for help in the wiring...it seems the wiring was not done to standard, and they were able to help me get it straight in about 10 minutes and at no charge. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Central Air/Heat System. This year, the outside compressor (or whatever it is called) is shutting off within minutes of the air conditioner coming on. This is resulting in the home never cooling down. I can reset the system by shutting the air off inside the home for a few minutes and the outside compressor comes back on, but again, only for a minute or two, and the unit only blows what seems to be room temperature air.

Do you know the devices model. It would help in locateing the manual. also I beleave you have the manual?\015\012\015\012As micromaster already said, check for sleep timer.\015\012\015\012has the system worked fine before has ... Air Conditioners

My Duo-Therm RV roof-top a/c unit continues to come on and off when the system is turned off. No air blows, just the compressor runs for about a minute then shuts off. About 5 minutes later, it comes back on and does the same thing. Again, let me stress, the system is in the OFF mode.

Hi,The liquid line solenoid valve is bad and is allowing just a bit of refrigerant through it after it shuts off and the compressor pumps down....this causes the pressure to rise a gain and then the compressor comes on to pump down again. ... Air Conditioners

We have a goodman ac/ heat pump it started about 4 months ago and got a musty odor. Service tech came bleached it was for a short period we added a room everything was fine for a short period of time. Have not had the system for a month or so because of the pleasant weather have heat on but no ac turn it on last night and odor was terrible duct has been checked. Orginial system in the rest of my house is fine. We need some advice Thanks Danny England

Dirty sock syndrome. It's caused by high humidity in the duct system and/or home. This could be the result of an oversized system and/or improperly sized ductwork. I would advise getting technician certified by NATE in AIR DISTRIBUTION to come and ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

My goodman heat pump has frozen up 3-4 times already this summer. It is a dual system 10 seer (i believe are the terms). Every time someone comes out they can't figure it out because the system is running fine by the time that they come. Two years ago the blower or activator was replaced (maybe the replacement part isn't so good?) The unit is 9 years old. Last year a guy charged it and about a month ago when it was checked the freon was only a little low. I'm SO tired of this issue. Any ideas

After system has been running 10-15 minutes, the discharge air temp should be 18-22 degrees colder than the air being sucked in. If the air is more than 22 degrees colder then the problem is with air flow. Check filters, blower speed, make sure all ... Air Conditioners

Have NEC RIH-2667 Inverter Split system.I set to Heating mode,set temp to 25 degrees.The compressor light comes on.The run light flashes for about 30 seconds.Then the vent opens,the fan comes on and starts blowing out heat.Within 5-10 mins the temp on split displays starts going up.when it gets to 26-27 the run light flashs,fan stops,no heat coming out.The temp on system keeps going up to 30 degrees.it takes approx 40-60 mins to come down to 25ish the will come on again and repeat.I have an inde

... Air Conditioners

I have a honeywell PA404A pressure control switch on my home gas steam heating system. I'm having a problem with the switch turning off the system. It will only come back on if I turn the top screw all the way out, then back down to approx 5psi. At this point the heat will turn on but when the thermostat shuts down the system it will not turn back on when calling for heat unless I adjust the screw again. Also, the switch will only turn on the system when set at 5 on the dial on the inside. Any i

This may be caused by accumulation of sludge in the steam trap (the looped tube that connects the pressuretrol unit to the boiler). the sludge restricts the pressure from reaching the diaphragm in the pressuretrol unit. So it gets a false reading. ... Air Conditioners

When setting waketemp leave temp,return temp,sleep temp should these times be the same i messed the programing changing the batteries. the system is not coming on. i cleared the system with no setting. what does wake mean "for the system to wake up, leave means i am leaving the house, return means i am returning, and sleep means the system is sleep. please help

You have to go thru the program completely setting the time, date, temp desired at ech time these are functions talking to you wake is when you wake up what do you want the temp to be when you go to sleep what do you want the temp to be ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

3 ton goodman heat pump package unit, odor coming from vents

I ran upon this a few years agoafter 20+ years in the industry it is actually called "DIRTY SOCK". In the winter the drain pan and trap dry out and all the junk left behind when the summer rolls around mix with the condensateand cause the odor. "Hom ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Carrier Comfort 13 Puron model 24ACA3 / FV4NB006 installed 3/18/08 no longer cooling. Carrier AC1-100 Thermostat checked per manual - all default settings intact. Test override did not turn unit on though. All systems turned "on" - circuit breaker "on". Noticed last night that room temperature was rising so we turned target temperature down. Usually room temperature and target temperature are within a 1 or 2 degree swing. System did come on & cool once last night. Today though system is not comi

Verify 24 volts at the low voltage transformer inside the air handler.\015\012If it is OK, jump out the red/green and yellow thermostat wires. If everything comes on, replace the thermostat. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have a Sanyo Split System the indoor unit is a KHS0921 and the outdoor unit is a CH0921. When i first turn the indoor unit ON the fan will run for a few minutes and then go off. The outdoor unit never comes ON when there is a cll for cooling. The only way to get the fan to come ON again is to turn the breaker OFF and then back ON. The Operation loght will come ON when the fan is running but it will start flashing when the fan goes OFF. What should i look for?

... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

Regarding the installation of the f500 honeywell filter system. does the output of the filter system get ported into the return air prior to the air handeler? I had my unit installed today and i believe it was installed incorrectly. The input to the filter system comes from my return air box but the output is ported into the air box after the air handeler.

Hi,\012Here is a tip that tells you how to get a manual for most any Honeywell productonline...Manual Honeywell How to Find Honeywell Manuals ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hi, We have two Paragon split systems which effectively cool our large home. One system is playing up. It started 3 days ago where there is water dripping from the front of the unit and the green 'run' light is now flashing. I tend to think it's blocked somewhere, buy my husband cannot find where to check this. Our outdoor units are both under the house with very effective ventilation but the last 3 days have been extremely humid, however the other system is running perfectly. Any ideas? Thanks,

More then likely the blockage is inside the a-coil section. At the drain. To get to it easier remove the pvc drain line. As the drain line comes out of the collection pan it goes into a pvc line the 90 degrees elbow goes to floor. So cut the lin ... Air Conditioners

I have a split system. One system does not cool or warm, but there is air coming out. The other system is functioning normally. Any ideas what the problem could be?

I would check to see if the compressor is running in the outdoor unit when the indoor unit is on.It needs the main power to be on and a signal from the inside unit that controls the relay.Could be something is miswired.\015\012Contact me for mo ... Air Conditioners

I have a split system sanyo heat pump model # kmh0922. The evap. fan will not come on when called for in fan mode. When i put it to heat the indoor fan will also not come on. The compressor runs but the reversing valve seems to stay in the cooling mode. When it is put into cooling the indoor fan goes off after 15 seconds and will not come back on. (The condenser fan and compressor seem to act normal in cooling.) Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Thank you, Mike

Sounds like the blowers capacitor has gone bad ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

System fan does not come on.

If the out door unit has been working carefully jump red to green the fan should come on if not problem is bad fan motor or capicitor or fan relay hope this helps ... Air Conditioners

Hi - I have a RUUD system, the heat won't come on

Sounds like the "Fan/Limit" switch. It is to turn on the fan as the heat exchanger warms up. I believe it has failed. Check it out.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning I have a ruud system with the air conditioner outside and the air handler upstairs in the attic. My systems appears to be running, and I can feel cold air at the vents, but I can barely feel it. Like there is no flow. The fan outside is running and the unit in the attic is running. I have no clue what the problem is. The large coil coming from the heat pump outside is cold and has condensation on it. It also seems to have a little ice. It has been extremely hot here in Ge

Open the access panel on the air handler in the attic and take a look at the evaporator coil. If you have no airflow, and you just changed the air filter, then you probably have a buildup of airborne crud on the coil that's blocking airflow. \015\01 ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

We have an older model split system and we're having problems with the heating, the model number is AST9RNGCW. The system appears to go off line when we select heating, it comes on and the vents open but the red light just flashes and the heating doesn't start. The air conditioner continues to work fine. Can you help?

This is from the troubleshooting section of the manual,If this doesn't answer your concerns,please post back with more details.\015\012\015\012\015\012OPERATION Indicator Lamp (red)\015\012● Lights when unit is op ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Can the copper tubing by the compresser that has a slow leak be solderd ? I had freon put in 4 days ago and it is low now (glass tube is milky) I see a litle oil on the tubing on the outside unit where the tubing comes out of the fins. This system was MFD in 06/01 RUUD model UAMB-036JAZ or do I need to have a new system installed or is this considered part of the 10 year compresser warranty. thanks, Darrel

Go for the warranty ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

The air works on all three speeds but does not come out of the air vents. this is a 1997 fod conversion van. I feel it has something to do with the vacum system that switches the system from heat to air

Have a airworks portable air conditioner blows a little cold air but like it did before.says water is full.appreaciate any help ty ... Air Conditioners

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