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No pre-existing hole to install a/c unit in rv

\015 I was just wondering if anyone has ever installed their own a/c unit, into a pop-up camper. My problem is my camper has no "vent" already installed, therefore I have to cut my own hole into the roof to install the a/c unit. Can anyone give me some advice or more information about this subject?\015

Answers :

Some times the units (new) will come with a cut out template. It will show the wire areas and the hole for the air in and out of the unit. Re enforcement may be required for your roof. And it may not "pop up" like before and have to have the shocks adjusted or replaced.
A roof top a/c will add about 90 to 100 pounds of weight on the roof. First check w/ the manufacturer to see if it will support the weight. If it will, you will need to cut and frame out a 14" X 14" square hole for most r/v air conditioners check the specs on the air conditioner that you will install. This can be done with a jigsaw (sabre saw). Be sure that you are not cutting into any existing wiring. Once the hole is rough cut, follow the installation instructions for the unit. You will have to have 120 volt ac run to the opening and on some models will also need 12 volt dc

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No pre-existing hole to install a/c unit in rv

Some times the units (new) will come with a cut out template. It will show the wire areas and the hole for the air in and out of the unit. Re enforcement may be required for your roof. And it may not "pop up" like before and have to have the shocks a ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Keeps freezing We installed a brand new Goodman Condensing Unit, Model #GSX130481, Serial #1304691511 and installed a new coil, Model #96-8W4N-0p/96-8, Serial #M0425130485 (Mortex Brand)in the existing Air Handler. The unit keeps freezing up. Can you give any insight on what might be the problem?

Low air flow or low on refrigerant. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My house in Florida was built in the fifties and I think that when the central air unit with pump and gas heating was installed the installer may have used the existing chimney-probably for an earlier oil furnace. The exhaust tube goes from the unit horizontally to meet the chimney in the attic and then vertically to the top of the roof..In the attic the enclosure-as well as above the top of the roof for three feet is made up of concrete blocks..We have had a very cold month here in Central Flo

Hi,\015\012To do that you need what is called "B-vent". It is a double wall pipe that will work as long as you maintain 1" to any combustible materials. This pipe will also keep the exhaust hot enough to prevent condensation.\015\012Most ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a samsung aqv18ja series split type air conditioner (cooling and heating) wall unit. the unit was install in 02/12/2009. By "one hour heating and air conditioning". In this short time service the outside compressor has been replace, the system has check and recheck,for cooling leak. the inside unit fan motor has been change. but the problem still exists. The inside unit fan continues to run when the unit is "off" and with the remote off.

Simple, check in your remote. There is an option button "Blow". Just press it. Your unit gets completely off. Please write back if helpful? ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I am installing a Dometic Brisk Air A/C unit on my popup camper. The A/C unit came in a box with the black neoprene gashet glued around the base that goes around the hole in the roof. There are also some light grey foam blocks that are attached to the unit further out from the black one. Should they be left on or taken off before tightening down the unit to the roof. Should the black gasket be the only one left on?

The grey ones I believe you are asking about are thinner than the black one, so when the black one is compressed when tightened, the grey ones just add a little support at each end. I'd leave them on, can't hurt. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We installed a Daikin heat pump in June 1996 Model FVY453CBV1 in Dunedin NZ. It stopped and a repairer said the compressor unit is rusted through & recommeneded a new heat pump. I am looking at whether there are alternative solutions and want to check whether it is economical to replace the compressors, or alternatively whether a new external unit can be purchased. Do heat pumps have a life in years? Is it risky to marry a new external unit to the existing internal unit? I appreciate your help

Don't waste your time and money repairing a 15 year old unit you will just create more \015\012headaches for yourself, And a new outdoor unit would not be compatable with your \015\012old indoor head there have been to many changes over t ... Air Conditioners

New install Looking too add another AC unit to my Bighorn RV. Is the vent opening in the bedroom the correct rough opening for the unit. Can the new unit be tied into the existing duct work and is there already wiring in this area.

Rv a/c's are designed to fit in the vents you should have no problem but you will have to get power up to the unit ... Dometic GEN3107206 Air Conditioner

DPAC120068 installation We are trying to put this unit into a vertical window opening but the sliding adjuster will not shorten enough without covering the intake and exhaust holes. Can you suggest how to install so that the slider doesn't cover the intake?

... Danby DPAC12030 Air Conditioner

Drainage occurs near the front of the unit, resulting in pools of water leaking onto my window sill. Unit is installed properly, there is no drain hole to direct water away from the insides of the walls in my house. Please help with a fix for this awful awful design.

The A/C unit should be tilted slightly to the rear and this will allow the water to leak to the outside of the window, you may have to drill a small hole in the case to drain if there is no pre-existing hole. ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is emitting cool air instead of cold air. I have the setting on cold and the temperature setting at 60 degrees. On these days that have been near and over 100 degrees, that cool air offers no relief. When we first got the unit, it emitted cold air. We've changed nothing. The unit is not installed in a window but rather in a hole made for it in the wall.

... LG LWHD1009R Air Conditioner

Can I mix brands/tons when installing AC unit to existing coils?

First off - the 'rule of thumb' is 600' per ton of Air Conditioning. In other words your old unit is a 2 ton unit. So - 2 tons x 600' = 1200'. As you can see if you install the 2.5 ton unit - you will be installing a AC that 'could' cool a 1500 sq ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Accidnetly pierced unit and gas excaped. To repair with need hole repaired with solder, and new gas installed. How much? And where in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada?

Hi,Labor 4 hr min. @ at least 75.00/hrgas 2-3 Lb @ $30.00/lb.You do the math...heatman101 ... Goldstar LG LW1804ER Window Air Conditioner

I have not purchased the unit but know it will most likely be an LG 2 ton minisplit. The installers are letting me drill the holes fore the refridgerant line and drain line so I would like to know where on the wall they will be located. any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Dennis

Normally the indoor height will be maximum 15 " (Inches). You have to drill base on height of the in door's drain line. Approximately at 12" left side of the unit. Also keep the top end 6 to 9 Inches from the ceiling ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

Where do I start? Firstly "It" never worked from the day it was installed, Then one technician came out and got the heating cycle going after taking Circuit board away and re-soldering some connections and said it was fixed.... The next Technician that came got both cycles going but Jet stream suddenly stopped ??? And Now I have had a "Mouse" climb in the back of the unit through the Plumbing hole and chewed one thin grey wire going to the thermostat sensor and dammaged a thin yellow wire a

Hello Bob,Thanks for using FixYa.I suggest that you try to contact and A/C technician. Trying to post your issue here wont help much. If some mouse messed up the wiring you should be able to easily put the wiring back by just ... Air Conditioners

I have a trane unit in the attic that is for the second floor and it is installed on i guess its side has to be that way water is comming out of this hole and into this pan that is connected but the pan keeps getting full of water what is the problem

The water is condensate, which is produced by the air conditioner (this normal), The hole you are refering to shoule be connected to a drain, and should have a "p" trap installed to allow proper drainage and prevent sewer smells from backing up into ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner


Heat pumps normally have what is called a jumper wire between you R and RC, RC run cooling. You may not have the jumper installed correctly. Instead of RC you may be using RH run heat ... Air Conditioners

I have ordered a Kenmore 75085 thru-the-wall ac unit and have read the manual online, but can't tell if I need to order a separate sleeve. This is a new installation; there is no existing sleeve.

The unit arrived ahead of schedule. My solution was to open the box. Yes, the Kenmore 75085 does include an installation sleeve. ... Kenmore 75085 Air Conditioner

Looking to install a more powerful blower in a split unit a/c system. Is there a way just to rewire the existing blower? other alternatives?

The fan to that unit is made for that unit and if you put a more powerful blower on it , it could harm or cause you problems . Like freezin up or burnin up your bored and that is really bad . you can try it but just know what your chances are before ... Air Conditioners

I have a gas furnace that was to have a 10acc air conditioner unit installed with it. Instead of the 10acc unit a 10hpr48 heat pump unit was installed, The house is 4 years old and the reversing valve has failed. The unit is not wired as a heat pump but as an ac unit with only three wires. A independent air conditioner repair company has said this installation is inproper.Is this unit installed to code and would lennox guarante a unit installed in this manner?

It should definitly be warrantied. their is nothing wrong with your set up however id have the contrator pull a new wire and go dual fuel withh outdoor sensor and get the full benifit of dual fuel. you should use the hp above 40 ... Air Conditioners

Does the orifice, which needs to be installed in the inside unit of an a/c for a house, come with the outside condenser? I had an a/c system installed and an orifice was never installed. the original company says that they only installed the inside unit, and dropped off the outside unit, and we had a different company install that. The original company says that the orifice comes with the outside unit and then needs to be installed inside. Is this true? ( not sure if i picked the correct produ

The orifice is the metering device inside the evaporator coil and comes installed from the factory in the coil itself. Some condensers do come with orifices taped to the side of the unit, but they only do that to ensure you have the right size orific ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

I am trying to get some information on Intertherm unit on the inside of a Manufactured Home, With the new Hud requirements they are saying the out door unit must be installed by the manufactures installation instructions that comes with the indoor unit, my question is will those installation instructions allow you to install a Trane or a Rheme unit ? I know they will work but are they allowed by the Instructions? Would you know if the Trane or Rheme units are Hud approved ? Thanks for any help

Hi, since you live in a Manufactured home and not a R.V., I see no reason why you cannot go with what ever type of condensing unit you want to install on a slab outdoors. The installation instructions for the Intertherm unit for installing the outdo ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have just purchased and installed a Samsung AQ12FEN. A qualified Airconditioner company installed the unit. The slpit unit installation is a back to back configuration It replaced a 8 year old split airconditioner that was removed.I purchased Samsung as it seems they use good technology and the unit is quiet according to the technical brochure. When it was installed and put on, the compressor noise was heard through the wall and was louder than the fan noise from the inside unit. It makes an

This could be caused by an installation problem. The system could be severly overcharged, causing the compressor to load up and can cause a failure. i would start there. Is your intaller qualified to install these systems? (does he know what he is do ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Recently installed indoor unit and outdoor unit. Outdoor unit has not been wired yet. Installer said I could use indoor unit on em heat until it gets wired. Installed one week ago, now does not work. HELP!!!

Hi, wow I can't believe they left you with E-Heat only, running the blower with the heat strips on!! Like it says, for an emergency in the event you loose you're compressor. You say that know you have nothing.I would have to be on site to wire the co ... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

Hi I purchase a 3 ton -3 phase condensing unit. Dayton model 1nxd4 for a friend house,after the instalation was finish the unit will not turn on. after installing the unit i found out that the unit was discontinue and cant not be exchange. since the unit is a 3 phase i understand that needs 3 lines to be able to work and also can the unit be use for domestic use. thank you

You have to have a 3-Phase Service. It can be use for domestic use but you would have to have a 3-phase service connected to the house.......If you wanted to still use the condensing unit You would have to replace the compressor with a Single Phase ... Air Conditioners

Frigidaire Central A.C. History Unit was installed by Petro July 16, 2005 First service performed Spring of 2006. It was pointed out to me that no filter had been installed and that the unit had run t

You do not need contract to do warranty repairs sounds very shady to me ... Air Conditioners

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