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Noisy much more than laast summer

\015 My GE window ACis about 8 years old. 115 volt\015\012Serial no 820365\015\012Model no ASW10AAS1\015\012Made in china\015\012\015\012I cleaned he filter before turning it on for first time this year.\015\012Noise is a grating sound.\015

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It sounds like the condenser coils are dirty. This is the coils that are located on the outside. You can use compressed air or a sprayer on a water hose to rinse them. Window units need to be serviced just like split systems. Make sure you don't use a real high pressure so you don't bend the fins.

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Noisy much more than laast summer

It sounds like the condenser coils are dirty. This is the coils that are located on the outside. You can use compressed air or a sprayer on a water hose to rinse them. Window units need to be serviced just like split systems. Make sure you don't ... GE Air Conditioners

Self-Evaporating Technology This summer we are not finding very much if any water in the internal collection tank. We thought our machine was broken so we borrowed the Danby DPAC7599 Portable Air Conditioner and used it in the exact same way. Again very little or no water in the internal collection tank. The only difference I can think of from last summer to this summer is that I never open my western facing window or the blinds at all. We are very near the ocean In Vancouver BC. Last summer whe

... Air Conditioners

Ferroli optimax he 31c diverter valve noisy, does anyone have details of how to remove and strip to se if some debris is making it stick slightly and be noisy. Any help would be very much appreciated, Steve

There is just two screws holding divertor valve in remove these screws (do not touch painted screwheads) then twist left to right and pry gently were the two screws were fitted. best bet is to replace diverter valve head to stop noise ... Quasar HQ2051TH Air Conditioner

I'm not sure about the Trane brand, but I'm having a hard time finding Armstrong service information and I was told this was a "Trane" I believe, or possibly a Ruud. I have a "combo pack" 3 ton heat/air unit. It quit working late summer, and I haven't had much time to look at it. It was totally dead, and I checked the main breaker service panel, none tripped, the fuse block on the house, both fuses were good. Opened the service panel on the unit and found one of the 120 volt "hot" leads had be

Okay, \015\012Yes this did get lost... Fixya was having toruble getting theri emails thorugh yahoo so I have changed my email to gmail and am getting notices again...\015\012\015\012Now, as far as fixing that....\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Anyone know how to reset the remote control for my everstar portable ac? I took the batteries out for the winter like the manual says, and when I put them back in this summer the remote came on but the AC no longer recognizes it. The manual says if I remove the batteries I will need to reprogram the remote, but it doesn't tell me how to do it!!! My AC model is MPN1-095CR-BB6 and the remote says Type R51I17/BGCE on the back. If anyone can help, thanks so much in advance!

... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

I have a Rheem criterion II gas furnace. Excessive water is coming out the pvc pipe that looks like it is a relief pipe. We are in Arizona so it is running long with the ac on. Never noticed this much water in past summers.

Hello MDRAZ Locate the end of the pipe & blow it out with compressed air to clear the CLOGGED condensate drain. ... Air Conditioners

I keep getting water leaking out of my bryant heat pump (indoor unit) in the summer when the wheather is very hot and humid for a long time. I suspect there is too much ice buildup and it is dripping outside of the collection tray which is not blocked nor is the pump clogged. Any ideas???

If it is freezing up then it is for sure dripping outside the catch pan.. Have you been able to take the front cover off and see ice on the coil.... ? ... Bryant 463AAC005BA Air Conditioner

We have a Lennox model GCS16-1353-270-7y. It has not been working right all summer. I have a manual for it. We called a serviceman 3 weeks ago. Have not seen him yet. We are remote Montana and do not have many chooses. The unit has a economizer on it. I blocked the dampers open on the ecomomizer to try to make the unit operate better, and opted to wait for the tech as it was lowering the temp 10-15 degrees. We do not need much in western Montana. That worked until yesterday when the Outside temp

Well, it sounds like you may just need a good cleaning. Water and rags and maybe a little soap will do wonders on this unit if you haven't cleaned it ever. Also try using a compressor to blow out as much as you can first and then using the rags to cl ... Air Conditioners

We have had our Mitsubishi mr. slim unit for three years. Last summer we noticed a moldy smell while the unit is running. We have just used it for the last two nights and the same moldy smell is much worse. Can you give me the reason this unit is causing this smell and possibly the solution to this problem. Thank you, Mark Walsh

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Reverse cycle air conditioning unit theremostat is only a couple of feet away from return air vent. The room where the vent and thermostat are located is in the middle of a building and has no windows. This area remains much colder than the surrounding rooms (which all have large windows) and attempts to reach a comfortable temperature in the central area results in the surrounding rooms becoming uncomfortably hot in the winter and to cool the surrounding rooms in the summer means that the centr

Ok i will try if there is only one return then you need one move the stat= thermostat to a area where temp is about same as the outside rooms. and have a retrun in each room near to the back of the room away from windows. if can not move the stat the ... Air Conditioners

Noisy unit,it makes pumping noise thru the whole house.

You have already used it for 10 years, now please buy the new one and give kenmore little rest!!! whatsay? ... Air Conditioners

We had a brand new unit put in a couple of years back. When it was installed it worked. Once winter came, it obviously was turned off. Then the following summer, it would turn on but just blow air, would not cool at all- so the unit installers came out and repaired it. It worked through the summer, then the following summer-it wouldnt cool again-they came back out and fixed it again. Third summer in a row-it is not working again!! A friend told me this morning, on new units there is a

Yes but you should have to keep resteting it you might have a major problem are you beiing charge for freon if so you have a bad condensor unit (it have a leak ) check your bill if the same thing happens again go see what the techs are doing ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Ductless minisplit in old mobile home

Ductless mini split units are a very good choice! \015\012they are obviously quieter, more efficient and easier to maintain than window units. the downside is the initial expense of buying the unit, but this is paid back in eletric savings and p ... Soleus KFR12GWD 12,000 BTU Heat & Cool Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner w/ Electric Heat Backup &...

Weather King 12AJB60a01 - Noisy Clang at Startup like hitting metal lockers

Sounds like the compresser is going out on the unit the noise is internal the winding would not have anything to do with that noise maybe valves going out ... Weather King 10AJA2501AH Air Conditioner

How much water should be put into a Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner DAC15HH? The user manual does not say how much. There is a clear strip on the side which runs the full height of the unit which allows you to see the water level but does not have a marker to show how much to put in. I added water to reach a few inches up the gauge, then the "empty the water" symbol and "dinging sound" came on. I switched off and it leaked all over the floor, even though the outlet plug and cap were still in pl

1800ml, however this water is only required for very hot and dry days say 40 deg C and relative humidity less than 60 per cent. The aircon injects water into the air in this scenario to acheive greater cooling efficiency. ... Air Conditioners

I am a disabled woman who lives in a double wide in morgan county, my roof needs fixing i have 3 hugh cracks in my kitchen, and every time it rains it rains through. i dont have much money but maybe i could make payments. i really need some help i also have no heat and cooling system no more, it tore up. but that can wait i guess, but i really need assistance for my roof. please help me. thank you very much.

Just in case khadijah624 does check back, there are agencies in most areas that will provide help to the needy. In my own area there is ERBA (Embarass`River Basin Agency) that will provide assistance or direct you to the appropriate service. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Fugitsu ART45LUAK ducted airconditioning. To heat the house I set the fan low, heat manual and thermostat 24C, the temperature keeps creaping up to 27C. The you can hear the thermostat being reached but the heat comes on agin, then agin till its really hot. Same thing happens when using the cooling setting, but in opposing temp ie set to 24 will drop to 20. If the select temp and fan is set to auto, it will heat up too much and then will then auto cool down too much like its fighting itself.

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners


Its a heatpump and will ice up, it will also defrost itself ,if it doesnt then you have a problem. it ices up beacuse the coil temp is below 32 and any moisture in the outdoor air will freeze on the coil ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

I installed a Hunter 44860 digital programmable T-stat on a single zone heat pump system. During the summer it was fine and the AC was cold. When winter came, the heat would blow cool. A friend switched a wire for the reversing valve and the heat was great. Summer came and the AC blew hot. I changed the wire again and it was fine. Now winter is here and the heat is cold... reversed the wire and now the AC is hot. Is there a solution to this? Does this t-stat support both?

Single zone means there is only one valve for the thermostat to control for hot, and one to control for cold.The thermostat you selected is not correct.It is not for single zone heat pumps.If you would like me to do additional resea ... Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant split system AC that is 18 years old. We have been away all summer (2 1/2 months), during which time the thermostat was set to 80°F. We live in SE Virginia and summer temps are 80's or 90's. We arrived home less than a week ago and turned the thermostat down to 72°F (at all times - we have small children and I am pregnant, so we need the house to be cool 24/7). The system was working fine until this afternoon, when I noticed the house was warming up. The temp had reached 76°

I am a service manager of a richmond va hvac firm and we tell are employess that if a unit is over 15 yrs old and needs over 500 dollors worth of repair to recomennd replacement the reason the leak repair is so much is because the unit has to have al ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

What is the presure of the LG WINDOW AC compresser .we perchesed it in2005.last year we found that it was not cooling so we called AC man he said that gas has to be fill ,he did it .again this year also we had that problem.why it is happenig ? how much gas we have to fill ,how much pressure is required.

If he is having to continually recharge the unit, the unit has a leak in it. The leak would have to be located before the cost of repair could be determined. ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

My ac unit goes very quiet and then gets very noisy. When the fan is on alone it is very quiet - only gets noisy when I turn on the a. The unit is mounted in a window.

Your compressor is making noise when it starts and runs. Please check your voltage and ensure that there is no fluctuation in voltage.\015\012 \015\012In case the unit is very old then do please think about ... Air Conditioners

Noise I just bought the 8000 and 10000 BTU Frigidaire air conditioners just before my move and have found that they are very noisy (especially the 8000 BTU unit). The sound of the air flow is very noisy and the 8000 BTU unit also seems be have a slight irritating whining noise. I was thinking about taking out the three screws I saw on the side of the unit in hopes of getting the front off and attaching some cloth or something inside to make it quieter. Since I have now moved into New York City a

Adding cloth or any other sound absorbing material will not work. There is not enough room to add anything appreciable in the fan area. ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Summer just need to know how to get mastercool evap up and running for summer

If it was not drained for winter, do so and then remove all scale from the pan, pump inlet screen, etc. Replace the pads if they are scaled up and remove any scale from the louvered panels. WITH THE POWER OFF, check the belt for cracking and check to ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

I've had to replace the blower motor on an old GE electric furnace three times in the past year. The first time the motor just stopped working. So I replaced it with an A.O. Smith motor for the summer. It worked just fine during the summer. Winter comes along, switch the thermostat to heat and the house fills up with light smoke with a smell of burning plastic. I replace it again with the same brand and model # along with a new capacitor. It ran fine for about an hour or two, then it began to bl

This is definately not a good thing. This unit is a safety hazard to say the least. Check for recalls by reporting it to the consumer product safety. ... Air Conditioners

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