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Wire skimatic i have a rudd ac unit i need a wire skimatic it is a 10 seer. there is a number 90/23238-0 can you help me

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Call Gemaire Distributers (817) 652-3272. Ask for Chris, tell him that Donni McMasters from New Air Mechanical said that they might be able to fax you the schematic. Hope they can get it for you or at least tell you how to get it.

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Wire skimatic i have a rudd ac unit i need a wire skimatic it is a 10 seer. there is a number 90/23238-0 can you help me

Call Gemaire Distributers (817) 652-3272. Ask for Chris, tell him that Donni McMasters from New Air Mechanical said that they might be able to fax you the schematic. Hope they can get it for you or at least tell you how to get it. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dayton Hazardous Location Fan. It has 5 wires comming out of it and they are all the same color. I have no manual for it that shows how to wire it up for power. The model number is 4C369. There is some writing on the wires but it looks like a bunch of nothing to me. Any help that someone can give would be helpful please.

Hello there has to be a sticker on the motor showing high/low volts.Some times on the electrical cover plate.What is the (writing)on the wires it will help? ... Air Conditioners

HELP......! Have a gas furnace . It doesn't say what it is.... I believe it is a coleman, or intertherm the model number is DGAT070BDC serial # is 940465330 that is the only information it has on it. Someone apartly tried to make it work, and all of the wiring is undone or gone...board is gone. and I am not sure what else.... Is there a way you can get the wiring scamatics for me.... and possibly a listing of what parts should be in it.... Please help! let me know...at: jarvissonsinc.att.net If

You might try a Coleman or Intertherm dealer in your area, they should be able to help you or maybe go online to those companies. ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

I have a goodman 4 ton 15 seer heat pump that has been installed my installer is having a lot of trouble wiring up the low voltage wires and nothing works right .i have a programmable thormostat that worked fine with the old unit but i need to know if anyone knows where these low voltage wires connect . thanks for any help

Hello,\015\012I have a couple of tips that will help you to see where the wires hookup at. This is not any easy answer and that is why I split it into two tips. There are many combinations for heat pumps especially.. If there are bells and whis ... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman 4 ton 15 seer heat pump that has been installed my installer is having a lot of trouble wiring up the low voltage wires and nothing works right .i have a programmable thormostat that worked fine with the old unit but i need to know if anyone knows where these low voltage wires connect . thanks for any help

What is the model # of the controller?The heat pump model # is helpful tooThanks!! ... Air Conditioners

I need help with my central heat and air unit, it has a heat pump. the model number is GQ3RA-036K. I am changing the theromstat out and the wires are connected to it. there are eight wire colors that are orange,light blue,black, red, yellow,brown,green, white. on the new thermostat are letters that are r,w,y,g,l,b,o,e,aux. Which ones go where?

Normal\015\012 0\015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4\015\012 \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 /* Style Definitions */\015\012 table.MsoNormalTable\015\012\011{mso-style- ... Air Conditioners

I need a wiring diagram for a RUDD furnace. The wiring diagram number 90-21283-02.

I have it, but the image is too large to upload directly. Email me at [email protected] if you want it.\015\012\015\012Chris ... Air Conditioners

I have a 15 year old carrier zone panel that runs three zones, and some one changed the thermostat wire locations, I am looking for a original instalation set of instuctions, Can you help? the numbers on the zone panel is cepm430275-01c

You can contact Carrier direct @ 1-800-CARRIER ... Air Conditioners

I purchase a 1997 Salem camper trailer and just replaced the Duo therm 13,000 Unit BTU. Everything was good until it was time to connect the wires from the thermostat unit to the analog thermostat on the wall. The existing cables do not match up at all in color or on numbers, any help? Thanks

My ac works from about 8am til 10pm...after that the breaker trips and I can reset it but it will not stay on for more than 5 or 10 minutes...it doesn't matter if it's off until 3pm and I turn it on it still only works until about 10pm...if it is rai ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I was given a surveilence camera mini indoor/ outdoor with the wiring ripped off the board! Its a 4 wire board red yellow blk and white wire colors anddont hava clue which wire goes where! The board says (ROHS. H-4C with-wv50) if that helps!justa diagram wuld help thanx

... Air Conditioners

Rheem Model RRKA-A042JK10E, replacing the blower motor on the unit, the wiring diagram shows number instead of color of wire, now I can not figure out what color wire goes in what number on the blower

... Air Conditioners

I recently bought a 4 ton 14.5 SEER Rudd Spilt system using R-410 and matching Rudd furnace. This system replaced a Lennox 10 SEER 4 ton unit. Now that it has gotten hot in Baton Rouge LA 90-93 degrees. I have a programmable thermostat see bottom. It takes the one hour to drop the temp. 1 degree so starting at 5:00pm the unit runs non stop until 11:30 at night. The Lennox was about 3 times better and it was 15 years old. The installer told me all high SEER units take longer to cool in comp

Sounds like the Unit might be low on charge.But without correct readings not sure.\015\012The new unit with 410 will actually cool better due to higher boiling point temp. of freon type.Poor air circulation could also cause problem.Such as dirt ... Air Conditioners

I have a Fridaire AC window unit about 3 mos old. It just would not work with the buttons, then we unplugged it to reset it, and now it will just beep when we plug it back up and push reset, then it turns off and will not come on at all. It looks like from the side the model number is: FAA087(5 or maybe a S )A ....I have called the number on it, and I get recordings and then to call a LONG distance number and no one to help. That was Thurs and we sure are hot!!! Can you help???

How long do you leave it unplugged for? try a couple of hours to let any memory voltage dissipate and clear memory, then retry, also does it have any troubleshooting ideas in the owners manual, possibly a certain way of steps to un glitch unit and ma ... Air Conditioners

New Hampton Bay Model 640-657 Classic Collection Burgess 54" Celing Fan with Remote. I have had installed by electrician ,also re checked by different electrician. Both have charged me and told me it is wired correctly. Comes on some time by itsself and then light will not go out. I have replaced the battery 3 times with no help. I have wired into a wall switch . prior to the Fan. Could use some help. Is there a kit I can wire without the Remote. Fan is less than 3 weeks old. Getty costly to k

... Air Conditioners

I replaced an old mercury T-stat (York with model number 2TH11704024) installed a new T-stat (RTH6350). The wires that I I have are O (orange), G (green), Y (yellow), T (gray but not used in new T-stat), R (red), L (black), C (blue but not used in new T-stat), W (white) and L (black). I connect all wires with their respective colors except that I connect the W in the AUX (jumped with the E). After I finalized all connections, the heat pump unit (York with model number ETFB024S06A) did not

Did you shut the power off to the air handler/furnace...... before you installed the new thermostat??? You may have shorted out the transformer or blown the transformer fuse...... If you try to put the Fan switch on the stat to Fan ON does the fan ... Air Conditioners

Model number a friend of mine has picked up a mr slim ducted system and was wondering were there model number would be.. the cover for the circuit board is not there so im taking thats were it would be .. i have the model and serial no if thats and help .. and help would be greatly appreciated and any specs

Visit Mr. Slims website at www.mrslim.com. There you will find a tab for Customer Service. Look in Library to find your model and technical manual. You may have to look at a few to f ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Need help with electrical for Armstrong 3.5 Ton 16 SEER

Next item: What is the exact model of the thermostat? It should consist of TH6###?#### where the "#" are numbers, and the "?" is a letter. And also you can check the following:\015\012\015\0121. Remove the thermostat by gently pulling str ... Air Conditioners

Rudd furnace I have a RUDD furnace model UGPJ-07-NAMGR. It had stopped working, so I replaced the thermostat but it is not the thermostat. When I hold the furnace reset button, the furnace will fire according to the setting on thermostat(heat or fan). As soon as I let go of the reset button, the heater stops working. It does not matter what I do to the thernostat, the heater will not fire. I crossed the red and white wire but nothing happens. The heater is supposed to fire when I cross wire, ri

You have a safety limit switch that is either bad or needs to be manually reset. Some have little buttons between the two wires going to the switch that you can push to reset. If not they are automatic switchs then one is bad. You have to do an oh ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

How do I connect my NEW Goodman Ht / Pump w/(5) - low voltage wires ( yel, wht, red, blu, org ) to my existing older system that was a Rheem w/ only (4) low / volt wires ( Br, Red, Blu, yel ) I'd be very greatful for anyones HELP - HELP ???????

Ipls if your thermostat is not degital you open you will find \015\012 - r low voltage\015\012- y cool (compressor)\015\012-w heat ( reversing valve)\015\012- g fan\015\012 you open the unit terminal you will find t ... Air Conditioners

I installed Minka remote controlled Ceiling fan for a friend. The fan itself has 4 wires, black,orange,white, & blue. The remote unit has black, white, & blue wires to connect to black, white, & blue wires on fan, and black & white wires to connect to electrical wires in attic. The remote operates the fan functions correctly, but the lights on the fan stay on all the time, with no effect from the remote. I have no manual, and had no place for the orange wire on the fan to go to.The model number

The connections you need to make are \015\012\015\012\015\012Motor to Receiver Electrical Connections: Connect the WHITE \015\012wire from the fan to the WHITE wire marked "TO MOTOR N" from the \015\012Receiver. Connect the BLACK wire from t ... Air Conditioners

HELP!!! Help wiring new motor for CKL60-1

\015\012This is what your wiring should look like if you are using two caps. then you should be using a potential relay as well. This is the diagram for using a potential relay. Hope it helps you.\015\012Thank You ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

I Need to know where the wires go from the condenser fan? It has a red wire, abrown wire, a black wire and a green wire. Help Please?

Here is a typical way to wire a motor with those colors. without knowing what kind of motor it is I am having to take a guess. Hopefully someone else will post their knowledge and you will be able to take the best advice.Red=commonBrown= ... Air Conditioners

I have an A.O. Smith f48l47a50 blower motor, and I need help with wiring. First it's a 460v,1phase,1/2hp,975rpm,3spd motor. My question with the wiring is do I need to supply a wire for line power? I know the brown and purple go to the capacitor. The green is ground. I guessing the blue and orange are to designate low/med speed, but that's all the wires that are attatched. I think I need to supply a wire from the blower motor relay to the motor's hi spd terminal. Could you confirm this?

Are you SURE its 460volt single phase??? that voltage is normally a 3phase motor voltage,and color of wires is right for 480/277, but that would be 3 phase.....not saying your wrong,just make sure ... Air Conditioners

I have a coil that needs to be replaced on a 2002 Goodman heat pump system. I know it's still under warranty, but the previous home owner didn't write the serial number down and the contractor says the number is worn off the unit. No one will honor the warranty unless I have a serial number. I have the outdoor unit number, but not on the indoor (which is the one I need). Any way to match the one I have up and come up with a number for the indoor? Already called Goodman..they can't help.

Give the dealer the cond. number and they can find the invoice for it and hopefully the evaporator was sold with it on the same invoice. Sometimes there is a number inside the indoor coil on a sticker ... Air Conditioners

Have a Carrier Window AC (1.5ton), Model: ''Optima Plus D EQR''. Recently fitted it, but unable to wire up the front panel (with LED indication and IR sensor). The AC can be operated only when this front panel is connected. Require help to connect the colored wires to the rear of the front panel as no wiring diagram is available in the manual. Wiring diagram or place from where i can get one is required. Thanks.

Carrier 1.5 tr outdoor unit wiring connection please. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

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