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How much space do I need?

\015 I have equipment that uses 76,225 watts - converts to 260,232,150 BTUs. I am trying to determine how large a space I need to house this equipment.\015

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Not exactly sure what the question is or if it is even an aircon question. If you would like to calculate the heatload for the room so that you can choose the right size aircon, you can work on around 650BTU per square meter. Then add on the heat generating factor of the various additional equipment you intend to operate in the room. Hope this helps.

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How much horsepower of aircon do i need for 20sq m space of area?

Take your square meters and multiply it by 650 if the room has large windows.If the room is well insulated multiply by 500 per square meter ... Samsung Air Conditioners

How much space do I need?

Not exactly sure what the question is or if it is even an aircon question. If you would like to calculate the heatload for the room so that you can choose the right size aircon, you can work on around 650BTU per square meter. Then add on the heat gen ... GE Air Conditioners

I want enclose my outside unit,not completely,just around it. How much space do I need to leave between the unit and what I enclose it with?

You should never cover your a/c condenser " ... Air Conditioners

I am a disabled woman who lives in a double wide in morgan county, my roof needs fixing i have 3 hugh cracks in my kitchen, and every time it rains it rains through. i dont have much money but maybe i could make payments. i really need some help i also have no heat and cooling system no more, it tore up. but that can wait i guess, but i really need assistance for my roof. please help me. thank you very much.

Just in case khadijah624 does check back, there are agencies in most areas that will provide help to the needy. In my own area there is ERBA (Embarass`River Basin Agency) that will provide assistance or direct you to the appropriate service. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Payne Furnace model # 125FAU-14, SERIAL # 0565-59065. Yes its an old furnace but I am in need of part #'s for a Thermacouple switch assembly and Aso for a filter media cartriage. I also need to know where I can buy these parts,and how much they are. Thanks so much De

Hi,\015\012\015\012You can search and puurchase from the links bellow:\015\012\015\012http://www.myhvacparts.com/Gas%20Furnace%20Pa ... Air Conditioners

I need a service manual for Model:SU/SZ/S3 Chassis (Inverter Model) to know how much gas is in the system already and how much extra gas is needed (grams per meter of copper pipe) after installed.

... LG Air Conditioners

On my a/c fujitsu asu12c1, the condenser need too much power and the breaker jump. the contractor told me than i need part no 9703433023. I need this part at lower price as possible. Can I do something else Where I casn buy the part

Hi,\015\012\015\012After doing a detailed R & D on various venders sites the best deal I got is of 141$.\015\012\015\012Part Number-K9703433023 \015\012Model No-MW12C1E/ASU12C1 \015\012Discription -CONTROLLER P ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I need to find the location of the low pressure AC port on a 1994 Lincoln Towncar...Need to recharge w/134a. Thx so much

Follow the suction line from the compressor not hard to find.Tom ... Air Conditioners

What kind of freon would i need for a goodman cplt24-1a heat pump ? has not cooled the houuse for 2 years now, thought it may have been the compressor as the heating was not working either. But i was told it may just need freon. And any idea on how much this would cost ? I am in canada but all help would be appreciated . THANKS

R22 but it does not use it it is circulated in a closed loop, if the fan outside is running you may have to pull the brown wire at the split capacitor to see if the compressor is running. Also it is really important that the filters are changed and t ... Goodman CPLT24-1 13 Air Conditioner

Hello! I need to charge my home A/C.The label right that need r407c freon type. Can i use r507 freon insteed of r407c? I am asking that because i already have a gase with r507 gas. Thank you very much Stefanos

Hi,\012No.... they are totally different gases and if you mix them you are really in trouble.... only use the specified gas and NEVER mix gases!!\012\012heatman101 ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

Ac won't go down past 78 F while operating the presures are 15/ 150 psi. I think it needs charge. But how much charge what pressure does the low side need to be at?

15/150 is definitely incorrect, it's far too low.There is no 1 temp, pressure to go by, the 40F coil is design condition with a 80F indoor and a 95F outdoor @ 50% humidity.The more accurate ballpark method is actual ambient ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Need to purchase the wire and breaker switch for a Hitachi A/C Unit 30 ton unit. RUA-30HS. I need the tecnical specifications for this installation do you have them. Or can you help me with three questions: Starting Voltage and load? Average Running voltage? Recommended size of Breaker Switches? The Amperage is 3 phase so what size of cable is required? Thank you so much for your help.

Get an electrician you trust in your area. He will need probably need to physicially look at the unit. Then he can answer all your questions on this matter ... Air Conditioners

Last couple of years if our thermostat is set below 74 the ac will freeze up. The last 2 years we had it checked out and were told that 1)coils might be going out and 2) needs more freon. Once freon was added it worked better but still had the freezing up problem. Started the same thing this year and now not cooling. Had a different technician out and he says that freon should not have been added and it has too much freon. He says that he needs to discharge all freon and then add the correct lev

Hello\015\012If your going to have all the freon taken out,this current tech needs to find the leak.\015\012\015\012Clearly from what you have said the unit has a freon leak.Freon is put in by ounces or pounds depending on the size ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have the opportunity to purchase a Mitsubishi Mr Slim a/c unit that is 3-4 years old. It has been unhooked with the lines and freon removed. I was told that the copper pipes will need to be replaced because of possible dust contamination. How much freon needs to be placed back in to the unit? It is a single unit with 22,000 btu's

It will be posted on the unit as factory charge. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Aircon regasing hi there i am in the uk. i bought a winnebago brave 1993 . the rooftop aircon unit a coleman tsr is not blowing cold, had it checked and everything is working fine, the fridge engineer says it needs regasing. he needs to know what type of gas and how much in grams. he stocks R600A AND R134,will these do please? regards rob

There is a specification plate on the base of the unit. It will have the refrigerant type and quantity listed. The leak should be found and repaired before re-charging with refrigerant.1993 model could be r-12,r-22 or r-134a. ... Coleman Air Conditioners

How much would I need to pay to get a manual, got at garage sale. Does it ever need freon, doesnt always seem to blow that cool

... Haier HPAC9M Air Conditioner

I need a new coil on my Carrier unit...how much should that run? What other parts do I typically need to replace when replacing the coil?

Roughly the cost to replace a coil on an outside unit/condenser should run about $400-$500, depending on the size of the unit and type of refrigerant.\015\012\015\012Typically the Service Tech will replace the refrigerant, and possibly t ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

We have an Singer electric heater. It is 480v 3 phase Commercial forced air. I need to know what size breaker need to pull this much power and also I have no instructions for hot ground and nuetral wiring. The colors are brown yellow and orange.

You cannot hook this thing up unless you have 480v 3 phase service from the power company which you will not have unless you are some kind of industrial operation. There is no neutral involved in 480 3~ only three hots on different phases and a grou ... Air Conditioners

I have a ge model # asw12als1 12000btu room a/c.i think my thermostat is getting hung up. and wont stop running. there is a electronic board on the unit. this room a/c is just a year old. any suggestions on how to fix it? i took the front cover off. cleaned the evaporator and followed the thermostat back to board. very small space to work with. need to know if i need a new thermostat. temp in room going down to 60. even with thermostat set at 86. help please???????

... Air Conditioners

Need to find fan for AC# DVAC10038EE. Hi, need to find this fan for my new AC, was busted while trying to make hole in bottom as too much water accumulated. Any idea where this item could be purchased? ASAP....! Thanks. Frank

Hey, I like your explaination of error. so forget plastic blades, go metal! Just take the blade down to a dealer and tell them to match you up as close as possible ,,(the #'s of blades--Pitch- slinger ring or not..and the hole diameter..--& blad ... Danby Air Conditioners

I have a carrier model pv 48nboo6. It worked fine intil I had it checked and they said the the evaporator coil and expansion valve needed to be changed out, which was done under warranty. This was done and it now sweats so much it has shut down at times when the pan fills up. They have put in new dry insulation and slowed the fan but it still sweats. What needs to be done they do not seam to know.

Hi,Actually slowing down the fan will only make the condensation problem worse....they should speed the fan up, not slow it down...you need MORE air flow....also the expansion valve may need to be adjusted, but many A/C techs do not know how to ... Air Conditioners

I have a Weather King AC/Furnace in the attic that's dripping water into the drain pan. When we purchased our new house it came with this unit and it never dripped ater. Now, the water is dripping towards the back end so the electronic components are not in danger. I was told if it started dripping that I needed to be concerned. I'm a kind of DIY person cause I like to save money so any advice is much appreaciated. What should I check? What needs to be cleaned or replaced?

I assume it is dripping water when the AC is running. If you look at the attic unit, there should be a PVC pipe running from the unit - probably an insulated PVC pipe. This pipe probably goes across the attic to the edge of the house and drains out ... Weather King 12AJA4201AH Air Conditioner

Air handler Hi my name is Paul and I have a old Rheem Air handler. Ser#KM13808149/Mod#RENB1412JQS and I can not tell which wires at the thermostat are what. I took off the old thermostat and did not label the wires . I need the wiring skamatics so I know which wire does what. If you could help me that woul be wonderfull. Thank You very much in advance. My E-mail Is [email protected] Thank You Very Much Paul Araujo

This should be doable: First get pen and paper-start at the furnace, theres a group of 5-8 wires leaving the furnace anfd going to the thermostat and a group of 2-3 going to the condenser outside that all need to be identified and the location in the ... Quasar HQ2052UH Air Conditioner

I have a model CGL300TB SPACE HEATER AND I NEED A THERMOCOUPLE PART NUMBER MLO85-01. I am in Waco Texas. Need now Phone # 254-853-9065

... Air Conditioners

Have got a fedders air condition model nu 1FE424N6D-AN and need to know where I could get a remote control for it but live in Melbourne , Australia and need to know how much does it cost in price thanks

... Fedders Air Conditioners

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