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The out door fan motor is bad. it has three wires the new one has four, a black one a white one and two brown how do i wire up the cap.

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The two brown wires go to a capacitor which you should buy new when you buy the motor. they usually cost less than $5.00 and since your motor wires are not the same the capacitor in your a/c may not be the right one for the new motor and it also may be bad.
\015\012for the white and black wires they go to the load side of your contactor. it's important that you check the voltage rating on your motor and the a/c to make sure it's the right voltage for your a/c.
\015\012usually there's a wiring diagram on your a/c showing the line or power wires coming in to the a/c, they usually go to the contactors line side the opposite side is the load side to wire the motor to.

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The out door fan motor is bad. it has three wires the new one has four, a black one a white one and two brown how do i wire up the cap.

The two brown wires go to a capacitor which you should buy new when you buy the motor. they usually cost less than $5.00 and since your motor wires are not the same the capacitor in your a/c may not be the right one for the new motor and it also may ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

Wiring compressor Replaced defective fan motor on my a/c unit. Old motor had three wires: black, yellow, brown. New generic motor has black, white, brown, brown w/white stripe. This new motor came with a new two terminal capacitor. Old cap. had three terminals. The black and white wires from motor connect across the line voltage and the other two wires connect across the capacitor. After install and trying to run the unit, found that compressor turns on for about two seconds and shuts down, but

The two terminal cap is only for the new fan motor. Connect the compressor wire back where you found it, on the 3 terminal cap. It's the terminal marked, "herm". The "common" terminal on the 3 terminal cap must still be connected to one side of the ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

After removing my old two globe bathroom light I found one red wire, 2 black wires and two white wires, the two black were capped off. How do I hook up a three bar light that has one black and one white wire?

Hello. Since the two black wires were capped off, leave them that way. Now hook the red wire to the black in the light bar and the two whites to the white in the light bar.\015\012\015\012That's it. Regards, Joe\015\012\015\012ps kind ... Air Conditioners


A commom wire comes from the top of the contacter , attactch this wire to two prong cap, then attatch what is usually a brown wire to the other side of the cap , find coommon wire from fan motor and attatch it to the same side you attatched the commo ... Air Conditioners

Trying to connect a new dual capacitor for an a/c unit. Three wires came off the old one, blue to the motor, red to the contactor and a brown wire. The new capacitor has two black and 1 white connectors, whick one goes where.

The cap should be marked to with goes where. White is more than likely common which will go to the contactor. The other two one to the motor and one to the fan. May be marked C-C-F Compressor, Common,Fan ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have RUUD and just replaced the condensor fan motor with a 5 wire Protech....the old fan was wired with black connected to contactor, orange to one side of cap and brown to the other side of the cap.....The new motor is a five wire...I have black connected to the connector, orange to one side of cap and purple(to change direction of fan) instead of brown...now i have a yellow and brown wire left over....Now when I start the unit the fan will not spin unless i turn the fan blade manually....am

Look on the side of the motor it will have a wiring diagram your fan supplies voltage to the capacitor its self so two of your wires go to the capacitor not just one. good luck ... Air Conditioners

I just purchased an fse1028sf to replace my faulty fan motor. I purchased it from a a/c supply store. My existing fan only had three wires. They were brown, black and purple. Black to: capacitor "c". Purple to: T2 and brown to: "fan" on the cap. The new motor has: brown, brown/white, black and white. The paperwork that came with the motor says to put brown & brown/white to the cap, black & white . The cap has a red wire on "fan". I'm confused

Hi, this is a different wiring diagram then what you have . The 2 brown/wht wires are for the run cap only. Black and white are t-1 and t-2. They sold you a motor that takes its own run capacitor to run it with just both brown wires. Take the diagram ... Air Conditioners

I am replacing my old a/c fan motor with a new one. The old motor is an A.O Smith B13400-251 and has black, brown, and a purple wire and was connected to a dual capacitor. The new motor is an A.O Smith ORM5458 and has a white wire on one side and on the other is a black, brown, and a brown/white wire. The dealer sold us a single capacitor and i'm having a hard time figuring the wiring. Can anyone offer some instructions?

For one, thank you for posting all the info, it really helps! On your new motor, the white has became your purple, black is black, and your brown/brown and white wires go to each side of the new capacitor, there should only be 2 terminals. You can le ... Air Conditioners

I am installing a Honeywell tl8100a1008 that has a Rh, Nc and W slots with two wires. My current thermostat has two wires into the box. The whites are connected to each other but not to the thermostat. Then the one red wire from the box is connected to the thermostat and the two blacks from the box are connected to the black from the thermostat. I tried the red to the Rh and the black to black. The circulator came on but te furnace didn't . I reversed an nothing. Help

... Honeywell TL8100A1008 LineVoltPRO 8000 7-Day Programmable Hydronic Thermostat

Replaced a ge condensor fan 3 wire with new dayton the wires are different...old fan has a wire connectort mouted to it orange,black yellow, the new one 2brown 1 with white stripe, purple, black, i have new 2 connect compacitor and a 3 connect compacitor( herm, C, Fan) where do i hook new the fan wires, and where do i connect the compressor wires.

The new ge fan requires its own capacitor, the brown and the brown/white go direct to new fan capacitor. black to relay (leg one of power) purple to relay (leg two of power. the compressor will have a wire to the relay and the other to the herm termi ... Air Conditioners

A duo therm thermostat (p/n 3105058) was removed because it would not operate the air conditioner/heater in a firan fireside camper. it was knocked loose from the wall damaging it.the thermostat is for use in a six wire system.the camper wiring consists of of two bundles; one bundle of two conductors (red and white wires) and a bundle of four conductors(red,blue,white & green wires).the thermostat also has a high/low fan switch. the camper owner bought a white-rodgers model 300 thermostat to rep

A. Remove the cover of the thermostat.b. Connect the RED wire from the air conditionerto the “RC” terminal on the thermostat.c. Connect the “YELLOW” wire from the air conditionerto the “Y” termina ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We have an old mercury thermostat when we took the old one off, there are onyl two wires, a black one and a white one. The diagram on the honeywell rth2310 has five wires so how do we know whcih one to hook up the balck and the white wire to?

Hello Connect BLACK = RH/RC or R....WHITE=W this is heating only.RH/RC jumper wire, if not use RH+W ... Air Conditioners

I am installing a new thermostat for my baseboard electric heat. The electric box has 2 wires comming into it. So I have 2 black, 2 white and 2 ground. The old thermostat had a place for all 4 wires (one side line one side load) the new thermostat is a honeywell RLV430 High voltage (at least I got the high voltage part right). It only has 2 wires so I am at a loss as to what to hook up where. My inclination is to hook the load to one and the line to the other. But I don' know if this is r

Hi tlef\015\012\015\012To answer your question;\015\012\015\012Tie the two whites together with a marette , and the two blacks to the thermostat , it doesn`t matter which wire goes where on the thermostat since there is no polarity.\015\ ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 8000 weathermaker. Recently the blower motor began to run progressively slower and finally just bogged down. I replaced the motor, but the replacement motor has three speeds (red, blue and black wires) whereas the old motor had four (red, blue, black and yellow). Initially I hooked the new motor wires up to the circuit board the same way the old ones were, leaving an open spot where the old yellow wire was. New motor works, but at lower speeds, pushing less cool air. We liv

Found system was slowly loosing coolant through a variety of miniscule leaks in rusting part of condenser. Apparently coolant level had dropped sufficiently in the blower repair interval to where the system no longer functioned with adequate efficie ... Carrier Air Conditioners

5 ton carrier. we changed the condenser motor and marked where the wires connected. Old motor had yellow and brown to capacitor. New motor has an extra brown wire with white stripe... I connected it the same way as the old one without using the extra wire.... didn't work. Advise how to connect the new 5 wire motor... red and black wires I'm confident are connected correctly.

The best way to wire that motor is to connect a separate capacitor to it. The brown and brown w/white stripe go to the capacitor. The black and red wires go to the contactor. ... Air Conditioners

I have two (2) singel switches next to each other that turn on the lights in the garage and the other the lights outside. I bought two (2) 1595-SWTTRWCC4's and I would like to know how to install them. Each one has two black wires coming out of the Pass & Seymour. Out of the wall I see one red and one black wire going to one existing switch, and two additional black wires going to the other switch. Ground is no problem. How do I wire the both ? Thanks Guido

I need a little more info, could you post a picture of the switch you are trying to install? ... Air Conditioners

I installed a ceiling fan in two bedrooms and when i removed the old light fixture there was a red wire capped off. Should that red wire be connected with the black and blue wiring to have a switch to turn on/off the fan only. I have two switches which one never worked when i had the old fixture up and it did not control any outlets.

Here is a Link to ... Air Conditioners

I have a Trane Heater/AC unit no heat pump with a thermostat model 802AS32DAA that has seven wires. I am going to a five wire heating/cooling thermostat. What do i do with the two extra wires? old thermostat red wire-RC slot (24 V from A/C) white wire-W1 (???) yellow wire-Y (A/C Compressor) green wire-G (A/C Fan) black wire-B (?????) Blue wire-Y2 (????) orange wire-W2 (24 V to Furnace new thermostat therminals G Rc Rh Y/O W/B Y1 Can you tell me what wires to connect to each

From Honeywell : "If your old thermostat had Six or more wires, the replacement you have is Wrong!" ... Air Conditioners

"i'm replacing my Rheem RBGC 08KA FAU blower motor. My dayton 3lu83j 4 speed motor has white, black, red, yellow,orange, brown, and brown with stripe wires. My old westinghouse motor has only one brown wire, a blue and yellow (both taped capped and not used). do i leave the orange, yellow and brown with stripe unused". Or do i also connect the brown with white stribe to the shared terminal on the condenser.

There should be a wiring diagram on the side of the new motor.The brown and the brown w/ white go to the new capacitor you should have bought with the motor.The black and white go to your L1 & L2 power source. The remaining wires must ... Dayton Air Conditioners

The light fixture needed to be repaired. It never worked when I bought the house. New light bulbs didn't worked. I replaced the two ceramic light switches that had corroded wiring and reconnected blue to black and white to white. I have a dual wall switch that controls the fan and light. Now the light only works when the fan is on. The light on my other identical fan works without the fan on. Is the wiring problem in the fan or switch. The switches are different.

If its a duel switch that controls lights, and the fan seperately. sounds like the power for the lights is going directly to the fan, and therefore making the lights work also. also check out switch, make sure power is only going to the lights, with ... Air Conditioners

What wires go to what when replacing a inducer. the man cut the wires instead of taking it off right. the new inducer has different colored wires. two orange,one with stripe and a black wire which is a ground but i dont know where at on the bored it goes to

I would get an electrician or an HVAC tech to hook up this unit ,you do not want to get electricuted or blow up the unit it will cost you more to replace the unit if you blow it up that to get the proper person. REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST. ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

I installed a new Honeywell Programable thermostat, When I turned on the AC it turned on the Heater... I followed the wiring but some of it is not making sense... G=Green, Y=Yellow, R=Red, C=Blue, W2=White, Y2=Brown... The problem is that I have an Orange and Black Wire left over, Which one do I connect to W? and do I have the wiring right... my unit is a central Heat & Air, not a heat pump.

Hi, the problem is you have bought the wrong thermostat for the unit if it is not a heat-pump. A heat pump will have W-1, W-2 for heat strips, and Y-2 is for 2nd stage cooling. G is Green for Fan, R is Red for Power, Y is Yellow for cooling, and W wo ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Self contained a/c unit i put new blower motor in it about a year ago and never used it ! but i lost the paper work on what wire is for max speed. red is the low min, for furnace. it has black blue white and red wires and it is a multi speed blower. SO wich WIRE WOULD BE THE HIGH SPEED ONE


Where do the 3 wires from the blower motor connect to on the control board for high speed use in the summer time? Black, Blue, and the Red one? The white is a no brainer. I can go to M1, cool, and heat. Ruud, lateral in the attic. UGPJ-10EBRJR. I have blue on M1, Black on cool, Red on heat. Does that speed take air across the evaporator the quickest? New motor ha same specs as old; 3/4 hp, 9.4 amps, same frame...matches up perfectly to the old. I'm freezing up.

Hello, the black wire is your high sped motor tap and it should be on cool as you have it. Blue is med-hi and red is your low speed motor tap. You have it wired correctly. Now the freezing can be caused by 2 things, low airflow or a low refrigerant ... Air Conditioners

I have a new Dial thermostat my mastercool thermostat Broke I need to know the color code of the mastercool to wire it to this one... The colors on this one are white, black, red, blue... Thank You.

... Air Conditioners

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