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Fast unit HMH024KD1 (formerly LG mini split) Compressor does not turn off when unit is shut down. Just keeps running

Answers :

Replace pc board, compressor relay stuck in on position.

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My indoor unit on my heat pump will not shut off. The electric heat keeps running, and the fan keeps running. It only happens when it is really cold, like 25deg or below, above that and it functions fine. The outdoor unit shuts off, but the indoor stays running. I do HVAC work, but I have never seen a problem like this. I have switched the stat out, and its just so strange. I figured the relay may be stuck, but if I turn the stat off, it turns off shortly after which tells me it may not be the c

I would venture to say your stack relay is getting stuck. either that or you have a short in your low voltage wiring somewhere that is not always making contact....or it may be making contact through another median...like ice or frost. Remember ele ... Intertherm P3RA-036K Air Conditioner

Fast unit HMH024KD1 (formerly LG mini split) Compressor does not turn off when unit is shut down. Just keeps running

Replace pc board, compressor relay stuck in on position. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Heat Pump, The unit all of a sudden just keeps running, and wont shut off. The only way to shut it off is to turn the breaker off..Will this hurt the unit by running all the time...I need help to figure out whats wrong with it..

Hi,\012Yes, that will hurt it.... the contactor has wleded shut and keeps it running...\012 \012 \012Here is a tip about trouble shooting your ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I turn on the Central A/C unit with the thermostat. The attic fan unit goes on and the system cools the house. When the system shuts down the fan unit shuts off but the outside compressor keeps running. The only way the outside compressor goes now off is when I flip the 240 switch on the main box. This just started. Is it a thermostat problem? Thanks.

Could be a thermostat problem but even more likely the contactor on the unit outside is stuck. In order to change this part you will have to get in to the outdoor unit. The contactor is the automatic switch that the thermostat energizes when the t ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm S3QA-042KA I have to turn the electricity on outside the house and the unit turns on and keeps running until I shut the breakers off outside. How do I control it from the thermostat?

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

When unit is turned on low setting unit will not shut off fans. they keep running.

Hi,\015\012With out knowing exactly what unit you have we cannot solve your problem...\015\012Here is a tip that will help you to get better results from your question on Fixya.\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox model CB19-51-1P air handling unit with HP19-511-1P compressor heat pump unit. I just turned the heat on for the first time this season. And I am getting low heat volume. The heat pump unit is running for long periods. I am getting enough heat to maintain the 70 degrees setting with constant cycles, shutting off for short periods, running long periods. When the thermostat is turned to a cooler temperature, the unit shuts off as it should. Could you please help trouble shoot po

First thing you need to check is if the reversing valve is working you maybe running your A/C with the heat strips on depends on the t-stat your using some heat pumps will bring the strips on with a high d ... Air Conditioners

My AC unit is not blowing cold. I have two. One small and one big . I just noticed that My upstairs was not cooling off. So I turned both units on and went out sid to check them. The small one is running fine fan blowing cold freon running through. The big was not running at all. I sprayed them off and while doing that the fan on the big unit began to turn. Now it is running but every now and then it keep making a noise like a motor is trying to turn on. and the freon line is not as cold as the

The start capacitor is in question and the fan appears to be overheating, That is where the water camre into it. You may need a HVAC tech to make your repairs. Good Luck _Ned_ ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic rooftop Air conditioner in my RV When I turn it to low medium or high the fan run the same speed and when I turn it to AC it will run for about 5 min then the fan will shut off but the compressor keeps running I turn it off for a min or so and everythings comes back on. Turn it to the fan only side and the fan will run for 5 min then shut off a min later it comes back on then back off and on in fan only side.

Bad fan motor I suspect The windings are bad causing the motor to over heat sending the motor into thermal overload. would suggest the replacement of motor. Good Luck on repairs\015\012\015\012Dave ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Outside inverter unit keeps running hours after the ac unit has been turn off - Try shuting down the mains supply but it keeps running after the switch is turned on.

Did the indoor unit ice up also?sounds like the compressor contactor/relay has become welded&stuck.change contactor. ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

Dometic a/c unit turns on and cools fine, when it reachs temp cmpressor shuts off and the fan keeps running changing pitch then throws the breaker

Hi thereI would suggest that there is a setting on your a/c so hat when the a/c reached the rite temperature, it stops cooling and just circulates the air.Refer to your manual to fix this problem.Thank you for usin ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a window air conditioner, Maytag, the compressor keeps running and will not shut off. I have tried turning it off and on, but it still runs. I tried to turn it off by the button on the AC, but the compressor still runs even when everything else shuts off. I had to push the button that is by the plug in to make it shut down completely.

The compressor is controlled by a contactor (relay) the relay is stuck (contacts burned or if a solid state relay the "smoke has leaked out" :) it may require a control board change if it is a modern unit ... Maytag Portable Air Conditioner M6P09S2A

The outdoor unit will turn on and run for about 30 sec, shut off

Low on freon, cycling on low pressure switch ... Air Conditioners

The airhandler turns off but the outside unit keeps running . the unit runs fine but the airhandler turns off before the outside unit.

It sounds like the contactor or cooling relay is sticking or stuck. ... Whirlpool ACQ158XL Air Conditioner

I have a chigo kfr-51gw/gx1a two piece air conditioner that runs in cool for 10 minutes then shuts down for 3 minutes and keeps repeating cycle while The indoor units fan keep running I've read that this unit has a dehumidifier mode that dose this same cycle. If this is what it is doing is it possible to stop this mode from cycling Thanx

... Air Conditioners

Continues running When I turn the unit off the cooling shuts down however the fan continues to run. The only way to shut the unit down is by unplugging.

There is probably a stuck fan relay on the circuit board. Have a technician take a look at it to confirm this and then replace it. ... Danby DPAC7820 Air Conditioner

When the thermostat turns off, the condensing unit continues to run. The old contactor was sticking. I could go out and tap on the side of the electrical box beside the compressor, and the contactor would drop out, allowing the unit to shut down. I have replaced the run contactor, but the problem has not gone away. In fact tapping on the electrical box won't even make it shut down now.

You most likely have a short. Start by removing the wire on the terminal marked y in the t- stat then see if it shuts down. Look in the air handler for wires touching together. I have also eound wires touching in the wall from the t-stat. ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

I have a Duo Therm unit on the roof of our 1995 Nomad camper trailer. I think the contactors are stuck closed..here is why. When the AC unit satifies the thermistat, the fan turn off, but the compressor (Humming sound)keeps running...until I hit the AC 15 amp breaker. Even if I put the thermistat up passed the current temp, the compressor still keeps running. Where are the contactores / relays? Shal I take the cover off, and start looking around? I would expect a low voltage relay for the thermi

You can get a manual for this in the library section of the Hi-Lo Trailer Forum. I know this isn't a Hi-Lo but the AC unit is the same. www.HiLoTrailerForum.com ... Air Conditioners

Sears Kenmore Amana window ac unit 13,000 btu: Sometimes the compressor will not shut off to cycle. Last night I woke up to an ice cold house and turned the digital temp up and the compressor wouldn't shut off so I turned the power off and the comp stayed running until I unplugged the unit. What does it sound like to you?

Sounds like a dirty coil or stuck thermostat ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioning unit not running but fan keeps running even though thermostat is turned to off, auto, and temp set to highest position 90degrees. 3 amp fuse keeps blowing on the circuit board in the blower compartment. I replaced it 3 times then installed a new thermostat. no change. I can usually figure it out if I got a little input or direction. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I would much rather have a trained expert easily repair my hvac unit but I can only call the professionals in

If the fuse is blowing then this is generally indicative of a short in the low voltage wiring, isolate the wires on the thermostat and the unit ends, use an ohmmeter to verify that there is no path for continuity with no wires touching, if there is t ... Air Conditioners

I have a PTAC Model PTCO93B35AJ, SERIAL 0408181195, MFG P1259902R, The AC works fine but when I turn on the heater it clicks repeatedly but doesn't stay running. If the heater does turn on it only runs a minute or so then shuts down and starts that clicking again. The unit has a note on the inside that states this unit has a manual reset for heater but I could not find it. I have had it for 7 years and have never had to reset any switch. Is there any troubleshooting steps you could give me. Tha

... Amana PTC093B35AJ Air Conditioner

When in heat mode heater keeps turning on and off has trouble to keep running cuts in and out for about one minute then only runs for short time and of sometimes trips the switch in meter box ( small green light on unit turns on not the on light the one on the other side)

The cutting in and out is indicating that it has reached its internal thermal limits .. its too hot inside .. that trips a thermal breaker .. the breaker resets when the unit cools ... the problem is almost always caused by not enough air flow ... th ... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

The compressor on my goodman unit runs a few hours and shuts off. The condensing fan continues to run and once in a while you will hear a buzz but compressor won't start. If you then turn up stat and wait, unit may start or sometimes you have to wait longer for compressor to run. Readings are fine and unit is clean.

There could be excessive heat developing causing internal overload protectors to open when it has reached that temperature. This could be due to bearing or winding problems with the compressor. Another possibility is the capacitor if it is not operat ... Air Conditioners

Sanyo Condensing unit. blower fan doesnt come on unless unit runs,but unit only runs for about one minute and shuts off. led #6on cond. unit blinks and led on evap. coil #26 also blinks unit needs to be turned offon for it to restart.

First, the condensor fan is only supposed to run when the unit is on. As for the one minute run, then needing reset...this sounds like a "safety out". The air conditioner knows something is wrong and tries to protect itself. Being low on Freon wou ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Heat Pump System. When I turn the thermostat up to call for heat the outside unit starts and the inside unit(Air Handler) starts. However the inside unit only runs for about one minute then shuts off while the outside unit continues to run normally? Any ideas?

... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

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