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Btu's does anyone know the btu capacity of a carrier air handler model # 40FS220310

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That air handler can accamodate different size coils. Look for the coil model number. Also you can look at the outdoor unit model number they should be matched up. There is generally a set of 2-3 numbers in the model numbers that will tell you. xxx036xxx is 36,000 btu. tonnage is 12,000 btu per ton so 36,000 btu's would be 3 tons. xxx040xxx= 40,000btu's or 3.5 tons etc.

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Btu's does anyone know the btu capacity of a carrier air handler model # 40FS220310

That air handler can accamodate different size coils. Look for the coil model number. Also you can look at the outdoor unit model number they should be matched up. There is generally a set of 2-3 numbers in the model numbers that will tell you. xxx03 ... Air Conditioners

Reset button does anyone know if there is a reset buttion on a carrier ac air handler model fa4bnf036. and where it is ? thanks steve

Nope but there is a control fuse ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

I have a central air conditioning unit in the apartment where I live. It is a split unit - somewhere outside is my outdoor unit (and everybody elses too). Anyway I seem to get way too much humidity in my apartment. The air conditioner I suspect is 15 or 20 years old or more. The label on the indoor part is almost unreadable. Carrier is the maker. The model might be 40AC02450052. There are also other numbers 40AC901190 ? or 40709010 ? Can anyone identify what I have? I would like to know how old

The humidity problem is from the condesation drain. It is more than likely to be clogged up keeping water in the condensation pan causing the humidity problem. This can be cured by a wet vac put onto the outside drain for the inside condensation pa ... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

Hi All, I have a carrier reverse cycle airconditioning unit and about a week ago the digital thermostat blanked out. I spoke to an aircon repair tech and he suggested that the fuse is blown at the air handler and suggested that I can probably replace the fuse myself. My question is where is this fuse located in the carrier units, do I have to open panels or is it in a box like a fuse box in a car. I have no issues checking the fuse if I know where to find it LOL, The model of the unit is

It will be inside the unit main panel. Turn main power off and remove the main front panel. The fuse will be located on or near the fan control board. Typically they are a flat agc type fuse. 3-5 amps. The problem will be that if the fuse is blown ... Air Conditioners

I have an older friedrich 25000 btu model:KL25J30A-3. I came home about an hour ago and the house was cool, but its 100 degrees here in San Antonio-so I went to set it to 'med cool' and dialed it to 'cooler', and it didnt seem to want to come on at all. I checked the fuse, and suire enough, it was burnt out. I replaced the fuse. When I turned it back on, it sounded a little weird-dont know how to describe it-like not running to full capacity. There is NO air coming out of the vents, but the A/C

... Air Conditioners

I have a Plasma amcor 16000 model PCMB-16000E/EH btu heat and air unit that is missing the drain hose and spiral water pipe with connector, does anyone know where I can get these parts?

... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

Carrier 38CK036330 Hi,  I totally know nothing about air conditioning. It's getting so hot in LA and we really need help since our house has a 18-month old child. We have a Carrier 38CK036330 central unit, and it's not cooling the house as we'd like it to. It's already about 13 years old and we are looking for a new one to replace it. The question is we cannot find this model anymore, or do we have to replace it with the same model?? What model or brand would you suggest for a 1350 square feet h

The model numbers change.You have a 3 ton system.The make and model that you replace it with is not nearly as important as a quality install.Do your homework on picking a contractor that you can trust.Have them do a load calculation to make sure a 3t ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier whole house Air Conditioner I want to replace. It is model 38EN048320. @ things: 1. What "ton" is that AC rated at? It's so old I can't find what size it is so hard to pick a replacement. 2. With todays models they are all high efficency, should I get the same size replacement or can you step down a notch based on the efficency in models made today? I know a contractor would figure this all out but I'm doing this job myself as I have done this before.

1. 3 Ton Up To 4 Ton 2. You should get the same size - high efficiency means that for the same heat extracted from the residence the unit consumes less electricity than an older one. How much less is explained in the ratings: if your prese ... Air Conditioners

I have a Friedrich 13,500 BTU WallMaster. The air conditioner stops generating cold air and seems to use the fan only on a regular basis. The front panel shows that the unit is still in cooling mode but the the unit just blows out warm air no matter how low I set the temperature. Then out of nowhere the unit will start cooling again. I know the problem is not the filter. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

I'm having the same issu!!! It's horrible! ... Friedrich WallMaster WS07A10D Air Conditioner

Air handler carrier 40fs220310 tonnage - Air Conditioners

... Air Conditioners

My thermostat doesn't make the little click noise when i know it should be turning the air conditioning unit on. I have a Carrier unit. And we had it on for 2 days, then all of a sudden it won't come on again It is a Carrier unit installed in 1990, but i can't find the model number

Open the thermostat and look for anything that may seem suspicious. Also, if you have a way of blowing air onto the thermostat's internal components, try doing so. There could be dust (or I've seen small insect) that could be trapped and preventing t ... Air Conditioners

Need coil size on carrier fa4bnf036 - Carrier Fan Coil / Air Handler 18,000 Btu

... Carrier Fan Coil / Air Handler 18,000 Btu

How many btu''s, carrier model 38xd124300 - Carrier Air Conditioners

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Have a problem with my Intertherm air conditioner not coming on so I put a new thermostat on it. Nothing comes on fan nor heat nor air. I reset the breaker but still nothing and the unit model is a E1eb015ha? Anyone know if there is a reset button on the unit or where I can start looking to see if there is a problem.

Turn the thermostat off and check for 24vac between R and C on the thermostat. If there is no C then to G or W. If you don't have 24vac go the transformer and check for 24vac on the secondary. If it isn't there then check for 120vac on the transforme ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Need wiring diagram for carrier ac air handler motor model circuit board HK42FZ011

... Air Conditioners

My outdoor heat will not operate. It is a Carrier 38YRA042330, with a Carrier Thermidistat thermostat and a Carrier Air Handler 40FFKB005300. I have an H5 error code on the thermostat will I put it in Heat mode and raise the setting to call for heating. I changed the air filter on the air handler when I realized the heat pump was not operating. The air filter was pretty dirty. The system will operate in aux/emerg heat mode, with the fan in Auto or On mode, and will maintain the thermostat

You need to go oside and look for a red reset button on the unit. you tripped the high ressure switch when you let your filter get that dirty. go check on this and when your done if it still is not working then ask me more. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Need to know what Carrier air handler will work with a 24ana760a003 Infinity? Please help

I am a Carrier Dealer. Here is your info 1 Model FE4a or FE5a The 5 is upflow only where the 4 is multi positional. F is fan coil E is Infinity A is series N is the voltage. By the way I have the Infinity series in my home it is quiet and very low c ... Air Conditioners

Need to know how to use this model Air conditoner anyone have a manual.

Need model number of unit ... Air Conditioners

Leaking aircon I have a carrier air con which is leaking into the room. It is 13+ years old. It has a 10 amp line but adequately cools a 31 square metre room. I am happy to replace it but do not know what btu it is. How can I find out.


Carrier 42QG24-C / 38QG24-C 24000 BTU SPLIT AIR CONDITIONER i need to know how to program the remote control.

I want know that how can connection wiring of indoor panel and out door panel 0f carrier 42qg24-c / 38qg24-c ?(i need wiring diagram)  ... Carrier BCA101R Air Conditioner

I have a Ruud Achieve model UPKB 060 CAZ that has a line that keeps freezing up when the thermostat is set to go below 76 degrees. The freon was checked and some was added. Also, the air handler is in the attic on the 2nd floor if this helps to know.

Normally when the suction line freezes which is the larger of the 2 lines, #1, its low on freon again and unit has a leak. They are sealed systems and they should never need freon only if they develop a leak. So, this we know. Also, if the air filter ... Air Conditioners

Does anyone know the power consumption in watts for the frigidaire model FAA067P7A2 6,000 BTU window unit?

Yeah find the data plate on the ac muliply the RLA or amps by the voltage of the unit example 15 amps times 120volts= 1800 watts. hope this helps ... Air Conditioners

Trying to get to the filter in a Toshiba RA-2086B window air con and cannot see how to take the cover off. This is an old Hong Kong window type model. Does anyone know how to do this?

Check to see if lt pulls out from side or bottom. may not need to remove cover, Some times these can be hard to see as they blend in well with cover. Good luck. ... Air Conditioners

I am curious if anyone know how to help me troubleshoot the A/C in my Van? It is a Plymouth Voyager 1994 Generation II model. I filled it with r134a & no luck getting any cold air to blow. Any ideas where to start looking for the problem? It's hot...and I don't want to be stuck driving 12 hours in my van with no A/C.

Your van requires r12 no longer available, If your Plymouth Voyager is blowing hot air when the air conditioner ... Air Conditioners

I need to know how many btu's model # acq249xr2 window air conditioner is

It is 24,000 btu or 2 ton ... Air Conditioners

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