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Furnace is blowing but gas is going off and on all the time

\015 1993 Rheem gas unit. Motor starts to blow and flames come out strong. Will blow for a few minutes and gas will shut off but unit keeps blowing. Flames come back on and cycle keeps repeating. Takes forever to warm the house even a few degrees. Unit looks to be in perfect condition, just out of the box. No signs of rust or other aging problems. Replaced a very old digital thermostat with new digital one. Problem still exists.\015

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Check the heat anticipator on the stat if its a manual one

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Furnace is blowing but gas is going off and on all the time

Check the heat anticipator on the stat if its a manual one ... Air Conditioners

I have american standard freedom 90 gas furnace that continuously blows cold air and doesn't shut off until we unplug it. we have changed the ignitor several times to no avail. it still will fire up in the beginning, then click off and when it clicks back on, it blows cold air and continues blowing until i unplug it. very cold.

The igniter must have failed. replace the igniter. ... American Standard Air Conditioners

I bought a forclosesure this summer and not all that familar with the furnace in the guest house. I'm use to having a furnace with a pilot light(yes, it was 34 years old)now I,m trying to get a goodman furnace going. I know it was sitting around for atleast 2 years. The home inspector said everything works.The model number is gmnt040-03. The gas is turn on the outside line. When I start it she begins to hum and then the ignition light goes on. then a blowing noise but then I get no flames-after

Hi,A few things to check...Is the gas line valve on at the unit....follow the gas line back a bit sometimes the gas valve can be out of view.Also check the gas valve in the furnace... it may also be in the "off" position.... ... Air Conditioners

Furnace not firing: I have a Haier model HGA 080 N3H furnace that is blowing air but not igniting the burners. This was happening this time last year, but the problem was a dirty filter that was making it overheat right away. That is not the case right now. The filter is clean, the gas line is open, the led light that indicates problems is functioning normally, the ignitor is switched to on, all cables attached between the ignitor and the burner are solid, and the thermostat is telling the h

... Haier Air Conditioners

My Carrier 58WAV136 forced air heater's problem is as follows - Thermostat works fine, when desired temp is reached, the fan motor (blower) kicks on. Sometimes it stays blowing for a couple of seconds, sometimes a minute. Often, the electric heating element will heat up and the gas furnace will light. But, the system will shut itself off within a few seconds and will try all over again. The LED sensor will blink 3 times fast, then one time. I do not have the manual to look this info up. Thanks f

There should be a code list inside the furnace panel access door. Find it and see what code 41 says, as I can't remember right off hand. Some of the possible causes could be air in gas line or low gas pressure. Could have blocked vent especialy if ve ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Ruud Silhouette 2 gas furnace. The draft fan starts, ignitor then glows, main burners light and go out after a few seconds at the same time the ignitor goes off. I have replaced the flame sensor and seen no change. Thanks

I had the same problum with my heater to no end. I thought it was the th-sat . still don't know if it was . one of the sencers I was feeling, and the disc snapped in and the heater ran but on heat. turn off power and unplug the power cord and removed ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

My furnace will turn on gas and all for about two seconds and than go off. It will try this about three times and than turn off completely

Replace glow plug ... Air Conditioners

I have a sears forced-air furnace that automatically lights. It will go on when I first turn up the thermostat. It burns and produces heat for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then the burner goes out and it starts blowing cold air. At that point it goes into an endless cycle of the igniter firing, no gas being supplied to the burner, and then igniter firing again. I have changed the filters... Larry

You probably have a bad Thermo-couple . It is a copper looking rod that sets in the flame of the pilot lite It also has a copper wire that goes to the main valve and connects with a 1/4-3/8 nut or a metal clip. The purpose of this part is to tell th ... Air Conditioners

Coleman gas furnace not blowing very warm air also will run for a long time to raise temp one degree

... Coleman Air Conditioners

It will ignite then shuts off after 5 mins, it sounds like as if there is not enough gas going thru, like wind blowing it off before it shuts down. I have tried to restart a few times but it doesnt light up long enough.

What you hear is what's called a "Cold Burner". Turn the appliance OFF wait a couple of minutes and turn it back ON. If you can gradually turn the burner up, do so. The noise you heard should have stopped. If it didn't you may have a low gas pressure ... Air Conditioners

Mu UPG furnace will not fire up. the diagnostic light flashes three times,saying the combustion air switch is closed.if i replace the switch will it work ? im going to try and blow everything out first.

Hi, this is a very easy fix. The switch they are talking about is the pressure switch that closes when the combustion motor comes on. More then likely, the contact in the switch is stuck open. From the motor, you should see a poly type clear tube tha ... Air Conditioners

Intertherm G4RK096C-16 Gas Furnace Fan not cutting in during heating cycle. If we wiggle the wires, fan cuts in. Some time ago during servicing, a variable speed control for the fan was installed. There is now a red wire going to the fan connector on the control panel and a blue wire with a spade tip is taped off. If we were to disconnect the variable speed control, which wire (red or blue) should be connected to the connector on the control panel?

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Carrier 58rav gas furnace won't stay lit. Vent assist fan comes on ,burners ignite but just before the main blower comes on the flames go out. then the fan runs for 30 secs then the process starts over again. Usually the 3rd time it stays lit and actually heats the house. I have changed the flame sensor and if i unplug the power for 10 min. it usually works OK for a few days and then starts doing it again.

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. If you replaced the flame sensor I would check the vent pressure switch check the hoses and the niplles that the hoses are connected to to be sure they are clear of aany dirt or rust. If yo ... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud 90 plus achiever gas horizontal furnace. the unit will run once i turn the thermostat off then on. it will cycle a few times go off and then will not come on. any suggestions?

Sounds like it could be a dirty or bad flame sensor.When the burner lights ,there is a flame sensor in the flame and it is suppose to sense the flame and send a signal back to the control board which will keep the gas valve open, if it gets dir ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

On a standing pilot, coleman gas furnace, when burner fires, the flame burns wildly on high burn. Could this be because the air adjusment is set incorrectly? In a short time it blows out the burner, and pilot. Please help me, thank you jerry. ps i cleaned the burner oriface.

HEY J, this could be a dangerous situation. You could have a crack or rusted out heat exchanger, if this unit is over 20 years old, which it is because it a standing pilot, units are obsolite! This could be letting in CO2 ( carbondioxides-- poision ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Furnace ignition York P2DP10N gas furnace - when its called to heat some times ingnition sequence is normal. Other times its haulted after 20 seconds and the sequence is restarted. Some times this happens 2-3 times before the burner gas valve is openind. There is nothing wrong with the hot surface, the sequence is not allowed to get to the stage when its stopped.

The probable cause is the pressure switch. It's a round disk either silver or black in color. They can stick in either the closed position or the open position depending on what your unit needs to fire. You can take the rubber hose off from the in ... Air Conditioners

SW6DEA GAS HEATER UNIT FLAME WILL NOT STAY ALIGHT ! Switching gas water heater unit on inside the RV, the red light comes on and approx 6 to 8 seconds later ( normal time cycle ) the gas flame lights up OK but goes out again after approx. 6 to 8 seconds with the red light going out at the same time. Leaving the unit switched on inside the RV, after a further 6 to 8 seconds, the red light comes back on automatically and repeats the start up cycle over - again without success. *4 times unsucces

... Air Conditioners

27 year old Lennox gas furnace no heat was coming out of the vents, so I went to the basement and saw 1. One burner was clogged all along the surface and instead of the flames going up the flue, they were going to the outside of the flue where the wires are. 2. I was told by an HVAC that the flue is stopped up with soot and to just go ahead and get a new furnace. Should we get a new furnace or get this cleaned out? Thanks

Please get a furnace that thing is seriously a death waiting to happeng.that is a scary thing to happen. I personally have seen the end results. In the mean time space heaters are safer. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Furnace gas pilot light keeps going out when windy outside

Honeywell makes an electronic ignition conversion kit. (White rodgers also has one but it uses a mercury switch which can be expense if it goes bad). A good service man can install the "Honeywell Y86 Universal Intermittent Pilot Retrofit Kit". This ... Air Conditioners

I have had the gas off for two years. I got the pilot light to work but when I turn the thermostat up to get some heat it got the heater going about three times in over twenty-five tries over a couple

You need to clean the burner assembly. Over time dust and settled inside the unit and it is possibly restricting the flow of gas through the burners. This is a dangerous situation. get it cleaned before you try again. ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Gas Furnace runs fine randomly stops blowing LEDs flash

That blinking light may be the diagnostic light. Count the blinks next time it fails. Carrier units will have two different blinks depicting the error code such as one blink followed by a pause than 3 blinks giving you an error code of 1 ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

My gas furnace is blowing cold air. I was told by gas company that it is due to a gas pipe leak. Is this true ? How will it be fixed? What problems can i expect in the future? The furnace is 20yrs old.

If the pilot light is on then it could be in the thermo coupler. If you don't know where to loon it is best to hire a professional. Gas indoors is no joke. Second is that a 20 yr old heater is pretty inefficient and a new one could be had for a littl ... Air Conditioners

I have a problem with my Johnstone furnace "Mod.# MBA 040 nh2r" every time the furnace calls for heat the gas valve release the gas a few seconds before the igniter witch causes a small explosion. This happens after the firt initial start and continues every few seconds.Also I can't seem to find this brand of furnace.

Hi, this is called delayed ignition which raw gas is let into the combustion chamber and ignited a little to late. which causes this explosion. I have had my eye brows and eye lashes burned completely off do to this. Johnstone is a very popular brand ... Air Conditioners

I have an old 1973 Mac 1199 Intertherm propane furnace The burner will come on and it takes a long time for the blower to come on Sometimes the blower wont come on at all and after awile the burner will go off After awile the burner will come back on some times the furnace will work fine other times it will repeat the problem any ideas

Replace the fan limit switch. It is sometimes mounted in the ductwork and sometimes just below the ductwork in the furnace cabinet. Note where the little arrows are pointing to on the temperature scale so you can set the new control to the same as th ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a heil furnace / air conditioner unit. The heil is model # N9MP2075812A3 serial# L024970895. It has an intl comfort evap coil Model EPD24B15C2 serial# X120393352. It was installed in 2003. I turned on my air conditioning and the furnace keeps cycling on and off. I checked the filter and it is new. It is a gas furnace and the gas valve is blinking stadily which means it is ok. It humms....tries to turn on.....blows for about 10-20 seconds....turns off...tries to turn back on...again and ag

Not sure I understand the description.\015\012You said the "furnace" keeps cycling on and off when you turn on the AC.\015\012But you must have meant the AC cycles, because if the actual furnace went on, that would an extremely seroius pr ... Air Conditioners

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