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Boiler problems i have a linea boiler and there does not seem to be any power going to it the lights arent lighting up etc etc i have tried the fuse its fine any ideas

Answers :

Check to see if there's voltage to the boiler with a voltmeter, if not check the breakers.

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Boiler problems i have a linea boiler and there does not seem to be any power going to it the lights arent lighting up etc etc i have tried the fuse its fine any ideas

Check to see if there's voltage to the boiler with a voltmeter, if not check the breakers. ... Air Conditioners

Hi I've got a 24i Worcester boiler which has stopped working for some reason. It was fine last night but this morning the red flashing warning light is on (flashes once per second) & it's not igniting. The gas supply is fine. I've let in water so that pressure guage now reads 2 but this doesn't seem to do the trick. I've also pressed the warning light in for 5 secs to see if it rights itself but no joy. Any ideas? Thank you

... Air Conditioners

Drayton RP2 with BG 532 boiler Hi, My home only has hot water but no heating. i have recently changed batteries. The receiver seems receiving the fignal fine i.e. when I turned up the temp the gree light will come on after a few second of flashing red light and vice verse. The problem to me seems to be the boilder doesn't receive the instruction from the receiver. The boiler can produce heating on manual override situation. The indicator shows 58 (sometimes 61 or 49 etc) folloed by a

... Air Conditioners

I have a vitodens 100-w combi boiler and tried to turn the heating on just to give it a working as was advised. However, I have no heat coming to my radiators. The boilers seems to be working as my hot water is fine and no fault displays are being displayed. Have turned it off at the mains and restarted it, but has done no good. Any ideas?

Here's the deal: If your Vitodens 100 has outdoor temperature sensing capability, either built in or via external aftermarket control such as Tekmar or other, and the temperature outside is above warm weather shut down (WWSD), then the boiler will no ... Air Conditioners

Ariston Microgenus 27 MFFI not working? When I woke this morning my boiler was not working. The pilot light is out and the pressure is at 0. I have tried the reset button but still no joy. We havent been using the heating recently (no need) only the hot water. Any ideas? I would like to try and fix this myself if possible?

... Air Conditioners

Have fixed previous problem I had with my Britony Combi SE but I now have a new problem. Boiler resets OK and all is showing as it should. However, as soon as I try the heating or hotwater the boiler fires up for about 15 seconds and then blows the trip switch on my fuse box. Any ideas.

Either too much current draw or breaker is to small. What size breaker do they recommend? What size do you have?If the breakers are sized right then there may be a problem with the heating circuit. ... Air Conditioners

I have a vokera 20-80 flowmatic boiler the pilot light works and the fan works but the boiler will not fire up my corgi heating engineer cannot fix the problem and has walked out on me after 3 weeks of trying. Do you have any idea what the problem could be

Hello it may be a faulty flame safety device that touches the pilot flame or it could be you need a new control board and also check the flue isnt blocked hope this helps ... Air Conditioners

Old type glowworm unltimate boiler won't ingnite . pilot light will not ingnite don't know if the ingniter is broken the ceramic is intact tried to light the pilot manually and could not, do you think the solenoid valve is fautly. is there a sequence of ingnition so i can find if it is one of the two parts. Fan is working normally pump is running and the fuses are ok .Please help

Cermaic more than likely cracked ... Air Conditioners

My boiler keeps tripping out when i try to fire it up i have checked all the obvious ie plugs ,fuses ,sockets etc

Try tightening the screws on the breaker and the neutral(white) wire in the breaker box. They loosen up over time and cause the breaker to trip. ... Air Conditioners

Kswg012-h113 Remote worked fine yesterday, today unit light won't come on. Tried to reset by pushing reset button on unit. Turned power off at fuse panel. I think I own a piece of JUNK!!!!

... Klimaire 12,000 Btu 13 Seer Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have an ideal mexico super 2 rs 100n boiler which was working fine till we had an electic main supply problem. Now the boiler will not light with the main push button staying up. The pilot light is permantly on; when you depress the main push button , the pilot light increases in size but the boiler will not ignite and as i have previously said, the button will not stay down. Can you offer me any help please.Many thanks Chris Richards

Its your gas valve that need replacing ... Air Conditioners

The boiler locks out, i reset it the left hand green light is on and the red centre light the temp gauge is showing zero. i run the hot tap and the boiler starts up and the temp goes up then i stop the tap and the central heating starts and keeps going until it locks out again(about 90 deg c) - centre red light on and right green light and lockout light. temp gauge then drops right down again and i have to run hot tap again to start central heating. any ideas?

Hi,\015\012It would be helpful to us if you had includes the make and model of the boiler that you are talking about...\015\012\015\012Is it gas or fuel oil???\015\012\015\012My impression from what you have said is that ... Air Conditioners

The lights on my Hunter fan simultaneously blew-out with a "pop". The light bulbs are still good but something blew. The fan works fine. I have pulled-out the lighting unit (part no. 85112-03) because I presume some component in this device blew-out. Where can I get replacement or is there something else I should check? All the circuit breakers are fine. Is there a fuse in this contraption? Thanks **** Coughlin

You might want to go and purchase another find from a different company. We have replaced the reciever 4 times and it is out again! Hunter knows this is a problemyet they will not stand behind their product!! ... Hunter Air Conditioners

Installed the Altura 56" fan (56ATR), worked fine at all speed until we put on the light. Everything worked fine for about 10 minutes, then the fan stopped working, but the light stayed on. Kept trying to get the fan to start at any speed but no luck. Seems as though something may have burned out after we installed the light.

Both the fan and light have a common connection .. usually all the white wires are connected at one wire nut .. check to see if the fan wire has pulled out of the wire nut ... remove the wire nut and re-tighten it .. pull on each wire to make sure ea ... Air Conditioners

OLD 5 TON CARRIER ROOFTOP a/c KEEPS BLOWING A FUSE. We tried changing 2 capacitors... we tried a new transformer too, but it started smoking so we put the old one back in. The unit ran fine for a few days and then blew the fuse again. Suggestions????????

Hi there,Check for any short circuit on the unit. it seems that there was a problem on elec circuity on the ac.Btw.. may i know the model # of the AC ... Air Conditioners

Hi there I have an lg reverse cycle aircon model LWC122RH-2 and the heating seems to work fine on it at however when I try and put the cool mode on it desn't seem to get very cold and the cool light does not come on also the defrost light doesn't come on but the heat light and the fan light and timer lights all work and come on ...please help

... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

We have a Worcester Bosch Highflow 400 (10 year old) combi boiler. Over the last few weeks when we have put on the heating the boiler kicks in and fires up and the heating comes on (the water comes on fine too) but the boiler keeps clicking off after a few minutes so the heating goes off (but the water seems to be still on). The radiators remain just slightly warm but we can't seem to get the boiler to stay on. Th heating and water lights are on and it sounds like it is working but the heating k

The by pass pipe may be limed up. This apparently causes a reduced flow which will stop the heating side of the thing working. Call out Worcester Bosch engineer. It costs £210 including VAT and most parts and they almost guarantee to get it wor ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

I have a Charmglow patio heater. I have taken it apart and cleaned all openings where the gas comes out, but the flame still goes out after 7-8 minutes. It lights fine but will not stay lit for more than about 7-8 minuites. I have also replaced the butane tank. If I wait awhile I can re-light but if I try and do it right away then the pilot lights then I turn the knob and the flem lights but if I let go of the knob it burns out.

From what you have described, it sounds like the Thermocouple is going bad and needs to be replaced. As far as not being able to relight the pilot right away is concerned ... that's a safety feature. The control has to reset itself, before you can re ... Air Conditioners

I've got a alpha condensing boiler and i am turning on the water pressure supply to replenish the boiler and the pressure needle only goes halfway into the green and stops. Also the A and B lights on the boiler still flash and the boiler doesnt switch in. Any ideas

You need a primary pressure switch ... Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell Programmable Thermostat T8600 and nothing displays. It was working fine, and the A/C was on on Saturday. I checked the display on Sunday and the thermostat was blank. All other lights are on around it so the circuit braker is fine, and the a/c was working the day before. I have taken the front part off the wall and the wiring looks fine, but I am not an electric expert. I don't know if there is something simple I can try to fix it. Thanks.

Check your transformer for power, should get 24V reading, if transformer is out make sure there are no short otherwise your new one will have the same fate.before checking the transformer however, make sure that your dedicated breaker for the air han ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hi I have a Rinnai RCE-29H (gas heater) that I just got off a friend and it is working fine however the Filter light comes on from time to time. Once the light comes on it generally stays on for a while. We have pulled off the gauze from the back and washed it and the light still comes on....??? Are there any other filters that need to be cleaned? The unit has been in storage for a while prior to me acquiring it. I am trying to get my hands on an instruction / user manual for this model. Do y

No, Tina there's only the one filter. However, the filter should never be removed for cleaning while the heaters electronics are ON. If you're still getting the filter light. Turn the heater Off, using the Master On/Off Switch and unplug the electric ... Air Conditioners

Our aircondituoning circuit on the power board shut down yesterday. Both air coditioners stopped. When we turned it back on the airconditioner in lounge room came on with left had light flashing continuosly but no cool air only fan working. I tried turning off the isolator switch outside for 15 seconds. The airconditioner came on with both lights working no flashing for approx 2mins and then resumed to only left light flasing again.Can you assist me with any further ideas? Thank you.Catherine za

Http://www.mitsubishipro.com/media/214656/msh-a18~24nd_servicemanual_ob427b[1]_5-18-07.pdf ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell CM927 Wireless controller with a R666OD relay box. The red light on the relay box ( adjacent to the boiler ) is flashing, and we can only switch the heating on from the boiler. ( the Controller, situated downstairs in hallway ) will not control the boiler. Any ideas?

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I installed a Honeywell TH5220d 1029 thermostat on a American Standard AC/Heat pump and the install and setup went fine. It cooles for about and hour and quit. I found the 5 amp fuse at the furnace blown. I replaced the fuse and it blew again in about 2 minutes. Have followed the wires, checked for shorted or crossed wires but it all seems OK. Tried one more time and blew the fuse right away.?? Any good idesa?

Red wire to R on thermostat red on furnace and red on heat pump Same with white except w1 on thermostat. Blue to common on thermostat common of furnace (probably brown but will be marked) and blue to common on heat pump. yellow to Y on thermostat and ... Air Conditioners

I have a boiler that heats my house by way of radiant heat. The pipes from the boiler go to a tan plastic irregularly shaped box that has a thermocouple attached to it as well as some other things I don't recognize. That tan plastic thing says Honeywell on it. My pilot light went out. There is a brown button with an arrow on it and surrounding it are the words ON at the bottom, PILOT at the middle, and OFF at the top. I consulted the man who usually works on the boiler and he tried to walk me th

Whats the weather like in your have you had rain or snow recently? on the valve is pilot are yuou holding that down and trying to lite it? ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

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