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Thermostat wiring goodman model aruf032-ooa-1b

\015 I need help with the thermostat wiring. i have 7 wires white, brown,green,red,blue,yellow,orange. from the unit i have orange,white,red, and blue. I guess the rest come from power and heat pump. help!\015

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Is this a heat pump or straight cool with heat strips?

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Thermostat wiring goodman model aruf032-ooa-1b

Is this a heat pump or straight cool with heat strips? ... Air Conditioners

I have a Janitrol Heat Pump Thermostat HPT-18-60 and need assistance connecting my new Honeywell RTH7500D thermostat I have a Goodman Heat Pump System Indoor Unit Model#AWB24-05C REV D Outdoor Unit Model#CPLE18-1 Here is the wiring of the old thermostat Y-Yellow Wire G-Green Wire R-Red Wire O-Orange Wire W2-White Wire E-Blue Wire C-Black Wire Where should each of these be connected to the new thermostats terminals?

... Air Conditioners

We just purchased a brand new Goodman 4 ton 15seer heat pump, model #AEPF4260TX5N4472#-- with a Honeywell thermostat controller,model#0836. The installer is having trouble with the fan not cutting off when it meets the set thermostat temperature. The fan keeps running, even if you unplug the green wire from the thermostat, or if you totally unplug the thermostat, the fan still runs. I am thinking that he has one of the wires wrong. HELP!

If you turn the power off and then back on does the fan stay running then. It is possible that the wiring is incorrect but it could also be a faulty fan relay or limit. If you disconnect the power when it is running and then turn it back on and the f ... Air Conditioners

I have a hunter programmable thermostat model #44155c and Im trying to wire it to my goodman furnace. Its a 7 wire system with a white,yellow,red,green,brown,blue, and orange wire. The ac works fine but the heat wont shut off. Thanks

Make sure you do not have a jumper between the red and the white. Also make sure the wire is not hanging out from behind the screws. If the heat stayes on no matter what you do. The red wire has to be touching the white somewhere. \015\012The r ... LG LSC183VMA Split System Air Conditioner

Need wiring diagram for goodman heat pump for thermostat, furnace and ac unit,model# for ac unit GSH130301AB

... Goodman Air Conditioners

Connecting thermostat to noma baseboard heater model #52-2510-0 using a honeywell thermostat causes a short circuit. How is the noma heater to be wired. Attaching the power source to one end of the heater causes an immediate short circuit. Un-doing the two wires at the other end allows the heater to warm up but causes the thermostat to burn. Is there a special thermostat required for this model and how is the wiring done.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Click on the following link to obtain a manual for your Noma Baseboard Heater. http://www.qualityc ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat wiring I have a Frigidaire Model R4GA FWA and Central A/C system. I am trying to replace the thermostat with a programable Hunter model. I do not have the original wiring diagram and the old thermostat is no help. The wiring colors I have is Green, Red, Brown, Yellow, White and Orange-(not used). The terminals on the new thermostat are RH, RC, Y/O, W/B, G, and Y1.

Your best bet and where i would start is to identify where the coulors are conected at the fernace. in the industry we use standard wireing coulors wher green is g for fan and red is rh=switched trans power for heating . rc=switched transformer pow ... Air Conditioners

I have a Trane Heater/AC unit no heat pump with a thermostat model 802AS32DAA that has seven wires. I am going to a five wire heating/cooling thermostat. What do i do with the two extra wires? old thermostat red wire-RC slot (24 V from A/C) white wire-W1 (???) yellow wire-Y (A/C Compressor) green wire-G (A/C Fan) black wire-B (?????) Blue wire-Y2 (????) orange wire-W2 (24 V to Furnace new thermostat therminals G Rc Rh Y/O W/B Y1 Can you tell me what wires to connect to each

From Honeywell : "If your old thermostat had Six or more wires, the replacement you have is Wrong!" ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier air/heating unit with pump. It has 8 wires. Brown,blue, white, yellow, green, black, orange,and red. I'm trying to install honeywell thermostat. The wires from my unit are suppose to go into these honeywell (RTH3100C) thermostat slots. hONEYWELL WIRE SLOTS E Aux Y G O L R B C The only thing i have to go on is the wire colors from my wall which were not labeled or coded in any way. I am not sure about the model# of our unit because it is so old that the model# has faded away the

Turn the power off to the air handler. Open the control cover. Write down what color wires go together at the wiring terminal. All 8 wires are probably not used.\015\012Post the findings here.\015\012In most cases,\015\012E= brown-e ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Replacing a non-programable thermostat for electric baseboard heater with model CT410B. This is a 4 wire thermostat replacement for a previous 2 wire. Directions indicate that I can do this. I connect wires L1 and T1 to 2 wires from wall [both hot]. Thermostat is not working. Also there is no place to connect ground wire from wall to thermostat. 2 unused wires are just insulated [L2 and T2] Thanks for any advice.

If you take thermostrat back off and connect the wires together will baseboard heater get hot. If not you may have bad heater. If it gets hot your new tstat may be bad. The way you have it wired is correct. Most line voltage tstats have a ground scr ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem Gas Furnace with an old analog thermostat (Wires conneected to terminals R and 4 for the thermostat). I went to install a Rheem digital and programmable thermostat and it indicated that it would not work for that wire configuration (Instructions indicated that the thermostat would not work with wires to the #4 thermostat terminal). Is there a setting on the furnace circuit board I can change, or is there a digital, programmable thermostat one can use on this unit - Model RGDJ 12EA

If you have 2 wire at thermostat Terminals at furnace that the thermostat wire attach to should be R & W if your new thermostat has R & W terminals is should work, an easy thing to remember is the red wire on R the white wire on W. If 4 wire ... Air Conditioners

A duo therm thermostat (p/n 3105058) was removed because it would not operate the air conditioner/heater in a firan fireside camper. it was knocked loose from the wall damaging it.the thermostat is for use in a six wire system.the camper wiring consists of of two bundles; one bundle of two conductors (red and white wires) and a bundle of four conductors(red,blue,white & green wires).the thermostat also has a high/low fan switch. the camper owner bought a white-rodgers model 300 thermostat to rep

A. Remove the cover of the thermostat.b. Connect the RED wire from the air conditionerto the “RC” terminal on the thermostat.c. Connect the “YELLOW” wire from the air conditionerto the “Y” termina ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have an older Carrier Heat Pump which I am trying to update the thermostat control with a Hunter model 44550. The problem is that the wiring to the current thermostat is as follows, G= green wire, R= red wire, W2= blue wire, O= orange wire, Y= yellow wire, E= grey wire and C= white wire. If I am reading the schematic correct for the Hunter thermostate I am to wire as follows Green to G, Red to RC, Blue to W, Orange to O, Yellow to Y/Y1, C cap it as batteries are used. It does not tell me


Our inside unit Coleman EB20B (outside unit Goodman GKL 49-1) keeps blowing the in-line 3 amp thermostat fuse. We've rewired the wires in the wall, rewired the contactor wires, and the contactor was broken so we replaced it. We're still blowing the fuse. Could we have reversed the thermostat wires at the contactor? Or could the short be in the Blend Air box-this box is coupled to the thermostat wires? Thanks Ken Rohm

Hi,Mark\015\012 all your wires using tape or by writing it down to ensure you will be \015\012able to hook them back up exactly the way you found them. Remove all the\015\012 wires from your board again. Tape off the ends so you don ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Hi, I am changing out my trane 3aat80b1a1 thermostat to lux atx9100e. Wiring changeover seems to be straight forward up to a point. I have questions about the T,X2,F wires that are currently being used by a brown,black,pink wire respectively. These are for the T-outdoor thermistor, X2-outdoor thermostat, F-compressor monitor. Should I hook these up to the new LUX model or not worry about them and tape them off? Maybe get a different thermostat? Thanks in advance....

If you don't have an outdoor t-stat tape them off ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman air handler Model# PHJ042-1B Goodman unit- --------------------- R G Or Br W Y B Tstat (present wired in unit R G Blu W Y Present Hunter stat wires wire --- G Blu R Y W stat connectors G Rc Rh Y W (Rc & Rh have jumper) How do I wire new stat a pro 5000 2 heat a cool w/ 18/8 wire and have it work correctly and have the compessor reverse valve work. Pro 5000 stat reads Top

... Air Conditioners

I currently havea honeywell thermostat model# T8112D1005 (1) 0347 PF2A and a replacing it with a Honeywell TX1500E. My only issue is my old thermostat has a "R" wire that was connected up to it and my new unit only shows two options "RH" and "RC" it does not have an output of only "R". My question is where do I hook up the wire marked "R" from my old unit or do I even hook it up? The instructions mention if replacing a TM-11 to tape off the R wire and hook up the B wire to the B terminal. Im nit

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My old thermostat is a goodman and the wires are Y G R O W2 E C the new thermostat we bought is a honeywell RTH3100C and the wires are E Aux Y G O L R B C have a connection for all except the L B wire where do they connect

OK... You only need to use the wires that were already connected on the old thermostat.. the new thermostat will have extra terminals left over... The L and the B are for systems that require those or carry an auxillary device like himidity control ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a bryant model 702b packaged unit with 5 wire thermostat wiring coming out of the unit. R Y B G and W. The thermostate in the house is 5 wire and goes to the old central unit and them has a 4 ire cable going outside. What do io need to do to hook this from the thermostat to the bryant unit? Is it as simple as Y to Y R to R etc. Thanks wesley

R-Red is power\015\012Y-Yellow is cool\015\012B-Blue is cool as well\015\012G-Green is fan leg\015\012W-White is usually heat Leg\015\012\015\012\015\012If you have no indoor unit and this is a ac/gas or ... Air Conditioners

Installing 1 1/2 ton Weatherking Heatpump and ADP WAK351807P2 air handler 1 /1/2 with 7.5KW back up heat kit. Can't seem to get the thermostat hooked correctly. I understand the Weather King product reversing valve is different wired than other models. Color of wires on outside unit and inside unit don't match. Is there an easy wiring guide? I understand the R G Y W, but get hung up on the O B. Installing a Honeywell Digital non programable RTH3100C thermostat.

O energizes the reversing valve when the thermostat is set for COOL. B energizes the reversing valve when the thermostat is set for HEAT.The O/B is usually a orange or black wire.You can't hurt anything if you choose O or B incorrectly. H ... Weather King 10AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

I need wiring diagram for goodman AC unit heatpump/electric so that I can wire it up to the thermostat because the wires are not labeled on the end that attaches to the thermostat and I can't find the schematic on the AC unit itself. thanks

The wiring diagram is on the inside of the door on the blower/air handler unit. ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

Rudd furnace I have a RUDD furnace model UGPJ-07-NAMGR. It had stopped working, so I replaced the thermostat but it is not the thermostat. When I hold the furnace reset button, the furnace will fire according to the setting on thermostat(heat or fan). As soon as I let go of the reset button, the heater stops working. It does not matter what I do to the thernostat, the heater will not fire. I crossed the red and white wire but nothing happens. The heater is supposed to fire when I cross wire, ri

You have a safety limit switch that is either bad or needs to be manually reset. Some have little buttons between the two wires going to the switch that you can push to reset. If not they are automatic switchs then one is bad. You have to do an oh ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman Heat Pump System Model ARUF032-00A-18,

CHECK THE BREAKER OUTSIDE. ... Goodman CKL30AR30 Air Conditioner

I replaced a carrier standard programmabe therostat model number TSTATCCSAC01, there are five wires from the wall that lead to the thermostat, the thermostat wire receptacle is labaled: Y C R G W O.

Need more info, Wire colors; to see if the installer used tstat wire, also what kind of system yo u have. I'm guessing you have Boiler/furnace and cooling. If so, and I don't get back to you in time, try this. If you can open the acess cover on t ... Air Conditioners

I've replaced my very old (mercury) Honeywell thermostat with a new one (round, Model: YCT87K1011), but I can't get it to control the temperature. If I connect the two wires one way, the furnace comes on but won't shut off. If I reverse the wires, the furnace doesn't come on at all. I've actually tried two of these replacement thermostats with the same results. Any suggestions? John

Hey John, man that ole T87 has been around for a hundred years and I have installed many of them, but I cant remember the letters on the wiring. Seems to me that it is R-W-Y, any way you will use the R and W. I have a t87 at home still in the box an ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

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