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Samsung Ac compressor stops after 20 minutes and fan keep running. Again after 10-15 minutes if ac is restarted the cooling happens for 20 minutes and compressor stops.

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Eventually,cycling process is doing done if the thermostat sense the configure temperayure set up it will trigger to stop your compressor motor as well as the blower fan,blower fan independenly to you compressor.if your thingking that your compressor is tripping off,check your operating current on one line using clamp ammeter and compare to the rated current that tag on
\015\012motor compressor body,if the current flow is higher than the rated current specified on compressor motor,well problem occured it will trip your compressor,because overload protector is becoming your thermostat.but if you got same current result it was cycling process.If tripping off maybe air is present in your system call qualified ac tech, to purge out air in system.

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Samsung Ac compressor stops after 20 minutes and fan keep running. Again after 10-15 minutes if ac is restarted the cooling happens for 20 minutes and compressor stops.

Eventually,cycling process is doing done if the thermostat sense the configure temperayure set up it will trigger to stop your compressor motor as well as the blower fan,blower fan independenly to you compressor.if your thingking that your compressor ... Samsung AW0693L Air Conditioner

Fedders Model No. A7U12W2A-A, 12000btu airconditioner. The unit has been cooling satisfactorily for two to three years. Today the unit was cooling and suddenly there were a couple of reasonably loud knocks and the compressor stopped cooling. The fan continues to run. In about five minutes the cooling comes back on. The compressor runs for abut four minutes and shuts down. Earlier today we had a power dip without losing all power.

Hi, the power dip when translated means low current actually affected the relay starter which is situated beside the compressor. Now the relay starter works and stop intermittently which is why the Compressor cools whenever it works and does not cool ... Fedders Air Conditioners

I have a Nationwede YL-2300 portable air conditioner. The compressor runs, the fans run, but it is not cooling. After a few minutes the compressor cuts out and then restarts again after another minute or two, which is what it should do, but it still doesn't blow cool air. There is no hot air coming from the compressor unit. Any ideas about what is wrong with it?

... Air Conditioners

Duotherm ac Installed new duotherm ac on rv. In cool mode on call for cooling everything comes on properly. 10 minutes later fan stops while compressor continues to run. 10 minutes later fan starts back.

... Coleman Dometic Duotherm Rv Air Conditioner Universal Roof Gasket Seal 14 X 14

After a cooling cycle, when the thermostat call for more cooling, it take up to 5 minutes after the air handler starts for the compressor motor to restart. The top fan operates on the outside unit, but since the house is not circulating cold air, only the room tep air the house heats up about 3 degrees before the compressor comes back on and cool air begins to come from the ducts. Yes. I know there is a safety feature to protect the compressor, but can the cycle be shortened?

No, this cycle cannot be shortened due to the simple fact that this feature is in place to protect your system. Even if it could be, I wouldn't recommend it.Mat ... Coleman Air Conditioners

My ac comes on in my RV and runs for a about 15 minutes and then the fan shuts off and finally the compressor shuts off. this happens before reaching the cooling temp. When it comes back on the fan does not come on at all and you can just hear the compressor hum

The Fan topside , Is the one working? The one that blows on the condensor? If not, your compressor can be trying to start against high head pressure. Ck the other fan, not the one that blows inside, the other one.It cools down the condensor and ... Air Conditioners

Fan stops mid cycle but compressor continues to run on my lg split system. The unit then stops cooling. If you let it set for a few minutes it will reset and run for approx 5 minutes.

Check the fan capacitor, and with the power off to the unit, spin the fan blade to see if it spins freely, if it doesn't then the bearings in the motor are bad,it if does then it's probably the capacitor or if you have a fan switch in the system, t ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Synergy 2000 38tda048300 4 ton/2 ton unit it is a 2 speed unit. It is 8 and a half years old. The unit keeps running on the inside but the fan stops and the outside unit stops. Seems to be the same time daily. AC man came and said it was the compressor. We got a new compressor. The very next day it did the same thing. The only way to make it start again is to flip the switch leave it off for 15 or so min and restart. This was exactly what happened prior to replacing the

... Carrier Air Conditioners

RV air conditioner. Compressor running, fan stops before cool

The fan motor is getting hot and going off on the internal overload in the motor.This is caused by either a low voltage, a bad capacitor, or tight or dry bearings in the motor.To check the bearings turn the power off to the unit, then spi ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Samsung window unit. Stopped cooling. Found icing on the cooling coils in the upper rightfront and on two smaller lines in the back that appear to go into the coils. Turned it off to defrost. After defrosting, set the tepm to 72 on cool and the fan speed to 2. Icing started again in the same locations within 5 minutes.

There are only two things that will cause freezing on an ac, lack of air flow or lack of refrigerant. verify the cleanliness of the coils, the blower squirrel cage, and the filter, if all are clean the charge need to be checked, the leak reapried and ... Air Conditioners

I have an LG mini split ac / heat pump system ( LAN096 ) that is only 4 months old was working great in all ways until suddenly it quit heating. I am sure it happened quickly because I was nearby when very warm air changed to cool ( unheated ) and hasn't heated since. When I shut it down and restart it the indoor fan runs right away, which is not normal and the outdoor unit will run for a minute or so then shut down and stay off. The indoor fan will continue to spin as though it is set in a 'fan

... LG Air Conditioners

12 year old Amana Heat pump stopped cooling and heating. The compressor was replaced, the fan motor, etc. AT first it would run for 15 minutes and stopped. The repair person returned twice and the thi

... Air Conditioners

I have GE AJES12DCBM1. Recently after one of the storm, it stopped cooling. Fan motor comes on. Compressor is also kicking on but it kicks off within a minute or two. Is it possible that the capacitor may be a problem or compressor itself?

Check inside and outside coils for cleaning with coil cleaner sprayCheck capacitor(remove and take to appliance parts dealer. They will checkit)If this was helpful please rate me.Leo Ponder Appliance-Tyler,Texas ... GE J AJCS08AZ Air Conditioner

Air conditioner runs for a few hours and it works - it cools the house. Then it stops cooling - the fan still runs but it doesn't blow out cool air any more. It seems like it's overheating or something. It will blow out cool air if it has not been turned on in a while but once it's on too long it stops. I was told it could be the fan motor and the a/c guy changed the fan motor today but that didn't fix the problem. Now he says it might be the compressor or that I need a new system. I'm jus

The things I would check:\015\012Is the system properly charged with freon? Sytem may be overcharged.\015\012Is the compressor out on internal overload at the point of failure? If the overload isnt tripped and the compressor is having tro ... Air Conditioners

Compressor continues to run for another 5 minutes after the fan has stopped. Air conditioner cools fine.

Sounds like the "extended run timer" is somehow hooked to the compressor circuit instead of the blower fan circuit. This may appear after installing a programmable or digital thermostat. check configuration. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

On a call for cooling. Then condenser fan comes on but the comressor does not. About every 2 minutes or so the compressors starts to hum but then stops.

... Air Conditioners

For the past one week there isnt any cooling effect from my samsung split ac.moreover the outside unit fan run for few minutes then it stops and no water is coming out of the outlet pipe.Please respond asap...

You actually identified your own problem. The fan motor needs to be replaced. And DON;T run unit until then... could kill the compressor very quickly. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

The fan is working but the air blowing is not cool. Sounds like the Compressor tries to turn on I hear buzzing or humming for about 3 seconds then it stops. I was near the fuse box and I think some noise was coming from it when it tried to turn on - but i think most of the humming it by the outdoor unit itself. It tries to to turn on every 15-minutes or so.

You may have a bad start capacitor or windings. You really need to call for a service technician in your area to diagnose the problem. Doing it your self can lead to personal injury or cost you a lot more money to fix. ... Air Conditioners

Cools for few minutes then stop cooling....Hi my unit GE (APH10AA) Air Conditioner, only cools for 10 minutes and then stops then is the fan that runs forever , with out getting to cool again,plus the back of the unit ,the vent takes out lots of VERY HOT AIR, my room will get so hot ,what I can do to fix it? please help

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

Hi. I recently installed 1.5 T, 3 * Split AC, LG. Whole day the AC works fine and no problem in cooling too. But once in 2 day outdoor unit start making thudding noise continously and does not stop for 4 to 5 second and after that indoor unit stops cooling and just fan runs. No cooling is done after that and room temperature keep increasing. The green LED of compressor in indoor unit is ON, compressor does not work. To achieve cooling again I have to switch off whole unit for like half an hour a

HelloSounds like the compressor is shuting down on high heat.There could be a couple reasons for this.1 Check that proper voltage is being supplied to compressor.2 Freon level may be low.This would be a service call.3 Ba ... LG Air Conditioners

5,200 BTU unit. Compressor and fan both work when first turned on, then compressor quits after 5-10 minutes of operation. Won't turn on again even after 5-minute fan-on cool down. Process repeats after AC unit has been turned off for 10 minutes and re-started. Is this worth trying to fix, or should I replace the whole unit?

This could be just a simple fix of cleaning the condenser coils. If semi-clogged, it can cause higher than normal pressures and cause the compressor to cut out on it protector. Check it out. ... Air Conditioners

I have a frigidaire window unit model fra256st2, when I first turn it on the unit blows ice cold air for 1 to 2 minutes then the compressor kicks off. I have to wait 5 minutes then switch it from cool to fan only then back to cool again in order for the cOmpressor to Kick on for another 1-2 minutes.

... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Everstar mpk10cr grinding compressor I think.... Fan works fine, will kick into cool mode (elevated fan level) for a few seconds then it sounds like the compressor has a loose mount or something... sometimes it rattles for a few minutes (and cools) but sometimes it shuts the rattling off as fast as it starts and doesnt really ''cool'' or dehumidify.... Some days its works fine all day, others it just never really gets its ''**** together'' so to speak... Can users recharge the coolant themselve

Hi, I hear you , you have to keep her happy and cool!! First of all, no you can't buy R-22 unless you are a contractor and you have a certification card showing you are qualified to use freon. This is not your problem from what you are saying. If thi ... Air Conditioners


Check the condensor unit. May be dusty. Clean it. If still problem replace capacitor. ... Coleman 15000 Btu Rv Roof Air Conditioner With Heat

Had a PF code, unplugged the 4 pin probe connector and plugged it back in and fixes that problem until next PF code.....often. Ran perfect for a couple hours and turned it off for the night, when I restarted it the next morning the top blower works but the compressor nor the exhaust fan come on. I have emptied the tank, cleaned the filters, started and restarted, let sit for 10 minutes several times and tried again...compressor doesn't start nor the exhaust fan. The top blower works when on AC,

Hi,Here is a tips that I wrote\012that will help to explain why you get the PF Error CodePF\012Error Code for Appliances\012hea ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

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