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What is best and the difference, HEAT, AUX HEAT, OR EHEAT?

Answers :

Heat is best.
\015\012aux heat comes on as needed to assist heat.
\015\012e haeat is used if heat should fail.
\015\012it is for emergency heating only.

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What is best and the difference, HEAT, AUX HEAT, OR EHEAT?

Heat is best.\015\012aux heat comes on as needed to assist heat.\015\012e haeat is used if heat should fail.\015\012it is for emergency heating only. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem A/C Heat Pump split with gas backup. The gas unit is mounted in the air flow directly before the A/C HP coil. Should the gas unit be wired as stage two heat, or is it OK to wire it as just aux/EM heat? There is no other heating unit. What is the difference between stage two and aux? Please note that the aux gas heat cannot come on if the heat pump is running or it may hurt the heat pump due to the gas heat units location.

Stage 2 is okay as long as there is a fossil-fuel kit accessory wired in the field control wiring. EM heat would only allow gas furnace operation if the thermostat is set for EMER HT mode.......this is not ideal and not recommended. Dual-Fuel applic ... Air Conditioners

What's the difference between EM HEAT and AUX HEAT?

Sorry, neither of these answers are completely correct.\015\012You have a heat pump (or the wrong thermostat). Let's assume you have a heat pump.\015\012\015\012In air conditioning mode, it works like every air conditioner you have ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

What is the difference between stage two and aux heat?

The furnace shoud be wired to W1 amd EM Heat. If your heater is a two stage furnace then hook the thermostat W1 to stage 1 amd W2 to stage 2. Most new 2 stage heaters will control stage 2 with the control board. ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to wire a Honeywell Vision pro Th8000 series thermostat onto a Weather king heat pump and air handler. The thermostat wiring has r,rc,y,c,o/b, g aux,e,y2andl terminals I understand these but the heat pump has differant color coded wires heat pump-y,b,c,r,d and the air handler w2,g,y,w1,b,odd,c,r,y I don't know witch is the reversing valve wires or what odd means. Can you help me with this?

RC & RH JUMP WITH R FROM AH & CUC/U - A/H - TR - R - R = 24VC - C - C = COMMONY - - - Y = COOLING G - G = FANB O\\B = REVERSING VALVE - HEATmake sure the ... Air Conditioners

I have a Intertherm P3rA-042K that runs the ac at the same time as the heat strips. I have a Honeywell RTH3100c I have the red wire at R the Yellow at Y the Green at G and the W2 at aux. I had a jumper between Aux and E like the manual said but it makes no difference. Also for some reason it was hooked up before with a blue wire joined with the red at the unit and the blue going to B at the thermostat. I removed the blue as i saw no use for it and it still doing the same thing. The unit froze up

Red, green, and yellow should all be from AC unit. What other wires do you have there, and are they separate from red , green, yellow? ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

I have a Select Comfort 2000 thermostat. I just replaced new batteries couple days ago. The past week my heat will be working fine all day and/or night then suddenly it will not kick in and the aux light is lit. Over the past few days it has finally kicked in and worked now today is a different story. I have even tried to replace the batteries again still nothing. HELP!!

Sounds like you have a heatpump. Is that correct? When it gets under 35F or so the heatpump just isn't able to keep up with the heat demand and will require help from a backup source such as electric strip heaters. The way the thermostat works is tha ... Air Conditioners

We are having to replace a 17 yr old heat pump a/c system. I have a 2-ton unit and don't like any of my quotes but the more of them I get I wonder if maybe I already have my best quote. Here is what I have: Goodman equipment for $3.8k; Rheme for $3.3k; Weatherking for $3.1k; and the last is a Frigidaire make i think, for $3.6k. I need to save money because i also have to replace a roof NOW. Input please on the different brands and warranties. Are these prices good?

Sheeesh, they know how to charge don't they, but in saying that these quotes all seem to be OK, or at least within ballpark of what one would expect from the differing suppliers. \015\012\015\012Rheme for $3.3k This is what I think is a ... Air Conditioners

Carrier heat pump: aux heat does not seem to work

You have a heat pump which removes heat from outside air when it is too cold out below 30* the unit can no longer produce heat and electric strip heaters kick in ... Air Conditioners

I had the same issue...the temp is 30 degrees out side and like 50 inside...every time i turn on the heat the aux heat turns on...i tried to turn on the EM Heat but then the aux heat still turns on...i had a technician come out but he didn't help he said it was b/c it was below 30 degrees out side. everyone i talk to said the longer the heat runs on aux heat the higher my power bill will be...is that true? what should i do?

You obviously have a heat pump. A heat pump is basically an air condition running in reverse. By way of example, during the summer time you will notice cold air coming from you vents and hot air being blown out of the outside section of you unit. And ... GE Zoneline AZ55H09D Air Conditioner

Carrier heat pump: aux heat does not seem to work

The unit is probably to small for theare you are trying to heat.\015\012\015\012When the Aux HT light came on that meant the heat pump could not keep up with the demand for heat. (Probably due to extreme cold, or undersized unit.)\0 ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

I have a 6 year old Carrier Performance 38yza. Having a problem with heat. First no heat at all heat pump or AUX. Found AUX heat strip were grounded out and have now been replaced. Second no heat pump, Compressor comes on for only 1 to 2 minutes then shuts down. Service call yesterday Tech says no signal from Carrier Programable T-Stat, jumper heat pump, low freon adds. Says T-stat bad, but puts back together. Heat pump works blowing 90 plus degree from vent works great all afternoon and into ni

This sounds like you have a freon leak. Most units never lose freon. So that is one problem that needs to be addressed. Here is some more solutions for you: Other things that will cause or aggravate\015\012ice are clogged filters, bad fan moto ... Air Conditioners

No aux heat when called for. I replaced bad heat/fan relay after heat was found stuck in aux heat mode all day. Now heat strips won't come on at all. Have power all through heat loop but relay does not pull on strips. No amp draw is found when heat strip is on.

... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

My monthly electric bill is huge.. am thinking that it might be my furnace is not set properly? (true or not?) usually keep it around 68. Seems like its in an 'auto' mode (which might make sense), but since i have both the heat pump and an oil furnace (serving as aux heat), am thinking that i might be better served if the oil were being use more when it gets colder? (true or not?) how do i determine and set the temp levels so that my aux heat will kick in if the outside temp falls below 4

Typically electric resistance heat draws three times the amount than a heat-pump be sure to not set the thermostat too high, its possible the sequential heater relays arent shutting off continually on without the blower causing super high electric bi ... Air Conditioners

I have a RUUD UPNE030JAZ. The heat recently started having trouble and doesn't blow heat like it use to now only blows on AUX heat. This heat is not enough to heat the house.

Short of gas. Time to call a technician ... Air Conditioners

Aux heat always comes on in heating (Ruud heat pump)

What type of system is it, if it's it Rheem the o/b needs to be set for B, if not check the freon charge, or thermostat, there will be a point where the aux. heat comes on when you turn it up, poss. only 4 degrees, is it a mercury stat or digital ? ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

Replacing a Rheem Heat Pump condensor with a Goodman Heat Pump condensor. We have never installed either brands. Have been advised that Rheem has different wire scheme for reversing valve. Question is... is there any technical information available from Goodman covering how to wire the 24 volt wiring system for a Goodman Condensor with a Reheem AHU, and describes the differences? Thank you!

The difference is that the reversing valve is energized it heat mode for one brand and energized in the cooling mode for the other brand. An "O" on the circuit board indicates energized in cooling and a "B" on the circuit board indicates energized in ... Goodman Air Conditioners

On verry cold nights the aux. heat will not come in. The aux. heat can be turned on manualy

There is a malfunction with the outdoor temp sensor on the heatpump.You will likely have to replace the sensor.If the strips are coming on in defrost and manually, then you know the relays, heat sequencers and other controls are ope ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Replacing old heat pump thermostat with not quite so old heat pump thermostat. New thermostat is Luxpro psmh45. Old thermostat had an AUX tab. New one(lux) does not. Where do I put white wire that went to Aux on old thermostat on new one?

Can you provide the manufacturer name and model number of the old and new thermostats? ... Air Conditioners

Have an amana central air duelfuel heat system.when aux heat[gas] heats the house and shuts off the fans still blow for 3 to 5 minutes with the last couple of minutes being cold air which cools the air it just heated. also heatpump will start heating when it comes on then after 3 or 4 minutes it starts blowing cold air like when the air conditioner is running.i have had problems from day of install 4 mounths ago with problems that keep coming up. please i need help fast i do not think comp

Change your heating delay to shut off sooner, you can find this in the installation manual. Also the Thermostat may have delay after heat as well. It is true there could be many variables, but it also sounds like the Heatpump is not charged properl ... Amana Air Conditioners

Intermittent heat I have a Carrier (Payne) unit (FA4ANF030) with intermittent heat output. The air works as does the fan when in heat mode, but usually no heat. Sometimes it will suddenly begin to put out heat normally and will function fine...until it doesn't. The thermostat was old, so I replaced it first. Seems to make no difference at all since it works exactly as before.

Check wiring of heater, it may have loosed connection or corroded connection. ... Air Conditioners

We have a Carrier forced air furnace and it constantly recycles itself by igniting and then it heat sensor element and the furnace flame burner comes on as it should burns a short period goes out and then empties the heated air from the chamber, and then repeats the same system over and over. However; the heating element stays red hot and the LCD light constanly flashes a code. We have had atleast three different techs to come out and they only replace the heating element, and the last tech sand

Hi,\015\012\015\012First off the problem has nothing to do with the filters...\015\012\015\012The problem is that the circuit board is not getting told that the flame is present and is shutting the gas back off.....then it tri ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm rpbmb030k combo a/c and heat. Had frion put in the unit over the summer and a new digital thermostat. Unit has worked great until we needed heat. Unit works great on aux. heat but keeps switching to to defrost mode when standard heat is on. Switched out the defrost board on the unit to no avail and an a/c guy checked to ensure the new thermostat was wired correctly.

Hi, if the unit had a leak in it, was the leak located and repaired? Did he check the pressures in the unit now? If it switches to the aux mode ( Heat Strips ) is normally caused when your primary unit, compressor and freon are low on charge. I would ... Intertherm P3RA-060K Air Conditioner

How do I unlock a honeywell (non-programming)heating unit. Our home is not heating. We can select heat but it changes to aux. heat within 10 seconds.

This is because your home is more than 2 degress colder than you thermostat setting. Your heater is probaly broken. ... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

Central air and heat unit heat turns on for 1min and then heat turns on aux. heat

All aux. heat comes on when the thermostat calls for more than 2 degrees of the ambient temperature. Once the 2 degree gap is closed, aux. heat drops out of the circuit.\015\012Some installers wire the thermostat to activate aux. heat every tim ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

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