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How many BTUs needed to cool a porch 6'x15'x9 w/ lots of glass?

\015 We have a brick wall on one side which was originally the outside wall. The three other sides are brick about 4' high with storm windows on top that reach about 6' high. Full door and two small strip windows on front, five windows down one side that are 3'wide, and three across the back that are 26'' wide. Extra insulation in ceiling, solid concrete/tile floor, and we will be opening our LR door to complement the ability to heat and cool the new space.\015

Answers :

Okay that room in a normal application would only need about 100 cfm, 1 ton of air = 400 cfm , 1 ton = 12000 btu
Where do you live?  without further knowledge I'd say 16-20k BTU. 

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How many BTUs needed to cool a porch 6'x15'x9 w/ lots of glass?

Okay that room in a normal application would only need about 100 cfm, 1 ton of air = 400 cfm , 1 ton = 12000 btu ... Air Conditioners

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GSH13 Goodman heat pump split system is running a long time in cooling mode and will not cool below 74 degrees. A lot of condensation generated. The low side pressures 78 to 81 and high side pressures are 180 to 200 psi. Energized and deenergized the reversing valve several times.Pumped down the sytem (pumped down well) and checked the flowrater for any type of obstruction. Have a sight glass on the system - will get clear then bubble up. System is in the second cooling season with clean air fil

Check sub cooling and super heat. the New ac units are very critical to charge. There is a charging chart on the inside of the cover to the unit outside. Check temp difference across coil. Should be 18 to 22 degress. If you have an ampmeter. Check th ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Just asking how many amps existing Sanyo SAP-K181AHA would be connected to in Australia. Need to replace it, is 4.5Kw cooling and same price to replace with 7Kw but unsure if 30amp already in place

The 4Kw constant speed Ac will draw about 7.6 amps @240vac while the 7Kw Ac unit will draw around 13.8 amps @ 240vac. This is normal running. extreme conditions will be slightly more no doubt. The figures are approximate.egardsCol R.digital controls. ... Air Conditioners

Need to know how many wires at the stat are used for a heatpump with 10kw resistence backup heat. and is a single state cool and single heat stat used

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.3 red white and yellowI tried to help you. Please help me and Rate/Vote on my response, thanks and good luck ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a coleman air conditioner 6799A800 series- super mach. On very hot days it starts and cools very good, but then the compressor kicks out. We think it might be becasue so many people are using power for their air conditions that it's drawing the power down. My friend had the same problem he changed the capasitor in his unit and now it is working properly, could this be my problem? If so do you stock the capasitor I would need?

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Hi, I have an Indiglo 44550 thermostat. It has been set on cool all summer and we adjust temperature manually to our needs. Now I can't get the heat to come on. I know it works, think I have pressed to many buttons. I put it on AUTO program and adjusted the heat temp. Nothing. The time zone number 1,2,3 or 4 pending on what time of day it is, won't stop flashing. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

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Need to know how many tons this unit cools - Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

Judging by the model number it is 3ton. ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

How many btus for a1000 sg area - LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

When calculating btu to sqft. the best all around estimate comes from 660 sq ft per ton. ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

Hi, >where can i buy a split cool DC 18 air conditioner for my solar project? >I see a lot of these in the web with no price tag. >I need an ON LINE WEB SITE so i can buy this product. >thanks

Hi, so you've also heard about this fantastic product, any it won't be available until the end of this month, that's why you've come across it in different sites without the price. They only have the picture of the Solar air conditioner and not the p ... Air Conditioners

The water empty indicator keeps flashing indicating we need to empty it BUT it is empty !!!!Now the aircon won't work We emptied a lot of water however now it keeps beeping a warning,the compressor shuts down and no cool air is produced although the fan is working. It is 38 C in our house and we are desperate !!! Help

I am NOT aquainted with the Maytag Portable AC..... But There has to been a sensor that tells the unit that the water bin is full...... If there is any moisture on the sensor and touching a ground probe then even though the bin is empty the sensor i ... Maytag Portable Air Conditioner M6P09S2A


When you change the board on an Amana youmusty program the board. You should have gotten a sheet that shows you how to do this. I sell Amana PTAC units and all boards have to be programed for heat pump or electric heat.Russ ... Air Conditioners

We have an older swamp cooler and need to have some windows in our home open to get best cooling. Does a mastercool need to have some windows open in our home to give max cooling?

The solution is to install "up ducts" These devices are easy to install and are fairly cheap. With a swamp cooler the best way to use them is to allow them to draft outside with the "up duct" you get the drafting to the outside but also get to remove ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

No cooling everything on air conditioner works except cooling . when it was cooling we would have water coming out of a drain on the outside which we tend to think is normal but with no cooling working no water is coming out now would the problem be the unit needs re - gassing.

May have burnt wire or bad capacitor to compressor.When running incool can you here the compressor running or is it maybe just the fan outside running? ... Fujitronic FH-797 Portable Air Conditioner

Cools for few minutes then stop cooling....Hi my unit GE (APH10AA) Air Conditioner, only cools for 10 minutes and then stops then is the fan that runs forever , with out getting to cool again,plus the back of the unit ,the vent takes out lots of VERY HOT AIR, my room will get so hot ,what I can do to fix it? please help

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

Anybody there? i have a computer room that needs to be cooled at all times room size is 10*20 temp far 108 degrees needs to be 85 degrees humidy needs to be 45 which ac unit do i need thank you for a fast reply

It depends on the room varables, If it has an attic, tile ceiling, what type of walls, where in the building is the room and so on? The biggest problems is all ways the power. Get a free estaimate from an ... Frigidaire FAA055N7A 5200 BTU Room Air Conditioner 11.0 EER, With Remote Control

I have a Payne, Gas heat/Electric cooling unit, model# PY1PJB____, and apparently I need to replace the combustion blower wheel. When I turned it on 1st time this season, it made a very loud noise, and upon inspection, the blower wheel is completely rusted and 1/4 of the wheel is missing. Probably the loud noise. I have the maintenance manual for this unit. I just need to know where I can buy the part(s) I need to repair this. Looks like a simple repair, but do I need to replace the wheel o

Hi, you will need to replace the inducer/combustion motor as one assembly. If you know any contractors that have a c-20 or c-38 license, you could get it at any wholesales a/c & heating parts house. If not, you will need to buy one on the Internet, j ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner runs for a few hours and it works - it cools the house. Then it stops cooling - the fan still runs but it doesn't blow out cool air any more. It seems like it's overheating or something. It will blow out cool air if it has not been turned on in a while but once it's on too long it stops. I was told it could be the fan motor and the a/c guy changed the fan motor today but that didn't fix the problem. Now he says it might be the compressor or that I need a new system. I'm jus

The things I would check:\015\012Is the system properly charged with freon? Sytem may be overcharged.\015\012Is the compressor out on internal overload at the point of failure? If the overload isnt tripped and the compressor is having tro ... Air Conditioners

Owners manual - Fedders Fedders A6Q10F2B Q Chassis Room Air Conditioner w/ 10,000 Cooling BTUs & 3 Cooling/3 Fan Speeds

... Fedders A6Q10F2B Q Chassis Room Air Conditioner

I need to know how many ton air condenser I need for my house?

400 cfm per ton1 cfm per square footOnly calculate living space in home, bedrooms, living area, etc. Do not count hallways, interior closets, etc. Only measure the garage if you are trying to condition that space as well. If you h ... Air Conditioners

Need to find out how many amps fuse DeLonghi CF210 needs

Yes. This machine will work on a 120v 13 amp socket.\015\012\015\01213 is an odd number. U.S. household 120volt circuits are either 15 or 20 amps. I assume you are going to plug this into a 15 amp circuit, or you are not in the U.S. -- ... DeLonghi De'Longhi CF210 Pinguino Homecool 8,500 BTU Air Conditioner

My Gibson GAA065P7A1 will run but will not cool, cleaned filter, setting is on cool and high, but will not cool, does it need more freon had unit for 3 years,

... Air Conditioners

Our samsung asv 18e model is not cooling. we already adjusted it to le lowest temperature setting but it doesn't cool the room.I have tried searching on the net for answers and it seems to me that a lot of people have experienced this problem with their samsung airconditioners...is there a way to fix this? I've come across in the internet about gas leaks in their airconditioners..is this maybe the reason why our air conditioner isn't cooling? Thank you so much for your help

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My Maytag M6Q08F2A window AC started to make a loud noise when the cooling kicked in after starting it. I tried it several times, even left it running a while to see if it went away. It also stopped cooling properly - I couldn't tell if it was cooling a little or not at all. Please help! I don't know if the problem is refrigerant needed, condenser, or if it's just dirty inside. I don't have a manual. Thank you

HI. this is the actual compressor that is making the noise. the internal seals have ruptured. these compressor will run you just about $209.00. Normally, these units will hold a charge for quite awhile so, the refrigerant level should be sufficient. ... Air Conditioners

Now is winter,so cool,when i turn the A/C to heat,but no work,turn to cool,it work,but i need the warm air,not cool

Check thermostat setting +29 and also mode should be in "Heat" mode. Still the problem, Check Reversable Valve's connection and function. ... Air Conditioners

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