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I have a Consolidated Industries gas furnace,

\015 This is the only section I could get to accept this post.I have a Consolidated Industries gas furnace, model USA 090 NH4R, serial 981218142. It was coming on correctly in the heat mode but sometimes the air would be hot and sometime it would be cold. I changed the thermostat from the old mercury style to a digital style. The unit did the same thing. The fan is coming on fine but the air is cold. Do I have my new thermostat wired wrong or where should I be looking to get the hot air?\015

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The digital thermostat must be programmed for GAS heat.
\015\012If the problem occured before the t-stat change and is still happening, the problem would be with ignition within the furnace.

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I have a Consolidated Industries gas furnace,

The digital thermostat must be programmed for GAS heat.\015\012If the problem occured before the t-stat change and is still happening, the problem would be with ignition within the furnace. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I need a manual for my consolidated industries furnace

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I have an amana dual fuel heat pump with LP gas furnace. the furnace will not light. the ignitor heats up, acts like it's not getting LP to the burner and i don't get 24 volts to the pressure switch just above the gas valve, or to the gas valve itself. i cut the power to the unit, removed pintle to the gas valve to ck for gas to the valve and it's o.k.,. what do i need to check next, i don't know how to get codes out of self diagnostic system and don't know if these codes would effect the furnac

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Dear FixYa Experts, I am a new home owner. I have a Kenmore Air Conditioner (heat pump?, see more details below) with Lincoln Gas Furnace. According to the former owner, the heating system will start heat pump first when the temperature is above -15C and then turn on the gas furnace when the temperature drops below -15C. Recently, when I turn on the heating system, only the gas furnace was always running but not the Kenmore air conditioner. And our average temperature was always above +5C for

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We have a Intertherm MAC 1378 gas furnace in out mobile home and it has shut off on us. There is still gas coming in, we checked the meter outside to be sure. But when we try to reignite the pilot light it wont ingnite. We can't smell any gas when we try. We've followed the instructions on the furnace on how to reignite it and it still wont work. It's well below frezing with a **** load of snow we have 2 kids, one of which is a newborn and its getting really cold. So anything you can tell us wil

Check to make sure the roof vent is not covered over with snow.\015\012Very deep snow can block the intake to the furnace. You may need a ladder and a broom (or shovel) to clear the snow.\015\012Hope this helps.\015\012Matt ... Air Conditioners

Gas adjustment. I have 2 screws inside my furnace on the gas control box. both screw out and leave ajustmentscrews inside. one of them is for the pilot light and the other one i have no clue. I think it is for gas pressure but how do I adjust it??? My furnace is a AMANA AIR COMMAND GH SERIES HIGHBOY. THANKS!!!

To adjust gas presure you need a wg presure gauge ... Air Conditioners

I have a problem with my Johnstone furnace "Mod.# MBA 040 nh2r" every time the furnace calls for heat the gas valve release the gas a few seconds before the igniter witch causes a small explosion. This happens after the firt initial start and continues every few seconds.Also I can't seem to find this brand of furnace.

Hi, this is called delayed ignition which raw gas is let into the combustion chamber and ignited a little to late. which causes this explosion. I have had my eye brows and eye lashes burned completely off do to this. Johnstone is a very popular brand ... Air Conditioners

I have a heil furnace / air conditioner unit. The heil is model # N9MP2075812A3 serial# L024970895. It has an intl comfort evap coil Model EPD24B15C2 serial# X120393352. It was installed in 2003. I turned on my air conditioning and the furnace keeps cycling on and off. I checked the filter and it is new. It is a gas furnace and the gas valve is blinking stadily which means it is ok. It humms....tries to turn on.....blows for about 10-20 seconds....turns off...tries to turn back on...again and ag

Not sure I understand the description.\015\012You said the "furnace" keeps cycling on and off when you turn on the AC.\015\012But you must have meant the AC cycles, because if the actual furnace went on, that would an extremely seroius pr ... Air Conditioners

Twice in the last year, I have had a gas smell come from my Goodman furnace. In this last case, the smell of gas came through the duct work. There was not smell in or around the furnac itself. Some how it got into the duct work very quickly., Had tech check the unit and cannot find a leak. Everything (sensors, safety switches, etc) seems to work. Once you remove the gas then the unit seems to work fine.

Did the tech check to see that the heat exchanger does not have a hole of a crack in it...I have seen this and it is more common than you think....Make sure you get to the bottom of this as there is the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning...I would ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a Heater/Furnace problem. I have a Carrier 58RAV095-16 Natural Gas Furnace. My furnace keeps restarting it's heating process. Upon turning the heater on, a small fan will engage and run for about 60 seconds, then the fan turns off and the gas engages and the igniter clicks and you hear the gas combust and the flames spew out onto the heating rods(?) and after a minute or so, the big fan will turn on and begin circulating air throughout the house. Sounds all good so far? Well

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My gas furnace is blowing cold air. I was told by gas company that it is due to a gas pipe leak. Is this true ? How will it be fixed? What problems can i expect in the future? The furnace is 20yrs old.

If the pilot light is on then it could be in the thermo coupler. If you don't know where to loon it is best to hire a professional. Gas indoors is no joke. Second is that a 20 yr old heater is pretty inefficient and a new one could be had for a littl ... Air Conditioners

Condensate pump Installed pump 2 years ago. Today, while a gas fitter was replacing some gas piping, the furnace was off for about 2 hours. After a leak test, the gas was turned back on. Furnace works well, but condensate pump has all lights on and the motor is hot. Is not pumping. What does the red alarm light mean, exactly? How can I reset it?

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Intertherm gas furnace 80 % mod# MMHA-070ABHR-05 will not open gas valve and light <changed gas valve <control board<ignitor all three limits and still not working I have been in the hvac buisness for 10 years but cant solve this one ,the board is flashing a 3 code < i have called a fellow tech who had the same problem on the exact same model last year and he spent 10 hrs trying to repair this unit but was unsuccesfull also<i can make this furnace burn by wiring 24 volts direct t

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I have a 'Armstrong Air' Ultra 5 ,Advantage 93 gas conventional furnace. The temperature in the morning is about 54 degrees.When I set the temp to 62, the furnace glow plug ignites the gas an

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Good Morning, my york diamond 80 gas furnace not workinging. Thermostat batteries new; fan runs on both auto and when on "on"; I opened sheild pannel on furnace when turned off - on at burner switch noticed the heating ellement not activating and gas not coming out of jets. In the pass I have cleaned the sensor in the first jet port, seems to blacken up once per season., if this means anything. Thank you EJ

Do you have to shut the furnace down (electrical switch) to get the fan to shut off? ... Air Conditioners

Furnace ignition York P2DP10N gas furnace - when its called to heat some times ingnition sequence is normal. Other times its haulted after 20 seconds and the sequence is restarted. Some times this happens 2-3 times before the burner gas valve is openind. There is nothing wrong with the hot surface, the sequence is not allowed to get to the stage when its stopped.

The probable cause is the pressure switch. It's a round disk either silver or black in color. They can stick in either the closed position or the open position depending on what your unit needs to fire. You can take the rubber hose off from the in ... Air Conditioners

I have an coleman evcon furnace that was working fine until a switched propane companies, now my furnace won;t light the surface igniter works but no flame but my gas stove works fine,so i no i'm getting gas into the home

Check the gas valve and circuit board for poor connections. Have gas company check gas pressure under load. ... Coleman Air Conditioners

What is the CO2 % of an 80% efficiency gas furnace and the CO2 % of a 90% gas furnace

Hello,You get between 10%-12% out of each.The efficiency rating difference is the flue gas(exaust) temperature! 90% furnace is much lower temp than any 80%. ... Air Conditioners

I am trouble shooting a Bryant Hi-bred system that uses an air cooled heat pump with high efficiency gas furnace for backup and low ambient operation. How does the system decide whether to use the air cooled heat pump or the gas fired high efficiency furnace. It appears to be outdoor air temperature related, but I can't find the setpoint for it. The main zone Bryant thermostat appears to control the system, but it doesn't always bring the backup heat if the heat pump doesn't function.

If you are using honeywell vision pro 8000 t-stat you need an outdoor sensor program on t-stat would have to look up ... Bryant Air Conditioners

I'm looking into replacing my 2 ac systems. They're working fine but 13 years old. They're 4 tons ac systems with gas furnace. I've got quote from local RUUD dealer using RUUD ac UASL-048JEC, RUDD gas furnace RGPE-07EBRQR and coil by ADP (RES066GE2ISB2722AD). Is it ok to mix ADP coils with RUDD ac system or should I insist on using RUUD coil?

This really shouldn't make a difference... the point of the coils is just to transfer a fluid/gaseous medium and transmit temperature differences via their surface area. I'm sure if the ADP part is cheaper, it will be fine to use. They're ... Air Conditioners

I have a 1985 Bryant central air Furnace model 395BAW048095 with a White Rogers 36E gas valve. The flue is metal and there is a fan within the furnace to create a vacume at the base of the flue pipe conection that turns on when a call for heat comes from the thermostat at startup to ignition. The spark fires but no gas is released by the valve for the pilot to lite. Added information: The blower fan is set to continually run, I replaced the pressure switch (306621) and the limit switch (HH12ZB18

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Gas furnace will not come on. check 3 amp fuse Ok!Thermostat click on when it is soppose to but nothing comes on at the furnace.Bryant model 345mav condensing gas furnace.

This furnace will be powered by at least a 20 amp breaker located in the your homes breaker box. Check the breaker in the service panel. It also has a low voltage transformer that provides 24 volts. It is located behind the control center and thermos ... Air Conditioners

Goodman 90+ gas furnace is tripping flame rollout switch when furnace lights.I have checked the gas pressure and it is o.k. any suggestions?

Check your vent and inducer blower for either an obstruction or water in a low spot. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Jan 10, 2010 - i should probably give some more info.. it's a ruud silhouette II gas furnace that had been giving me problems with the furnace starting up and shutting down immediately.. i solved this by cleaning the flame sensor rod, although i didn't replace it.. now it starts with a very weak flame and will only light one burner sometimes.. when it does light with all 4 burners they seem to kind shrink in size every few seconds like the gas isn't steady.. this is a new issue, is it possibly

It is possibly related to the flame sensor giving a week signal to the gas valve. You really nee to have the gas pressure checked and the flame sensor checked if you have a multimeter that checks miliamps you will know if it is the flame sensor. You ... Air Conditioners

Rheem-Gas Furnace I have a gas furnace that will not ignite. I have attempted many times to start/ignite it using the manual suggested sequence, and I have been unsucessful. In diagnosing the problem(s) the technicial manual flowchart suggests that I replace the vent pressure switch. How do I not know I need to replace the igniter. What tests can I do to ensure it is.If I let a proffessional trained technician perform the work, How much should I expect to spend?

It may be a little difficult to diagnose if you don't have a volt/ohm meter to check the switches with, but I will try to help what I can.\015\012\015\012The first thing to check is the pressure hose from the vent fan to the pressure swit ... Air Conditioners

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