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Heating Element on my A/C not getting hot

\015 I just replaced a transformer and thermostat on my A/C unit. I forgot to turn the power off and while I was looking at the heating element I saw and heard a spark. Now the heating element isn't getting hot. The unit works fine in ''cool'' , but blows luke warm air in ''heat''. Does that mean the element is out or would either the limit switches, fusible links, or the heat sequencer prevent damage to the element first? How do I test these to know what is out?\015

Answers :

It definitly did not open the element the 24vac isn't enough. I would go back over the wiring.When your t- stat calls for heat you want it to energize both sequencers. the easist way to assure this is to connect the whiet and purple two gether at the a/h.

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Heating Element on my A/C not getting hot

It definitly did not open the element the 24vac isn't enough. I would go back over the wiring.When your t- stat calls for heat you want it to energize both sequencers. the easist way to assure this is to connect the whiet and purple two gether at th ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

My Megaflow Immersion Heater D70 suddenly stopped heating the water. I only use it for hot water, not heating. The fuse was fine but I switched on and off just in case with no result. It is getting on a bit at 6 years but wonder if there is anything I can do before I call in the plumbers. Also, if it is worthwhile getting parts for this tank or replace it.Live in hard water area so maybe element is gone. Can water softener be attached to the inflow of the tank to descale softening the water now

For this problem , if you have a multimeter and a modicum of knowledge you can (carefully!) check for voltage at the element yourself. multimeter may show the timer was at fault so tat u can replace it and make it run!!\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Atwwood modelGC6 9A-10E hot water heater. I can not get the electric part to heat... My guess is the element is burned out? How difficult is it to replace the element?

Yes, more than likely it is the heating element. Which should not be that difficult to replace, as it's just like a regular electric water heating element for residential water heaters, rather than ones made for the Motor Home or Travel Trailer indus ... Air Conditioners

I have a LG LWHD1800HR window unit ac/heater 220V. The heating element is only getting warm (not hot.) The continuity of the element tests good from the two terminals. I show 115V coming from both wires. The plug and power cord test good. Any suggestions?

Our contactor may have failed.....With all the deep freezing weather we've had this definitely puts a strain on your heating system causing failures of parts. \015\012 ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I put a 3 ton RUDD 15 seer heat pump in my own home,R-410 A. Here is what it is doing. When I get the pressures near where the chart says,such as 150 357 on a 94 degree day I lose all my heat on the hot gas line and my split goes way down. As I remove freon and the pressures go down the hot gas line begins to get hot but then I get alot of bubbles in the sight glass. This thing is really driving me nuts do you have any advice for me. Also when I get the house down to say 73 degrees and it is 85

... Air Conditioners

I need to replace a heating element in my hot water tank but i cannot get the old one off.

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. You will have to buy the special wrench to use to get the heating elements out. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Toshiba Heat pump. 220-240V 50HZ 40 watts. I have lost the manual and do not know how to get it to give me hot air. I put the temp at 22deg but seem to just get cold air blowing in on me all the time. Surely when it is 5deg outside I should be able to get hot air coming form the stupid machine. However said heat pumps were good obviously hasn't got one of these!!!

It's in the wrong mode ... Air Conditioners

The ptac unit is not heating or cooling the aux heat works the line out of the compressor gets hot but the line going to the coils up front does not get real hot just warm and does the same thing on the cooling side does get cold can not figure it out can anybody help

Verify all your components are operating - Compressor? Condenser fan motor? Blower fan motor?\015\012If not check voltage to any that are not operating.\015\012If all components are operating and the coils are clean - the refrigerant leve ... Amana PTH153B50AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

We have a Carrier forced air furnace and it constantly recycles itself by igniting and then it heat sensor element and the furnace flame burner comes on as it should burns a short period goes out and then empties the heated air from the chamber, and then repeats the same system over and over. However; the heating element stays red hot and the LCD light constanly flashes a code. We have had atleast three different techs to come out and they only replace the heating element, and the last tech sand

Hi,\015\012\015\012First off the problem has nothing to do with the filters...\015\012\015\012The problem is that the circuit board is not getting told that the flame is present and is shutting the gas back off.....then it tri ... Air Conditioners

Have an oil fired boiler for baseboard heat and it also has a tankless heater for domestic hot water. No heat being called for only getting hot water for use. Boiler goes to 210 degrees before it knocks off. It seem to push hot water through baseboard eventhough not calling for it. The controls are set to high limit 160 degrees

These boilers usually have multiple controls. The control that would take it out of the circuit at 210 degrees is a safety. \015\012\015\012You should definitely have a professional take a look at this unit before you continue using it. ... Air Conditioners

I have a large wood stove with back boiler to heat 4 rads in my bungalow but it wont seem to get the water hot enough to heat the rads. the rads are not cold but are far from hot. The fire burns fine, but not hot enough it seems, any ideas?

Make sure that the water level is full and don't forget to bleed any air out of the systen. ... Air Conditioners

I have a glow worm boiler. I woke up this morning and the heating was not on and the hot water did not get very hot. The pressure seems to have dropped a little on the dial and the only light that was on was the on button. I then ran the hot water for a little while and the lights illuminated on the rest of the normal buttons however the heating is still not working/coming on.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Weil mcLain Gold gas furnace and the Amtrol WH-7L hot water maker. I heat alot with an indoor woodstove and if the furnace is not being used I cannot get any hot water. However, when the furnace does kick in and run for awhile I have hot water. would I be having a thermostat problem with my Amtrol and if so can I get a replacement part for it?

You should download & review the manual for Amtrol Boilermate products here. Page 12 of the manual begins examples of wiring b ... Air Conditioners

My boiler is in an outside cupboard and a frostat was fitted.My heating comes on at night and in the day when it is cold and I don't want it to as it is costing me alot of money in extra gas usage, plus it is uncomfortably hot at night and the house does not need heating when I am out. It also appears to effect my hot water as this does not get hot when the frostat is overiding the timer. P{lease can you let me know what I can do to fix this problem. I have had engineers out today who have turne

I am not a expert by any means but have a similar problem with an outside boiler, but mine is in a garage. It strikes me that if yours is located in a more confined space you could place a small parafin heater in the cupboard which would raise the t ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a ferroli falcon II combi boiler and have a problem with the hot water and heating. The hot water keeps turning cold for a few seconds and the boiler keeps firing up and clicking off all the time you have the hot water tap open. Also the heating gets to temp but then keeps clicking off for 2-3 seconds then fires up again. Have already changed sensors. Can you advise any further Cheers. Reagrds Phill

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Halstead combi boiler. The Central Heating works OK, but we are not getting any hot water. It cycles between luke warm for a bit and then goes cold. Not sure if it's related but occasionally the heating also stops and this is due to the water pressure having dropped. Turning the pressure back up to 1.5 bar starts the central heating again, but does still not give us any hot water.

... Air Conditioners

Installed a grant combi vortex 26e in January. Went back today to drain down and replace some radiator valves with leaking glands etc. When I filled and vented system, hot water fine, pump runs etc. Central heating will not fire although pump running. Pipework around boiler and by-pass very hot. No overheat. pump is free of air and spinning. I think in total I managed to get the burner to fire for on minute on central heating today. Confused. Could the by-pass be stealing all the heat? Could it

... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud pvp50-1 gas hot water heater, the water gets cold. I can turn it off and reset it and turn it back on, it heats up normally but then the water gets cold again. To heat the water again

... Air Conditioners

My heat from my Coleman furnace in my mobile home has gone from hot air to only warm air. I am assuming the elements are bad. The mobile home is a 1987 model. Where are the heating elements located and how do you replace them?

I will need to know the Model Number of the furnace. And if you can find the Serial number that would be helpful also. A lot of the furnaces are different. Heating elements are in different places. I want to make sure that I tell you how to replace t ... Air Conditioners

I turn the thermostat down at night. When I get up in the morning I turn it back up. The heat kicks on for a minute or two then the unit starts blowing colder air. If I turn the thermostat to the OFF position, wait until I hear all blowers stop, then turn it back to the ON position, it will start blowing HOT air again. Some times I have to perform this cycle 3 times to get it to keep blowing hot air. Any ideas as to what is shutting the furnace off? Thanks, Wayne

Theremostat switch problem. Replace it. ... Air Conditioners

I am a heating contractor out of Douglas, Mass. The boiler installed 3-5 years ago from Portland Group in Framingham, Ma.is a GT 210 A they do not sell your boiler anymore ( sorry to say )I do like your product. they are not helpful in to get me a out door sensor with a hot water feed sensor for controlling water temp. I think I would need a SV-matic ?? where can I get some answers and your product near me ?? thanks,, jim @ custom plumbing & heating 508-509-7227,[email protected]

I'm not sure if this is the best option, but it helped me. You can try going to http://www.customcomfortinc.com/. I know you said you're a heating contractor already but I guess it can't hurt to ask. ... Air Conditioners

I have just replaced a Sunvic SP 100 Controller, with a Siemens RWB29 Controller, and find it is not working properly. It has been wired in correctly, according to the 'Change Over Wiring Diagram' supplied with the new Unit. However, when I turn either Hot Water, or Central Heating, on to 'Manual Overide', it comes on only for about 40 seconds, and then the Gas Fire goes out! Consequently, the Water or Heating NEVER GETS HOT! The Wiring has been checked by a qualified Electrician. W

... Air Conditioners

I hope someone may be able to help me with my CH i have a alpha CD32C the problem is i cannot get the central heating to come on i have hot water but when i turn the dial onto water and heating nothin happens i have reset it still nothin the only light lit is the green hot water works fine would be grateful for any info

... Air Conditioners

I have a acl lifestyle model LP522 programmer, it works ok with the hot water, but with the central heating, the lights come on as to boot up the heating but it doesnt actually kick in, it boots up on when the hot water is activated, could it be the wiring to the GCH or do I need a new programmer? Please help as its getting cold now.

... Air Conditioners

Water heater I have a 40 gal. electric water heater. Both elements are turned up all the way.  At first I was getting about 15 mins. of hot water.. Now I'm getting maybe 5 mins. of hot water.

Its your bottom element,if no hot water its the top if the top thermostat is not kicked out.you can do a voltage check at your bottom element,if 220 volts replace,but im very sure its the bottom if wires are ok. ... Air Conditioners

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