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Heater furnace doesn't want to turn on'

\015 I have a intertherm heater (ultraflex) model 431900 about 24yro. just last wednesday, march 11,09. i turned the heat on in the morning and it didn't want to turn on (firstime it happened). i thought the thermostat was the problem,so i bought a new thermostat and replaced the old one. after i installed the new thermostat, the furnace didn't turned on also. all the wirings were connected properly. can somebody help me what could possibly the problem or what went wrong? thanks,\015

Answers :

Did the fan turn on, if it did when was the last time you cleaned the filter.

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Heater furnace doesn't want to turn on'

Did the fan turn on, if it did when was the last time you cleaned the filter. ... LG L1004R Air Conditioner

The furnace "runs"... you can hear it click and want to turn on but the blower doesnt come on. The blower works if I set the thermostat to ventilate though.

Your flame detector circuit is bad. The heater never lights, so the blower never comes on. Another thing would be the temperature sensors mount on the duct close to the burners. ... Air Conditioners

I have a 1993 Kenmore Gas Furnace. For past few weeks it's been turning on and off with a big flame very often (few minutes). Now there's a loud knock that shakes the room and we're afraid to turn it back on. A plumber who I trust and know a long time doesn't want to put any parts in it and he says we need a new furnace and gave me a reasonable price. He says he doesn't want to be responsible for the family if something should happen if he just replaces parts and says he'd be surprised if it las

With the age of the equipment it may be cheaper to get it replaced rather than fixing it plus you will have warranty plus peace of mind. ... Air Conditioners

Over the summer we shut our thermostats off so that our furnace would not turn on since the weather was beautiful. But we noticed that our heaters in our downstairs part of our house were warm. The furnace did not sound like it was on, but for some reason, the heaters were emitting heat. In order to stop this, we had to manually shut off the valves on the furnace. This stopped the heat from coming out of the heaters. But now that it is fall, I have the thermostats on and even when the tempera

Do you have a water heating system? ... Air Conditioners

I have installed a UPM model THM101B thermostat on my Intertherm model E3EB-015H electric furnace. I wanted the feature of turning the blower "ON" without the heating elements. I picked up the green 12v for the fan relay. Once the power is restored the furnace comes on even though the temp setting is low and the only way I can turn the furnace off is by disconnecting the green fan relay wire? The jumper has been properly set in the new thermostat for electric furnace operation.Right now I feel t

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Our Furnace doesnt seem to be working correct. We an: Air Pro BGM075128 and is Natural Gas. It will turn on when we turn up the thermostat.. but we never get any heat through the vents. There is a switch on the side that is "on" and one that is "fan". If we turn on the "fan" only cold air gets blown through. It looks like this is for cool air. So, if we leave the fan off and the "on" swith on, we get the furnace firing up, but no heat ever comes through the vents. I tested out the thermo

Sounds like the blower motor is not working, if the furnace is actually lighting up and the burns are ignited. You should set your thermostat to auto, as if it is on fan then the fan runs all the time until you take it off of fan. I am a little confu ... Air Conditioners

Have a Amana a/c heater central furnace. Model number PGA30R0452A. The a/c part works fine. The heater part does not turn on sometimes. We have to keep turning it on and off to get to work. No matter what you hear a slight humming when we turn it on just it doesn't always blow air out of the vents. It also does not always kick back on once the temp. has dropped and should start heating the house again. We have programmable thermostat. Any suggestions to whats broken or breaking. My husband woul

When you change from cooling to heating the fan will not come on immediately. A solenoid valve is energized (check that it is working) and operates a reverse valve, changing the gas flow in the system. It takes a few minutes for the system to build u ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a Heater/Furnace problem. I have a Carrier 58RAV095-16 Natural Gas Furnace. My furnace keeps restarting it's heating process. Upon turning the heater on, a small fan will engage and run for about 60 seconds, then the fan turns off and the gas engages and the igniter clicks and you hear the gas combust and the flames spew out onto the heating rods(?) and after a minute or so, the big fan will turn on and begin circulating air throughout the house. Sounds all good so far? Well

... Air Conditioners

Ruud Silhouette II furnace: comes on and runs for as long as it wants, then turns off. Sometimes turns off at pre-set temp, other times just when it wants. May turn on again, behave well for several cycles, or for 20 minutes. When I get too cold, I go out, downstairs, and thump it near the fan. Starts right up, runs for as long as it chooses. Nearly least energy-efficient kind, v. frustrating. Had trouble-shooter out a few years ago, couldn't find anything. An intermittent short?

Hi ruby. Begin by installing a new thermostat. Preferably one that allows you to program weekday and weekend temps. separately. Joe ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

We have turned the thermostat up but furnace will not come on. It sounds as though it wants to start then shuts down only to try again in a short while. The red light visible inside the furnace is flashing .I have tried resetting by shutting unit off at thermostat for a few minutes the turning on to heat mode.

Sounds like there is a safety switch called a limit switch that has gone bad,the red light means trouble ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a LUXPRO PSP600 digital thermostat and when I switch it to heat it automatically comes on. The hot air is blowing fine. However when it meets the temperature that is set, the heater turns off but the furnace in the basement for air circulation doesn't turn off. It keeps running. (The fan with the furnace in the basement kept running.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

My nokia cant play youtube video ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

We had an old 1970s fan heater in the ceiling of the kitchen that was attached to a light switch to turn on/off. We want to attach a light fixture to the ceiling where the heater was and use the same switch. I have allready attached it a troubleshot the problem, but for some reason the light wont turn on.

Sounds like we need to do some tracing of history over they years:1.) How long has the heater NOT been used? (Has it been removed?)2.) Since a heater draws considerable current-- It likely was on a separate circuit. ... Air Conditioners

Weather King 8PJ10NDR01 When I turn the heater switch to ON position the furnace runs what sounds like an internal fan. Second, the igniter glows and when it reaches it's hottest stage the fan thrusts air through the air ducts / vents and the burners light for about 30 seconds to a minute blowing cool air. After a period of about 30 seconds to a minute the burner turns off. After the igniter and burners repeat this about 2 times the heater shuts down by it's self, even when the temp gauge has no

The gas valve is not sensing flame, and the unit shuts down on safety.\015\012\015\012Chances are the flame sensor is bad, its a common problem.\015\012\015\012If its a thermocouple you can buy one for 10 bucks, If its a newer ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

I have an Amana Model GUC-C 90 Hi-efficiency furnace that we installed in 1992. It has a central air unit as well. On Friday we tried to turn the air on and nothing will work. I have replaced switches in the air unit in the past but this time there is no clicking, I can't turn the circulation fan on for the unit, the heater unit will not turn on. I have power at the breaker, and on the unit itself there is a on/off switch with a round screw in fuse, that fuse is good and I have power there.

Hello,Your control transformer may have quit on you, or your thermostat may have gone out. The transformer is what supplies the current for the hvac system. The thermostat just controls what relays are energized. Since you have a probl ... Air Conditioners

My heater is not working reliably. With the setpoint above the room temp, it may come on right away, or not for 12 hours. Pilot/igniter is ok, and will sometimes start the furnace heat going, then shuts off. New digital Honeywell thermostat, worked fine until 3 weeks ago. Thermostat says Heat when it's trying to turn on the furnace, but often nothing. Sometimes when it's starting up a loud buzzing sound comes from the furnace, perhaps a relay oscillating.

Could be an open or stuck limit switch, not really a good thing. ... Air Conditioners

I just got a new honeywell thermostat and it when i first hooked it up it wouldnt turn on so i check to find out which connections on the thermostat when open i changed my wire to make it correct now when it turns on it doesnt turn off. i only have 2 wire that were on the old thermostat and the new one shows spots for 3 wire do i need to run a 3rd wire to get the furnace to shut off after it reaches desired temp? right now i have to disconnect the thermostatto shut it off.?

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assit you. If you did not turn the power off to the furnace before rerplacing the thermostat then you may have burned out the board in the furnace. But first if there is a RH/Rc terminal in the new the ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

If I turn the thermostat to heat or cool, only the blower turns on. If I turn to emergency the heater does work. I removed the furnace panel and found the LED light was blinking. What could be the problem?

Inside your furnace will be a list of what the number of blinks means. These codes point to the problem that you have. ... Air Conditioners

I have an interherm electric heater,240w, 53000btu. in my moble home. when the heater comes on the blower comes on low but after a short time, stops but the heater remain on, overheating the space it sits in, the wall. I'm afraid i will burn up in my sleep.its gotten so hot that it filled the room up with smoke and i had to call the fire department. I'v had a repair man but he just wanted to sell me a new furnace

Sounds like a bad motor or a bad motor capacitor.Without knowing the age of this system a new furnace may be the best option. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a Miio MPH400 wall/floor mounted heater,2200watts. It is on a timer but I cannot decipher how to set or use the timer properly. I would be happy to not even use the timer, just to be able to turn on the heat when I want to. The heater works well, otherwise.

... Air Conditioners

The burner on the furnace stays on for about 5 seconds then turns off. Then it lites up again for 5 seconds then turns off again. It keeps doing this cycle for around 3 minutes the the heater just tur

Check out the flame sensor. If it is not sensing the flame being on it will shut the gas down as a safety. ... Air Conditioners

When I turn on the heater and set it to the temperature I want, it goes off when it reaches the temperature. It is not merely in standby, it is off. It beeps repeatedly (when it shuts itself off after being on for a few minutes) at odd intervals. I have tried not setting a temperature for it, and it still goes off after a few minutes of being on. When it shuts off, it will not stay on when I try to turn it back on. I just bought it today. I don't see how it could have a clogged filter or anythin

Make sure nothing is blocking the front of unit/reset unit unplug unit plug back in ... Air Conditioners

I bought this thermastat because it says it also works with millivolt, pellet stoves and "FIREPLACES". I have a Honeywell that operates my furnace and A/C so I know how a programable thermastate works. I now have a gas fireplace that has a standing pilot light. When they installed the fireplace they hooked it up to a switch like on a wall, it is dangling over a hook from a wire that is15 feet long and I turn it on and off as I want. I have wanted a thermastate to act like the switch on it's o

A thermostat is nothing more than a temperature actuated switch.A switch breaks a "Hot Wire" going to a load (light,fireplace,fan,etc.) ... Air Conditioners

I want to be prepared to change my Carrier Furnace from Natural Gas to Propane if I need to.. I was told that their should be a little sack with a replacement jet hanging there somewhere. There is not.. What should I do?? Carrier Furnace Model 58GC125.1A.C I also face the same problem with my hot water heater.. Bradford White Corporation Model No: M15036FBN (50 gal.) I need to find the proper jets for propane for both of these.. plus instructions on how to change the jets (under emerge

Not only do you need the nozzles....you will need the spring changed in the gas valve and a manometer to set the proper gas pressure output from the valve.If you change the jets only you could do alot of damage to your furnace. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Brivis Ducted Heating system. No display on Programmable controller inside hoiuse. Electronic Control (Model 14100) located on Heater (outside house)displays "Searching". Have turned off power and left for 1 hr then turned back on - no change. Tried resetting through buttons but no change. Have assumed Electronic controller has died - but can't find troubleshooting guide to prove. Don't want to waste $$$ if can be avoided.

Hi,I have an identical issue with my Brivis.Did you get a solution?Mine can be running, then goes blank and says searching. it will eventually come back.Just wondering if you had to replace the 14100?CheersJ ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner doesn't turn on. Just clicks when I turn it on. the furnace and heater and thermostat do work.

There is a clicking at the control board, but is there 120 volts at the control? that needs to be confirmed. And is the plug from the upper unit to the control board plugged in? check for 120 volts. ... Dometic 57915531 Air Conditioner

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