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When I turn the air on the heat strips comes on at the same time

\015 Coleman air handler on 3 ton heat pump unit\015

Answers :

Is this a central heat? From the size i assume it is.
You say air conditioning on part of your question then use heat pump on\015\012another part. So it is important for us both be on the same page.
With all due respect some people think they have a heat pump and it is\015\012just AC and electric heat also but is not a heat pump.
. If you have the outdoor AC unit running\015\012with your thermostat set for heat and the air coming off the out door\015\012unit is cold, or you see it "steam up outdoors" off the out door unit at times (we call this mode defrost).

If you actually have a Heat pump system some times it is wired to have the strips come on at the same time the heat pump comes on especially if you experience a lot of weather below 40' occasionally and have an emergency heat setting on your thermostat you most likely have a heat pump.

If you have a heat pump for sure now the heaters can come on with the outdoor section if
1 they are wired to do so or
2 the thermostat has 2 stage heating and the second stage is telling the elements to come on, or
3 the outdoor thermostat (if so equipped) is telling the elements to come on.
Any 1 or combination of these 3 items can cause the elements to come on wit the out door unit.

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The Thermonstat show everything but the right thing so it will come on. Like heat strip and defrost and phases. My roof air does not come equipped with heat strip. I have a times turned everything off and in time the thermonstat will reset itself and work. Getting a false reading. Could it be that the thermonstat is bad or what?

Thermostats go bad ALL the time ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a 3 ton Coleman heat and air pump and when I turn the air condition on the heat strip comes on at the same time

If you are calling for heat and the thermostat is set for 2 degrees higher than room temp, the heat pump and strips come on.\015\012When the room temp and stat temp are less than 2 degrees the strips turn off.\015\012That is, unless the i ... Coleman Air Conditioners

When I turn the air on the heat strips comes on at the same time

Is this a central heat? From the size i assume it is.You say air conditioning on part of your question then use heat pump on\015\012another part. So it is important for us both be on the same page.With all due respect some people think th ... Coleman Air Conditioners

My coleman Mach Rv air conditioner with built in heat strip keeps tripping it's internal circuit breaker when running for any length of time. Just replaced heat strip with new one experienced same issue. I ended up with the fan continuing to run but only cold air comes out of the vents! When I removed the old unit and reset the circuit breaker it too worked again. Have no idea what is causing this to happen. The airconditing part of unit works just fine??? HELP! Ron

There should be an overload protection device in series with the low voltage wiring(t-stat wiring) Is it resting on the heat strip or too close to it? It is a saftey device to shut off the heat strips if the fan quits or a fire in the heat strip sec ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Every time my heat pump turns on, the blue auxilliary light comes on, and it only blows icy air. I do not want to use that much power, so I turn it back down a few degrees. Now, it is 50 degrees in the house. Tonight it will be around 16 degrees outside. How can I get my heat pump to produce warm air?

A heat pump starts losing efficiency below 30F or so. The aux. heat helps the heat pump keep up with heat demand. The Aux heat can be electric heat strips or another type of heat. Check to make sure you have power to whatever type of aux heat you hav ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

I have a Simple Comfort 2000 air and heat thermastat when i turn the heat on it comes on anthe the thermastat clicks and the fan blows and ther it clicks off and it trys to come bak on and it clicks about 3 times and it don't come back on. what could the problem be?

The relay in the circuit has gone bad. It will not hold the circuit closed for continuity to flow through. The relay should be mounted on the circuit board which means the board will need a replacement ... Air Conditioners

The Bon Air Vulcan heating is not working. The cooling is fine. The handset looks normal, but the fan is not coming on. any suggesstions? I have already turned it on and off a few times and switxhed from manula to auto etc. I have also turned the desired heat temp down dramatically hoping that would kick start it. thanks.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Royal Sovereign Portable AC/Heater ARP-5012xh and cannot find any info regarding my problem. Here's the deal: When in "heat" mode, the unit will turn off and on several times before finally turning off for several minutes before turning back on (and off...). I did manage to get it to stay on for a few minutes, but no air was coming out of the front vent although there was airflow from both of the rear vent hoses. I checked the drain - empty. I checked the vent hoses - clear of obstr

Make sure there is no obstruction anywhere on either coil,and the fan is turning,and turning the right way,I believe the fan turns in the opposite direction for heat.If this does not work,freon would be needed,even for the heat. ... Air Conditioners


The w wire off thermosta controls heat. eithe bad board or thermostat. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

When I turn on my air the compressor comes on and blows cold air. The unit runs for about 2 minutes then the circuit breaker trips. The coil has been cleaned and everything else on the unit works to include the heat strip.

Most likely your compressor is DOA, call a comapny and have them investigate further ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I just bought a 2002 mobile home and it is centraL HEAT AND AIR...My problem is I just turned on the central air, but there is heat still coming from the top part of the wall furnace which is in the small hallway. I have a switch in the laundry room which turns the heat off, but there is still some heat coming from the wall furnace...Do I take the cover off the wall furnace, but not sure what I would be looking for...I use oil for heat.. Thank you very much..

You need to make an adjustment inside the thermostat on the wall. To make the adjustment, lift off the cover from the thermostat and locate the anticipator. If your furnace is running short cycles, the anticipator is probably set on .2 or ... Air Conditioners

I have a weather king model 90RJ - first time I've had hot air heat..When I turn on the heat, the blower turns on right away ( blowing cold air) - I understand that the ducts have to cleared of the cold air - but shouldn't the blower turn off until the air is warmed to temp thanks Bob

When the furnace first comes on there is a induced draft motor that should come on first but that forces air up the exhaust or flue,not into supply air on ductwork. It is not unusual for cold air to be blown out when burner first turns blower motor o ... Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner

I turn the thermostat down at night. When I get up in the morning I turn it back up. The heat kicks on for a minute or two then the unit starts blowing colder air. If I turn the thermostat to the OFF position, wait until I hear all blowers stop, then turn it back to the ON position, it will start blowing HOT air again. Some times I have to perform this cycle 3 times to get it to keep blowing hot air. Any ideas as to what is shutting the furnace off? Thanks, Wayne

Theremostat switch problem. Replace it. ... Air Conditioners

Cool air comes out when the heat turns on. When I switch to Em heat, warm air comes out. Over the summer the air worker great, however when I switched to heat on the thermostat, cool air came out. Why?

Check the following. 1. Your setting temp must be higher +3 than room temp. 2. Check heating sensor.3. And also heater element.(If it's reversal valve, checke RV is working) ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

When our air conditioner comes on, it smells like the heat is on. This happens for a few seconds then goes away. However, it happens each time the a/c turns on.

This may due to teh fact that you may have the vent open and this is a common the air cpomes from outside in and get cooled and then passed to the room...make suer you have the vent closed. ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I have a payne air handle,heat strips come on but fan dose not run,i turn fan on it dose not run try ac it dose not run,try jumping the thermostat ,fan dose not run

Burnt wire lead, bad start capacitor or bad fan motor. ... Air Conditioners

Fujitsu inverter hello my name is jim. my fujitsu works on all areas except heating. when turned on the it makes all the moves as it is about to work but stops as it is frozen with very little air coming out.it also has the timer light flashig constently and the operation light flashes 5 times every 10 seconds. on cooling , dry , fan it seems to power on and all levels of speed work ok.

... Air Conditioners

Ruud UPKA-035JAZ air conditioner will turn on heat strips for a period of time and then start cooling again.

... Air Conditioners

Heater smell When our air conditioner comes on, it smells like the heat is on. This happens for a few seconds then goes away. However, it happens each time the a/c turns on.

... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

When in AC mode we have a power outage, when power returns heat pump turns on. Come home to hot hot house. ckd coil, wiring, reverse valve. have honeywell thermostat. unit only 2 mos. old. also new air handler same time.

Possible defrost board. Get service tech to check this . Had the same problem change board it was ok. RUSS ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

I recently had a new outdoor unit installed on my central heat and air conditioning sytem. I have had the installer out 3 times and the system still does not operate correctly. Sometimes when it cycles (every other time or every third time) the unit does not blow cold air. Sometimes the unit comes on not blowing cold air and the compressor fan is running but not the compressor. Sometimes after 15 minutes of this the compressor will come on. What is the problem.

It sounds like the compressor needs starting components installed on it. All a/c units have a run capacitor for the compressor and another one for the condenser fan motor. These motors use these capacitors all the time when the motor is running. H ... Air Conditioners

Hello, When I set my AC unit to "Heat" and turn it on, the air will come out warm, then after a few hours the air starts to come out cool. To make it warm again I need to set the thermostat to Off position for a few minutes then turn it back to On position then the air comes out warm again. Any idea what could be going on here? thank you!

It sounds like you have a heat pump. When you first turn on the system the heat strips will come on and produce warm heat (referred to as supplemental heat strips), as temperatures rise the heat strips will turn off and the "A" coil will just exchang ... Air Conditioners

Our Furnace doesnt seem to be working correct. We an: Air Pro BGM075128 and is Natural Gas. It will turn on when we turn up the thermostat.. but we never get any heat through the vents. There is a switch on the side that is "on" and one that is "fan". If we turn on the "fan" only cold air gets blown through. It looks like this is for cool air. So, if we leave the fan off and the "on" swith on, we get the furnace firing up, but no heat ever comes through the vents. I tested out the thermo

Sounds like the blower motor is not working, if the furnace is actually lighting up and the burns are ignited. You should set your thermostat to auto, as if it is on fan then the fan runs all the time until you take it off of fan. I am a little confu ... Air Conditioners

I'm having a problem with my heating and air system, my heat only works on emergency heat ( and run 24/7) if i turn it to regular heat it only blows cold air. i dont think my outside unit fan is turning( i could be wrong about this one) how can i fix this problem so i dont have to run my emergency heat all the time

If your Heatpump's fan isn't running but your compressor is, your fan motor is out. If nothings happening at all ensure your getting power to heatpump (ex: breaker tripped, fuses blown on outside power switch, or fuses blown in breaker box?) ... Air Conditioners

Water tank full light keeps coming on an shuts the AC off after about 10 minutes on a Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner. I drained all the water out of it I could and it does turn back on after I turn it back on and will run for about 10 minutes. Then it beeps 6 or 7 times and the water full light comes back on and shuts it off. There is no more water coming out of it and there is a buzzing when it comes back on but it will blow cold air until it shuts off again. Please help!

Dod u get any help with your problem because i am having the same problem and ofcource the company is no longer around ... Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner

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