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Loud noise We have a new home with a Nordyne split system heat pump Model FT4BD-030K 13 seer When the unit goes on it makes a loud noise for about 5 to 10 seconds. Is there a fix to this problem?

Answers :

It is probably a rotary compressor unit.
\015\012They tend to make a start up noise.
\015\012Some technicians advocate adding a booster starting device to help the compressor start more quickly, thereby reducing startup noise.

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Loud noise We have a new home with a Nordyne split system heat pump Model FT4BD-030K 13 seer When the unit goes on it makes a loud noise for about 5 to 10 seconds. Is there a fix to this problem?

It is probably a rotary compressor unit.\015\012They tend to make a start up noise.\015\012Some technicians advocate adding a booster starting device to help the compressor start more quickly, thereby reducing startup noise. ... Air Conditioners

Hello all I am about at my wits end....We had a 2 ton 14 seer Ruud heat pump installed at the end of last year. The biggest problem I am having is in heat mode when it goes into defrost it makes a loud almost helicoper sound for about 20-60 seconds, wakes you up that's for sure. When I have had the company that installed it come out I can never get it to do it for them and I even tried recording it. We have had a multitude of problems I believe mostly stemming from the company that installed it.

It is most likely due to a scroll compressor. these are very noisy and hard to get used to. if it does not have a compressor jacket it would be worth installing. a hvac company would have to get it for you and it put it on. labor should be minimal si ... Air Conditioners

On 7/18/06 I purchased a 2 1/2 ton 13 seer AC and coil. The day it was installed I had to call for service as it was not working. The technician found a connection has failed to be made. Last year, when the unit was only 2 years old, it started to make an very loud noise that could be heard inside the house. When the technician came out, he said he could not hear any unusual noise. This year, now the unit is 3 years old, it started to make the same noise which keeps me awake when the air cu

If its because of the pipes that it is vibrating, as per the technicians diagnosis. So fine, even though I admit that your question is justified, but fighting over it will not solve the issue plus you getting ready to sell the place pretty soon. In s ... Air Conditioners

We have a 2000 Winnebago Adventurer with basement air, "true air". Yesterday our AC unit started making a loud buzzing noise about every 90 seconds. Like maybe the second compressor was trying to start up and couldn't. We turned the AC off for awhile, and when we started it up again the noise started immediately. It buzzes for maybe 10 seconds. What can we try ? Should we leave it turned off ? It is over 100 degrees here in Texas and we need help fast!!! Thank you. Pam

... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a 10 SEER heat pump about 16 years old, yesterday I notice that the outside unit was making a loud click noise in the heating mode. It's very close to the defrost electrical curcuit board. The unit still was putting out heat inside but decided to turn off the unit and use the emerg. heating. What could that loud clicking sound be? concern, Gilbert

Depending on make and model sounds like a check valve clicking. It can sound like it is coming from that area. You say your unit is 16 years old. Honeywell did servey on unit 10 years and older and found out they loose 25% effeicency after 10 years. ... Air Conditioners

I own a Lennox model XC14-036-230, 14.2 SEER, 3 ton Elite condensing unit. This unit is less than a year old. Problem: AC unit will jump start during severe lightning storms, and it emits a loud "LOW" pitched noise. Note: During normal operation it emits a HIGH pitched noise.

... Air Conditioners

Have a kenmore slider casement a/c model #580.75123700. It cools ok, but while it is running it makes a loud intermittent noise like revving up a motor. Erum-erum-Gets so loud can hardly hear the TV and trying to sleep. Any ideas what the problem is and can a repair man fix the problem? Thanks

... Kenmore 73123 Air Conditioner

I have a whirlpool quiet miser, ACE082XSO that is cooling fine, but makes quite a lot of tinnie rattling noise when I listen to it run on the outside of our bedroom. is there a fix for this noise problem and/or is there a place to purchase a new unit that will fit into this through-the-wall case? i'm suspicious that the unit is old and may fail soon.

Normally a sound like this is vibration or the fan making contact with the casing. If you pick up on the unit a press on it in different places and the sound goes away it i vibration. If its the fan there will be evidence on the edges of the fan blad ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

I recently got an Iron Cleer system; 3 tanks total. It is installed in a downstairs little utility room, with a door, along with the water tank/well pump. My problem is the compressor on top of the Iron-Cleer. Outside of nightly regeneration, it goes off 4 times a day for 10 minutes apiece. When it goes off, it is SO LOUD you can't hear TV that good upstairs; the firrst time it happened I jumped up on the second floor; didn't know WHAT the heck that loud noise was. Anyway, the only solution

If there is available space, mounting it on a 4" inch, wooden riser (sturdy enough to handle the weight) with a rubber mat on top of the riser, may help to dampen the noise. As, it won't be making any contact with the concrete floor and vibrating and ... Air Conditioners

Hi. I recently installed 1.5 T, 3 * Split AC, LG. Whole day the AC works fine and no problem in cooling too. But once in 2 day outdoor unit start making thudding noise continously and does not stop for 4 to 5 second and after that indoor unit stops cooling and just fan runs. No cooling is done after that and room temperature keep increasing. The green LED of compressor in indoor unit is ON, compressor does not work. To achieve cooling again I have to switch off whole unit for like half an hour a

HelloSounds like the compressor is shuting down on high heat.There could be a couple reasons for this.1 Check that proper voltage is being supplied to compressor.2 Freon level may be low.This would be a service call.3 Ba ... LG Air Conditioners

White plastic wheel on one side of the exhaust hose hook up hole spins/wobbles so the unit makes a very loud noise. Last time this happened to a previous unit it broke the plastic and the unit was useless. How can I fix this?

... Amana Portable Air Conditioner

I have a Weatherking select 10 AC unit where the unit comes on but the fan isn't turning. It makes a loud buzzing/grinding noise and no cool air. The unit is 10+ years old, any ideas on fixes, or

... Air Conditioners

Central AC makes loud noise at start up (inside unit, not outdoor unit). The noise has been getting longer and now the AC doesn't click on.

... Air Conditioners

The refrigerant line in the wall of my guest bathroom running from the Lennox A/c condensor outside makes a loud buzzing noise when it is running. The supervisor of installation of the original installation company examined the unit thoroughly outside and up in the crawl space where the line runs and says the loud, irritating noise is normal. He claims that his unit makes the same noise in his house and that I am hearing the normal noise of the outside unit running inside the house. He explained

It may just be a loud condensor, otherwise, it could be a vibration from the unit housing and the noise carries. You could always replace the relay and see if it helps any. Also check unit pressure with pressure guage to make sure it is not over pump ... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana PTAC that was just installed two weeks ago. I am starting hear a moderately loud warbling sound when it is in operation but not all the time. It's loud enough to wake me up in the next room. Sounds like an unlevel washing machine. I turned the unit off then back on and it does it again. Other times it goes all day without making this noise. I'm sure it does this when I'm away and I never know. This is only when the heat is on. Could the AC compressor be kicking on? If so, that's

Is is the sound of water being thrown around? Some units actually sling the water from the drain pan back onto the coil. This improves efficiency. It's sort of a gurgling sound. Here's more helpful information is you need it:\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud model no. ubhc-17j11nfd and i am having a problem with my heat. when the heat does come on, the thermostat says it is on auxilary heat. the blower in the inside unit does not run. i changed the capacitor and now i get a really loud humming noise. the motor still does not spin. but when i spin the motor by hand then it seems to work fine.(the humming goes away) this happens every time when the heat goes off then back on. the only way to solve this is to keep the fan on constantly.

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I just installed a new Reznor Udap100 and it's making loud vibration noise when starting up and shutting down...when its running for a minute or so the sound goes away. It's new and I was won

... Air Conditioners

My haier window unit always makes a loud clicking noise, what causes this? How do I fix

... Haier Air Conditioners

New 14 seer split ruud heat pump makes very loud knocking noise

Well you may want to have a tech come out and check the freon level, but mostly when going into defrost, some units make alot of noise, the freon is reversed in the unit by way of the reversing valve, it makes a whooshing sound like freo ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

Frigidaire window unit does not cool. makes a loud buzzing noise when compressor tries to engage for a couple of seconds then stops buzzing.

... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Juwt bought a GE 18,000 BTU window unit from Walmart. It runs very loud outside and you can hear knocking noise inside. what can I do to fix this problem?

Did you remove all the packing materials that may have been inside the unit, before installing it? That may be the knocking noise you hear. ... GE AGW18DH Electronic Room Air Conditioner

I have a Haier ESA3067 air conditioner that has worked fine for a couple years. Then it began to have trouble responding to the pushbuttons to raise and lower temp, etc. Now it has stopped running altogether. When the unit is first plugged in, the display lights up "88" for a few seconds, then goes dark. If the GFI on the cord is tripped and reset, the display stays dark. It will not respond to pressing the on/off button. Can the problem be fixed by replacing the touchpad? Or is there ano

Yes, rightly said that it is the main controller unit that hass failed . It will worth a try to remove the board and reset the touch pads once again after resolderring on the connecctions of the microprocessor and the connectors to the display. ... Haier ESA3067 Air Conditioner

KENMORE Room air conditioner-Model #58078183890 - This is a very good, but older unit. The problem that I am now experiencing is that, it is now beginning to make loud intermittent noises (such that of a car?s old or slipped belt).I looked at the Air handling and cycle parts diagram, and noticed that the motor is oil free I believe and there is no belts. Can you please assist me as to what parts I may need to purchase?

What kind of intermittent noise are you hearing from the air conditioner? Is it like a knocking noise? If it sound's like knocking, then it's either the fan or bearing that holds the fan. First, the first thing that you need to check is ... Air Conditioners

RUUD 14 seer heat pump makes loud squeeking noise after cycling.

Your problem is the TXV. I just had person with the same problem. Replace TXV no problem Rusty ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

My Sharp CV-P12PX air conditioner seems to have a vibration / noise problem with some insulation and/or the fan. The unit is brand new and is the second one as I had the first replaced for the same problem. Tilting the unit solves the noise problem but of course that is not a final or proper solution. Any ideas?

... Sharp CVP12PX Air Conditioner

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