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Amana 1 ton Residential AC / Outside unit comes on for a sec

\015 Outside fan comes on for a sec then shuts off while fan inside house is still running. Checked Breakers. Set thermostat to lower cooling temp to no avail. Thermostat says that it is cooling.Amana 1 ton AC unit\015

Answers :

Open the service panel to check for control voltage of 24volts when tstat calling, The contactor should be pulled in, if contactor is down,and contacts appear to be clean, and the unit is still not running, it is a bad compressor. to test this unplug the black wire from the compressoror at contactor,w/ power off! Turn on power if fan works normally it's a bad compressor. However if you see a swollen split cap(5 wires to a soup can looking w/ the terminal C,F,and Comp), switch it first and start at square one.
\015\012 You also need to consider the high pressure switch if its cycling on off on off.
The outdoor fan is controlled by pressure. If the pressure is too low, it will not come on. This can be as a result of too little refrigerant or low ambient temperature. Another reason is that the fanmotor capacitor is bad. Hope this sorts your problem. ratemeplease.

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Amana 1 ton Residential AC / Outside unit comes on for a sec

Open the service panel to check for control voltage of 24volts when tstat calling, The contactor should be pulled in, if contactor is down,and contacts appear to be clean, and the unit is still not running, it is a bad compressor. to test this unplug ... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana a/c unit and the compressor outside keeps stopping however the fan goes on. The a/c service guys have been to my house 3 times and the wires each time were burnt. The last time they change the capacitor and and new heavier guage wires and it lasted for about a month. When trying to turn iton now I am back to the same situation. Do you think I should I go for a compressor or change the unit ? It is a 4 ton model BBC60a2A and the outside unit model number is RCE42A2A . Thanks

... Amana PTH123B35AJ Air Conditioner

I have an old Miller 3 ton heat pump. It will work fine sometimes but when it decides not to work i can go outside and press the power contactor and the unit will come on as long as i hold the contactor pressed. A friend told me the defroster board could be the problem because when its cooler than 45 outside it wont come on by itself. But when i measured voltage at the thermostat no wire had 24volts.When it runs it runs good and cools or heats the house well.

It sounds to me you need just a really good tune up maybe a new contactor retest your low voltage what do you have from common to 24 volts it should be 27 volts if you test each wire you want get 24 v it will be like 7 or so ... Air Conditioners

My house had a power surge and now my inside fan will not come on. It is a frigidaire heat pump 3 years old. Model # b5bm-t49k-c 4 ton unit. Outside unit is ok. i replaced the circuit board but still have the same problem. It is a 13 cer unit? i have 220 volts at the motor but unsre how to verify if it is bad. Any ideas would be appreciated

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Ruud Achiever 10 Seer 2 1/2 ton AC unit Model UAKA-030JAZ Ser # 5428M010204706 Blower blows but the outside never comes on. Tried turning just the fan on AND using the temp on the thermostat! Thermostat was replaced in 2005. Is there a fuse on this unit and if so, WHERE? Thank you!

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I have a Carrier 38tra048340 ac 4 ton unit outside, heater in attic. Thermostat is Totaline P374-1100. Power went out than back on after a few hours due to vehicle crashing into power pole. AC was running at time of power outage. Power came back on, ac would not come back on. Checked house circuit breakers, none tripped off. Turn ac 40amp breaker and heater 20amp breaker off and back on. Voltage ok. Checked fuse box by ac unit on wall, fuses and voltage ok. Went into hot attic to check for powe

Blank screen sounds like a fried thermosat. Abrupt outages can affect certain types of thermostats. Make a jumper wire and jump across R and G. See if you get any action from anywhere. If a fan or compressor kicks in you know you have a burned out th ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Amana PTH153E35 unit works fine. With the unit on auto, about every 20-30 minutes the fan comes on for about 30 seconds and shuts back off. Temp is 80 outside and thermostat set to 76. Why is fan doing this?

... Amana PTH153B50AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

We have a gym that is 150 feet by 75 feet and around 40 feet high, I have 2 york 20 ton heat pumps located on out side of building. CFM are 8000 a peace. when temps outside are in single digits temps in side gym never get above 40 degrees it as been like that sence it was installed. there is only 1 return vent for each unit located ground level where heat vents come in. heat is routed across sealing. seems like all heat stay up high where it comes out at, How can I get temp into the 60's Heat p

Do you have any ceiling fans in the building? Fans forcing the circulation will force the hot air down. Have you had any other professionals take a look at your problem in person?Thank you,Lee ... Air Conditioners

Does the orifice, which needs to be installed in the inside unit of an a/c for a house, come with the outside condenser? I had an a/c system installed and an orifice was never installed. the original company says that they only installed the inside unit, and dropped off the outside unit, and we had a different company install that. The original company says that the orifice comes with the outside unit and then needs to be installed inside. Is this true? ( not sure if i picked the correct produ

The orifice is the metering device inside the evaporator coil and comes installed from the factory in the coil itself. Some condensers do come with orifices taped to the side of the unit, but they only do that to ensure you have the right size orific ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Outside unit will not turn on. Inside fan works fine. This intertherm unit is an upright, 6yrs old. Model number unkown. Fan will turn. No hum coming from unit. inside condenser sits on furnace model # E2EB-015Hb. Freon charging is outside on the lines coming from outside unit.

Hi! You may want to start on having the power supply checked. Good cause why the unit won't power up. Have the compressor checked too just to be sure. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Outside unit will not come on - Amana Air Conditioners

... Amana Air Conditioners

My Goodman air handler RELAY, ELECTRONIC BLOWER TIME DELAY makes a clicking noise 4 or 5 five cycles (about 10+ Sec delay ) before the squirrel cage fan will come/stay on. I have reset the unit by switch it off for 5 minutes then back on and it worked for a week but now it makes the outside compressor go on and off the same number of cycles before it comes on. Do I need a new board or can the capacitor cause this problem? Help it's hot in Phoenix!

When this happens turn off power and feel motor if hot capicitor i dont think this board cost much but if it does you can get a fan sequenseing stack switch to repace the board with ... Air Conditioners

I have an amana cr2-1 model outdoor air conditioner. We just bought the house and it did not come with a manual. I was wondering what we need to do to get it ready for the season. I have never had an air conditioner before, so I don't know anything about them. Do I need to do anything with the outside unit? Are there parts inside my house I need to do something with? Are there filters, or are they the same as the funace filters? I ask this because it looks like it is tied in with my furna

... Amana Air Conditioners

Rhe36a2a amana outside unit will not come on at times

... Amana Air Conditioners

We installed a 4 ton downflow coleman air handler with evap coil Model number 1854s2m we did not change out the outside unit. the outside unit is a 13 year old 3 1/2 ton intertherm condenser the system is only generating a 10 degree delta T. My question is, this coil came with a factory TXV I am trying to find out is this a 10 seer or 13 seer coil is it compatable with the outside unit.

You have a missmatched system, for it to work try removing the orfice on the high side txv it is not allowing the evaperator coil to fill with refrigerant properly coleman and intertherm dont like each other since they control a large market in the ... Air Conditioners

I am working on a M # GPG13420901AB. This is a 3.5 ton package unit that replaced a 3 ton package unit on 1700sq/ft single level home. Old unit was working fine but was replaced when the home was renovated. The new unit will not hold temperature in the home when outside ambient climbs above 83-85 degrees. Refrigerant pressures early in the day (70-80 degrees ambient) look fine 70 suction 200 high 9-11 degrees SH. Late in the day with outside ambients around 90-95 degrees, inside temps 75-78

It sounds like you are low on charge. I think you have a thermostatic expansion valve and you need to check the subcooling, you should have 12 to 15 degrees at 95. At 95 degrees your head should be about 280# for a 12 or 13 SEER unit or higher depend ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Just had the haier 4 ton 13 seer outside unit installed. my inside unit is a payne and still in good condition.had a 4 ton 10 seer outside unit previously. my problem is the unit froze up the first night we used it. what do we need to do

Your problem is that your 13 seer outdoor unit is not compatible with your 10 seer indoor unit, even though the tonnage is the same. The metering device on 13 seer indoor units is different. Most 10 seer indoor units do not have an expansion valve. W ... Haier HC48C1VAR Central Air Conditioner

Ruud UPNE- 036JBZ 2 years old (outside unit) Ruud Acheiver air handler 1 year old inside unit... outside unit will not come on. voltage (120) ready at contacts. push manually and it comes on. yellow wire and brown wire go to board. no power on these when inside unit is running. power bill has doubled......must be running off heater coils? What would be the next thing to check. I did look at thermostat seems to be working normal. Can't get knowledgeable help.

... Air Conditioners

I just installed a Goodman GSX130421 3.5 Ton R410a unit alnog with a Goodman CAPF3642c6 3.5 Ton Evap. The outside unit cam with a #076 oriface, along with instructions to put it in. The Evap came with a #78. I put the #76 in, I evacuated the Evapand lines back to the O/S unit. It held 1050 microns for 10 min. The unit hardly cools the Discharge is 430psi, Suction is pegged, outside temp is 93 deg F. High humidity. Where do I go from here?

Since you got it new i think the best way to get this fixed would be to cotact the manufaturer instead of playibg around with things, however these are the causes of the problem : your condenser may be dirty and the evaporator coils should be cleaned ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Can a Goodman AC unit with a model number of a 24BTU-2 ton unit be upgraded to a 3 ton unit by changing the piston and the settings on the blower? They are also going to install a 3 ton compressor outside. Would this provide the same cooling capacity and performance of changing the actural HVAC unit to a 3 ton unit and would Goodman give me directions stating as much?

They would need to change the coil indoors to a 3 ton. If the blower speed can be increased it should be fine. ... Air Conditioners

Central air unit sometimes comes on but after the unit outside kicks off the fan inside keeps running and the unit outside clicks and dont come back on

Hello,this can be caused by a defective capacitor, the cap helps to start the compressor and outdoor fan on the outdoor unit. Looks like a silver D size or larger cylindrical object. it will have a few wires going into the top of it. Usually they ... Air Conditioners

I have a Trane xe 1000 and the dog ate through the wires outside. There are now a blue and yellow wire coming out of the unit and red and white wires coming from the house. Without them connected the outside unit does not come on even though the blower in the house is blowing air. Which wires get reconnected?

... Air Conditioners

Heat pump gets ice covered when heat is on. Cooling works fine. There is two brown wires coming from the unite in the attic to the outside unite. One of the wires has come loose from the outside unit. I don't know where it goes or if this is what is causing the freezing. Thank you, Ky Girl

Hello,KY the defrost function is not working.The wire goes to frost sensor or the outside unit control.It is LOW voltage wire.Turn the unit off and carefully look for a abandond/bare wire.Maybe a single wire with a wire nut/cap or splice.Reconnect th ... Air Conditioners

I have a friedrich mr18y3ea outside unit and mw18y3e inside unit what size wire for the two unit i think doublepole 20 amp outside unit 12 wire do you need a sept. wire for the inside unit or it come off the outside unit

... Friedrich Air Conditioners

I have a Inter therm Model# FEHB015HA central heat & air unit that I had problems with in the summer as the out side unit would not come on but the blower would kick on but nothing on the outside unit(No cold air).Ok I fixed that as it was the the transformer that switched it down to 24 volt to go to the outside.Now I have noticed that when the heat is on it will not kick the outside unit on?It has been very cold here in Georgia but right now as I type it is 50 degree's and the outside unit is s

Hi, if this is not a gas fired split system, it is a heat-pump with aux heat strips. The outdoor unit must be on to warm you're home by way of the reversing valve. The strips in the indoor unit are for emergency and auxiliary heat only. ... Air Conditioners

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