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No flame on left side/main valve. Right side lights, flames up

\015 \015\012Unit element will ignite, \015\012gas on right valve will ignite, flame up and blow\015\012left valve/gas will not ignite or flame up\015\012Unit then shuts down\015\012\015\012Have tried reset and cleaning flame sensor on left side\015\012Does not appear gas is coming out of left side.\015\012Checked valve nozzels, seems clean/clear\015\012The main gas valve is a Honeywell VR8205H 8016 - \015\012at least 15 years old\015

Answers :

Try taking out the orifice on the burner that is not lighting and make sure it isn't blocked.

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No flame on left side/main valve. Right side lights, flames up

Try taking out the orifice on the burner that is not lighting and make sure it isn't blocked. ... Air Conditioners

Vulcan 5310011 external ducted heater more often than not wont light, 3 of the 4 burners light but when the 4th one doesn't the unit shuts down. When the 4th one does light there is a small sensor of some description in the flame, one on the left burner and one on the right burner. The one on the right which doesn't light most of the time glows red when it does light and the one on the left doesn't glow red, unsure of what this "sensor" is? I am a plumber by trade but don't do anything with duct

... Air Conditioners

2003 expedition,a c not working freon is ok fuses ok clutch dosn't engage, a would like to know what else to check clutch, sensors,delays, etc. That is the main problem now cuz Sumer, I really like to check every single lead you can Share to get to the problem. Also problems that now i know Thanks to you guys are typical on exps like: - a c tap noises on the back - ajar door sign always - driver electric seat works left side ( or left rail ) not the right just on d side - ceiling lights fronto

... Air Conditioners

Cucina Pro Double Coffee Brew Station 1711 Series We have had this unit for about 2 months. It has been operating fine until about a week ago when the left side ON/OFF light and the TIMER light have both started blinking in unison. We have tried reprogramming everything as well as unplugging the machine for a half hour. No luck. The right side is still working without a hitch. Can't seem to find anything about it online and the manual has no trouble shooting section... Thank you!

It is an indicator that means you have to clean that side - you then press two of the buttons for 5_10 seconds to stop the blinking . but i can't find my manual and can't figure out which two buttons! ... Air Conditioners

A 2 month old Goodman GMH95 natural gas furnace has been working properly until tonight. Now it starts up properly, but after 30 seconds (and right when the cirulator fan kicks on) it shuts the gas valve stopping the flame. LED light flashes 8 times, which is not an option on the trouble shooting guide. Unit will retry every few minutes and cycles this way over and over. It appears the control module is not receiving the gas flame detection signal. What do we need to do?

Goodman's control boards are very sensitive as well as the connections to the gas valves. Check the wires and make sure they are snug and tight. With it being only 2 months old, I doubt the board is bad or the flame sensor(unless it is a used syste ... Air Conditioners

Haier 110 volt window heat pump need wire connection to the thermostatic. Two slip on connection bottom left side, one on the right, wire colors are two light blue, one dark blue, one black one red,

Hi!!!\015\012\015\012Let's see if this will help you. It should be a wiring diagram inside the unit, either on a sticker or on paper in a bag. It should be very helpful to know where the wires come from in the unit. Below is a description of ... Air Conditioners

RUUD Ultra 90 Plus Modulating up flow furnace UGFD_07EMCK 1.5 years old. Furnace doesn?t function properly from the very first day, often shuts down after initial burners firing. The 1st (right) burner always fires up but it fails to light up the rest of the burners. Sometimes 4 burners fire-up but not the last one (left) where the flame sensor is mounted. It only happens after the furnace had been off for some time 30 min. or more. After short brake (10 min or so) initial burners firing is alwa

Sounds like the cross over between the burners are to tight. I would take a common screwdriver and open the slot just a little. Only other thing I am worried about is the gas pressure on the burner side. Needs to be set as per installation manual. ... Air Conditioners

My pilot light went out and when I try to relight it, the flame will light when I press down on the red button by the gas control valve. I hold it down for about a minute like the instructions say but when I release the red button, the flame goes out before I can turn the gas control valve to the on position. What is the problem and how do I repair it?

Hi you will need to replace the thermocouple. This is the copper tube that screws in to the gas valve and goes back and mounts along side of the pilot. Most will pull straight out. When they go out, the pilot will light when you hold the red button d ... Air Conditioners

The boiler locks out, i reset it the left hand green light is on and the red centre light the temp gauge is showing zero. i run the hot tap and the boiler starts up and the temp goes up then i stop the tap and the central heating starts and keeps going until it locks out again(about 90 deg c) - centre red light on and right green light and lockout light. temp gauge then drops right down again and i have to run hot tap again to start central heating. any ideas?

Hi,\015\012It would be helpful to us if you had includes the make and model of the boiler that you are talking about...\015\012\015\012Is it gas or fuel oil???\015\012\015\012My impression from what you have said is that ... Air Conditioners

We have a fedders AED24E7CG window air/heat unit. The left side is blowing cold air--when on heat setting. It looks like there is a coil in it cuz the right side is glowing orange & pushing heat but the left side isn't glowing & is pushing cold air. Unit was here when we bought the house so I don't have a book & am having trouble finding any info. online.

... Fedders AED24E7F Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My living flame gas fire has started to have all the flame at one side (side of the pilot light) and sometimes the flame goes underneth the fire? why

A couple things could cause this.\015\0121. you have air flow pushing the flame to one side \015\0122. A dirty burner.\015\0123. A plugged outlet oriface. ... Air Conditioners

2004 c230 A/c left side warm Right side ok

Low on freon or a plugged expansion/orfice tube,whichever they use,which will cause a "super-Heat" condition ... Air Conditioners

Heater: Rheem Classic 90 Model RGRJ In service since 7/02 Problem: Thermostat calls for heat Steady Green Light Inducer motor starts and runs lighter comes on and glows no gas, no flame Voltage across gas valve is zero no yellow light lighter goes out inducer motor quits blower is off no heat Troubleshooting activities: Resetting (power off then on) will bring on the flame 99% of the time checked for exhaust clogs, none found no evidence of water at inducer fan housing barb have

Failed control board. Replace circuit board. ... Air Conditioners

My thermastat is just a regular one with on,fan,auto, on the left side and heat off and cool on the right. what I would like to know is what should the left side be set at whjen the heat is on. I have it just on the on and heat but fan seems to be running all the time. Please help. thank you.

Hi,The left side fan switch should normally be in the "auto" position.If the fan is still running all the time, then there is a problem in the furnace/air handler... the fan switch in there is bad and keep the fan on when it should not be ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Unit will come on for a minute (working normally)then stop. The green light on the left hand side will blink 2 times, pause then repeat. Attempts to restart fail, and eventually the left hand light will begin blinking.

I am sorry but I am getting a very little information from your post…it say that unit not working and some lights comes on and off…could you please post more information that can helps everyone reading the post and safe everyone time ... Air Conditioners

Older Sunbeam Heat Force 85,000 Btu, LP salamander heater with a spark igniter, small sealed circuit board, asco red hat gas valve and temperature switch. The temp switch is an Elmwood L295 1/2" diam. surface mounted ceramic, 2-terminal sensor. The Asco valve is a Red Hat normally closed gas 110v, 10.1 watt valve. On/Off control is a toggle switch. The problem: I turn the unit on....fan starts, gas valve opens, spark igniter light flame....all good for 15-20 seconds. Then the gas valve shut

Hi,The problem is that whatever is sensing the flame is not telling the control that the flame is on...Not sure what you have on that unit, but I suspect that it is a photocell that sees the light and then tells the board that there is fl ... Air Conditioners

I have a Charmglow patio heater. I have taken it apart and cleaned all openings where the gas comes out, but the flame still goes out after 7-8 minutes. It lights fine but will not stay lit for more than about 7-8 minuites. I have also replaced the butane tank. If I wait awhile I can re-light but if I try and do it right away then the pilot lights then I turn the knob and the flem lights but if I let go of the knob it burns out.

From what you have described, it sounds like the Thermocouple is going bad and needs to be replaced. As far as not being able to relight the pilot right away is concerned ... that's a safety feature. The control has to reset itself, before you can re ... Air Conditioners

I have the delonghi calor gas choice quattro plus heater, and its not igniting, the pilot light flame lights, but the main 3 panels wont light, to my knowledge there arn't any leaks and its all connected properly, any help would be great. The 2 left panels light momentarily but fade out almost instantly.

... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

Today when i came back from work i noticed water gushing out of my Vulcan 260 external water heater located at the back of the house from a valve at the bottom right side. I closed the mains and attached a stopper to the valve which stopped the water from flowing. please let me know what had happened and should i call a plumber or is it okay to plug the valve with a stopper.

That pipe is there for two reasons, one is to let you know that you have an issue and that you need to get someone out there to fix it, the other is to release built up pressure in the tank itself, best bet is to go ahead and have a plumber come out ... Air Conditioners

My Rheem Corsaire furnace is short-cycling. It ignites, the burners stay lit the fans run for a while then the burner shuts off, the fans run until the cooling oft temp is reached then shut off. Right away the furnace starts right back up. It does this until it reaches the temp the thermostat is calling for. I had a problem with the flame sensor last year, but then the burner would light and then go right out.

Try blowing air thru the pilot tube. You may have a spider web in the burner tube. ... Air Conditioners

Vaillant turbomax pro 28/2e no flame, changed gas valve and pcb for new but stillhave no flame, boiler is calling for gas, has gas at inlet but nothng out so have reg flame with line through sign comes on after 3 attempts to light. any ideas

... Air Conditioners

My A/C unit is not functioning properly. When switched on by remote or by power source, the left yellow light will come on for a few seconds, then the yellow indicator light on the right and middle orange light all begin flashing. I have tried everything - resetting the remote, on/off from the power source, on/off from the remote, and all with the same effect. I desperately need the A/C function to work as soon as possible and have been trying all day to make it work. Please help!

It will be helpful if you provide the manufacturer name and model no. of your air-conditioner.\015\012\015\012Do you hear the fan or the compressor run? ... Air Conditioners

My Goodman GSMS 100-4 won't stay lit. It starts up the HSI glows, gas valve opens ignition, flame and after a few seconds the flame goes out. The light blinks one time (repeating). I replaced the flame sensor and still no joy any ideas, can I get a schematic of the control board?

Hello Flame rod should have done the trick.Make sure the rod & the control are GROUNDED (earth).Make sure the rod is not touching anything & in the gas flame. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Brivis Wombat 92 heating unit - I am having trouble getting the pilot light to stay lit. The gas is on, the igniter is sparking and the pilot light ignites but when I gently release the red gas valve after 60 seconds as prescribed in instructions the pilot light flame extinguishes itself. Have tried venting the gas line to get rid of oxygen and this isn't helping. Any ideas?

Hear of a PRIMUS pricker?This is a very stiff but fine wire that was used to clear the jet on an old primus stove. The gas jet head at the pilot has a fine hole to allow gas to flow. When you hold it open with the button it allows for the ... Air Conditioners

Right Indicator light blinks; left is solid; nothing in manual about this pattern

That is an error code.count how many blinks after a pause and that would be the error code. could be 4 , 5, 7, or 9.you could reset it by un plugging or removing power for ten minutes and try it again. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

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