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Condensation question Is there a place for condensation to drain out of on a LG Goldstar GWHD5000?

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Yes there is a hole in the rear underneath.  Make sure that it is not plugged.  The ac needs to be cleaned every year for good workmanship.  Make sure that the ac is tilted back allittle so the water or condensation will drain.  Sometimes I've seen one where it was tilted towards the inside of the house and the fan would pickup some of the water and put a mist in the house which is not good.  If We can be anymore help let us know and thankyou1

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Condensation question Is there a place for condensation to drain out of on a LG Goldstar GWHD5000?

Yes there is a hole in the rear underneath.  Make sure that it is not plugged.  The ac needs to be cleaned every year for good workmanship.  Make sure that the ac is tilted back allittle so the water or condensation will drain.  S ... LG Goldstar GWHD5000 wall/window Air Conditioner

Had a question, can you place the two hoses that drain the access water in a bucket rather then place the hoses out a window the drain?

Hi, yes you can, but make sure bucket is big enough to fetch all water from machine, always keep hose same level with water in tub, when machine is in operation. lowering hose to floor could get water out by gravity. it's better to put drain hose in ... Frigidaire FAP094P1Z Portable Air Conditioner

The rv is setup on concrete. I have leveled the unit. The condensate is draining on the roof on both sides. I want to direct the condensate to the rear of the unit. Can I place a drain tube on the A/C unit to force the water to the rear? The unit is made by Coleman and is their 15000 unit model.

What I've done in the past for some owners is run a bead of "Dicor" sealant across roof to where it's better to run off. Condensation follows bead to new location, provided it's not running up hill. ... Air Conditioners

Condensation water is not draining properly on Goldstar AC window unit and backing up and dripping on the wood frame and floor below the unit. Is something blocked it just started happening. I am going to clean the little pipe that water drips from outside but it involves climbing a latter. Also I am going to clean the condenser coils...is there another reason or anything else I am missing and do you clean the condenser coils with little wire brushes? It occurs after the unit has been runnin

Yes,remove the ac unit from the window,and clean it out with a water hose out side,remove all debris from inside the unit,and tilt water out of unit.Make sure there is nothing in the way of the drain,and when the unit is put back in the window,make s ... Goldstar KG6000R Window Air Conditioner

I have a thru-wall unit that is draining out of the back and cooling just fine. My problem is the hole in which the ac goes thru. There seems to be some condensation on the bottom of the unit that drips down onto the board below(would be the window sill if I had taken it thru the window). I have thought about taking the unit out and placing a piece of insulating foam in the bottom of the unit or closing the 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of the unit and the board with insulation or expand-a-

You are correct the gap needs to be closed, i would suggest the double taped insulation they use on pick up truck when you put a topper on, as if you ever need to remove unit it would be easier then the expansion foam. Hope this helps Tim ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Condensate drain overflow-not an algae problem.my drain design has a port/stack at the airhandler exit to facilitate anti algae chemicals. I have a vent upstream of the trap discharge. drainage pipe after the trap is approx 8' with proper slope. height of drain after trap is equal to height of a-coil condensate outlet. I have constant condensate leakage from the secondary A-coil port. What is wrong?

Is your return filter clean only last about 3 mo.is the coil plugged (Evap). or the freon is low. and check the condenser make sure it clean too. ... Air Conditioners

My Daewoo DSB 091L unit has started to drip condensate from the casing joint underneath the front drainage tray. I have cleaned the blocked drain pipe and proved the water drains away. The condensate drip seems only to happen during the compressor is in cooling cycle. Maybe the flexible drain pipe is perished. How do I change the flexible drain pipe?

Make sure that the flexible pipe is securely connected to the drainpan, it can come adrift and cause leaking. The way to check this is to make sure everything is dried out completely. Then open the front grill and carefully pour water so that it goes ... Air Conditioners

Goldstar Window A/C Unit Model GWHD5000

I recommend that if you have animal and you want to have the unit on all day that is fine if you have an ac unit with a thermostat and it is big enough to handle.  The unit that is in the window is ok if your home but it could cost alot if there ... LG Goldstar GWHD5000 wall/window Air Conditioner

I have an old Rheem unit and the condensation drain was clogged. The water backed up into the unit I think. By the way, this rheem unit is a attic type. So when I unclogged the drain I could see the condensate flow. But I think that there maybe still some water behind where the condensate is coming from. Can I get access to the inside? Or do I have to wait and hopefully it will dry up eventually??

Hi,\012Just run it in fan only mode for a while to dry it out...\012You will not hurt anything... \012 \012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner... ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

My Bosch 2400E tankless water heater will ignite but immediately go back off. At first it worked but then built up condensate in the chamber. After drying it out and putting it back together it hasn't worked for a week. At first I failed to install the drain hose on the outlet side which probably caused the condensate problem. That has been remidied. The reason for not hooking up the drain on the main exhaust was because I used a vertical vent kit which has a drain on it. HELP Me Please.

Welcome-\015\012do you have any codes that come across the screen?\015\012\015\012tom ... Air Conditioners

I have a Tempstar NFCP3600/A1. There appears to be two condensate drains. The main one is plumbed to the outside. There is another drain next to it and it is pointed down and drains into the garage where the unit is hanging. I guess the secondary drain is an overflow drain, maybe not. I have cleaned out the primary drain by using a vacuum. That solved the problem temporarily. There is definitely water draining to the outside from the main pipe. Would you suggest plumbing the two together

Can't hurt! ... Air Conditioners

Goldstar r0501m I have a GoldStar R0501M Air Conditioner mounted in a window. The issue that I'm having is after a few days of (non-continuous) use, enough water builds up inside the machine that the fan starts audibly splashing through it. I cannot see any sort of drainage hole on the outward-facing half of the machine, and have been resorting to tilting the whole air conditioner to drain the water through the power cable hole. How is it meant to be drained?

... Air Conditioners

Condensate Drain Weather King 12AJA6001AH Air Conditioner. There is no water (condensation) running from the unit during operation. The drain pipe has been cleaned and there is no obstruction. The unit has been serviced last year and runs well. Please let me know what to do before calling the AC technician. Thank you for your help. Jack

Please contact the service authority because this is beyond your limit. to solve your problem, the back panel has to remove and only the service engineer knows the skill.......................sorry friend! ... Weather King 12AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

Room AC unit condensation drains into room, not outside. There are no obvious drain holes on the underside of the unit. I've drilled to create some, but condensation still comes in. The unit has a definite slope away from house, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Any suggestions are welcome.

Hi, if this unit does not have any weep holes as they are called, you should have a small diameter soft plastic drain tube connected from the inside coil where the condensation forms to outside that is plugged. You should have a trough that the conde ... Haier 5200 BTU Window Air Conditioner White

Drain plug Does the AP077R come with a drain plug? I bought the unit used and when in use, water comes out of the condensate outlet. What should I do and what does the self evaporating function really mean? Does the unit have to be drained at all?

... Amana AP077R Portable Air Conditioner

I have a goldstar air conditioner model R0801E that starts spraying water from the fan outlet after it has run for approximately 1 hour. I have checked the drain and it is not plugged, nor is there any obstruction to it, I have in fact drilled a hole into the 'formed' drain channel on the bottom which leads to the drain nipple located on one back corner. i have tried tilting the unit in order that gravity might assist and it still blows water enough that i can't use it or it will ruin the wall,

Seems i have the problem resolved by doing the following:\015\012\015\012increasing the thermostat setting from 25* C to 29*C, this will reduce the load on the cooling condenser,\015\012ensuring that the vent is set for 'fresh' as o ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

The primary condensation(Water) drain of my Ac Unit only has air coming out - No water - thr water goes to the secondary pan to drain. What may be the problem to my Primary drain system?

It sounds like the drains is clogged. Clean it and see if that's the cause. ... Air Conditioners

Window A/C - no apparent drain holes for the condensate tray ?

On most new units, the water left in the tray is picked\015\012up by the fan motor blade which kind of cools the unit down.\015\012\015\012On some models there is a round hole on the bottom left hand corner on the back of the unit. ... Samsung AW1803M Air Conditioner

Always wondered why there is no drain hole at bottom rear of unit, so no condensation can drip away-now I find it not cooling well and the bottom front of the condenser is iced up. What to do?

Newer models of window AC's use either a flailing fan to spin the condensate out the sides of the AC (outside the window) or the heat of unit and outside air will evaporate the condensate.\015\012\015\012Either way, any excess will spill ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Condensation drain Have water builging up in unit where is the drain located

On the rear toward the lower side of unit,tip the unit so the rear of unit is 1/2 inch lower than inside of unit,and make sure drain isnt plugged with debris ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

The condensation drain pipe to the up stairs unit is not draining

Is the piping a hose you can remove and flush out ? If so also clean out the fitting it attaches to also. If it is a solid pipe like copper or PVC you can try using a wet-dry vac on the other end where it goes into the drain. Worst case it may need t ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a unit in the attic that is installed in the attic horizontally. The condensation leaks out the unit into the overflow pan. I have had the drip pan replaced as it was cracked, the overflow line adjusted to insure positive drainage and no sags and raised the unit so it maintained positive slope towards the drain pan. I also made sure the drain line is not plugged by pouring bleach water down it and after a period of time, blew compressed air through it. What else could be the problem.

It sounds like to me that the leak is coming from inside the unit(air handler) possibly your evaporator coil is icing up and causing a build up of water just below where the 3/4" P.V.C. drain line connects. Instead of draining out the line, it is fin ... Air Conditioners

Condensate drain not working. Water driping from entire attic unit. Have flushed and vaccumed line to no avail. Secondary tray does drain but water drips outside the tray area. American Srandard Allegiance 12 is the unit

The drain coming off the unit is the one you need to clear, not the secondary pan. its usually clogged in the P trap which is usaully not far downstream from the outlet on the coil. ... Air Conditioners

My coleman mach 3 sounded funny when I woke up this morning. The volume of air coming out of the vent was greatly decreased. It sounded like my window air conditioner sometimes sounds when its full of condensate. This air conditioner is brand new and only used 3 days. Could it be that the condensate is not draining properly?

Probably, check to see if the condensate is properly trapped, high static units sometimes require a trap to drain correctly, (it may be internal) ... Air Conditioners

My hvac duct work on one of my central air units has a lot of condensation and causing puddles of water throughout my basement. Do you know what the problem is? The drain lines don't seem to have any leaks. There is condensation at the main supply unit of the HVAC system (gas forced air system). Can anyone help understand what the problem is and how to fix it?

Could be just not insulated enough is this a new instalation? the humidity is too high around the ducts is their a return air vant close by that you can open? you need to lower the humidity or seal the ducts so it cant get to them dan ... Air Conditioners

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