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After a black out the air isnt cold and the motor doesnt run

Answers :

Check :
1. If the main fuse is good
2. check outlet for power
3. Check cable
4.Check for the relay
5. Check the motor for continuity using ohmmeter
6. try the direct running without relay
if run at 6
replace the relay
if not the compressor is to be suspected
All this operation have to be done by a professional only.

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After a black out the air isnt cold and the motor doesnt run

Check :1. If the main fuse is good2. check outlet for power3. Check cable 4.Check for the relay5. Check the motor for continuity using ohmmeter6. try the direct running without relayif run at 6 replace ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners


3000 Watts is a little short on the power necessary for the compressor to restart. When it compressor starts it may draw 27 amps or more for a split second. 3000 / 120 = 25 amps. when the fan slows down it is telling you the voltage has dropped and i ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier 8000 weathermaker. Recently the blower motor began to run progressively slower and finally just bogged down. I replaced the motor, but the replacement motor has three speeds (red, blue and black wires) whereas the old motor had four (red, blue, black and yellow). Initially I hooked the new motor wires up to the circuit board the same way the old ones were, leaving an open spot where the old yellow wire was. New motor works, but at lower speeds, pushing less cool air. We liv

Found system was slowly loosing coolant through a variety of miniscule leaks in rusting part of condenser. Apparently coolant level had dropped sufficiently in the blower repair interval to where the system no longer functioned with adequate efficie ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Danby DPAC10030 air conditioner. It was working fine until yesterday, when we moved it to another room. Now it blows cold air for 5 minutes and then the air turns hot. The a/c motor continues to run even though the air is no longer blowing cold air. The current ambient temperature is 25 degrees C and I have the a/c set to cool to 17 degrees C. The timer has been turned off (0:00 on and 0:00 off). I noticed that the hoses (exhaust) feel quite hot. Not sure if that it normal within

Clean you filter and clean the area under the intake duck it will solve your problem ... Air Conditioners

I have a Duo-Therm, mod# 600315.321 on a motorhome. Fan motor overheats, but only after the compressor kicks on. New motor, swapped out caps w/identical working unit. Ground is good. Unit will run all day OK w/just fan, but when put on "cool", it will run and produce cold air for 15 min, the fan then quits. Compressor will run for 5 - 10 minutes more by itself, then the circuit breaker kicks.

... Dometic 57915531 Air Conditioner

Dometic 579 Series Brisk Air AC runs fine-blower still runs but every couple minutes it "kicks on and off" it will blow hot air and then cold air and continues to do this. Did not do this until we installed a new motor.

Sounds like it is skipping the motor I mean, I am assuming that it was replaced with the correct motor(rpms,hp,volts). As if it was not it will skip, like it is doing now. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Turned on AC was running fine. 30 minutes later began to hear a strange noise. Opened AC/Furnance closet & heard a sound best described as air letting out of a tire. It seemed to be coming from copper pipe. Minute later sound stopped & air was suddenly hot. As if AC was turned on fan not cold. Went outside & neither fan nor motor was running. Turned fan manually. Ran for about a minute then stopped. Outside unit was making what could best be described as a buzzing sound.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012This means that the condenser fan motor (outside unit) failed, this caused to build hi pressure and either activated a safety valve to release the extra pressure or blew a line and R22 Refrigerant escaped from system. ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Ge zoneline az55ho7d when i tunr on it comes on fine, but after 10 minutes the fan in back side stop running and front fan keep running so throw only air no cold air. so what is wrong . is it motor for the fan.

Could be lack of service. The unit depends on a clean evaporator and condenser coil. The "other" motor you hear is the compressor starting or stopping probably due to either a high pressure or low pressure switch, or thermal cut-out. ... GE Zoneline AZ55H07D Air Conditioner

Window unit haier a/c (sorry, not sure model type, but it has a remote) isn't blowing cold (cool, but not cold) air and it sounds like the motor is just running in a 'fan' capacity. what can i do to get cooler air out of this unit? CAN i add freon?

Have your unit cleaned first, if it is cleaned and still the trouble persist. check if the compressor works. if not check the running capacitor for leak. if all are working fine have your unit system reprocess. ... Air Conditioners

Replaced century 1/6hp fan motor on a lennox furnace, with a 1/4hp A.O. Smith. When energized, motor starts up w/ thermostat on lowest setting and does not stop. Call for heat, main burner ignites but shuts down after 2 min or so. Wire hook up calls for ccw rotation, but it runs clockwise. No or very little air flow. Motor rotation is supposed to be reversible by changing the leads, but Still clockwise rotation. Only 2 wire leads plus gnd. Black and Yellow. Right side pulley. Bl to L

Hi,If you only have two leads on that motor then it is not a reversible motor or there is another way to reverse it...Are there other wires with a plug connecting them on the end of the motor? If so then you reverse the rotati ... Air Conditioners

Trane xe 1000 - 1/4 fan motor went bad - I replaced it with a used 1/3 from another trane unit - it had same wiring harness etc everything starts, runs, cools -cold air - but only for about 5 minutes...then condensing unit shuts off - inside blower keeps running though... I'm thinkin thermostat....you?

Did the 2 fans have the same rpm. If there is not enough airflow through the outside unit the compressor will shutdown on high discharge pressure. Also make sure the fan blades are positioned right if there is a shroud for them. Did the other motor h ... Air Conditioners

I have a Kenmore window air conditioner unit. It turns on, the motor runs, but the fan does not turn on, and the front gets cold to the touch. I have taken it out a couple times and cleaned it and that has no affect. It was jolted and then ran for a day and a half, then quit. Is there anything I can do to get it back running? Thanks for your input!

99% of the time when a motor just hums on a window A/C is the motor itself thats bad. Jump to test if work fine, if not, here, for your model you can order parts replacement: ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

My air conditioner blows cold air, but when the compressor starts up the lights dim several times, like the motor is having problems starting. In addition, after it does start the compressor only runs for a couple of minutes then shuts off before reaching temp.

<span style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Trebuchet MS'; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-ansi-language: EN" lang="EN">Hi,</span><br />\015\012<span style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Trebuchet MS'; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-ansi-language: EN" lang="EN">Probably have a ba ... Air Conditioners

I have a sunbeam 12000 btu window unit air conditioner. I can't seem to change the fan speed when it is in cool mode. When I put it on fan only it blows extremely cold air and i can change the fan speed. When i press the power button it stops blowing but it sounds like the motor is still running and I must unplug it to get it to stop.

Sounds like the switch is wired wrong.\015\012When you put the switch on fan only the compressor should not run at all, therefore their shouldn't be any cold air.\015\012Check the switch to see if it's wired right. ... GE Profile ASM10AA Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman a/c unit,comes on and runs but no colld air. fins spin and blower doesnt blow cold air. model # ckl 42 - 1.

The first thing I would do is a visual on the capacitor. This time of year with more use the capacitor will swell up and fail. ... Air Conditioners

Hi the outdoor unit turns on ( fan runs) the indoor unit does open, no heat or cold air blowing. In just fan mode the unit works fine etc speed setting ok. Its a sharp split type air model # ae-a244j outdoor,ay-a244j indoor unit what would be the problem, theres only two parts in the outside unit behind the side plate where the wires info is,small black box three wires and a round unit with wires. I hope this is help full cheers andrew

My gut says that this is evidence of a bad control board(circuit board). As usual, double check that your batteries are good in the thermostat. I have seen some weird things happen when the batteries are low. This one may be a job for your local con ... Sharp Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Gas Furnace Model # 395CAV024055ABJA, I works fine if you keep the temp low, like 68, so that it doesnt come on very often, but if you try turning it up and it needs to run for awhile, it wil start this cycle where the flame will kick on and off, the blower is continously running and only blowing cold air, I have tried new batteries in the thermostat on the wall, and have tried putting it on manual heat, no change, another thing is that once it starts this cycle, if you shut it

It sounds like it is going into overheat mode. Check the overheat sensor, make sure the flue is clean, make sure any filters are clean, also check the gas passage inthe heat exchanger, if there is a blockage from soot the system will overheat ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Need to change a broken blower motor in RUUD central air unit. Old central air blower motor (GE electric) was connected with brown and orange wire to 15 MHD capacitor. Another orange wire from central air unit connected to orange motor wire on capacitor. Black wire from motor (Hi Speed) connected to central air unit. Blue and red wires not connected. New motor is an AO Smith FD6000A. Has Black, brown/white, brown, blue,yellow,red, white and black wires. Need to connect to a 5 MHD capacitor. M

On the motor should be a diagram detailing the wires. brown white goes to either side of the capacitor and brown wire to other side of capacitor. hi speed goes to normally open contact on the indoor fan relay and the wire designated common on the mot ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an air handler motor made by GE Commercial motors. I think the motor number is N656 S. It's a 1/2 HP, 1075 rpm motor to replace my existing air handler motor. I want to install it in my air handler, but it's wiring appears to be different than on the system I currently have. The current system has a purple wire hooked up, and I don't know what it's for. There is also a red and black wire which correspond to the yellow and black wires on this motor, but nothing to compare to the purple

See where the purple wire is hooked up in the existing motor diagram (it could be the capacitor or a lower speed for the heater) and compared with the new one , and put it in the same place .But the easiest way to do it ,is to get the original replac ... GE Air Conditioners

I have a goodman cple42-1 The fan motor outside was not running and I was able to get it started but the house wont cool now. air is blowing but not cold.

The capacitor is possibly bad the indoor fan uses its own capacitor while the outdoor fan and compressor share a capacitor ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning I have a ruud system with the air conditioner outside and the air handler upstairs in the attic. My systems appears to be running, and I can feel cold air at the vents, but I can barely feel it. Like there is no flow. The fan outside is running and the unit in the attic is running. I have no clue what the problem is. The large coil coming from the heat pump outside is cold and has condensation on it. It also seems to have a little ice. It has been extremely hot here in Ge

Open the access panel on the air handler in the attic and take a look at the evaporator coil. If you have no airflow, and you just changed the air filter, then you probably have a buildup of airborne crud on the coil that's blocking airflow. \015\01 ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner


... Air Conditioners

My a/c no cool air have been change the condensing fan motor and the capacitor but three days later the a/c not cold again. This time the condensing fan run but slow then normal.What is wrong?

When the condenser fan was replaced was the connection correct.? was the capacitor of the same value that we replaced? If not recheck and replace if there is a fault.\015\012If the compressor is running fine and cools but forr the erratic speed ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

My fan isn't running but I can feel cold air leaking out of my vents. Is it frozen or is my fan motor just dead?

If the indoorcoil is froze, the insulated suction line would be froze as well. If you are able to change the\015\012blower speeds Black-High Speed with Blue-Med High\015\012and nothing changes you could have a blower problem ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

I replaced the blower wheel on my Trane. In doing so 2 of the wires from the motor came off the capacitor. Now I am not sure how to reconnect them. The black wire was still connected so I connected the other 2 to the other terminal on the capasitor. It works. There is heat coming out of the vents, but very little air flow. Room temp. does not rise much( and its cold!) Can you help please.

Hi,\015\012On the door of your furnace or air handler there should be a wiring diagram that will show you exactly where your wires need to be placed. That is your best source for getting the information that you need. If it is not on the door i ... Air Conditioners

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