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Heat pump cutting off and knocks out power to house.

\015 I have an 2ton all in one heat pump, with heat strips. Unit installed in sept 08, to exact manufacture requirements, has an honeywell digital thermostat. This is so bizzare i cant figure it out, the unit is on 30amp, the heat stip is on 60amp, not connected to anything else. The unit will stop its cycle, and then every so often 2-3 of my house breakers loose power, but they don't trip, which cuts the power to some of my lights, and outlets. I have noticed that when this happens the unit will not come back on, and i have noticed a buzzing noise coming from where all power wires hook into. could this be a bad transfomer, or capacitor in the unit causing an overload? Please help, i'm stumpped on this.\015

Answers :

Wires buzz where, What are the hooked into? On he heat pump? At the breaker Box?

I would have electric company check incoming pole lines & transformer. Was there a bad electrical storm in your area?

You may also have a bad Main breaker box, Is it out in the weather? Terminals may be corroded.

Pulling power from other breakers means you have a dead line or low voltage/amps on that line, Or a dead short That much power you should see welding & melting of wires.

Good Luck! Be very Careful. MSG me back let me know if i can help more.

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Heat pump cutting off and knocks out power to house.

Wow!.Wires buzz where, What are the hooked into? On he heat pump? At the breaker Box?I would have electric company check incoming pole lines & transformer. Was there a bad electrical storm in your area?You may also h ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Every time my heat pump turns on, the blue auxilliary light comes on, and it only blows icy air. I do not want to use that much power, so I turn it back down a few degrees. Now, it is 50 degrees in the house. Tonight it will be around 16 degrees outside. How can I get my heat pump to produce warm air?

A heat pump starts losing efficiency below 30F or so. The aux. heat helps the heat pump keep up with heat demand. The Aux heat can be electric heat strips or another type of heat. Check to make sure you have power to whatever type of aux heat you hav ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Carrier thermostat Hello, My Carrier electronic thermostat is connected to a heat pump.  It was set to the COOL position during a summer thunderstorm when the AC suddenly began running no matter what the SET temperature was.  It works normally when I change it to the AUTO position.  The HEAT and EHEAT positions work normally. I tried cutting power to the unit for 2 days, after which it worked normally even on COOL, but after a short power failure it resumed the problem of running the AC continuo

I hate to say it but Ive had trouble with Carrier's Tstats doing similar improper things. Unfortunatly the only repair is going to be replacement of the whole tstat. I recommend Honeywell's FocusPRO or VisionPRO tstat. Ive yet to have one fail and th ... Air Conditioners

We have recently bought a house with Vulcan ducted gas heating (no pilot light). When the system comes on it produces plenty of heat so I don't think there is anything wrong with the unit itself. Frequently, however, it reaches the set temperature, turns off, and then will not come back on even if we press the on/off button. The only way we can get it back on is to cut power to the house and then press the on button. That would suggest that there may be some kind of program set, but since

By the things you said here it seams that is nothing wrong with the device itself but it has something to do with the thermostat ...The thermostat is the part that it supposed to shut it down when the temperature gets to the set value....and also it ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Heat Pump model FK4CNF003. I noted that the thermostat wasn't working (no power) so I checked the usual suspects...in bound power etc. before I pulled the top housing off the interior unit. I noted lots of wires on a circuit board in the upper right corner of the unit which seems to route power and signals to/from the thermostat. Looking closely, I noted that the 5 amp fuse was blown so I put in another 5amp fuse and it blew as well. Given the fuse is blown, and I'm assuming

You should be able to trace the short to a specific componant on the board itself. the 5amp fuse protects the board itself. trace the circuitry back from the imput side. you should have a multimeter that has a audio alarm that will tell you which cir ... Air Conditioners

The power was cut for 2 mins by the power company accidentally, my panasonic heat pump was going at the time,now it has gone on to the timer set which we have not used in ages, i cannot find the instr

Glad to hear and if it cost you anything get the power company on the hook. ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump with the unit under the house. We have noticed our power bill has increased. After crawling under the house I notice the drip pan is full and not draining through the pipe. So I unclogged it and it drained fine, but my next issue is, why would the return duct have about 3 gallons of water sitting inside the pipe making it sag. So what can I and need to do to fix this. I have been covering the ducts to cover the leak that I found but this water in the pipe has me baffled. Pleas

Hi, this sounds as though you just have a backed up condensation line that you opened up the drain, and you say it drained fine. As far as the return air duct having water in it, it is connected to the return side of the evaporator coil and it just o ... Air Conditioners

I have an amana dual fuel heat pump with LP gas furnace. the furnace will not light. the ignitor heats up, acts like it's not getting LP to the burner and i don't get 24 volts to the pressure switch just above the gas valve, or to the gas valve itself. i cut the power to the unit, removed pintle to the gas valve to ck for gas to the valve and it's o.k.,. what do i need to check next, i don't know how to get codes out of self diagnostic system and don't know if these codes would effect the furnac

... Amana Air Conditioners

When in AC mode we have a power outage, when power returns heat pump turns on. Come home to hot hot house. ckd coil, wiring, reverse valve. have honeywell thermostat. unit only 2 mos. old. also new air handler same time.

Possible defrost board. Get service tech to check this . Had the same problem change board it was ok. RUSS ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

I have a miysubishi mr slim msh12en heat pump in one part of my house i have the remote set to 89 degrees but the heat or fan or outdoor unit is unresponsive the only thing i can see is a defrost light asnd power light on the blower unit i switch over to ac still set at 89 degrees and the ac works why

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have an old Miller 3 ton heat pump. It will work fine sometimes but when it decides not to work i can go outside and press the power contactor and the unit will come on as long as i hold the contactor pressed. A friend told me the defroster board could be the problem because when its cooler than 45 outside it wont come on by itself. But when i measured voltage at the thermostat no wire had 24volts.When it runs it runs good and cools or heats the house well.

It sounds to me you need just a really good tune up maybe a new contactor retest your low voltage what do you have from common to 24 volts it should be 27 volts if you test each wire you want get 24 v it will be like 7 or so ... Air Conditioners

Chemical type smell blows into house through register vents when Goodman GSH 140481 electric heat pump operates. Also loud knocking and shaking in outside unit which also shakes air ducts/vents in ceiling.

Change your filter. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My house had a power surge and now my inside fan will not come on. It is a frigidaire heat pump 3 years old. Model # b5bm-t49k-c 4 ton unit. Outside unit is ok. i replaced the circuit board but still have the same problem. It is a 13 cer unit? i have 220 volts at the motor but unsre how to verify if it is bad. Any ideas would be appreciated

... Air Conditioners

I have an American Standard heat pump. My heat strips are automatically turning on immediately when the heat pump starts. It heats the house up very quickly, but with the strips turning on immediately it is defeating the purpose of the heat pump. My electrical meter runs very very fast as soon as the heat pump turns on. I know this is not how the heat pump is supposed to operate. I am using a lot more electricity than I should be using. Can you tell me how to solve this? Can I adjust something o

... Air Conditioners

I have an American Standard heat pump. My heat strips in my home are automatically turning on immediately when the heat pump starts. It heats the house up very quickly, but with the strips turning on immediately it is defeating the purpose of the heat pump savings on my electric bill. My electrical meter runs very very fast as soon as the heat pump turns on. I know this is not how the heat pump is supposed to operate. I am using a lot more electricity than I should be using. Can you tell me how

... Air Conditioners

I have a bard heat pump central air in my house

Http://www.bardhvac.com/digcat/S3364_TechDoc_CD/QH60/QH60.pdf\015\012\015\012I hope this is the correct wiring diagram for you. G ... Air Conditioners

I have a RUUD 13pja42a01 heat pump. The main breaker in the house was turned off about a week ago. We have not tried to turn on the AC until today and the outside unit will not come on. The main breaker in the house is on as well as the heat pump breaker. I was looking for a reset button but cannot find one. Also in the box outside connected to the unit it does not appear that there is a breaker in there.

Check the small wires going outside to the contactor for 24 volts. If you have 24 volts then mayb ... Air Conditioners

I have an Intertherm heat pump model number E1EH-010HA. Last night we had a bad storm and our electricity went out and we had a water leak, now out heat pump isn't working. There is power to the breakers, but the heat pump won't do anything. It was either the water leak or lightning. Are there fuses and what should I check?

Your furnace will either have circuit breakers or fuses at the bottom in the panel below the blower. Also, there MAY be fuses in the disconnect box outside that gives power to the heatpump. Intertherm furnaces are famous for leaking water onto the ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

The heat pump stays on to 20 deg (outdoors) and the burners will not work till the temp is under that leaving the house at a max 65 deg, I beleave the heat pump should true off around 30 -35 deg ? then the furnce should run after that. How can we make this change? we have a ACONT800 Control sat an American standard heat pump with a american standard 2 stage furnce.

Remove the cover of the circuit board and controls on the outside unit. Some units have a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature at which it switches to the second stage of heat. Set that for about 34 degrees. ... Air Conditioners

I have an NewAir 12000H Portable Air conditioner with a heat pump. The problem is that the heat pump no longer seams to be working. The desired temperature is 79 degrees. the unit never gets above 75 degree. when it actually gets that high it because my heat from the house has turned on. once the heat goes off then the unit goes down to 72 degrees and stays there until my heat comes back on. whats wrong with the unit? is there anything that i can do?

It sounds like the actual control module, the "brain", of this heater / air conditioner has failed and can't sense when to kick on the heat any longer. Have you tried just unplugging the unit for a good 5 minutes minimum and seeing if it will help " ... NewAir Air Conditioners

I have a small house with a outside package unit American standard (Trane) Model# WCM030F100BB, italso says BAYHTRN110A. When I select cold from the off position on the thermostat it immediately pops the breaker. It is heat pump equiped and if I select heat it also pops the breaker without hesitation. If I select emergency heat, then fqan to on from auto and then select heat with the top switch of the thermostat it heats the house fine using it's electric strips. The manufacture date is 01/1996,

I would check the outdoor unit, Trane uses "Sump Heaters" on their compressorsand when one fails it will blow fuses at the disconnect or trip breakers. The sump heater is a small metal pencil sized item at the bottom of the compressor ... American Standard Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump system with gas as auxillary heat. What outside temperature should I switch my thermostat to "Emerg Heat" to run only gas? I also have a dial that appears to be some sort of temperature control on the lines that run outside the house to the compressor unit (currently set at approx 32). Is this for defrost control or does it tell the heat pump to shut down when the outside air gets below where this dial is set and then use only gas heat?

The dial thing you are talking about is a low ambient control that will not let the heat pump run below the set temperature should be set between 32 and 40 degrees farenheit. The heat pump is not effiecent below 32 degrees as I would reccomend only r ... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman gsh130361 3 ton heat & air. It was installed 05/05/2008. all seemed well until cold weather, in 2009. The fan turns on and start blowing before the heat box is even warm. The heat set on 70----- when it gets 68 or 69 {in the house} the out side pump kicks in, 10 to 20 seconds later the fan turns on and blows freezing air into the house. the temperture will drop dramatically for the next 1 & 1/2 minute. The box will heat up and then all is well untill the next cycle.

The PCB unit that controls the thermostat and Coolant is malfunctioning... check that particular unit...that would help.... ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Hi: Last week, a contractor installed the above-mentioned new 16 seer heat pump, an air handler and a heat kit. Our house has 3 levels, each about 800 square fit. Initially the house would not heat above 56 degrees. Therefore the contractor drained 2 oz of Puron gas from the line, then decided to put 0.5 oz of Puron gas back in. The temperature is now rising to the desired temperature. However, it seems to be rising rather slowly, i.e. 1 degree per hour while utilizing the auxiliary heat (w

That is worrysome about putting refrigerant in hap hazzardly... There is a math style process involving pressures and temperatures in two locations that dictate how much ref. goes in. Anything else shows clueless installer. Too much or too little ref ... Air Conditioners

We recently bought a new house (to us). It has a Goodman heat pump and Goodman Electric backup furnace(A36-15) with a Janitrol stat. I switched the stat to emrg. Heat when the temp got below Frezzing. The heat pump and the heating elements now both run at the same time. The outdoor unit will run when it is 15 degrees outside still. I check the out outside stat to see what it was set on and the outside one is set at 40 degrees. Is this normal??? thanks Jon

If you have a volt meter, check to see if you have 24 volts coming from the thermostat on the yellow wire.\015\012\015\012If you do, and it is set on emer heat, you have a bad T-stat.\015\012\015\012\015\012It looks like ... Air Conditioners

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