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Squeeling fan motor

\015 The main blower motor on my everstar MPM2-10CR-BB6 room ac unit sounds like the bearings are going. This unit is used as extra cooling in a computer room so the fan runs almost constantly. The solution is a better commercial unit but I need to know where to get a fan motor in the interum. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Tom Melbar\015

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Try this web site they are located in the city I live in and ship anywhere in the world. Be sure to get the size of fan motor 1/3 hp ect. You can get all the info off the data plate on the side of the motor. And also get a new capacitor they are only 5 bucks. The motor will run you 125. Ball parkish


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Squeeling fan motor

Try this web site they are located in the city I live in and ship anywhere in the world. Be sure to get the size of fan motor 1/3 hp ect. You can get all the info off the data plate on the side of the motor. And also get a new capacitor they are on ... DeLonghi PAC85 Portable Air Conditioner

Fan motor squeels - Friedrich QuietMaster RS12J10A Air Conditioner

Sounds like bearings, open it up and make sure fan turns free and smooth, if not replace motor ... Friedrich QuietMaster RS12J10A Air Conditioner

Sometimes, when the inside blower shuts down, the outside compressor and fan motor continue to run for some time. Other times, when the inside fan motor is running, the outside fan and compressor motors are not ... if I press the outside reset button, it starts up When both inside fan motor and outside fan and compressor motors are running, it works fine ... warm air blows out of registers. Other than that problem, both units work great!

Sounds like you have a dirty condenser. You are going to need to disconnect the power at the outside unit on the wall by pulling the fuse block out. Take a good look at the louvered covers that are attached to the outside of the unit. Remove the scr ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

This is Soleus KFR 18, and my problem is with the indoor unit: The green light blinks three times, which the install book says is a fan motor problem. I replaced the fan motor, and there's no doubt the old motor was bad (yellowed paint due to heat is visible). The problem is I still get the 3 green light diagnostic with the new fan motor. I've also replaced the fan blade assembly. At this point, I'm lost. John Parsons Winter Springs FL

If you take a close up photo shot with a digital camera I can help you with the control. You have a failed sensor that does not provide the necessary signal that the fan is running and doing it's thing. I need to see the control circuit. ... Soleus KFR-18 Air Conditioner

I have a tempstar 2000 heat pump approx 5 years old. The condenser fan blades will not rotate/operate; however, I can hear the motor hummming. When the unit is off, I can rotate the fan freely. When the unit is turned on, the fan sticks. Can anyone assist me with a DIY type fix until I can have it serviced? I think I have the same problem. The unit that I have is model CA3036VKA1 (Tempstar). I changed the motor. The old motor has 3 wires. It has a red,black & brown. The new motor(GE-5KCP39LG )t

I think this is a double problem post,so I will answer the top first.\015\012The fan capacitor may be bad or the motor it's self is seizing up and will need replaced.\015\012 \015\012Second portion of ... Air Conditioners

I just purchased an fse1028sf to replace my faulty fan motor. I purchased it from a a/c supply store. My existing fan only had three wires. They were brown, black and purple. Black to: capacitor "c". Purple to: T2 and brown to: "fan" on the cap. The new motor has: brown, brown/white, black and white. The paperwork that came with the motor says to put brown & brown/white to the cap, black & white . The cap has a red wire on "fan". I'm confused

Hi, this is a different wiring diagram then what you have . The 2 brown/wht wires are for the run cap only. Black and white are t-1 and t-2. They sold you a motor that takes its own run capacitor to run it with just both brown wires. Take the diagram ... Air Conditioners

I have a whirlpool model ACM102xLO that seems to be dying. I cleaned the coils, and the unit seems to operate normally for a few minutes. Fan motor works, compressor motor seems to work. When I checked the amp pull on the fan motor, it falls in the normal range of 1.2A. When the compressor kicks on, the amp pull jumps to around 10 and climbs to a high of 15 or so, then the compressor shuts off and the amps jump to about 25 or 26, before cutting off completely. The amps then drop to the fan motor

... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Bonaire Integra VSL75 only runs at full speed after a motor replacement. I replaced the motor with the exact same model after the old motor seized and sheared a bearing. No other fault was evident. Now the motor only runs at full speed. I have double checked fan connections and tried reprograming the touch pad fan speed settings with no luck. Can the controllers be faulty after a motor seized and tripped the power box switch? I figured it would just be the motor. Any ideas? Thanks

... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

My E.G. Air Cond.Compressor/condenser fan motor was replaced because it burnt; I replaced it with an O. Smith Electric Fan Motor. I also changed the capacitor. The new fan motor runs full speed for about 10 minutes and stops while the compressor is still runing. I need help to assure I have it wired corectly. I may need a manual which I do not have.

These motors have a wiring diagram on the motor. Make sure you don't have two different speeds connected together. ... Air Conditioners

Fan motor of my Panasonic room air conditioner outdoor unit, model # CU-XC93KP, serial # 0567000375 is starting to make some noise, I would like to have the fan motor replaced but cannot get the part (catalog) number of the fan motor. Regards, Luis Vander-Linden

Do you know a service tech? Wholesale houses have generic motors for these now at about 1/3 less then normal price. Warning be prepaired to pay a higher then normal price due to the copper shortage... ... Air Conditioners

Goodman heatpump model cpke30-18 installed new in 1997. just replaced the condenser motor. new fan runs cloclwise but the fan blade is for counter clockwise. it is blowing down not up. part house said that i have the correct part. old and new parts do match up. has three wires yellow - cap, black-motor starter and purple to control board. is there any was to change direction of motor. also the new fan does have a arrow for counter-clockwise direction. thanks

Does your new motor have two sets of short wires with connectors in the middle of them? If so then it is reversible and the instructions for doing so are printed on the motor data plate on the side of the motor.If it does not have these wires then re ... Air Conditioners

Fan air pedestal fan, 16" 3 speed, made in China. Fan quit working suddenly. Checked voltage from line, through the speed selector, to motor and voltage is there. There is a 2 ufd capacitor in the circuit. The capacitor charges to the speed selector voltage but the motor doesn't turn. The motor shaft turns easily by hand. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Bill Clark

My guess... bad or broken motor windings. Sounds like it is time for a new motor! Good job with the diagnosing, you have some good skills! ... Air Conditioners

I have RUUD and just replaced the condensor fan motor with a 5 wire Protech....the old fan was wired with black connected to contactor, orange to one side of cap and brown to the other side of the cap.....The new motor is a five wire...I have black connected to the connector, orange to one side of cap and purple(to change direction of fan) instead of brown...now i have a yellow and brown wire left over....Now when I start the unit the fan will not spin unless i turn the fan blade manually....am

Look on the side of the motor it will have a wiring diagram your fan supplies voltage to the capacitor its self so two of your wires go to the capacitor not just one. good luck ... Air Conditioners

Intertherm model P853A5 older style AC unit fan will not start to rotate when thermostat control set to cool.I have a feeling that it might be the electric motor. I removed the screen and rotated the fan manually looking for a bearing problem but found the fan rotated smoothly without any problems.When I set the unit to cool I obsereved the fan motor trying to turn and then it stopped aplost like it could not handle the load of the fan.

This is most likley the capacitor. Be very careful when changing it out!!!!! Make sure to use an insulated device to discharge it first before touching it!!!!!!! To discharge it place insulated device across the two spade connectors on top. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I bought a Dayton 5K907G 1/4 HP continuous duty, single phase motor from Acklands Grainger. I installed the motor in a downdraft sanding table with a fan blade on it. I had it wired by an electrician for counter clockwise rotation. If the motor has any load on it it runs for 2 seconds and then quits for 10 seconds and back on for 2 seconds. I used a heavy duty extension cord and the motor is grounded. I am wondering if there is an adjustment on the motor for maximum load. The fan blade is rated

Is the motor a convertible motor that you can wire either 240 or 120 v/ac it sounds like it may be wired for the wrong voltage. let me know thanks Peyton ... Air Conditioners

My compressor unit outside runs and cools Freon but the inside blower has a problem running. the model # is 2TEE3F31A1000AA. The fan control, in fan run control mode, shows a bright green for the fan LED and the CFM selection LED varies with the rotational speed of the fan. The motor tries to start showing , initially, a jerky back & forth movement. It squeaks some and may, or may not, start rotating. If it starts the CFM LED goes bright/on no flicker and the motor runs briefly (5 seconds) then

Hi, from what you have told me, you are loosing the bearings in this blower motor along with windings. This motor is rubbing the blower housing, tight when you turn it, and when it jerks when it tries to start tells me that you have burned or very we ... Air Conditioners

We have recently purchased an older home, built in 1931. There is a whole house fan in the attic that we would like to get working again. We do not know when the fan was installed or who made it - however, it is a very large whole house fan - 42" blades with 46" frame. Our home is only 1200 sq ft and from what we have found on the internet - a 42" fan is made for 3000 sq ft homes. The motor was made by Leeland Motors - 1/2 HP - 1725 RPM. However, we cannot find anything about this company or how

What and interesting situation. I have seen installations like what you describe, but not in a residential application. Industrial applications that had very high ceilings and in very old apartment buildings, But not in single family resident. I susp ... Air Conditioners


... Goodman Air Conditioners

Indoor fan motor continue to run even if the thermostat is in auto position with the cool and heat switch in the off position. The furnance don't have a fan on and off switch in the furnance like most. The only way to turn the fan motor off is to turn off thr high power switch. I change indoor fan relay but the problem still exist.

Try this, disconnect the fanwire (green) on the furnace, if it shuts off then the hot wire from the thermostat is touching the green wire or bad thermostat. Thank-you-very-much! ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Fan motor replacement. getting the correct replacement motor. I have a model no.,frame no.,,RPM,mfg no etc. but forgot to physically measure the shaft and diameter of the motor. Emerson fan motor model no. k55hxlrh-0208 MFG no. go6c Frame 48y 1/5 hp rpm 850 Thanks Jerry

With the model number the supplier shoud be able to tell you what you need but some sell universal variable speed motors with long shafts so trim to fit might come in to play ... Air Conditioners

Wiring diagram i've got a GE electric fan motor. says 208-230 volt, single phase. numbers painted on motor are GBDQ 5861A. five wires coming out of motor, black, white, red, orange and blue. what are these supposed to be hooked to? squirrel cage fan motor. appears to have been part of a colling unit. thanks, glenn my email is [email protected]

The white wire is nuetral, if you are trying to make a shop fan or something like that then you hook it to the white wire which goes to the wide spade on the outlet. The black one which is the hot and goes to the smaller blade (looking at an outlet ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Need to know what fan motor is used in the model 8333c876. ac apparently has a bad fan motor

... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

The fan motor doesn't come on with the central air nor if I switch the fan switch to "ON". But the fan motor comes on if I switch to heating.

This is an either - or.. thermostat or bad green wire . To find out ,go to the unit where the thermostat wires are, or the terminals strip ,and connect the red wire from the unit to the green. Or connect a jumper wire straight to the red to gre ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an 1985 Chelsea attic fan. The motor is still working fine, and it is turning the main bolt on which the fan blades are hung. This main bolt turns very fast, at the speed of the motor. The fan blades start slowly, and they used to accelerate to full speed, but now they just stay at a slow speed. What could be the problem? Thanks, Joe

It is the fan clutch. Like in a truck with a full time fan, it has a clutch that accelerates the fan as it is needed. Your clutch on the fan has probably burned out. ... Air Conditioners

Need a part number for fan motor on UAMB-024JAZ The actual motor does not have a part number so the only details I have are from the tag on the unit: OUTDOOR FAN MOTOR F.L.A. .9 HP(WATTS) 1/6 I can send a photo of the tag from the unit.

The part # is 51-23055-11 i can get you that motor and cap and ship it to you ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

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