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I have a Intertherm Mod.#S3QA-042K it has circuit broad in it P/n#Z1704-4D What is this item and what do it do? sboulden1

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Basically it controls the ignition process, and monitors it, it has tob there for the furnace to work properly.

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I have a Intertherm Mod.#S3QA-042K it has circuit broad in it P/n#Z1704-4D What is this item and what do it do? sboulden1

Basically it controls the ignition process, and monitors it, it has tob there for the furnace to work properly. ... Air Conditioners

We have 2 intertherm heaters that need replacment #1380-28 as they are ganged and we can't replace them w/a different mfg. we have tried the Intertherm web site to no avail can you point us to a supplier or are they no longer a stocking item? Thank you m.victor [email protected]

Hi!!\015\012\015\012You can get replacement parts at any Johnstone Supply store or click on the following link for a state by state list of Intertherm Distributors and Parts Suppliers. ... Air Conditioners

HOW DO YOU TELL IF 3,3 1/2 PR 4 TPN UNIT - Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Hi, you tell by the BTU"S it is. 12,000 BTU'S equal 1 ton of cooling. So, if you see a number in the model number like 024 or 030, and so on, 024 is a 2 ton, 030 is a 2 1/2 ton. Just remember this for each ton of cooling, you will have 12,000 BTU'S. ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

I have a Nordyne Intertherm water heater in a 2004 manufactured home. The water heater is tripping the internal circuit breaker. The first time this happened I found that a wire nut had melted. I never had the burnt smell so do not know when it happened. All I had to do was replace the wire nut, push the reset and it started working again. After a couple weeks it is stopped working again twice. I push the reset and it works again.

... Air Conditioners

Factory Refrigerant Charge Intertherm Heat Pump Mod# T3RC-042k. Serial# T3R9804-17337

... Air Conditioners

I have a Intertherm P3rA-042K that runs the ac at the same time as the heat strips. I have a Honeywell RTH3100c I have the red wire at R the Yellow at Y the Green at G and the W2 at aux. I had a jumper between Aux and E like the manual said but it makes no difference. Also for some reason it was hooked up before with a blue wire joined with the red at the unit and the blue going to B at the thermostat. I removed the blue as i saw no use for it and it still doing the same thing. The unit froze up

Red, green, and yellow should all be from AC unit. What other wires do you have there, and are they separate from red , green, yellow? ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Outside unit will not power up t3rc model - Intertherm P3RC-042K Air Conditioner

You will have to check and make sure you have power to your outside unit, see if the contactor is being pulled in, and power to you fan motor. ... Intertherm P3RC-042K Air Conditioner

Outside fan will not come on - Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Honeywell central AC/heat Electronic fan timer st9103a 1036. Honeywell is no help. They want me to buy a new board for 150$. I believe its the IC on the board that's bad. I have not been able to find a schematic of this board. The IC is labeled: L 9948 814 (large dot) Y I've tried a few on line part suppliers and they cant identify it. It has four pins. Home was hit by lightning and it fried 3 items on 3 different house circuits One was the AC. The above board is telling the fan and the heater t

... Air Conditioners

I went on a job that has an intertherm G5RC080C-16- they are wanting the A/C to work. the circuit board has an error code light blinks three times - there is no troubleshooting guide or manual on site I need the manual

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Wireing intertherm furnace circuit breaker - Air Conditioners

... Air Conditioners

I meed to know the age wet year it is - Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Check seriak number. First four letters of serial number on most model give week and year made. Rusty ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Need manual for S3RA-042K - Intertherm Air Conditioners

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Intertherm M2RL-080 : Furnace LIGHTS and burn, hear CLICKS to turn on BLOWER but will no RUN, Replaced Limit Switch, and Blower MOTOR, DO I HAVE TO CHANGE "CIRCUIT BOARD" ??

Hi, you first of all replace the thermostat which can sometimes be the cause of the clicking noise. Since you have changed the limit switch and the blower motor, consider changing the thermostat to see what happens and if the clicking continues, you ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Compressor I have a air condition unit that blows out cold air for a little while and then the air in neither cold nor hot. I had someone come and check it out and they said the compressor was bad. Is that really the problem or could it be something else? The model I have is Intertherm T3RC-042K. I just don't want to have to spend that much money on fixing the compressor and that is not the problem. If it is the problem, is it something that can be done yourself or does a professional need to do

If the unit does blow out cold air for a few minuets then quits it could be a low pressure cut out that will turn off the compressor because the unit is low charged mening there is a leak in the sealed system i would get a second opinion and show th ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Cooling relay for nordyne e2eb-20 - Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Intertherm q3rd-042k compressor not coming on

Try to replace capacitor with 50MF ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm central air unit in my mobile home that does not change fan speed when I click the fan speed switch. I've checked the fan relay which is good and energized in the ac mode which should put the speed switch in the circuit. It is a PSC fan motor and I haven't checked the capacitor.

You may ahve a bad switch but sometimes when they are worked on the servicrman bypasses the switch. Fan speeds are color coded black high blue med yellow med high and red low. Just for your info. Russ ... Air Conditioners

P3RA-042K Air Conditioner: Need to know how long warranty is good for on M...

IT'S DEFNLY. A 3.5 TON AND PROBLY. ONLY 5YR WARRANTY ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Weak flame in intertherm furnace

Ok, so we can rule out the ignitor. (standing pilot systems can develop problems that will cause such symptoms.)\015\012\015\012Check the gas pressure, make sure you are getting 11 to 14 PSI.\015\012\015\012You need that afte ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Battery Drain After my battery drained completely to the point where it wouldn't even jump start I fully charged the battery and located two circuits that were draining the battery one was the park lamps and horn circuit and the other was the interior lighting I replaced a faulty door ajar switch which fixed the park lamps and horn circuit but am having a hard time finding the problem in the interior lighting circuit is there a particular component that usually has problems in this circuit?

Yes the headlight switch and the multifunction switch also check the overhead light fixture wires all have problems on these cars ... Chrysler 1999 Sebring JXi

I was expecting to find this relay. It's not there. My unit has a rather complicated looking circuit board. The circuit board seems to have been made by Emerson Climate Technology. On the top edge of the circuit board is printed "Climate Talk" and the number "4672H". There is also a Bar Code sticker affixed to the circuit board that bears the number 11014630400034. Where do I connect the thermostat wires (red & white)?

This board needs a 24 volt supply run from the furnace to power up the communicating board\015\012check your wiring diagram on the inside of the panel this will help you ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a 220v 100 amp circuit breaker that feeds a sub-panel. The sub-panel has 3 circuits: a)60 amp Heater (unit 1 in house) b)60 amp A/C (unit 2 in house) c) 40 amp for pool equipment. The 100 amp keeps tripping in the middle of day. None of the circuits in the sub panel trip. Because it is summer, I am assuming the Heater circuit does not come into play.

Your a/c uses the blower motor from the heater to distribute air check for loose wire connections that will raise amperage and also make sure you have the right size wire to each unit 40 amp should have 8 awg(copper) wire and 60 shoul ... Air Conditioners

I have 60 amp circuit breaker on my electrical a/c heater with a 45 amp fuse. I had the unit for 7 years with no problem. This month the 60 amp circuit breaker keeps tripping when the heater goes off. The 60 amp circuit breaker does not trip all the way. Do you think I have a bad circuit breaker? Shouldn?t the 45 amp fuse blow before the 60 amp breaker trips.

You're unit is a 31/2 ton according to the numbers.Normally, breakers will only be in a half way posistion when tripped. Yes, under most conditions, the fuse will blow before the breaker trips. I have seen this many times, the breaker may be weak, bu ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Transformer and circuit board blown on Nordyne AC this happened suddenly when the a/c has been running fine, also it blows the 3 amp fuse on the circuit board, I replaced with a 10 amp fuse and it ran fine with that. Is there something I have done that would cause the transformer and the circuit board to blow and also the circuit board had NO burn marks on it.

... Air Conditioners

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