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\015 Hello we had a snow storn in ky on feb. no power after everthing came normal my heather star to have a problem. I contract a company they say the compressor is down they say i have to change, sear changes dictate mandatory replacement..They say i need a new system..My house is only 4 1/2 year..i call the insure they say i need call another company to go and look my system i did and now they say only i have to changed is the compressor. Is good to change only the compressor? Do you think i will have problem latter? please lets know because the first company tellme if i changed only the compresor i will have to have problem latter.\015\012\015\012Thank you for you help\015

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Changing the compressor and capacitor and filter dryer should be no problem.
\015\012How old is the system? It may be under warranty. Most systems are 5-10 year warranty on the sealed system. That inckudes the compressor.
\015\012What exactly is the system doing or not doing?
It depends on how old your system is. A heat pump that is 7 years or older I would recommend replacing the system and not just the compressor. Yes the first company is right in saying that you have to install a higher S.E.E.R. system (assuming yours is less then a 13) that is an EPA law. You can replace just the compressor however, if the system is older then 7 years you will start to have other parts breakdown soon. It's less expensive to replace the compressor but in the long run it is more cost effective to replace the system for both future repair and operating cost reasons. Good luck and don't forget to give me a Fixya rating.

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Compressor I have a new compressor and a new 40/5MFD 440V ROUND Capacitor on my unit, which was put in by an A/C shop. But it has to have the kickstart to run the compressor. They say the compressor was new. The wiring diogram calls for that capacitor. Why would it need the kickstart, because thats the only way the compressor will kick on.

The jump start is installed when the capacitor is weak but not dead. It is a temporary (can last for years), inexpensive solution. The correct solution is to replace the capacitor. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Heat pump is 10 years old. No vibration sound in A/C mode. Loud 60 cps vibration sound in house near compressor when compressor is on. Compressor is not making a lot of noise when I open up the outdoor unit and put my hand on it. All compressor rubber mounts are tight and not broken. Looked for vibrations in copper tubing in the basement from the outdoor wall to the indoor unit. It is vibrating but seems loudest by the compressor. How can I isolate the source of noise?

Hi,\015\012\015\012\015\012Overcharged ? that's a possibility but also the vibration could be originating inside the heat pump - either at the main contactor or at the reversing valve ,or like I mentioned simply vibrating against the wood where ... Air Conditioners

I have a single phase copland compressor NEW ( AG133ET-001)that i just replaced. i wired common leg from contactorsT3 to compressors T3(common winding,From contactors T1 to compressors T2(Run winding?) from T1 on the contactor to the run cap,from other side of of run cap to T1 on the compressor(start winding?) The parts house told me it does not take a star cap or relay The NEW compressor trys to start but trips overload after about 5 seconds,pulls near lock rotor amps.Slight hum.Does anyone kn

You will have to look at the schematic for this theirs different units that wire different way but that sounds correct the way you have it you can double check reverse the start and run always write this down when doing these the supply house can he ... Air Conditioners

Turn the unit on, the fan runs, and when the compressor tries to start the fan slows down and the compressor will not run. After a few seconds the fan speeds back up. I put an amp meter on the compressor lead and when it tried to start I registeres 41 amps. Is this a compressor or capacitor problem?

Sounds like you have a bad capacitor, if it's not tripping the breaker it doesn't sound like the compressor is drawing LRA unless the breaker is oversized for the condenser. ... Air Conditioners

AC COMPRESSOR PROBLEM my ac compressor is not functioning .It stops functioning after sometime and needs to be restarted.I got it checked from authorised dealer who told me that the wires connected to the compressor got short circuit and compressor needs to be changed.kindly tell me if ac can still function if wires are burnt .

If the wire is Short Circuit then you need to repair the wire only. After repairing the wire check the compressor. or try to test run the compressor. ... Air Conditioners

AC Compressor My A/C Compressor is not starting. My Mechanic says he has to flush nitrogen into it, remove the gas inside and then try starting it.He did this and then topped up the gas, Now he is charging me heavily for the topped up Gas. Is it right what he did to start the compressor? My compressor was fully loaded with gas prior to the service.

Sir I have lg ac split tpe 1 to 4 coomprssar and indoor raning. Only 5mint cooling only than indor unit cantny billing wat prpalm ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I have a 5year old Friedrich Wallmaster. It cools fine. But lately, everytime the compressor kicks in, it starts making a very loud vibrating sound (most annoying!) The sound continues whenever the compressor is on. Then it goes back to its normal sound level when the compressor is off. I checked the fan and everything seems in order. I read online that the compressor may be loose. How can I access it? Or is it best that I call for service?.

... Air Conditioners

Compressor does not run. On turning the AC on, the compressor does not run. The blower fan does though. Checking the relay panel, the relay for the compressor does not engerize. a temporary solution is to put a switch across the contacts the compressor on and then the thermostate is set so that the AC should work, the fan comes on and the unit works as usual. The only exception is that the temperature must be controlled manually.

Hi, if you are energizing the contacts on the contactor, and the compressor runs, the thermostat is faulty. This is what energizes the contactor coil that you have. You need to check to see if you have voltage to the coil on the contactor. You need t ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

Compressor motors are constantly grounding each time the compressors are replaced. A new run capacitor is installed with compressor. A thorough cleanup and evacuation is performed with each compressor change. Why is this continually happening. The system is within one year old. It is a ton and a half straight cool unit.

Dear sir\012\012please make sure your electrical connection to the compressor is correct and tighten. electricity supply is straight and not fluctuate i mean constant supply for unit and then change new r ... LG LS180HE Split System Air Conditioner

I have a goodman 4 ton central ac unit. The fan blower turns on but the compressor will not turn on. I replaced the capacitor and verified the compressor is receiving power. My question is a goodman compressor hard wired on the bottom or will I be able to easily checked The wires on the bottom of the compressor ?? Thank you for Any help you can provide Thanks again

Hello, you can Ohm the compressor windings with a multimeter. Just kill power the the unit, remove the wires from compressor and check each winding. You should have resistance, if not the windings are open and compressor must be replaced. ... Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm compressor. The thing has recently taken to melting the wires at the compressor(red wire and now yellow wire). If the attach lug on the compressor is burned down to the nub, is there an affordable repair other than replacement of the compressor?

Replace the compressor and the wire harness that supplies the power to the compressor. Burnt off wires are due to bad conduction at the connections. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Need help in AC compressor replacement. The existing compressor number is C-SB351H6B and its a SANYO.? What is the BTU rating for this compressor and what would be the replacement with a copeland scroll compressor

This compressor has a rating of 56700 BTU at 45 deg. F Evap and 130 deg. F Cond.\015\012Your supplier will match a copeland scroll using this rating\015\012\015\012Fuji ... Air Conditioners

Compressor fan Model CLJ36 - 1C Compressor seems to be running but compressor fan will not spin. Compressor shuts down when it gets to hot.

The fan should be running if the compressor is running.Check fan capacitor and check windings in fan.Check to see if fan is short to grond.If the fan is not running the compressor is no cooling off. ... Goodman CLJ36AR42 Air Conditioner

Dometic roof top AC unit compressor turns on even if T-stat is off. Only way to get the compressor from turning on is to turn the breaker off. Unhooked T-stat wires to see if issue was there but the compressor still kicks on when I turn the breaker back on. If I leave the auto t-stat on, the compressor will turn on for a bit with a loud hum until after a couple minutes or more it shuts off with a loud thud that will shake the RV. Then after a while it will do it again. Only let it happen twice

Sounds like you may have a couple of problems there. First, have you checked incoming voltage to make sure you are getting 100-120 VAC at the AC control board in ceiling? If that's ok, try removing/disconnecting Ac compressor wire at ceiling control ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Just replaced compressor in goodman 3 ton condensing unit..new compressor trips breaker immediately tried everything i can. Will not start. Take wires off compressor and fan will turn on.. Soon as compressor is connected trips breaker need help

... Air Conditioners

Model GSC130481AG, S# 0808548576 The common wire to the compressor rubbed through the wire insulation and melted a hole in the discharge line from the compressor. Upon loosing all of the refrigerant the compressor ran hot a warped the valves. I repaired the leak and replace the compressor and liquid line filter drier. Upon start up the system would take little refrigerant. The suction pressure went into a vacuum with a 115# head pressure. What is wrong here?

You have a restriction in the system. Probably in the TXV or orifice in the A/H.The burn out sent trash/fragments through the system. I would open the sytem and blow nitrogen through, then pull a deep vacuum.You may need to install a low ... Goodman Air Conditioners

This compressor is in my aquarium water chiller. When I plug in the chiller, The compressor starts then goes off. a few seconds later it starts again then goes off. It continues to do this. I have changed out all electrical components on the side of the compressor with no change. What else could be wrong? Could it be pressure or Freon or has the compressor just gone bad?

The Freon is probably a bit low. When the compressor draws from the low side the extreme low pressure trips the low pressure switch, shutting down the compressor. With compressor off the pressure equalizes the low pressure switch opens and the comp ... Panasonic QA125K29CAU6 Refrig Compressor,blk Pk Qty 20

Duo-Therm Compressors will not shut down. In "off" or "furnace" the compressor keeps running. Either compressor will shut down when the 12vdc fuse is pulled. Fans on both work ok in both speeds. I

What about one for cool only, and one for heat/cool ? ... Dometic Air Conditioners

Compressor intermittent Compressor doesn't always come on. Sometimes I have to turn system on and off several times, Uses Duo-Therm 4 button thermostat. When it is working with fan on high, if I reduce speed of fan, compressor will stop.

Sounds like a bad thermostat. Make sure you turn off all related breakers and disconnect switches before attempting to replace it. Good Luck! ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

AC unit blows cold air in the AM and hot air in the afternoon. Repairman has come out 3 times. 1st time added freon and worked for 1 month, 2nd time he said was compressor, a new compressor was ordered, came back with new compressor and said that is not the problem, added 2 lbs of freon again and it is currently working. He said to call him when it is blowing hot air again so he can see everything when it is blowing hot air.

That is ediculous. He can charge it, leak chk and repair in one trip. I hope he isn't popping you for a service call each time. ... Air Conditioners

We have a Goodman CKL49-1 - 10 Seer - 4 Ton Condenser. One of the wires that fires the compressor keeps burning and, of course, the compressor won't come on. It is beginning to happen every couple of days. Should we bite the bullet and go ahead and replace the compressor or could something else be causing this problem?

A bad connection in the power wiring, the circuit breaker, disconnect, capacitor(s) or in the compressor contactor (worn contactor) can cause this due to very high resistance and subsequent heat production. If the unit will run, it should be amped c ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have a 19yr old Ruud Achieva 9.I have no AC at all. I have checked large barrel fuses - they are ok. Contactor clicks and you can see a spark at the contacts. Fan works. I don't hear a spin up of compressor. compressor is really warm though... seems higher than ambiant temp. I don't see any bulging or leaking of the start capacitor. I don't think the compressor is running. I, earlier, checked the filter at the squirrel cage because I had low flow. Cleaned it thinking insufficient flow = frozen

You need a capacitor checker or with an anolog meter on ohms first turn off power remove capacitor short capacitor out with a screw driver test it a bad capacitor needle wont move good one needle will read resistance then go back down to 0 if the ... Air Conditioners

I recently had a new outdoor unit installed on my central heat and air conditioning sytem. I have had the installer out 3 times and the system still does not operate correctly. Sometimes when it cycles (every other time or every third time) the unit does not blow cold air. Sometimes the unit comes on not blowing cold air and the compressor fan is running but not the compressor. Sometimes after 15 minutes of this the compressor will come on. What is the problem.

It sounds like the compressor needs starting components installed on it. All a/c units have a run capacitor for the compressor and another one for the condenser fan motor. These motors use these capacitors all the time when the motor is running. H ... Air Conditioners

I had a new 2.5 ton condenser installed last year and the compressor burned out. I had it replaced. My unit stopped cooling well during the middle of the day and we added some gas to it. Then, the compressor burned out again. The run capacitor also melted at the same time. any idea what would cause this - 2 new compressors in 2 years?

When 13+ SEER condensers are replaced without installing a inside coil with an expansion valve the compressor in the new unit will slug and go bad. Slug means that liquid refrigerant returns to the compressor. Liquid can not be compres ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

Compressor I have a air condition unit that blows out cold air for a little while and then the air in neither cold nor hot. I had someone come and check it out and they said the compressor was bad. Is that really the problem or could it be something else? The model I have is Intertherm T3RC-042K. I just don't want to have to spend that much money on fixing the compressor and that is not the problem. If it is the problem, is it something that can be done yourself or does a professional need to do

If the unit does blow out cold air for a few minuets then quits it could be a low pressure cut out that will turn off the compressor because the unit is low charged mening there is a leak in the sealed system i would get a second opinion and show th ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

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