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The printed circuit board keeps clicking.

\015 When the furnace is turned on the signal from the printed circuit board that operates the pilot has a hard time getting to the pilot causing the pilot to be intermittent.\015

Answers :

It does have a pilot? Is it spark ignited? I suppose this is the clicking your talking about. try blowing the pilot area out with compressed air and blow all around the base of the pilot. Then retry it. see if the flame looks stronger after this too. If its still acting up you may have a ground that's not very good. try removing the burners and manifold and cleaning them and vacuum the heat exchanger out while apart. then while putting it back together look for anyplace that may have had a ground wire attached and is now gone.replace this and see if it improves .

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The printed circuit board keeps clicking.

It does have a pilot? Is it spark ignited? I suppose this is the clicking your talking about. try blowing the pilot area out with compressed air and blow all around the base of the pilot. Then retry it. see if the flame looks stronger after this too. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a Britony Combi SE. I have had a persistent problem whereby I am presented by fault lights 40-80. I am aware that this is a common fault and usually relates to water pressure. That has been tested and not the problem. In an attemp to fix the problem the engineer has changed a printed circuit board which again hasnt fixed the issue, what is happening is that on the circuit board there is a 3amp fuse which keeps blowing. The problem is we don't know what is causing this. Can you help?

... Air Conditioners

Clicking sound from area of printed circuit board and fan running very slowly. have cleaned fan / board of dust but still no improvement. don't think it's the fan as it runs smoothly...what do you dvise/

Id replace the circet bord sounds like a bad reley ... Air Conditioners

I was expecting to find this relay. It's not there. My unit has a rather complicated looking circuit board. The circuit board seems to have been made by Emerson Climate Technology. On the top edge of the circuit board is printed "Climate Talk" and the number "4672H". There is also a Bar Code sticker affixed to the circuit board that bears the number 11014630400034. Where do I connect the thermostat wires (red & white)?

This board needs a 24 volt supply run from the furnace to power up the communicating board\015\012check your wiring diagram on the inside of the panel this will help you ... Amana Air Conditioners

Carrier 48nmx030 heater does not work. A/C does. Fan does. Bypassed thermostat and changed settings on thermostat to engage the unit. Main circuit board clicks suggesting that the switch on the board is functioning. There is no response at the igniter module at all. Could the igniter module be defective? There is no attempt by the igniter module to self start the heater.... no clicking or gas movement.

Yes it is most likely it has gone out.The igniter is usually the first thing to go.Moister and heat take a toll on the unit.You need to put a volt meter,(at least 24 volt).Not knowing the volt,off hand 12 or 24 volt,but the volt meter gauged for at ... Air Conditioners

A Nordyne air handler, model B3BV-030K, with 4 wire thermostat. Thermostat and AC works fine in "cool". Switch it to "heat" and nothing happens.No fan, no heat.(I have built in heat strips -resistors). I jumpered (on the nordyne circuit board-input from thermostat) from R to W. (24 volts from R to W, which should start the heater. Nothing. No relay "click" like when AC comes on. If i jumper R to Y, AC comes on ok. Does this sound like a relay gone bad on the circuit board? Or what? If relay bad,

Do you get heat when you jumper R, G & W? ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

The f1 fuse on the circuit board keeps blowing out on a pth073b35aj amana unit. i've replaced the circuit board and thermostat to no avail. thanks keith

... Amana PTH073B25AJ Heat Pump,7000BTU, 230V, 2.5KW PTAC Air Conditioner

Electrical Short in Printed Circuit Board.

Hi, do you know what these wires were for? You can bypass the board, but if the wires are for lets say the blower motor and you bypass and put them to direct hot legs, you will run all the time, or what ever shorted the block in the first place must ... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

GE air conditioner remote control will not work, is a replacement printed circuit board available? The board is marked GoldStar P/NO 2Q01040A

If you know the model of your AC, you can purchase a replacement here:http://www.vcrremotecontrols.com/Mfrs/devic ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

Air conditioning unit not running but fan keeps running even though thermostat is turned to off, auto, and temp set to highest position 90degrees. 3 amp fuse keeps blowing on the circuit board in the blower compartment. I replaced it 3 times then installed a new thermostat. no change. I can usually figure it out if I got a little input or direction. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I would much rather have a trained expert easily repair my hvac unit but I can only call the professionals in

If the fuse is blowing then this is generally indicative of a short in the low voltage wiring, isolate the wires on the thermostat and the unit ends, use an ohmmeter to verify that there is no path for continuity with no wires touching, if there is t ... Air Conditioners

I have no 220 coming out of the circuit board heat terminals when calling for heat. I jumped 220 to the heat wires and the element works. Will a broken thermistor keep the 220 from going to the heat terminals on the board?already switched boardout with a unit that was working. Same thing happens

Jumping 220 volts directly to heat or cool for just checking purpose. Not for regular use. Please replace your thermostat immediately.Please don't take risk.\012To get heat set temp 30 degree and mode in "Heat"Hope you will keep my sincere adv ... Amana PTC153B35AJ Air Conditioner

Need printed circuit board for coleman 8333-8715 need part number have 115 vac to board but no out put

Is that # off upper unit or ceiling assy? Need ceiling assy # Here's a link for you to try.http://www.rvcomfort.com/rvp/service/model.php ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Im looking for someone to connect my Pragramable Honeywell Themostat to my Carrier Weathermaker,Gas Furnace,Model#58SX060-CC-1(series#170) to my Kenwood Heatpump.I know the 3amp fuse has blown to 24Volt protection circuit in the HH84AA021 (Printed Circuit Board)

I can help you find someone, please reply with your zip code and I will get you the info.ThanksTim ... Air Conditioners

Regardless of weather the thermostats are calling for heat or not, or even if I shut the thermostats off completely the fan keeps running. the only way to stop the fan is to shutoff power to the furnace. Does this require replacement of the IFC board or is there something else that I can check first? The system does operate correctly in the heat mode and there are no flashing lights on the circuit board. Both green lights are lit and the orange is not, because I use an electric plenum as my p

I would suggest buying the new unit or calling to have a tech sent out to you to have them fix it. If you can buy the part you'll save money from what the company will charge you, plus labor fees. Good Luck though! Sorry your having such a hard time ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a 10 year old Mitsubishi mxz 325v Multi unit airconditioner that is on the blink. The local service company has been trying to fix it since August and even with the assistance ? of Mitsubishi Tech Support they still are not confident they know what the problem is. So far the following parts have been replaced after dicussion and even an attendance by a Mitsubishi Technician from Tech Support. Main Board and Noise Filter Outdoor Main Board Relay Printed Circuit and Power Monitor Bo

Sadly this is a poor service without a proper sincere logical advice. To spend $2500 for a 10 year old set is surely too bad , as they have finally almost constructed a new set except the body/condensers.\015\012In the first place ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I got a rheem circuit board but all the wires are disconected !! is there any printed photo or any drawing picture where we can know where to conect the wire and color of wire goes to where on the board??

... Ruud Rheem Corsaire Control Circuit Board 62-24268-03

Bad printed circuit board can i make a 2 speed ac unit just single hi speed 100% to eliminate the pc board

Yes you can, the only thing low cool changes is the fan speed nothing else. ... Air Conditioners


... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a goodman GMNT gas furnace Propane it lights off I have a blue flame for about 3 seconds I hear a click on the circuit board and the flame goes out this is doing it constantly. could you please help me  Danny

Hi!!! If the flame turns on then off and on then you should change your flame sensor on the gas furnace..YEs flame sensor is shorted..The flame sensor is located by the valve burners it has one wire and is white..Good luck.. ... Air Conditioners

Rheem RGPH 07EAMGR keeps blowing 2A 250V fuse from transformer to circuit board. I can't find a short and the fan will come on for a 20 seconds then the fuse will blow again. i have done this 4 times(i had 4 fuses).

99% of the time proves to be a short- in the thermostat, furnace, condenser, or the 24V wires between them. Time to get out an ohm meter and check continuity between the wires and between each wire and ground - detective work - can be f ... Air Conditioners

Intermittently my gas furnace fan doesn't shut off,so it blows cold air.If you turn down the thermostat until you hear it click,then wait until the fan stops,you can then turn the thermostat back up. And it works again for awhile. so far We have replaced the flame sensor,the thermostat,and now the circuit board. Any Ideas??? The model no.is GNE 075B12A1 seriel no L9840 79850

Look inside the unit where the fan switch is located and flip it in the other position. this is a fan switcch! ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Intertherm M2RL-080 : Furnace LIGHTS and burn, hear CLICKS to turn on BLOWER but will no RUN, Replaced Limit Switch, and Blower MOTOR, DO I HAVE TO CHANGE "CIRCUIT BOARD" ??

Hi, you first of all replace the thermostat which can sometimes be the cause of the clicking noise. Since you have changed the limit switch and the blower motor, consider changing the thermostat to see what happens and if the clicking continues, you ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

My Art cool was working fine. Airconditioner guy came to check all units, now it is not working. Inside unit will not power up. Checked power input out side - fine - 220VAC. Outside circuit board clicks (constant slow)

Hi, Are you getting any error message , on the display screen or its just completely a no power situation. The problem could be caused due to bad inverter or control panel . Would request to call up the service guy again so that he can check ... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

I have a duo-therm roof top unit. The fan or a/c will not come on. I opened the connection box and ckecked the fuse on the printed circuit board. Fuse good. reinstalled fuse and unit came on. Turned of t-stat and waited a long time and turned it back on Nothing.Pulled the fuse and reistalled and the unit started. Whats the problem?

Hi; You still have a loose connection somewhere. I have found just recently a problem with a customer with the same problem He had burnt wiring at the compressor terminals. Also check to see if the fan on top of R.V. is running when the inside fan is ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

York central ac keeps blowing 3amp fuse on the circuit board when the compressor kicks in. thermostat changed with no help. what's next

Sounds like you have short in the low voltge side of the electrical circuit. I would check the thermostat wires outside at the condenser. look for any bare or exposed wires from where the wire comes from the house to the condenser. the thermostat wir ... Air Conditioners

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