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Circuit Interrupter trips.

\015 There is a musty smell in our 11,500 BTU window unit and when unit is turned on the circuit interrupter trips and unit goes off. This unit was purchased at a Lowe's store about two years ago. Help!\015

Answers :

There is some moisture that is leaking near the power supply board in this unit. its a internal leak of some sort. it will need service soon. The musty smell is a dead give away when concerning an internal leak.

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Circuit Interrupter trips.

There is some moisture that is leaking near the power supply board in this unit. its a internal leak of some sort. it will need service soon. The musty smell is a dead give away when concerning an internal leak. ... Air Conditioners

I have 60 amp circuit breaker on my electrical a/c heater with a 45 amp fuse. I had the unit for 7 years with no problem. This month the 60 amp circuit breaker keeps tripping when the heater goes off. The 60 amp circuit breaker does not trip all the way. Do you think I have a bad circuit breaker? Shouldn?t the 45 amp fuse blow before the 60 amp breaker trips.

You're unit is a 31/2 ton according to the numbers.Normally, breakers will only be in a half way posistion when tripped. Yes, under most conditions, the fuse will blow before the breaker trips. I have seen this many times, the breaker may be weak, bu ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Dometik Duo Therm Brisk Air rooftop trips AC circuit breaker when the weather turned hot. When circuit breaker is reset, the unit will run for 5-10 minutes, cooling nicely, and then trip the AC circuit breaker again. I changed the settings, but it did the same. Once the outside temperature went down, that evening, I tried it again. The AC worked fine all night and the next morning,and when it got hot outside next morning same thing, trip the breaker

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a 220v 100 amp circuit breaker that feeds a sub-panel. The sub-panel has 3 circuits: a)60 amp Heater (unit 1 in house) b)60 amp A/C (unit 2 in house) c) 40 amp for pool equipment. The 100 amp keeps tripping in the middle of day. None of the circuits in the sub panel trip. Because it is summer, I am assuming the Heater circuit does not come into play.

Your a/c uses the blower motor from the heater to distribute air check for loose wire connections that will raise amperage and also make sure you have the right size wire to each unit 40 amp should have 8 awg(copper) wire and 60 shoul ... Air Conditioners

I have a Quick Cool (59516.501) which just started tripping the 20 A circuit breaker. I replaced the circuit breaker. Unit still trips the circuit breaker.

You will need to access the unit and look for burnt/shorted wires on/at compressor. if not then the compressor is locked down/shorted and will need replaced Tim ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Hi! We have a Frigidaire FDL70S1 dehumidifier that is almost 2 years old. Lately it will run for a few minutes and then trip the circuit. We tried the dehumidifier in a different outlet, and although the circuit didn't trip, the outlet itself doesn't work now. We're thinking it's time to say goodbye to this appliance, as it's a potential fire hazard?

Hi,\015\012The most likely cause of the problems you are having is that the compressor is bad and the windings are shorted...\015\012The dehumidifier will run without trying to start the compressor for a few minutes and then when the comp ... Air Conditioners

The circuit breaker trips every time I turn the thermostat to on. The system hasn't been on in a few months, and when I turned it on today, it wasn't pushing cold air out. I saw that the circuit breaker trips for the "HVAC" in my panel as soon as I turn the unit to on. This is A Goodman Model A 36-15

You need to start with a basic inspection in the outside unit. For the breaker to trip immediately like that indicates a dead short. With the breaker OFF look at the internal wiring between the contactor relay and the compressor. You are looking for ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Admiral Wall mounted 14,500 btu air conidtioner safety circuit trip button keeps tripping. Unit is on its own 20 amp circuit

... Air Conditioners

Mit.hp model MUH24WN Unit was working fine shut off at night went to turn on during day and would not come on it was tripping the circuit (replaced circuit) still tripping we know it is definately compressor unit but I don't believe it is grounded tech. telling me we need a new unit other sources that work on these units say something may have gotten into the compressor, If you could tell me the possible answer to this problem?

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

OUr air conditioning system works well until the circuit breaker trips. We added another large return vent in the hall to try to get more air circulating and that didn't work. We just replaced the outdoor airconditioning unit and the circuit trips again. The electrician says the wattage is fine. Any ideas what could be the problem. Everyone is baffled because the house is only 5 years old.

Current (amps) is voltage (volts) divided by resistance (ohms) or I=v/r. Breakers "trip" when there is too much current flowing through them. ... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud achiever uaka outdoor central air system, the first time i ran it this summer it tripped the breaker. It stayed on for a good hour as it cooled the house to the desired temp. then it turned off, when it attempted to run again it tripped the circuit breaker. when i reset the breaker it started to buzz, then tripped it again, and i reset one more time and it tripped agin right away. Now just to see what the problem was i turned off the thermostat and reset the breaker again, i then w

Start components are likely bad causing comp to pull high amps tripping breaker careful resetting the breaker they can explode stand off to the sideyou need service all so have preventive maintenance done on the unit ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

Air conditioner trips circuit only in the evening?

First off, it's illegal to release freon into the atmosphere. the epa could charge you $32,500, so keep it under your hat. second, if it's getting too cold where the evaporator coils are icing up, it's too lille freon, not too much. as for the bre ... Air Conditioners

Have a package unit that is tripping the circuit breaker early in the morning, around 5 a.m. each day for the past few days. The blower fan motor was recently replaced, but it seems to work fine, all day in fact, after resetting the breaker. (After letting rest for a bit before resetting the breaker.) Why would it only trip in the morning? It cuts off and on fine all other times, but only in the morning does it trip.

... Goodman GPC1342H21A Air Conditioner

My hydropool spa is tripping the circuit breaker. I moved my hottub off the deck onto a concrete pad next to the deck last summer. No problems, then over the first winter I went out one day and the breaker had tripped. I reset the breaker, no problems, happened two more times during the winter. I reset the breaker - no more problems. I should say that I was using the hottub during the winter and into the spring time with no problems. Now the breaker tripped and wouldnt turn the tub back

It sounds to me like your hot tub has bugs take the control panel apart and clean the bugs out of it. if you have ants in the area they will get into the controls and cause it to trip out. i had similar problem with apump until i found the ants ... Air Conditioners

Window unit trips circuit breaker

Contact between plug and outlet is loose and so there is a leakage of current. Recommend to replace the plug to fit the new outlet.If the breaker still tripping call technician to service your unit. ... GE AVX10AD Air Conditioner

Ruud heat pump outside unit trips circuit breaker

Check your wiring between the contactor and compressor for a short to ground, or check the compressor windings for short to ground. \015\012With the Tstat off, the contactor should be open so the only way for the compressor to be trying to do a ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Heat Pump/Furnace Trip Circuit Breaker

Check the set screws at the panel and the furnace. May be a poor connection. Happened to mine... probably the installer. ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

Tripping at the current interrupter

It appears your Air Conditioner has ann electronic remote. Has the batteries or something happened to the remote lately? Reason I ask is because your model has a programed circuit board and I need to know if you ... Kenmore 75101 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Tripping circuit breaker

Replace the start/run capacitor and try it again. If that does not correct the problem you have a bad compressor. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Furnace keeps tripping circuit break

Furnace. To confirm use an Ampprobe or other brand ampmeter and see how much current is being drawn. If it is more that 80% of the breaker rating, it si for sure the Furnace. ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner


3000 Watts is a little short on the power necessary for the compressor to restart. When it compressor starts it may draw 27 amps or more for a split second. 3000 / 120 = 25 amps. when the fan slows down it is telling you the voltage has dropped and i ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

Inline circuit breaker trips around 8 pm each evening - no other electric appliance is on that circuit.

Mcdevito75 here, You could be in an area where the electric load is heavy and itdoesn"t have to be heavy in your home, your utility could be a bit overloaded, you can try to claen your filter, and or raise the temp setting on your unit to no cooler t ... Samsung AW0503B Air Conditioner

I have a window air conditioner. When it runs for several hours it will trip the breaker. I have had the unit for 5 years. I bought it used and even though it has always shaken when the air compressor comes on it has cooled fine. Recently, however, my landlord changed the circuit breaker (had an electrician come out to do this and supposedly everything is working find). However when I pluuged the unit back into the plug for this circuit, the unit would not even operate for 10 mintues withou

It's probably fine even though it jiggles and makes noise. I would ask the landlord to change the circuit breaker again and ask the electrician what the amps were for the breaker he took out and the one he put in. \015\012\015\012Hopefull ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

I turn on the unit and in about 1 .5 min it trips the cb ,, I put a amp probe on the circuit and found out that after 1.5 the unit jumps up to 40 amps on a 15 amp breacker which the unit is rated for . the unit never actually runs ,, it just trips the cb

Firstly was the unit working previously on the same circuit? , if yes most likely there is a problem with the compressor(pot)this can be the compressor seized or winding shorted, It can also be the Capacitor for compressor faulty, It is worth replaci ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner trips the 110v breaker, only when the outside temp is above 90 degrees. Unit has been checked several time and the circuit board has been replaced, but has fixed the problem of tripping the breaker. Breaker has also been replaced.

'Breakers' - are tripped because they are exceeding their amp limits.\015\012\015\012The 'hotter' it gets outside - the 'harder' your AC has to work - and under normal circumstances this is not a problem - but when you have a fan motor or ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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