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BLOWER NOISE Carrier Weathermaker 8000 works fine but when shutting down the blower makes a slight sound. Sounds like tapping the bottom of an empty plastic liter pop bottle. Can the blower be lubricated or oiled? Thanks

Answers :

Could be a loose blower wheel. It has slipped and touching the sides of the blower housing.
\015\012Turn off the power to the nit.
\015\012Remove the 2 bolts holding the blower in place.
\015\012Make yourself a wiring schematic.
\015\012Remove the wires.
\015\012Be careful not to touch the capacitor.
\015\012Remove the blower housing.
\015\012Clean the blower blades.
\015\012Spin the wheel to see where it is hitting.
\015\012Loosen the set screw on the motor shaft and adjust your blower wheel.

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BLOWER NOISE Carrier Weathermaker 8000 works fine but when shutting down the blower makes a slight sound. Sounds like tapping the bottom of an empty plastic liter pop bottle. Can the blower be lubricated or oiled? Thanks

Could be a loose blower wheel. It has slipped and touching the sides of the blower housing.\015\012Turn off the power to the nit.\015\012Remove the 2 bolts holding the blower in place.\015\012Make yourself a wiring schematic.\ ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Small water leak from the bottom of the shower casing, much like a tap that drips. Shower works OK, no loss of power, or change in the water temp. Just this dripping from the shower case when the shower is on, nothing coming from the little plastic outlet pipe. When the shower is switched off the leak stops Unit is the Triton Opal 10.5 KW electric shower, approx 5 - 6 years old.

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Rudd 21J11SFC air handler. At the bottom front of the handler (drip pan area) is a plastic sheild, out of which comes the pvc drainage pipe. When removing the pipe so that I could access the coils, I accidentally snapped off a jagged piece of that plastic shield surrounding the pipe while trying to remove the pipe. Where would I find a replacement for this and how the heck would I install it? I know it sounds like such a minor problem, but I can't figure out any simple way to rig

... Air Conditioners

Blower motor stopped, there is a medium-loud ''electric buzz'' sound every minute or so as if trying to start the blower motor. Could be relay switch. Last week, I extracted the entire motor and fan assembly (the one in the bottom of the furnace that drives the air through the house duct system). The motor was pretty filthy, so I took the entire thing apart an blew out all the dust, cleaned up the motor, Zoom oiled the bearing assemblies at each end, put it all back together. Started up and ran

You have a bad "starting capacitor" .. the capacitor is used to get the motor to start in the correct direction .. when its bad the motor doesnt know which way to turn so it just sits there buzzing until it gets hot .. that trips a thermal breaker in ... Bryant Air Conditioners

UHQA-1010B Air handler with heat pump. Unit heats up nicely but once area temp. is met, heater de-energizes but blower continues to run. Opened unit up and blew out with compressed air, and tapped on what looked like a relay but no change. Termostat switch for blower is set to auto. Any answers would help. Also a wiring scematic would help me. Thanks

... Ruud Air Conditioners

My RUUD UBHA 21J8SFGAI is not cooling my house like before. It runs almost all day and the house feels a little warm. I called an air conditioner repairman who told me that the compressor is leaking freon and oil from the bottom because the bottom 2 inches are wet. He said I needed to replace the compressor. He added freon the the unit and said it would cost around $700 to $2,500 depending on what needed to be replaced Can a compressor be fixed or do I have to replace it? The house is a lit

Compressors for household ACs are not repairable. Usually if a compressor goes bad, whole condenser unit is replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Frigidaire LRA074AT7 My brand new Frigidaire LRA074AT7 window A/C smells like a combination of plastic, metal and oil all the time. I can't figure out why.

Do you have it pulling air from the outside of the house, or do you have it circulating air from the inside of the room only? ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I have a american standard freedom 95 vertical upflow furnance. just installed 9/08. I am gettinf water dripping down inside of furnace to bottom. No hoses leaking anywhere. No water from vent pipe or inlet. Looks like coming from inside on right side from behind vent blower? please advise.

Yep, thats where the lweak is. try to loosen the three screws and adjusting it to getgood seal from o-ring behind inducer motor. ... Air Conditioners

I have been given a old Martin Industries Edison 25 dehumidifier, but have no manual. Question 1: The collection tank has a short plastic tube connected at bottom side of tank via threaded connection. Looks like water would drain out of the tank so how do I stop that? Want it to collect and shut off when full. Question 2: There's no back cover - metal coiling is exposed.Should it have a back cover? Should I improvise one and if so with what sort of material?

WOW, you do have an antique. Martin hasn't made those since back in the 80's. Martin Industries has been out of business now, for 5+ years. Since it's missing some parts and there's no Owners Manual available, I'd recommend not using it, because of t ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier furnace and noticed water on the floor. I saw it was coming from the filter housing. I pulled out the filter which was wet only on the bottom And noticed the pan/track it sits in had water in it. There is no water dripping from above it or in the duct leading to the blower or the cold air return. It's like the water appears from nowhere... I changed the filter and the same thing happened. Where is the water coming from?

Hello, there might be a crack in the condesate pan. Usually if the leak is concentrated in one area that is the cause. If the water would be leaking all around then a blockage in the drain line would be a problem. Have the drain pan inspected. ... Air Conditioners

I have a maytag nmpeb08f2a portable ac, just started it up for the season. cleaned the filters and coils by wiping down . I also emptied bottom resevior. Im not getting cold air when on cool setting, tried lowering temp all the way. when i turn it on it will be cold for a short time, doesnt fell cold like befor, the temp will go down maybe 1 degree then, no more cool air. can i add refrigerant to this unit?

Frank, refrigerant is what it needs, but it should be done by a pro. Unless you have experience with this sort of thing, it's not a DIY project, ... Maytag Portable Air Conditioner M6P09S2A

Ruud model ubha 21j18sfgai is slowly leaking oil or freon. the very bottom of compressor is wet and the house does not get cool like before.

... Air Conditioners

Water drips from the blower unit due to a clog in the drain inlet causing the drip pan to overflow. I can fix it myself. After removing the four screws at the bottom, HOW DO I REMOVE THE PLASTIC HOUSING TO GET ACCESS TO THE DRIP PAN AND DRAIN TUBE?

I also have a split type at home, it should have something that you can press on both sides to release the lock. ... Air Conditioners

Water leaking I have an edgestar 13,000 BTU Portable A/C, and just recently it started leaking water out of the front bottom, in little spurts of water, while it is on. My A/C is set on a set of plastic drawers, which is caving in a bit under the pressure, but it has been like this for months, so i can't imagine that's the problem... What can I do to resolve this issue?

You have to open it and clean out the water passages. ... EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner Heater

Delonghi smell Horrible smell from delonghiair conditioner. Smells like fuel oil or something like that, maybe more like gasoline and oil. I get a headache and sick if I stay in the room with it. Doesn't bother husband. Doesn't notice it. I think something is definitely wrong. Have you heard of this before with delonghi SAC's?

... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

My Honeywell 4006 1017 aquastat normally opens at 160 and when the water heats up to 180 the blowers shut off. Mine does the reverse right now so I have to do it manually so I can turn it to 160 to shut the blowers off when the water heated to 180. If I don't the water keeps heating and once was way over 200. I have the red wire on top screw of the the Honeywell 1017 and black on the bottom screw. I am thinking maybe if I put the red one on the bottom and the black one on top it will rev

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hi, I have Lennox gas furnace Model G12Q3E-82 (about 30 yrs. old). When running the A/C, I noticed there was water leaking or dampness around the bottom of the furnace. I removed the hose from the drain spout on the evaporator and noticed it was plugged and unplugged it to drain some water out of it. I also removed some water that accumulated in the bottom of the frame that wraps around the blower motor and fan wheel. I have a problem where now the blower motor runs for about 1 to 2 minutes then

Hi Todd, you did the right thing by checking the uf on the run capacitor and it is with in range , the reading is good. What is happening is with the condensation building in the pan, the blower motor has picked up some water and burned the windings. ... Air Conditioners

When the airconditioner is on, the big unit (blower) outside does not work> When we finally got it to work, the air coming out is not cold, it's just like a blower, it's like the air it is blowing is from an electric fun. We have ducted airconditioning, Fujitsu ART series and it's only 2 years old.

Check the compressor is working with exact amps. If not short of gas or no gas. Check thermostat setting 23 degree with cool mode. ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

The motor or blower wheel om my Goodman model GMP 100-4 unit whistles and sticks. How can I fix this? Can the motor or blower wheel be lubricated? Does the motor need to be replaced. If I manualy spin the blower wheel and get it turming some what and then start the unit by pressing the safty switch located behind the lower front panel the blower will start, the wheel fan will turn. If I turn the unit off and try to turn it on again before the wheel stops turning the blower will work. But, if

Yes its the motor problem.the noise is from motor.as the blower wheel is not making noise when car is turned off.and when checked manually the blower wheel is not making noise.that means motor is faulty\015\012thanks.please do rate the solution ... Air Conditioners

What is the blower model for the Carrier Unit FC4BNF042. My unit sounds like something is loose or flapping around the blower and up into the duct work. I believe it is the blower. I took the blower unit out and the wheel has a little play when move from side to side

Hi, when you have a little play from side to side just shows very little bearing wear on the blower motor. In and Out play is normal. Spin the wheel to see if it is true. If the blower wheel has a lot of dirt build up on the blades it will cause it t ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

I have a Chappee wood/coal&oil fired boiler.all I ever fired with was oil.now I would like to use coal.but the folks i had instal it have since gone out of business.does the furnace need a baromet

... Air Conditioners

Bottom blower dose not go on

You should have two wires that go to a capacitor for turning the motor the right way durring start up then you should have two wires for run current. Now my motor has red and blue as the run voltage and blue and a white wire to the capacitor -6uf+/- ... Windchaser PAC9 Air Conditioner

I entered questions for the split Goodman HVAC system yesterday. Two people responded. In response to taa43-Tom, I will get more local opinions & quotes tomorrow. Do you live in the Southeast? That's the first I've heard about plastic increasing condensation mold. Where would that be? under plastic on ground, or between plastic and bottom of house around duct work? to barger4, We actually have two systems. The 2 ton HVAC is for a smaller area, and I think it does not have a heat pu

Better off taking good money and put into something with a warranty. its probably a 4 hour job to recover solder in new valve change drier pull vacuum recharge If your system is freezing up it may not be the valve could be a check valve. low freon d ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Have a Payne pg8uaa furnace. Furnace only works when I run a jumper between R and W. Replace wiring to furnace. I suspect that the outside blower motor is the problem. When furnace is running the blower motor has a humming sound but does not blow air. At this point, I would like to know how you would diagnose a Tjernlund HSUL-J blower motor. Should the motor itself be replaced or should the fan prover be replaced?

You would have to test the motor as well as the capacitor on the motor capacitor goes for alot less then the motor though.here is the pdf manual on your blower h ... Air Conditioners

Have six year old Bryant electric furnace with heat pump, no gas. Old blower motor was going out and replaced with another generic blower motor. Wired the new just like the old and changed capacitor. There are some differences between old and new. Old says "Volts 208-230" and new says "Volts 115." Problem is blower turns on and of, over and over again. Help?!?

Hi,\015\012You totally have the wrong motor....you need to get a 208-230 motoro on there for it to work... in fact you probably already have ruined the 115volt motor...the voltage for that motor is to be 115v and you are probably running 130 vo ... Air Conditioners

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