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The system runs but both the high and low so pressure erratically go up and down. the low side does not go under 600kpa, the high side between 1500 and 2000kpa. the system is an lg ducted on R22 refrigerant

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This can be caused by moisture in the system and when the moisture freezes on the capilliary tube you get a fluctuation, it the defrosts and passes through and again causes an up and down. Same would apply for excessive air in the system. You would have to do a long vacuum and possibly instal an inline filter drier.

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The system runs but both the high and low so pressure erratically go up and down. the low side does not go under 600kpa, the high side between 1500 and 2000kpa. the system is an lg ducted on R22 refrigerant

This can be caused by moisture in the system and when the moisture freezes on the capilliary tube you get a fluctuation, it the defrosts and passes through and again causes an up and down. Same would apply for excessive air in the system. You would h ... Air Conditioners

1994 corolla-I charged the air cond., and it was cooling fine. After about a mo., it was not cooling very good. I assumed it had a small leak. I put my guages on it and the low pressure was running 15 to 20. The high side was reading about 150.I put a can of stopleak and detector in it. Then I put a can of freon in it. While I was putting the freon in it the pressure started to drop on both the low side and high side. Now the low side pressure is running about 15 and the high side is running 0.W

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. This has happened because of the low side pressure on your AC pump isn't kicking on, because when the pump is off, the pressures equal out and the low side shows a high ... Air Conditioners

System pressure for puron read 280 and 135 for low side. System is not cooling at all. Suction line at air handler is not cold at all. System has had problems with leaks and customer has told me some techs have added refrigerant which I suspect has affected the mixture of the refrigerant. What should I do to bring thge system up to it normal capabilities. Also amps for compressor was 8 and is rated for 23 RLA

The system must be leak checked, refrigerant recovered, evacuated, a drier installed, and recharged to the correct subcooling, (I assume this is a carrier since you reference "puron")\015\012the low side pressure seems to be in line the high si ... Air Conditioners

GSH13 Goodman heat pump split system is running a long time in cooling mode and will not cool below 74 degrees. A lot of condensation generated. The low side pressures 78 to 81 and high side pressures are 180 to 200 psi. Energized and deenergized the reversing valve several times.Pumped down the sytem (pumped down well) and checked the flowrater for any type of obstruction. Have a sight glass on the system - will get clear then bubble up. System is in the second cooling season with clean air fil

Check sub cooling and super heat. the New ac units are very critical to charge. There is a charging chart on the inside of the cover to the unit outside. Check temp difference across coil. Should be 18 to 22 degress. If you have an ampmeter. Check th ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have a 2002 Ford Expedition 4.6L. I am attempting to add fren 134 to my system. I have a recovery unit and prfessional guages. I simply am not able to find the low side charging port on this vehicle. I have looked high and low. No low side port visible. Does any one have a handle on what the answer might be? Thanks a bunch for helping out.

It should be on the accumalator or on the compressor hose they have them in different places and in three different places, look for the low side switch and you could vav it down there and charge itthere if you use a paper clip to keep the compressor ... Air Conditioners

My supply air is 75-f ????? my low side psi is 69 my high side psi is 350 w/ outdoor temp @ 95-f my a-coil temp is 45-f my return air temp is 78-f R-22 system why cant i get a 15 degree split???????????????

Sounds like you have a dirty condenser coils that need cleaning if that does not work check the freon level and if charging doesn't work the compressor may be victim to test this spray cool water on the condensor coils and at the same time see if you ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I'm getting condensation leakage from the vents in the roof. This is on a ducted system, and it's leaking from the two vents closest to the main blower unit up in the ceiling. It's very high humidity here lately, and the leak usually starts around mid afternoon. Up in the ceiling you can see the drops of condensation forming on the under side of the main blower unit, and also all along the large insulated air ducts. I've got the thermostat set to 24deg, it's usually 30 - 34 deg outside. When I

Two things may need to be done here, one is to insulate the vents in the high humidity/temperature area to isolate them from these high conditions. The second would to install a drain pan under the system to catch any condensation and drain it away. ... Air Conditioners

High head pressure and fluctuating Steady pressure on low side Tried to pump down system but the compressor wouldn't Had to reclaim and recharge system. This a new install. Have you heard of this problem before

... Amana Air Conditioners

I am considering getting an ac/heater unit to keep temperatures in a 26 ft box truck at about 65 degrees. It will be difficult to insulate the side walls but, the ceiling can be. I anticipate outside temperatures hitting as high as 95 at times or as low as 30. Would a Duo Therm 15,000 btu unit be able to maintain this temperature in an un-ducted box truck?

You might get lucky with cooling it, depending on where it's parked I guess, under a shady tree in summer would be best obviously, but condensation will be ridiculous on walls.. As far as the heating elements that are in them, it will depend on where ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have the correct Manifold Gauges for checking the low and high side of the heat pump. How do I read the gauges to ensure that my system has the right charge? Outside ambient temperature is 85.4.

In order to know if you have the correct charge you must measure the subcooling since it is a txv unit. The outside unit will have the proper subooling you need printed on the data plate. Hook up you gauges and let thebunit run for 10 minutes, after ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have 3 phase power. 2 low sides and one high side. Can I hook up a 24o volt baseboard heater to one of the low sides and one high side. Or, will it be overloaded? Thanks, Jeff

Hello\015\012If i read correctly you want to hook an additional 240 volts with the same circut as the air conditioner?\015\012\015\012No i would not.The baseboard should be on its own circut with its own breaker.\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Insufficient cooling in my mercedes 300e 1989. When i hook the manifold gauge and turn on the AC, the low side pressure shows ~70psi and high side 200 - 230psi(low side pressure stays constans and high side not to)

1989 year would indicate the system uses the Old CFC R12 refrigerant. 70 PSI equals about 70°F . This is not enough pressure difference to give you any cooling. Sounds like your compressor has bad valves. Replace compressor. ... Air Conditioners

Have air conditioner that freezes up after setting it on the lowest setting. checked the freon on the unit and the suction pressure was at 42 on the 22 scale & about 70 on the psi scale, low side. no high side tap to get reading. fan motor very hot, rpm? have some #'s off of the unit 12078 ace244pt3/201s170001562.... compressor make / modle.. HIGHLY SHW73TC2GP1 ...4390H1793741 WHAT SHOULD THE LOW SIDE READ ON THIS UNIT ACCORDING TO DESIGN SPECS& SHOULD THE MOTOR BE SO HOT YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR HAN

If it's freezing up, chances are the freon is low, but read the info on the panel near the taps or the compressor to find out how much you should have. you need r-22 (if that is what it takes), guages, a thermometer for dry and wet, a temperature se ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

I have a 1993 yellowstone camper with a coleman wall thermostat. on the bottom of it- it has a heat/cool switch on one side and the other side has a low-high-fan switch. when we run it on low or high it gets cool but the fan never shuts off.if we put it on fan it shuts off with the compressor but it doesn't blow cool air. any advise?

Thank you so very much for your answer! I'm glad I came to this website before I began a new project. I was about to re-wire my unit based on my ex-husbands advice!!!! ... Coleman Air Conditioners

How to troubleshoot 410 a/c unit when high side is too low and low side is too high?

... Electrolux Air Conditioners

I have a high pressure on the high side of my air condition the high side is 340 and the low side is 60

Most likely caused by a restriction in the sealed system.You could recover the refrigerant,replace the filter drier and pull a deep vacuum on the system,then recharge refrigerant. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Just installed a grunaire two zone split system(12,000 and 9,000). I had to cut the 25' lines to about 20' and 12' for appearance. I bled some of the 410a off of the system since it was precharged. The system powers up and the compressor kicks in for about 10 seconds then turns off and gives me a FC code.Suction side goes down to about 50 psi when it shuts down. There is no high side connection.

Hi, the FC display indicates a compressor start up failure.The solution includes:Check the wiring harness of the compressor to see if it is loose. If loose, reseat it.Check voltage coming ... Air Conditioners

I am trouble shooting a Bryant Hi-bred system that uses an air cooled heat pump with high efficiency gas furnace for backup and low ambient operation. How does the system decide whether to use the air cooled heat pump or the gas fired high efficiency furnace. It appears to be outdoor air temperature related, but I can't find the setpoint for it. The main zone Bryant thermostat appears to control the system, but it doesn't always bring the backup heat if the heat pump doesn't function.

If you are using honeywell vision pro 8000 t-stat you need an outdoor sensor program on t-stat would have to look up ... Bryant Air Conditioners

Low side psi 150 high side 165 on a watersource

Sounds like a weak suction valve on compressor.How old & what refergrant? ... Comfort-Aire RAD-81 Air Conditioner

Where are the low side and high side freon ports on a 92 buick re

Auto stores will sell you what you need.follow the lines you will find the access. but you really need to know what your doing. pay somebody that knows it will be money saved if your sure it needs freon how do ya know . be careful. Tom ... Air Conditioners

I have a 1988 Prowler TT with a Coleman TSR Mach3. I've installed a new blower motor.The fan side works fine on high and low but when i move the selector to High Cool the compressor does not turn on..however when i move the selector to Low Cool the compressor turns on and it cools for a few seconds then locks up..now fan no cool air. Any ideas?? Is there a way to change/add oil to these units? Thanks, Hot in Alabama

... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

A friend has an air cconditioner system that keeps freezing up on the inside,i checked the levels and the unit calls for 350 on the low 300 on the high however he has 350 on the low,50 on the high,what do you think,air movement problem or possibly a restricted line?

Sounds like the hiside and low side difference is too great.. Spec cited is 350 Low and 300hi with a delta of 50 versus what you are seeing of 350 Low versus 50 High ..delta of 300.. Could be contamination or a leak.. ... Air Conditioners

The compressor sounds like it is running, but the pressures on both the high and low sides don't change ie. high go and low go down. Both stay at approx 150 to 170 psig

You need a new compressor ... Air Conditioners

I have a split system air conditioner. the inside fan turns on fine but the out door will not. i pushed the contactor in (located at the outdoor fan)that seems to turn on the fan. i measured the voltage with multimeter across the contact 24 volt side and got low voltage reading. then i disconnected the wires to the 24 volt side of the contactor and measured the wires, the wires read 24-27 volts. i dont know why when i connect it the readings are low. i even got a new contactor and still the same

Contactor working means fan might be bad can you feel any resistance from fan or bad capacitor. ... LG LSC091PMA Split System Air Conditioner

Problem, unit turns on fine. no cold air coming out. soliniode clicks on and off in the outside unit. maby low colent in unit. what is proper pressure for high side and low side for the R-22 so i can decypher if there might be a leak ?

It sounds like your low pressure switch is cycling the unit on and off, TURN IT OFF! The compressor is cooled by the suction gases returning to it, if you continue to run it this way you could kill your compressor! the pressures will vary depending o ... Air Conditioners

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