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I hve purchased panasonic split a.c. b4 1 month only, mi remote senson is not working properly, i mean when i push mi remote button, its effect does not come in mi indoor unit sensor.

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Ok, there are a few things to check.
\015\0121. Batteries on the remote.
\015\0122. Reset remote - switch sometimes in battery compartment and sometimes behind cover, need to press with sharp nib or pen.
\015\0123. Check on indoor unit that remote has been selected on the manual/auto switch, located under the cover on right hand side.
\015\0124. Remove indoor unit cover complete, (three screws behind the louvers and one on the electrical cover). Change the remote sensor board.

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I hve purchased panasonic split a.c. b4 1 month only, mi remote senson is not working properly, i mean when i push mi remote button, its effect does not come in mi indoor unit sensor.

Ok, there are a few things to check.\015\0121. Batteries on the remote.\015\0122. Reset remote - switch sometimes in battery compartment and sometimes behind cover, need to press with sharp nib or pen.\015\0123. Check on indoor unit ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

We have a Fujitsu ART series (ART45L) ducted air conditioner. The factory setting for the thermo unit is the indoor unit sensor and we want to use the remote controller sensor. There is a certain combination of buttons on the remote controller to press and hold to switch between the sensors (effectively over-riding the factory setting) but we don't remember the combination! Anyone know what the combination is?

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a Mitsubishi MS-09D wall mounted air conditioner. The cooling function does not seem to be cooling. The fan is running but the it seems to be recirculating the air only. The defrost light is red on the wall unit. I don't recall this light ever being on before. Could a button or combination of buttons on the remote unit have been bumped somehow? Could you please tell me how to reset the remote control or wall unit to have the cooling operation to come on again? The air ducts are clean,

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Remote control unit does not communicate with aircon. Remote registers change in temp, airswing, etc, but no response by aircon. Aircon can be turned on/off by small button under the front panel (that covers the filter and wiring diagram). Pressing this button causes "In operation" and "timer" lights on the aircon unit to come on. Model # AOT24RNBL. Is the remote broken and, if so, where to get a replacement?

... Fujitsu 24R1 Air Conditioner

Unable to switch on. Have checked safety switch and fuse on home circuit board - OK Power on outside unit on and OK Remote control has new batteries and display OK Cleaned remote sensor panels on both remote and wall unit ISSUE: When pressing the Start/Stop button the signal doesn't seem to be received by the wall unit. There is also no operation light on the Wall Unit. Unit does not turn on

As per the problem which you mentioned it clearly indicates that problem is with the switch in the wall unit.but you mentioned that you checked the switch and it is OK.\015\012this means that the problem is with the main circuit control board o ... Air Conditioners

FUJITSU Air Conditioner Model AST24RGB-W is unable to switch on. Have checked safety switch and fuse on home circuit board and is OK. Power conected to outside unit is on and OK. Remote control has new batteries and display OK. Cleaned remote sensor panels on both remote and wall unit. ISSUE: When pressing the Start/Stop button the signal doesn't seem to be received by the wall unit. There is also no operation light on the Wall Unit. Unit does not turn on

What about the inside unit does it have power going to it. i would check the breaker for the inside unit. ... Air Conditioners

The control for the compressor is not turning on when the remote is set on cool, but the indoor fans turn on. This is a C4822N outside unit and a RS 2422A twin indoor unit. there is 220 volt being sent down on black and white to the indoor unit but nothing comes back to the outside unit on red

... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

I have a split system a/c that the head unit will not respond to the remote. If I turn off the power and restart and I manualy push the button it comes on and blows cool air and then shuts off but I can't get the remote to do anything. Batteries are good and the remote works on my the other unit. I think I need to replace something in the head unit cause it acts like it doesn't acknoweldge the signal from the remote.

Replace receiver board or if you have a spare unit try to transfer the receiver board to the defective one and test the remote to confirm the unit problem. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Sensor in my Samsung Split Heat/AC indoor unit does not detect the remote control. Worked ok for 4 years. Tried a new remote and still didn't work. I can turn the unit on and off from the unit but need to use the remote for certain functions. Can't find anyone to service it. Thanks! Samsung AQ12ABMCF

The receaver is most likely broken? ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I have a Daikin 2 x Daikin outdoor unit RZP125DV1 and 2 X Daikin indoor unit FHYCP125DVE - 1 for upstairs 1 for downstairs. On the upstairs remote controller i have got display "U4" (believe this means indoor unit not talkiing to outdoor unit) It works ok when Op Mode icon is on "fan".When I press "test" button code "5JC" displays. What does this mean ?

... Cfm Daikin R410a Split System Air Conditioner

We have an Art Series Duct type Fujitsu air conditioner. The Room temperature sensor selection is locked (factory locked). We have the sensor set at the remote controller. When we have a power failure (which happens often) the sensor setting reverts back to factory default which is the indoor unit. As this function is factory locked, we can't reset the sersor to the remote controller. Tells us to consult an authorised service personnel. How do we override this lock and reset the thermo

Remove battery from your remote. After 10 seconds, again reset it. Now you can set as per your wish..Is it helpful? ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

We have a Weathermaker Split System A/C (indoor unit WMSI030H, outdoor unit WMSO030H). When going to switch on the A/C with the remote, the A/C is not receiving the signal; therefore not switching on. We have replaced the batteries, reset the remote, cleaned the sensor, but no luck.Anyhing else we can try or do we need to get our hands on a new remote?

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I got a remote control type YK1F to my aircon unit that dont work. I cant swift the unit off. When I press the On/Off button the display will get emty. When I press again everything comes back but nothing is working. I can pressup and down the temp button on its shows the temp but nothing happans at the unit.

... Air Conditioners

Mini spilt comfort air model smh18sb remote want start unit .unit will run if manual button is push, have replace remote ,display assy. indoor control board.

... Heat Controller Air Conditioners

My Fujitsu Converter Air conditioner is not working... The Green light is flashing 13 times - the red light flashes continuously very quickly. The fan does not commence at all and therefore no heat or cool air comes from the conditioner at present. Also, once I press the start button on the remote control unit and the light being to flash, I am then unable to stop the unit - even after pushing the start/stop button - the lights continue to flash. Is there something I can do to make the air c

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Panasonic Invertor I have two units they work fine, but the remote for one has gone blank. I have the screen go blank on occassions on the second remote but i give it a tap and the screen comes back up. The Model number for the indoor unit is CS-E18HKR and the outside CU-E18HKR. I'm assuming they require batteries but there doesn't appear to be anyway to do so. Please help.

... Panasonic Air Conditioners

My LG LSN182HE will not turn on using remote or the one button. I check fuses and breaker and they are fine. Power is coming into the inside unit but nothing happens when I push the power button. I turned it on AC mode and it started running. When I went back into the room later the unit was off.

You should check the condition of capacitor, there may be a small transformer inside the unit, check it for 24vac. If your problem still exists then you can contact with LG technical support at ... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

My Frigidaire FSA 12 PA5C : - indoor unit shows a blinking ELECT LED + TIMER LED always ON + OPERATE LED ON - no fan working(no air coming out off indoor unit) - outdoor fan not working Please help. Any RESET button somewhere ?

... Frigidaire FAS184 Air Conditioner

My A/C unit is not functioning properly. When switched on by remote or by power source, the left yellow light will come on for a few seconds, then the yellow indicator light on the right and middle orange light all begin flashing. I have tried everything - resetting the remote, on/off from the power source, on/off from the remote, and all with the same effect. I desperately need the A/C function to work as soon as possible and have been trying all day to make it work. Please help!

It will be helpful if you provide the manufacturer name and model no. of your air-conditioner.\015\012\015\012Do you hear the fan or the compressor run? ... Air Conditioners

Kswg012-h113 Remote worked fine yesterday, today unit light won't come on. Tried to reset by pushing reset button on unit. Turned power off at fuse panel. I think I own a piece of JUNK!!!!

... Klimaire 12,000 Btu 13 Seer Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a LG Art Cool (LAU121HNP) that does not work. The remote does not work, and the power button on the indoor unit does not work either. Both fuses in the outdoor unit are ok, as well as the capacitor. I'm thinking board failure. Any ideas?

... LG Air Conditioners

Mistral mss 1.0kw unit - When switched on the indoor unit & the outdoor compressor runs normally but the air coming out of the blower is not cool even after a long time. Is there a reset button to push? Thanks.

If the indoor unit blower is running and the outdoor unit fan is turning, you will need to make sure that the compressor itself is actually running and that it is not just the outdoor fan that is turning.\015\012Get close and listen to the end ... Sanyo 24KS32A Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

Our frigidaire window a/c unit (model faa067p7a) does not seem to be operating properly. There is no condensate forming anywhere (beneath the coils is dry and no evidence of water and there is no water coming out of the tube under the coils into the styrafoam drip area). Everytime we run the unit it cools the room to a degree but the humidity also goes way up. I tried the reset button on the power supply but that didn't seem to have any effect. Any ideas?

It sounds like your unit is low on freon or the compressor is not kicking in. If the compressor kicks in you can hear it turn the unit on fan only or turn the thermostat off then turn the unit to demand cool you should hear a hum even vibration when ... Frigidaire Compact Air Conditioner

Several years ago I purchased 2 Split-Type Room Air Conditioners--Models RSW-17 (Indoor Unit)/ROW-17 (Outdoor Unit) and RSW-12S (Indoor Unit)/ROW-12S (Outdoor Unit). The airconditioners themselves are fine, however,the Remote Controls for both these units, Model AR-DJ15, have gone bad and may not be repairable. How/where can I purchase replacement remote units? Alternatively, where/how can I send my remote units for repair? Chester D. Copemann [email protected] or [email protected]

Type in the mfg. name in the search bar and see if you can find resources. ... Air Conditioners

The unit is a Kelvinator Air Con unit - Model #KSR25F-01. The unit will turn on manually but not from the remote. The remote has new batteries, but will not start the unit. The only button that the unit seems to respond to is the timer cancel button on the remote

Take the remote and put it in front of your cell phone.turn on the camera of your phone and push the buttons of the remote.if you see a light in your phone the remote is ok and then the eye of the pc board(is a small plate)has problem. ... Air Conditioners

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