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Combustion blower turns on and never stops running

\015 I have a Lennex furnace 80MGF. The combustion chamber blower stays running. I have checked the outlet to make sure that it was not plugged all ok. It will not allow the furnace to start becauce this is always running. I dont know what else it could be. I have checked the wiring and i have checked the wire connections. I can get the furnace to run one cycle by tricking the pressure switch. Please help.\015

Answers :

Sounds to me like the furnace isn't getting enough fresh air for combustion and the pressure switch isn't closing. try taking the cover off the burner assembly and c if that works

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Combustion blower turns on and never stops running

Sounds to me like the furnace isn't getting enough fresh air for combustion and the pressure switch isn't closing. try taking the cover off the burner assembly and c if that works ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Replaced the blower motor on a Carrier a/c unit x421892 after motor seized and tripped breaker. New motor runs fine but runs continuosly when put in the auto position. The motor still runs even when thermostat is turned off. Breaker must be off to stop blower motor. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Hello The new motor sounds HOT wired.It must have one leg connected to the blower relay.If it is off the relay(correctly) ,the relay is stuck/welded and should be replaced.In the blower unit. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Blower never stops. AC outside jammed to stay on???

You need to call someone who truely knows what they're doing. From your decription, the person you had out should not be working on units. You have a problem most likely caused be the person that installed the new motor and these units are not design ... Goodman CLJ36AR42 Air Conditioner

My air stops running inside before it get to the temp. Its set for but the outside unit keeps running and after a minute or two the air will start blowing inside again but the outside unit never turns off until it gets to the desired temp but because it stops and starts so often inside it takes a long time for it to reach the desired temp. Inside

You have a possible thermal overload problem in your furnace blower motor dirt will cause this problem when it doesnt allow air across the windings of the blower motor if not dirt the motors going bad and getting hot use a shop vac and eliminate dirt ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

Working on a heil m#gde075b12g1 downflow when thermostat is satified everything turns off except blower keeps running to a point where it starts to blow cool air. doesnt do it all the time checked limit switch ok checkedall switches ok need to turn off power to stop it .

Hello, sometimes this can happen if the relay on the intergrated contol board sticks, Im assuming the blower off settings are correct since this happens intermittently. When this happens again try tapping the relay with the handle of a screwdriver an ... Air Conditioners

Need help for Toyostove vented heater- Laser 56MH heater comes on when thermostat sensor calls for heat. It brings room up to correct set temperature and begins normal shut down. But here is the problem...the circulation fan stops and I think the blower moter stops? But fire remains in the burner chamber and a moter is quitely running...I think it is the exhaust? The only way it will completely shut down is when I turn back the temperature selection 10 degrees. It immediatly shuts down. Then

Hi, there is a problem going on here, and its not the unit it self, but in the control circuit. From what you have said as to how and what is taking place is, the control thermostat works on a call for heat and cycles down when the desired temperatur ... Air Conditioners

Blower keeps running even after thermostat is in off or in auto? The forced air unit stays on even after temp setting is reached or will switch thermostat switch to off. The heat stops but blower stays on until I turn the breaker off.

This could be an indication that there is an error code flashing on the control board and needs to be addressed. Most newer units like this indicate a problem by running the room air blower to alert the homeowner something is wrong. Really! Without s ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

When I turn the air conditioner on, the indoor blower runs for about 10 seconds and then stops. After which the red fan symbol on the evaporator section blinks and no condenser. I don't have any fault code legends for this product. TAS-24H

Sounds like you may have a shorted capacitor on the fan motor. Hopefully not the motor itself. The capacitor should be in the electrical box and looks like a battery. ... Turboair TAS-24H Split System Air Conditioner

I have a carrier 38YCBO48300 Over the years ithas a history of eating the start Caps Which I replace myself. This time the cap was leaking so I replaced it but the unit still will not run.The blower runs but not the outside unit. there is power and I hear a click when the system is turned on if I push in the relay the unit will start. but stop when I release it. I have checked the float switch in the condenser pan Any other ideas??

You must have a bad connection from either the thermostat or inside unit. Check the wire going from the outside unit to the inside unit. Look for any in-line fuses or the fuse on the circuit board. ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

I have a goodman gmp100-5 furnace, The furnace comes on to heat fine,but the blower motor will not shut off. It runs contiues till you switch off the ac 110. when you turn the current back on it usually will stop. then it is ready to start again [email protected]

Either your fan switch on the thermostat is on instead of auto, or circuit board is acting up ... Air Conditioners

The motor or blower wheel om my Goodman model GMP 100-4 unit whistles and sticks. How can I fix this? Can the motor or blower wheel be lubricated? Does the motor need to be replaced. If I manualy spin the blower wheel and get it turming some what and then start the unit by pressing the safty switch located behind the lower front panel the blower will start, the wheel fan will turn. If I turn the unit off and try to turn it on again before the wheel stops turning the blower will work. But, if

Yes its the motor problem.the noise is from motor.as the blower wheel is not making noise when car is turned off.and when checked manually the blower wheel is not making noise.that means motor is faulty\015\012thanks.please do rate the solution ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Furnace that doesn't turn on. If I spin the blower it will run, blower just buzzes and still buzzes while running. It shuts itself off after twenty minutes. I can resets it and spin the blower and it will turn on again.

First I would suggest that you replace the start capacitor on your blower motor but if it is running for awhile that makes me wonder if the thermal overload is shutting your motor off. You can replace the start capacitor and then if it starts as it's ... Goodman CLQ24AR42 Air Conditioner

Turned on AC was running fine. 30 minutes later began to hear a strange noise. Opened AC/Furnance closet & heard a sound best described as air letting out of a tire. It seemed to be coming from copper pipe. Minute later sound stopped & air was suddenly hot. As if AC was turned on fan not cold. Went outside & neither fan nor motor was running. Turned fan manually. Ran for about a minute then stopped. Outside unit was making what could best be described as a buzzing sound.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012This means that the condenser fan motor (outside unit) failed, this caused to build hi pressure and either activated a safety valve to release the extra pressure or blew a line and R22 Refrigerant escaped from system. ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

The fan in my Heil air conditioning unit runs for a while then stops turning. When I turn it off for a while and re-start it it runs. Is there a way to lubricate the fan. The motor is running but the fan stops.

It is stopping because it is over heating. You will need a new one. Most of the electric motors today do not need lubricating. ... Air Conditioners

Intertherm Electric Furnace in mobile home Model# MRAC 2317 SN - 79JE0501 Question: The blower stays running all the time. I have to turn the main breaker off to turn the blower off. The unit is heating when it is running. I have replaced the thermostat about 3 years ago in the summer when I had a AC problem. Would the fan switch on the furnace possibly be the problem? It has an auto & on position on the switch. It clicks when you switch to the on position but does not click when you put i

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a problem with my heating system. It is about 10 years old and has had the ignitor, combustion blower motor, and programable thermostat replace in it's lifetime. The system worked great last year. This year has not been so good. The system was checked and cleaned last month. What is happening is the blower kicks in and the burner cut off after a few (15-20) seconds. I tried shuting down system and turning off power to reset. When you turn heater on this is what happens 1. Combustion fan c

Sounds like its not proofing flame. it has a sensor usually like a needle sticks out into the flame that tells the gas valve the flame lit and is burning so its ok to keep sending gas, if its fails to proof flame then burner shuts down, then it tries ... Air Conditioners

Janitrol (goodman) GMS9. Two years old. When thermostat is set low the ICM diagnostic LED is continuous on ("no signal from thermostat"), when thermostat is turned up then LED gives 3 flashes. Manual says that 3 flashes means "Pressure switch circuit not closed. Induced draft blower is operating", however the ID-Blower is NOT running. I ran a 110Volt wire directly to the ID-Blower to see if it runs independent of the control and it does run. I drew vacuum on both pressure switches and they do

Bad board . replace it . ... Air Conditioners

Cooling begins then indoor blower stops...outside unit continues to run

I had the same problem,if you do not monitor that you will make matters worst and burn the Compressor.your problem is the blower unit it has three speed sometimes four.it needs to be changed.. ... Air Conditioners


Be sure the fan setting on the stat is set for auto, not on. in this mode the fan should only run when there is a call for cool or heat.if the fan continues to run check at the control board to see if you are getting 24 volts low voltage between gree ... Air Conditioners

My 38CKCK24330 Unit stopped running, it will try and turn on every 10 or 15 mins you can here it outside buzz, I looked outside at the unit and the fan is not running. The system has power, the breaker switches are working, the furnace turns on fromt he attic. What do I need to trouble shoot, someone told me to check the switch on the unit by pressing it in to see if the fan will turn on once the button is pressed in. I did this but the fan did not turn on. Any help would be appreciated it, I

Hi angelagaddy,With the fan not running and you are hearing a buzzing noise outside this is more likely that the fan motor needs to be replaced or the capacitor ... Air Conditioners

The blower in my Ruud gas furnace won't shut off. It just runs and runs. The thermostat is set to "off" and the fan switch is set to "auto". We haven't used the furnace or AC the past few months since we haven't needed it, so it's been in the off position. Then yesterday out of nowhere the blower randomly fired up and hasn't turned off since. It just runs and runs until I kill it at the breaker. The thermostat is about two years old so it's fairly new. I replaced its batteries and that didn't

I'm not sure what setup your unit has but the fan relay sound like it is bad. If your blower connects to a circuit board then the board could be bad. Different units use different ways to control the fan. Some use a relay like I mentioned. Some use t ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

When i was tested an air condition (trane 60000BTU duct type )i noticed that the high pressure fans of the out door unit were turned off and the compressor was running ,so i turned off the ac from thermostat for a second then turned on ,and look for the out door unit. I discovered that the high pressure fans turnned on for a one minute and then stopped, but the commpressor still running . What should i do ???/PLZ

... Air Conditioners

The blower on my furnace doesn't stop running.

Probably need to replace the limit. Pull the wires off of the limit and set your meter to ohms. If it beeps while holding one test lead on each of the connectors on the limit itself then it should be good. If no beep it may be stuck, still too hot, o ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman gks90703bxae gas heater. When I turn it on it runs fine heats the house the blower shuts off but then the induced draft blower stays on so the heater will not heat the next time it is supposed to I checked the flue and the drains and they are fine and it throws a code that says I need a new pressure switch but it also says that my induced blower should not be running and it is can't figure it out hope you can help thanks

Hi!!\015\012\015\012The ID Blower pressure switch may be stuck closed, and keeps the ID blower running. Replace the switch. Click on the following link for a Parts Manual for your unit to Identify the part # and order it.\015\012 ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My ac stopped putting out cold air and I noticed the fan had stopped turningand was hot. I let it cool down and turned it back on, the fan was not turning but with a little push it started turning but very slowly, Is this the start run capacitor

It's run capacitor your unit has a dual one. One for fan and one for compressor. Make sure you get the right size when replacing it. ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

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