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Mitsubishi heatpump not blowing out heat.

\015 Mitsubishi heat pump, model number msz a18yv. Is not blowing out hot air. What could be causing this please?\015

Answers :

One reason could be a shortage of refrigerant. Another could be incorrect mode selection? Or the reverse valve which changes the unit from cooling to heating is either not being energised or may be blocked and would have to be replaced.

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Mitsubishi heatpump not blowing out heat.

One reason could be a shortage of refrigerant. Another could be incorrect mode selection? Or the reverse valve which changes the unit from cooling to heating is either not being energised or may be blocked and would have to be replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Have an amana central air duelfuel heat system.when aux heat[gas] heats the house and shuts off the fans still blow for 3 to 5 minutes with the last couple of minutes being cold air which cools the air it just heated. also heatpump will start heating when it comes on then after 3 or 4 minutes it starts blowing cold air like when the air conditioner is running.i have had problems from day of install 4 mounths ago with problems that keep coming up. please i need help fast i do not think comp

Change your heating delay to shut off sooner, you can find this in the installation manual. Also the Thermostat may have delay after heat as well. It is true there could be many variables, but it also sounds like the Heatpump is not charged properl ... Amana Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split-system heat pump not blowing hot air

... Air Conditioners

I have Mitsubishi mr slim ms09nw units, they only blow cold air when outside temp is low. When it heats up mid day they stop blowing cold air and will not resume cold air at any point. Is there a solution?

... Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi I work in a kindergarten and we have two split systems. It worked great to cool us cool in summmer but it's now freezing and we have a large space to heat. The systems are just blowing out cool air, not warm air. Both systems are Mitsubishi's. One is the srk35zgas and the other is msz-ge71va. HELP PLEASE! We're all in our jackets and it's not even winter yet.

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Mitsubishi heat pump only blowing cold air - Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have two heatpumps up and downstairs and two furnaces (piigy back). At times my pump outside freezes up and cold air blows in the house. I was told that I needed a kit to tell my furnace to turn on when it gets to cold for the heat pump. It will cost 400. This is the third time they came out. 1-nothing wrong. 2-New thermostat 3-Need kit. Is this something I can do? Amana Heat Pump RHA36B2A

Hi,\015\012A couple of things... First your furnace should be 2nd stage on a 2 stage thermostat and if the heat pump don't keep up your furnace should be coming on anyway...If you get a Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 series thermostat for 2 stage he ... Air Conditioners

Heat side of heatpump is blowing a transformer when switched to heating mode.

It is either a shorted wire or a shorted component in the heat cycle wiring. The most likely is a bad reversing valve solenoid. You can use a re-settable transformer to help lower cost while troubleshooting. Remove the RV solenoid wires and set the u ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

The problem is. When the split system is set to cool , it just blows air not cooled but when set to heat no air blows in the inside unit. Both an electrician and a fridge mechanic installed it. They said that a Mitsubishi specialist can help me with the problem.Mitsubishi, model: MSH-30SV

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I have a Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted heater TYPE KPOA To set for heating should the Mode read I feel Cool OR Heat then set temperature required. Both settings seem to blow cold air. Many Thanks, for your assistance. Marc Moss. Marc @toorak.net

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Goodman heatpump the heat comes on but only the low speed of the blower fan will blow and it cuts off after it runs for about and it cycles the same again after but never on high speed

I think your run capacitor for the blower motor needs replacing. \015\012If it goes out the motor will not develop full speed and will shut off on it's internal thermal protector. When it cools off it will kick back in until it gets hot and shu ... Air Conditioners

I have the Mitsubishi G inverter. When it is on heating it is blowing tepid air. Can this be fixed.?

Hi,\012I'm sure that the problem can be fixed...\012\012here is a tip about Mitsubishi units and how to aaccess all of the manuals for them...\012\012Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair\012 ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

There is no heat coming from my Mitsubishi Mr. Slim. THe temperature is set to 75 degrees and it is still blowing cold air.

Keep thermostat +80 and also mode should be in "HEAT" ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Carrier Heat Pump Model 38EYG042300 airhandler blower operational, T-stat set to emergency heat still operational and does not blow the 5 amp fuse . When T-stat is set to Cooling or Heat from the Heat pump after about 3-5 minutes the 5 amp fuse continually blows, checked the transformer both primary and secondary checks out good, check transformer to ground not grounded, is it posibble for the T-stat to ground out and blow the 5 amp fuse when calling for the heat pump to heat or cool? Hard for m

Hello,\015\012Compressor contactor coil or reversing valve coil... they may not have a direct short but still may pull high amps and blow the fuse... have you had a brown out or power outage lately? They will fry coils...\015\012From what ... Air Conditioners

I have a RUUD UPNE030JAZ. The heat recently started having trouble and doesn't blow heat like it use to now only blows on AUX heat. This heat is not enough to heat the house.

Short of gas. Time to call a technician ... Air Conditioners

I have an Intertherm electric furnace in my mobile home model # FEHB 015A. The heater started acting up by first blowing warm air like normal but then blowing cool, not heated air after a few minutes of operation. At some point it seemed when it was blowing heated air that it was really hot, then cool. Then it just quit heating the air at all. I am looking for a schematic to identify the heating coil or igniter coil if it has one for possible replacement.

Http://www.nordyne.com/Literature/707716c.pdf\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012http://www.nordyne.com/Literature/359a.pdf\015\012\015\012The diagrams above may not be exactly what you are needing. But they will be close. Usually the diag ... Air Conditioners

I have an electric furnace and heat pump that will at times blow only cold air during the heating season. I have checked the filter and don't believe that to be a problem. I usually have the temperature set to 74 degrees. When the outdoor temp. is extremely cold the axillary heat indicator will be on and still no heat. I can turn the heat pump off by switching to emergency heat and will get some heat from that but not as warm as I think it should be and even that will at times only blow cool

You are losing operation to your heat strips.\015\012\015\012In heat pumps, there is a secondary heat source. Usually electric heat strips. (Sometimes a gas furnace, this is known as a "dual fuel" system)\015\012\015\012The he ... Carrier Air Conditioners

No heat I have an Amana heating and a/c unit model # pth153b50ae. It was blowing heat all winter then just stopped. It now blows cold air and is either bringing in cold air from outside or is blowing a/c. It does not change no matter where the control knobs are set. I checked the fuse and actually changed it but no difference. The only way I can turn it off is either unplug it or take the cover off and switch of the little micro switch. I'm thinking the board is gone. Any help would be appreciat

Check to see if unit has a contactor,they arc and weld together,keeping your unit on ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

I have two Friedrich PDE15KSB-C units. When trying to turn on the heat neither will kick into the heat mode. They both blow cold air only. When they are first turned on the air blows, and there is a click sound as though the unit is trying to start the heat pump, but then nothing really happens...just the fan continues to blow cold air. Any help would be appreciated. BTW the dip sticks are all in the positions of 1234 ON, 5678 OFF - factory setting. I did try to turn 7 on for the emergency

Keep +10 degree from your room temp and also thermostat in "heat" . And then check. But in your case, I think RV not energized. If no proper voltage in RV in heat mode, check the wiring to RV. If voltage in means RV not working properly. You have to ... Friedrich PDE15K3SB Portable Air Conditioner

Have 2 thermostats, 1 for sleeping area upstairs and 1 whole house located downstairs. whole house thermostat won't open dampers to allow downstairs vents to blow A/C or heat. no matter which thermostat is on, a/c or heat only blows thru the upstairs vents. control system in the attic is a HONEYWELL MINIZONE KIT, EMM-3K. What do we need to do to get system to open dampers to blow a/c or heat thru downstairs vents. other wise the a/c and heater is working fine, just that the minizone that c

It seems as though you have a polarity mishap. The damper valves will be VDC if the downstairs thermo is driving them to open with full VDC and the polarity was reversed it will drive them closed. The Thermostat will not know this. Using a DMM and th ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

The heat pump is not working properly. i think the problem is in the switch mechanism. when the heat is on and the thermostat is turned up it blows cold air. sometimes the compressor turns on and off. if you turn the other switch to the off position, then turn the thermostat up then turn it back to heat. it will blow hot air. if you then turn the thermostat down, wait till it turns off, then turn it back up, it will blow room temp air and sometimes the compressor will turn on.

Hi,\012The problem may be the switch, but it sounds more likely that the contactor in the outdoor unit is bad and is not making all of the time...then the compressor will not always run...\012To figure it out you will need to catch it at ... Air Conditioners

Unless we set the thermostat very high, like 80 degrees, the heater will blow cold air. When the heat does blow, it will eventually stop blowing heat and the fan will continue to blow cold air.

Check and make sure the filter is clean. This sounds like a restriction in the system. If the unit has central cooling make sure ther indoor evaporator coil is clean at the furance.The unit may be cycling the burners on and off at the high heat limi ... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman gsh130361 3 ton heat & air. It was installed 05/05/2008. all seemed well until cold weather, in 2009. The fan turns on and start blowing before the heat box is even warm. The heat set on 70----- when it gets 68 or 69 {in the house} the out side pump kicks in, 10 to 20 seconds later the fan turns on and blows freezing air into the house. the temperture will drop dramatically for the next 1 & 1/2 minute. The box will heat up and then all is well untill the next cycle.

The PCB unit that controls the thermostat and Coolant is malfunctioning... check that particular unit...that would help.... ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Will not blow heat when I turn it on heat. The blower blows

Have you tried turning on the emergency/auxillary heat on to see if the heat strips kick on? If that works, then it sounds like your unit is low on refrigerant. If your not sure about the ER/Auxillary, there should be a switch on your tstat for thi ... Air Conditioners

I have two Amcor AmcorAire UCHW-H09AF2 Split System Air Conditioner units -- 2 years old. One works fine, but the other does not blow heated air (Heat Mode). It is cold outside, but the good unit is blowing heated air at the same time the bad one does not. All other settings are the same. All suggested service numbers, as well as the company number in user guide are disconnected. Thanks

... Amcor Aire UCHW-H09AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

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