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I just turned on my ac for the first time this year. I found leaking on my carpet. I had to change my filter and found ice on my pipes. also the area around the unit was damp. Did i fix the problem by changing the filter or is there suppost to be a filter under my filter. I have a model ar30-1 Thank you

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The ice buildup comes from low refrigerant or poor airflow.
\015\012Is your indoor fan runnig OK?
\015\012Are your evaporator coils clean of dust and dirt?
\015\012If fan is good and coils are clean, call a service tech to check your refrigerant charge.

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I just turned on my ac for the first time this year. I found leaking on my carpet. I had to change my filter and found ice on my pipes. also the area around the unit was damp. Did i fix the problem by changing the filter or is there suppost to be a filter under my filter. I have a model ar30-1 Thank you

The ice buildup comes from low refrigerant or poor airflow.\015\012Is your indoor fan runnig OK?\015\012Are your evaporator coils clean of dust and dirt?\015\012If fan is good and coils are clean, call a service tech to check your r ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

When i was fixed a problem in central ac trane i found decreased in freon r22 and the suctione line was freezed, i charged the ac with froen gas r 22 then i found that the suctione line changed and begin to melt the ice so a few minutes and the suctione became not cold and there wasnt enough cold air in the room and the low pressure gage increased 10 bar psi so what is that.?????????

You are still low on freon.\015\012Charging AC by superheat and subcool\015\012First charging a unit by superheat, this is only for Acs with an orifice or capillary tube.\015\012Optimum superheat is 12° to 15° at the ... Air Conditioners

Just cut on 8 year old Goodman CPLE24-1 AC for the summer. Ran 8 hours fine, Next morning noticed outside unit running, very little cool air blowing out of inside floor vents (like the blower fan was broken). Outside unit frozen. Capicitor replaced last July. (2) separate filters inside house returns clean. Whatz the problem? Help? Advice? Gotta fix it fast! By myself hopefully. Thanks!!!!

Due to the many different questions I see about Air Conditioning, I am including this overview to help us better understand each other for trouble shooting. A basic air conditioning system has a Thermostat, Air Handler or Furnace Fan and a Condensin ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

My Diamond 80 furnace burner fired up, but stays on for 1-2 minutes. Cleaning the flame sensor didn't help. Removing filter however solved the problem. Filter is quite new by the way. What could be the problem? I didn't have this problem before, with the filter in place. Is there some high thermal switch that switch off when temperature reaches certain threshold? Thanks.

Check your thermostaty setting. If it's correct, you have to replace sensor only. ... Air Conditioners

My central a/c has a problem with water dripping from the cooling coils and getting down on my air filter below. The filter then turns black with mold. I have a very expensive filter (Aprilaire) so replacing it all the time is a problem. The a/c cools the house fine. The drain isn't clogged and the filters are new. What is causing this and how can it be fixed?

You should tilt the system such that the water goes directly to the drainage pipe. it is easy however it may require a hany man.Regards ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Britony Combi SE. I have had a persistent problem whereby I am presented by fault lights 40-80. I am aware that this is a common fault and usually relates to water pressure. That has been tested and not the problem. In an attemp to fix the problem the engineer has changed a printed circuit board which again hasnt fixed the issue, what is happening is that on the circuit board there is a 3amp fuse which keeps blowing. The problem is we don't know what is causing this. Can you help?

... Air Conditioners

Is there a filter on the outside unit to be changed on model #38TZA036321? We know we have to change the indoor filters but unsure if there is one to change located on the outdoor unit. Recently bought the house and no guidance from previous owners. Thanks

No, there isn't anything to change at the outdoor unit.\015\012Best regards, --W/D-- ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Changing filter It's winter time. I want to change the filter on my Carrier Weathermaker 8000. How do I do this? Is there anything else I should do? I just bought the house and wonder what should I do to the furance. Should I call someone and have it serviced? How old is the unit? When should it be replaced? Thank you for all your advice. [email protected]

The filter should be located in the return air flow duct either inside the furnace or in the ductworkyou should have it inspected by a service contractor as far as when it should be replaced depends on the condition of the heat exchanger ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a Commercial Thermostat Totaline P/N 0441 that is blacked out and there are no batteries from what I've seen in taking it apart. What can be the problem? Second, I changed the filters but it still shows on the thermostat to change filter. How do you reset that?

... Air Conditioners

Machine is spewing freon into the used oil reserviour when vehicle system is put under vacuum. Recently changed the filter drier and vacuum pump oil with no problems and have used it a couple times since with no problems. Just before this problem arose, we took a few leaking fittings apart and cleaned them. Coincidence?

I am assuming when you refer to machine, you are actually refering to a vacuum pump?\015\012\015\012Not clear what you are referring too on this one. Can you provide more details? ... Air Conditioners

Daikin a/c FDY100LVIR N81. installed in suspended ceiling approx 2 mtrs. away from ceiling filter inlet. No filter pad provided for this inlet?. Told to attach a piece of wire to end of unit to withdraw filter for cleaning, how do we get it back?. I find this situation unacceptable and have been trying to resolve problem with Daikin and installer for 3 months, now they are saying that the ceiling vent is an after market item so is not anyones responsibility. Thanks Trevor

... Air Conditioners

We live in an apartment complex and have a Trane Air Conditioner, each unit has its own central air. I believe the one in our unit has clogged drain pipes, when we first moved in we didnt change the air filters and when we did, the filter was extremely dusty. My wife uses alot of powder and when I clean the drip pan below the grill where the drips into, I found a thick layer of whitish doh like crud.I feel like it is clogging the the 2 whites pipes that go from the drip pan into the drain down b

Hello You have to cut the pipe and blow out each end,You can use a 1"rubber hose from an auto parts store & 2 hose clamps, If you can't find the end.This will allow access in the future to clean out the pipes.It will slip over 3/4" PVC pipe.They sell ... Air Conditioners

I changed the fan motor because it had burnt. The capacitor was also changed. Recently, two months ago I had the unit serviced, which included the power washing of the inside and outside of the fins and roller. The unit worked well for two months. The unit presently is starting and tripping the main breaker fuse. The technician came and trouble shooted the problem and found that the wires going unto the compressor was burnt out, and corroded. This area has a cap on these wires as well as afelt p

Dear sir! First of all when water servicing any appliances,ask service man to check all loose wiring after service and also blow dry air near electrical ends to remove moisture or water drops.And also replace compressor contactor (Not relay) as ... Air Conditioners

My ruud deluxe 89 furnace is not working. The fan will work but does not blow hot air. When I move swith to Auto I hear the click, but nothing happens after that. I have changed the filters which were very bad and have changed the batteries to the thermostat. Van you help? I was hoping it was only a fuse or something like that. Im not sure where to find the fuse though. Thanks, Brayn

The directions on mines says to turn the pilot off for 5 min to clear gas out the pipeline. then turn it to the PILOT position and push down while lighting it, then once its lit turn it to ON. ive tried that but its not working. i dont know if im not ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Hi! I have a problem with an oil heating system! When I turn it on, it heat for 5 mins then stops. I have changed out the circulation pump as I thought that this was the problem. The pipes in the boiler are warm. The heat doesn't go to the radiators around the house. I Found that only 1 radiator heats upstairs. There is water in the radiators and none are air locked as i have tried them all.

You may have many probs... 1 a poir boiler combustion. (not boiling the water) or just warming it up so it's not hot...that would mean your temperature sensor is broken or you have probs with the actual combustion process.. This could be an unsafe s ... Air Conditioners

I have Amtrol water heater. Recently I noticed that boiler trying to start several times till it finally starts. I decided to check if it is a boiler or water heater problem and turned on house heating system that was OFF for summer time. Boiler started immediately without any trying atemptes. Looks like it is a water heater problem. My qustion is: what should I change most likely - temp. sensor or temp.control? Thank you. Vlad

That's a good question. What a shop would do, is try one, then, if that didn't work, try the other, in this case- if they had the parts. It's hard to test the sensor correctly, and the temp. control might be intermittent, which means it would sh ... Air Conditioners

I have a customer with an oversized ducted air conditioner installed it is causing a lot of moisture problems, any suggestions on how to fix this problem thanks.

Hi,Try to run it with the blower @LOW/slow speed you need more run time. ... Air Conditioners

Model number AEW10AMG1....I have a problem my air conditioner will continuously run and when we try to power it off it will not power off we have to unplug it. We also try to turn down the temperature and when we get through messing with the temperature it will go back up to the same temperature on its own. The filter is clean so we know it's not the filter...please help if you can..thanks

... GE Air Conditioners

Problem with my Frigidare air condioner the model# is FAM156R1A. Not sure if the pc board needs to be replace? im unable to change any of the settings. I've reseted it and it dosen't fix the problem. Basically none the buttons are there work, but my ac still blows cool. its just stuck on the same everytime.

Yep sounds like the main control ic on the board is bad, replace it. ... Frigidaire FAM156R1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Please can someone help me!! We purchased 1 year agao a Viesmann Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler and have had major problems with the flow switch sticking. We have had 3 sub contractors come out and replace the flow switch and a Viesmann engineer come out very recently blaming the water for the problem with the flow switch!! Their are around 70% of combi boilers sold throughout the uk and water is a big part of a boiler working, we also found out that we should have a filter fitted to the main

I am pleased to suggest that you try to following. i would wager that the switch is installed in the horizontal position. try replumbing so that the switch or valve is verticle to the ground. . that way particles will settle down with water flow an ... Air Conditioners

My 6 year old Heat pump RHE 60 on days when temp. gets up to 85F the Compressor struggles to come on some times up to 10-15 minutes.A hard start kit was installed when unit was 5 months old for similar problem but later they (service people) found it was caused by a burnt wire. I dont know if they left the hard-start kit on unit or removed it. I cant get installing dealer to find me a fix for this problem .

Hi,One of the methods to curb if the compressor is not working is " Installing Start Kit".There might be many reasons.Let me write main reasons :-\015\012\015\012\015\012Compressor will not start some or m ... Air Conditioners

My AC starts fine. But the compressor will over heat and shut down in higher temperatures (high 80's lower 90's. It has run without issue on some days like yesterday with temps in the mid 80's. The capcitor was changed but has not fixed the problem. If I let it cool down for an hour, it will restart and continue cooling the house until it overheats again. Amps are in the acceptable range. Unit was installed in 1999. Can you help diagnose this problem?

Most likey cooling fins are plugged and also my need new compressor or low on refrigerant or refrigerant oil. Could also have plugged intake filters in the intake. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Heating and air condition unit will not kick on when i try to turn the heat on in the morning. we have tried the auto fan and the on fan for both ac and heat...will only work for the ac. the breaker switch at the breaker box is the only solution we have found to get the unit to fire up and to start the heat for the unit...my brother has checked the wiring at the thermostate..mercury type..found no burned out wires...he changed the filter on the system...tried to clean all the contact points on

Hello , I can help you out here. First check the T-stat with all breakers on take the red t-stat wire and white t-stat wire and green t-stat wire , tie the 3 together and wait 5 minutes to see if anything starts up. If the heat starts running replace ... Air Conditioners

A/C Model: FAC107P1A My unit is not putting out cold air. The temp wire is not touching the coils. I've cleaned the filter, and behind it. What do you think the problem is? What needs to be done to fix the problem? Could it need Freon? What type of Freon does it take? I have a certified person to put it in, but I have to get the Freon myself. Is it a sealed unit? Will it be obvious to him, where to put in the Freon? He said that he's not sure, but hasn't looked at my unit yet. I have to g

Hello, if the filter, evap, coil, condenser coil are clean then most likely the unit if low on freon. most window units take either r 134a or r -22, it will say on the data plate on the unit. To charge freon into the unit a piercing valve will need t ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

6000 BTU window A/C makes loud sucking sound while running. I've cleaned the filter multiple times. It seems to be draining OK, and it blows cold. I found this post online, and it sounds like my problem. What should I do? "I bought one of these between 3 and 4 years ago. It did get heavy use during the summers; I installed it per the directions, I cleaned the filter regularly and did everything else I knew of to do for maintenance. Lately it had been doing a strange sucking or slurp

There are only a couple of screws outside and along the side that hold the inside section and outer casing together,removal of these screws will allow you to slide the indide section out while leaving the case still in the window opening,this will al ... Kenmore 6000 BTU Single Room Air Conditioner

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