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I want to move the outside unit of our split system aircon.

\015 If I disconnect the gas pipes will the refridgerant escape or will it be retained in the compressor.\015

Answers :

It will definitely escape. In fact, allowing that gas into the atmosphere is kind of illegal, as well as really expensive. An HVAC repairer has the equipment to remove the gas while keeping it trapped, do any plumbing needed to move the unit to it's new location, and then recharge the unit with the same freon (though you might need to add some to account for the additional run of pipe). Also, the electrical box will probably need to be moved.

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I want to move the outside unit of our split system aircon.

It will definitely escape. In fact, allowing that gas into the atmosphere is kind of illegal, as well as really expensive. An HVAC repairer has the equipment to remove the gas while keeping it trapped, do any plumbing needed to move the unit to it's ... Air Conditioners

Hi we have a ge air/cond split system which i want to move to another position i know the system does have an accumulator in the main unit i just wanted to know how to reclaim the gas back into the accumlator model no asoah18ewo thank you damien white

Need gauges attatched to the low side (Fat pipe)at the condenser unit which is outside.Use the allan key and close off the high side(small pipe ) at the condensing unit. With the unit running watch the gauges untill needle reaches 0. Quickly close va ... GE Air Conditioners

Hi have a fujitsu split system air con(heat/cool) have had the outside unit move off the roof to the side of the house. since, have had a problem when on heat, runs for half hour the goes on auto defrost as the norm after 7 mins tries to start but trips circuit breaker ...why...never happenedbefore the move.

Kindly check the power socket and power plug both take out the plug and see if it is melted sometimes this happens when there is a problem in contacts of electric socket and ac plug , kindly inspect both and let me know , where is this Circuit breake ... Air Conditioners

Hi i have an lg f12ahj split system and it is not blowing out hot air. everything seems to be going ie outside unit and vents moving. please let me know what i can try as i am unfamiliar with this unit and do not have a manual. thanks

... LG Air Conditioners

We want to remove a non-functioning outside compressor of a Mr.Slim split unit system. Accordng to the installation manual it is either the MS12/15E MSH12/15E model. How do you disconnect and cap off the lines? Is there any special equipment, like a vacuum pump, required? What type of caps can we use?

Good day, You will need more than a vacuum pump. If you live in the states you will need a refrigerant recovery unit. It recovers refrigerant and stores it in a ODOT tank for disposal. Unless your licensed you have no access to a device such as this. ... Air Conditioners

I am working on a FEDDERS ductless mini split. Model# FESI-HHD012-H15D ( inside unit) Model# FEAU-YHD012-H15D (outside unit). The electrician wired it up to 220vac and its only a 120vac system. I hav

... Fedders Air Conditioners

Can the outside unit in a split system be located higher than the

The outside unit is on the roof. If possible,get a ladder and get on top and you should see unit. To clean unit,remove screws on the sides, remove top cover.If coils are dirty, spray with a garden hose to clean. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Split system outside unit won't come on for cooling, only heating

Check your filters, dog hair and lack of maintenance will definitely burden the cooling mode of the Mr Slim units. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I purchased an Amcoraire split system unit for my 2 story garage. Licensced electrician did the wiring and licensed HVAC co. installed the 2 indoor units and outside unit. Outdoor unit is Model # AOM 243 HX 24000 BTU Indoor units are both Model #AWM123 HX, 12000 BTU each When I turn the unit on, it runs for about 60 seconds and then I get an error code on the inside wall unit that says P7. My manual says this has something to do with voltage. I had the power company come out and they show the

Since the manual says the error code has something to do with voltage it means the voltage is either too high or too low. And as the electric company says the voltage is within limits the the error is as a result of the voltage fluctuating. All you h ... Amcor Air Conditioners

I have an older Mitsubishi split system heat pump. The outside condensing unit needs to be replaced. It is model # MUH09DW11 with 115 volts @ R22 coolant. Where can I buy just the outside system?

Hi,\012Due to the fact that R-22 has been phased out on all new equipment the chances of finding an outdoor R-22 unit is highly unlikely....The best chance may be to contact Mitsubishi directly and see if there is any old stock still around. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Non-cooling Our 38AKS016/40RM016 split system is cooling a 24' X 60' room which has 4 open doorways to three other areas (cooled by different units). The room has ~30 PC's and 2 printers which are on continually. Sometimes when the outside temperature is below 30F, the system gets in a mode where the air mover runs, but the compressor does not. The room will equilibriate about 8 degrees above the temperature set point (71F) and the compressor will not come on until it warms up outside (or the sy

- Calibrate your electronic thermostat if it is accurate. If not then replacement is needed.- Check the location of your electronic thermostat, it may be installed in the room where its too cold. ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman CPLE42-1 split system. I had a power outage and my first floor unit would not cool anymore. The air handler/blower in the ceiling is working fine, but the fan outside is not turning on. When I went to look for an overload reset on it, I switched off the breaker on my second floor unit by accident, and now it is doing the same thing. Both fans on the outside will not turn on. Both thermostats will turn on the air handlers in the ceiling. Seems like I re-created the same exact pr

... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Have a WeahterKing WBEA 14J055FCIA Inside split air system. Last tenant removed the outside compressor. Looks to be a 2.5 ton unit and need to find an replacement outside compressor that will match up. Is there anything still available? Do not think I need to replace entire system.

James if you are able, go on to craigslist and try to find you a used outdoor unit. I have several rentals and craigslist has saved me several times. I bought the last unit , 3 ton, used for $100.00. ... Air Conditioners

AMCOR 24,000 BTU split system. Worked fine two years, then today it had no power. Checked circuit breaker, it had popped. Reset CB and went to inside unit - would not turn on or off with remote or hard button. Checked wiring with an electrical tester, and wires to outside unit hot, as well as inside unit. No flashing codes, nothing. Unit won't turn on,even with power. Is there a fuse somewhere in the inner unit or outer unit?

I had this same problem. I disconnected the thermostat wire out side at the condenser and reconnected it and it started working. A couple days later it blew the breaker again this time I found the bus where the L1, L2. GR wire connect at the condense ... AmcorAire UCHW-H24AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a samsung aqv18ja series split type air conditioner (cooling and heating) wall unit. the unit was install in 02/12/2009. By "one hour heating and air conditioning". In this short time service the outside compressor has been replace, the system has check and recheck,for cooling leak. the inside unit fan motor has been change. but the problem still exists. The inside unit fan continues to run when the unit is "off" and with the remote off.

Simple, check in your remote. There is an option button "Blow". Just press it. Your unit gets completely off. Please write back if helpful? ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Hi. I have a LG heat pump/air conditioner. A split system with 2 indoor units. Model LMN095HV and LMN125HV. After a power failure by our local power company, I am getting a CH 05 error code. I have turned off th power to the units and waited several minutes and turned it back on with no luck. I know the code means poor or no communication with the outside unite. And I am getting the same code on both inside units. an you help? Thanks, Peter C [email protected]

Hi, this error is a communication error between your indoor and outdoor unit, check all wiring and connections - ch 5 is a communication error between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.\015\012You can try turning the breaker off ... LG LSC183VMA Split System Air Conditioner

I have a ducted sanyo split system. The model number is SPW-C361GH5TU. The unit in the ceiling stopped working about 4 weeks ago. The outside compressor would start up but stop after a short period of time. I managed to get a technician to work on the unit. He said it was the PC board. It took two weeks to get the part but when it was fitted, the unit still didn't work and the technician told me the problem was with the fan motor. Another two weeks have elapsed, and he now tells me it will take

You can order the part from link below.:--\015\012they provide quick deliveries:--\015\012http://www.jpcparts.com/103-546-8441.html\015\012\015\012you can p ... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

I have a panasonic split system air conditioner model CS-C24BKP the front vane on the indoor unit will not stay up( the vane that raises when the unit is turned on) when the unit is started the vane moves up slightly then just drops limp,can you help

... Panasonic Air Conditioners

The cooling unit outside is not working. Its a Midea split system and the indoor fan unit works for a bit until all the lights flash together and it stops responding. The external unit (that does the cooling) is not working

Your compressor may have seized up or burned up or blew a fuse. you may want to call an ac tech cause you cant really do much yourself with it. if the compressor is seized you may be able to unstick it by taking the back off the ac unit and hitting t ... Midea MWB-05CM1 Air Conditioner

KELVINATOR KSR20C Our split systeme air con does not heat or cool the outside fan run when on but the inside fan doesnt run the little led on the circuit board on the outside unit is blinking on for 3 sec ond off for 3 sec do these air cons have a fault codes ??

One might think so, YES! look on one of the door panels that you can remove! Thank-you-very-much! ... GE Zoneline AZ38H12DAD Split System Air Conditioner

I purchased a ductless amcoraire mini split system. I believe the models are AWSO91HX (inside unit) and AOSO91HX (outside unit). I am getting a F1 error (indoor outdoor communication failure). Please advise me and my licensed installer on how to correct the problem or who I can contact for a house call repair.

... Air Conditioners

Have a split unit a/c, outside unit starts, runs for about 5 mins then shuts off, electrician looked at it and said compressor drawing high amps and it's shutting it down due to overheating? could it be air in system or dirty condenser or evaporator?

It could be. It could also be a problem with the capacitor or a restriction in the refrigerant lines or a low charge due to a leak in the system. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have a goodman spliit system clj42-1c. Outside fan does not run. I removed it and gave it power and it came on. Then with fan removed I powered up the unit the compressor hums for a minuite then cuts off but it never seemed that it was realy working. Thear is freon in the system. I need to know if the capasitor is at fault or if the compressor is bad. I am an air craft tech so I have a multimeter and enough know how to find the problem. I just dont want to purchase the wrong part. Can u tell m

If your multimeter has a Capacitance Meteryou can test the capacitor. There are ways to broadly test a ca ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Have not purchased yet but wanting to know where to get parts for Amocor mini split systems. Do not want to purchase any unit without a parts supplier available

Full line if replacement parts available \015\[email protected] ... AmcorAire UCHW-H12AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

I have had a mitsubishi split system HVAC installed in my 150m apartment. It is installed inside the apartment in a small space with one window for inflow a second window for out flow. As we test the unit, 3 problems have come to our attention. (1) When it was really cold outside last Janaury the unit itself was leaking something that turned into ice. There was a pool of about 2 inches of ice on the floor and the wall had a covering and the hoses were encased in ice. The installer maint

The problem is in your Ac's compressor .It is wasting all the cooling gases and chemicals1)the ice you are seeing is the mixture of chemical & gases when get in contact with atmospheric air it converts into ice and pls dont touch that ice a ... Mitsubishi MS-A09WA Split System Air Conditioner

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