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My domain air 2.65kw portable ac unit - E4

\015 My domain air 2.65kw portable ac unit is turning itself off and displaying E4 fault. Can some body please explain\015

Answers :

Make sure the filter is clean and the pump is operating.
Did you work out what it was because mine is now doing the same thing - i accidentally had the outlet stuffed with foam to stop bugs getting in (long story) and ran it on a hot day and it went POP E4 - and works fine but now it blows fan only its not cold at all - im shattered i just paid 55o for it :(

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My domain air 2.65kw portable ac unit - E4

Make sure the filter is clean and the pump is operating. ... Air Conditioners

Hi, thanks. I have a question regarding the portable air conditioner cvp10nc as I am preparing to purchace one. Is the air from the room being cooled recirculated exclusively through the unit and all put back into the room? Or, is some of the air in the room where the where the unit is cooling sent out the exhaust? Also how many amps does this unit draw? Thanks so much Kerry

Hi kerry have tried to look for the model number as mentioned by you hwever was unable to find that on the sharp site however they do have two other models namely CVP10PC and CVP10RC for which i am providing you with the link here you can get whateve ... Sharp CVP10NC Air Conditioner

Great site. I have a Simplicity SPAC 8499-5 Portable Air Conditioner and it was working fine up until yesterday (~2 years old). The unit is running and the fan operational but while the green light for Cool/Dry is illuminated that actually cooling unit for the air conditioner is not kicking in. The system is just blowing air (like in Fan) mode. I have checked the water reservoir and it is empty and placed properly in the unit so the switch is engaged but no AC.

... Air Conditioners

A few days ago I moved my portable air conditioner unit from one room to another. (Amcor 12,000BTU, Cooling/heating unit) Prior to moving it, the air conditioner and compressor worked fine. The unit is about a year old, and has only been used a few months of the year thus far. After I moved the unit into my bedroom, and plugged it in, everthing kept working fine, (including the compressor) but a funny, slightly burnt plastic smell (or some other chemical smell) was blowing out of the unit al

... Amcor NanoMax A12000E Portable Air Conditioner

I am not having a problem with my portable air conditioner unit but I do have a question about the unit having a heating fan. What would a heating fan be used for in a Air Condtiioning unit with Humidifier?

Its for defrosting the unit, if it freezes up. ... Air Conditioners

Everstar model MPM1-10CR-BB6 portable AC no longer blows cool air. I have attempted to drain the unit but no water has come out for several months. I also attempted to press and hold the "turbo" button but still nothing. All the buttons and lights still work on the unit, just no cool air. Please help.

Start checking the small things. Here are the things that you need to check:1. Fuse2. CapacitorBut the most common thing that could cause this problems are, running out of freon and/or leak in the copper tubes. The tubes ... Air Conditioners

I have a Haier HPRBO7XC7 portable air conditioner that isn't working properly. When I turn the air conditioning mode on, the cooling unit seems to turn on, but then stops after about a minute or so, and the fan just keeps running. The unit is only about a year old. I purchased it last summer, it worked fine and then when I pulled it out the other day, it had this problem. Any suggestions?

... Haier Air Conditioners

This season we bought 3 Sharp CV-2P10SC portable air conditioners for home use. We have used the 2009 and 2010 versions of this unit previously and have been very happy with them. Not so with the 2011 models. Their cooling capacity is very disappointing. They cycle in an approximate 2 minutes on / 2 minutes off pattern. This is operating in an 85F ambient medium humidity conditions. When "on" the airflow is low and the air is not cool. When the unit is turned to "maximum" it shuts itself off! Th

... Air Conditioners

My son gave me his portable air conditioner but did not give me the instruction book. not sure on the safety features nor how to run. it is a conviar portable refridgerated air con. model KY-32/Xc (co2) 002118 as my son is out of reach at the moment and I need to run this unit, I would be please if you caould get back to me asap. or let me know of a site to get a manual. thanking you for your time. R.Casey.

SERVICEMANUALS @ COST\012www.mauritron.com\012Manuals at free download: ... Convair Air Conditioners

My Fujitronic FA1050 Portable Air Conditioner says it is full of water after being in use for 1 hour (which makes it blow warm air until I empty the water). There are two drain ports on the unit, one close to the floor, one about 6 inches higher. The user manual says I should be draining water from the higher drain port, and only emptying the water from the lower drain port at the end of the season. When the unit says "Water is full", I open the upper drain port, and no water comes out. I then o

Look at this drain pan for some wires going to the side or down the top. Look for a small hole in the side of the pan or casting this will be the location of the sensor. Sometimes a sharp rap with a screwdriver handle will dislodge the sensor causing ... Fujitronic FA1050 Air Conditioner

DELONGHI PENQUIN PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER MODEL PAC T110P Recently started a Loud HUMM which would cut in every few minutes. Even if the unit was turned off but power still flowing to it. Now got F1 alert and the HUMM more often. Controls still work. The unit still pushes out cool air.

I don't know what it's worth but I have just bought a new one and a few days ago it was showing an error of F2 which means the refrigerant not working or something similar as per the manual. However I thought about what temperature i had it set at an ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp portable room air conditioner model CV-P10NC. The power plug RESET button and TEST button will not click in order to check out the power plug as the unit will not turn on. They did test O.K. at first but the unit would still not come on. Can the power plug back be taken off to check out the fuse inside - or since it is a type of built in circuit breaker maybe it does not have a fuse inside ? The instruction manual states that " This air conditioner uses a fused power plug". The un

The fused9G.F.C.I.) cord you speak of is probably the G.F.C.I. built onto these units by design, can you or someone you know get access inside the unit and :Hot-Wire" the units cord and,bypass the power cord ( Just To Test the Unit)and see if it stay ... Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioning unit no longer blows out cold air

Bit late I know, but for others having same issue, ensure that it doesn't need draining - use black tube at bottom left when viewed from behind to drain any excess water. ... Air Conditioners

My Amana portable air conditioner is blowing Warn Air. It's 2 years old. The temperature is set to blow cool air but the unit is only blowing warm air.

... Haier Amana Apn14j-E Portable Air Conditioner

Hi guys, i have a portable air conditioner 9000btu 'ariagel ag90' window) that works great for the first 5 minutes, until gradually the unit makes more and more noise until it shudders quite violently , returns to its normal noise and blows out hot air for 5 minutes. This hot air seems enough to cancel out the cooling it does. then after a while it cools gradually I've read alot about this air con problem, but nothing regarding the gradual noise and shudder. The slide out filter at the back s

This is due to the compressor going into thermal overload, It can be cause by really dirty coils preventing air flow,A restriction in the cap tubes or orafice, Or an over or under charge in the system.The noise is due to the compressor building up to ... Air Conditioners

The DeLonghi PACA130HPE 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner unit will not function. Unit displays the Alert symbol only and no other designation as identified in the product manual. The unit was in heat mode when it stopped working. We have unplugged the unit for at least 30 min and tried again with the same result. Suggestions?

I had the same problem, you have to empty the water pan in the rear of the unit. In the heat mode it will NOT evaporate the water like in the air conditioner mode. If you use it a lot in the heat mode and have a lot of moisture in the house you wil ... DeLonghi PACA130HPE 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

How do I turn my Dimplex 5.3kW Portable Inverter Air Conditioner GDC18RWA air con unit into a heater, it is currently blowing hot air out the pipe and cold air out the front...

... Air Conditioners

My portable AC unit blows cold but then just stops and blows air

... Ambiance Designs HG002261 Portable Air Conditioner

I have a portable air conditioning unit...now it only blows air...it doesn't blow cool air. What can I do? Or where can I take it?

Its out of gas bring it two ur nearest refrigeration company ... Royal Sovereign ARP-1008 Portable Air Conditioner

I have a fedders portable a/c unit and it works for five minutes and it then shuts down. The circuit braker does not trip and I plugged the unit on different locations with the same results. The unit has very cold air, but it trips after five minutes of use.

Thanks for your information that " The unit has very cold air".It's cut off by indoor coil sensor.Reason for shut off in 5 minutes.(There are one or more reasons for the problem) Check as follows.1. Evaporator coil,air filter and bo ... Fedders A6X05F2D Air Conditioner

I purchased a AMCOR portable air conditioner Model ALD12000E/EH on Mar 30 2009. This unit does not heat or cool only the fan works. When the unit was first received the heater worked fine although there was a strong odor associated with the heat cycle. I am not sure if this unit is worth the cost of repair. Can you make a recommendation?

Hi path531,Do you have any further inquiry about the system? Hope it helps.Thank you for using FixYa. ... Amcor Air Conditioners

I have a Nationwede YL-2300 portable air conditioner. The compressor runs, the fans run, but it is not cooling. After a few minutes the compressor cuts out and then restarts again after another minute or two, which is what it should do, but it still doesn't blow cool air. There is no hot air coming from the compressor unit. Any ideas about what is wrong with it?

... Air Conditioners

Hi, two days ago I bought a Danby Premiere DPAC13009 portable AC unit. It worked on the first day reducing the temperature from 32C in the room to 26C in a few hours. Although now there is no cold air coming out of the AC and only the fan is working. I verified the two hoses and the exhaust is working good, lot of air is blowing out. Although, no air seem to be sucked in from the intake hose. I checked and I don't see any obstruction. Could the compressor be dead already??? thank you

Comperssors have a thermal overload. If there is a starting problem or low on freon the conpressor will shut down until cooled off. Try restarting and listen to compressor. ... Danby Air Conditioners

Error Message I have a DeLonghi Pinguino PAC L90 portable air contitioner - last night there were thinderstorms and the electricity went out for a second. Now the unit flashes a message "Fsomething (looks like an L with a line through the middle)". I have unplugged the unit for several minutes but the message still flashes when I plug back in. No response when I depress any of the buttons on the unit. Is there a reset button hidden somewhere? Is there a more serious problem? Help!!

It's actually "Ft", which means "Full Tank".  The instruction manual says to drain the internal safety tank through the drain hoses.\015\012\015\012To drain the tank, open the cover on the rear of the appliance.\015\012Pull out the 2 drain ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

I have an NewAir 12000H Portable Air conditioner with a heat pump. The problem is that the heat pump no longer seams to be working. The desired temperature is 79 degrees. the unit never gets above 75 degree. when it actually gets that high it because my heat from the house has turned on. once the heat goes off then the unit goes down to 72 degrees and stays there until my heat comes back on. whats wrong with the unit? is there anything that i can do?

It sounds like the actual control module, the "brain", of this heater / air conditioner has failed and can't sense when to kick on the heat any longer. Have you tried just unplugging the unit for a good 5 minutes minimum and seeing if it will help " ... NewAir Air Conditioners

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