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RV AC, how to wire fan (blower) motor to capacitor.

\015 Need wiring instructions for capacitor to the ac fan motor. Previous owner straight wired to avoid replacing a bad part, now I don't know how to rewire the Fan correctly.\015\012\015\012Fan has three speed but I only use two for the AC. Fan wires, White and Brown Power, Red Low, Yellow Medium, Black High: the capacitor has Power supply, HERM (compressor) has three posts, and Fan only has two connectors.\015\012\015\012I think the Brown fan wire should be wired with Herm, so it only runs when the AC is running, and the Red / Black (Low/High) should be conected to Fan terminals. Help, it's getting hot here.\015

Answers :

You almost have it Look closer at the run capacitor. It has Herm, this is for the compressor, Com or C and F or Fan.

1 of your power wires is the fan speed so connect them accordingly usually black is hi, blue med, & red is low. You are "feeding" voltage to the selector switch on 1 side and coming out to the fan motor speeds.

Next you have a "Common" wire on your fan motor (this means its Common to all the other connections inside the fan motor to me. It is usually white. Connect this to the other line of power usually the Com on the capacitor unless it connects to a strip on the selector switch. But 1 of these 2 places will be the other side of your Power when plugged in. Lastly the brown it is usually the fan capicator only wire and it will connect to the fan "F" terminal on the capicator this terminal will not have any other wires connected to it.

This should make you a happy camper. Please rate me accordingly and good luck.

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RV AC, how to wire fan (blower) motor to capacitor.

You almost have it Look closer at the run capacitor. It has Herm, this is for the compressor, Com or C and F or Fan.1 of your power wires is the fan speed so connect them accordingly usually black is hi, blue med, & red is low. You a ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Need to change a broken blower motor in RUUD central air unit. Old central air blower motor (GE electric) was connected with brown and orange wire to 15 MHD capacitor. Another orange wire from central air unit connected to orange motor wire on capacitor. Black wire from motor (Hi Speed) connected to central air unit. Blue and red wires not connected. New motor is an AO Smith FD6000A. Has Black, brown/white, brown, blue,yellow,red, white and black wires. Need to connect to a 5 MHD capacitor. M

On the motor should be a diagram detailing the wires. brown white goes to either side of the capacitor and brown wire to other side of capacitor. hi speed goes to normally open contact on the indoor fan relay and the wire designated common on the mot ... Air Conditioners

How do I wire a fan motor and the two associated capacitors to make it run? I was given a Hunter Model 26136 ceiling fan motor and the two capacitors that came with it: 1st a two wire (red & black) 5F 250vac VCE 74132-01 and 2nd a four wire (green, brown and two gray wires) GY 5GR 5B 250 VAC VCE74133-01. Also I know I need to buy a 3 speed switch. I have no idea how to wire the motor, capacitors and switch together. John Bierke

... Air Conditioners

I am replacing the a/c blower motor and capacitor. The old motor has 1 brown wire to the capacitor, 1 yellow wire to the capacitor (the yellow then loops from the capacitor over to the wiring panel), 1 green wire to ground, and a black wire that comes from the wiring harness from the wiring panel. The black wire is plugged into a small white box on the side of the motor that has a port with three places to plug in wires. These are labeled black, red, and blue, but only the black is there, no red

\015\012Motor Wiring\015\012Old Motor\015\012Brown wire is Start\015\012Yellow wire is run or Power\015\012Black wire is High Speed or Common\015\012The other two taps are speed taps, but you have a single speed ap ... Air Conditioners

How do I wire a new condensor fan motor to the new capacitor? The old capacitor is longer and it has 3 terminals. the new capacitor is much smaller and oval. It has 2 terminals. the fan motor has 3 wires, black, brown, and purple. there is a red wire comming from the conductor and a yellow wire comming from somewhere else.

Before attempting any of these recommendations, First disconnect all the power sources and check your wiring diagrams on the motor and condensing unit.\015\012On the old capacitor if you look on the top near each of the three terminals. Are the ... Air Conditioners

Original AC Condenser fan motor had three wires L1 L2 & Fan Capacitor The replacement Dayton motor has 4 wires, L1 L2 & 2 capacitor wires solid tan and tan with white tracer One goes to the F terminal of the capacitor where does the other go

Hi,\012Yes, that can be confusing...hook the tan wire with the white strip onto the same line wire as the one going to the capacitor...usually the L2 wire....so then in reality you have the two tan wires hooked onto the common and the F termina ... GE Air Conditioners

I have a Trane XE1200 condensor for which I bought a replacement fan motor, same specs as the original G.E. motor. The original G.E. motor was wired to a dual capacitor, which is also wired to the compressor. The original G.E. motor had 4 wires, one of which was not hooked up. The replacement motor is an A.O. Smith model OAM10088 with 3 leads. Smith sent me a new 2-pole capacitor for the new motor. How do I wire it correctly?

OK, locate the terminals on the capacitor marked "HERM"(Compressor lead), "FAN", and "COM".(common)\015\012\015\012HERM and COM remian as they are.\015\012\015\012The wire going to "FAN" (usually brown) will be placed on eithe ... Air Conditioners

I am installing a Mars 1/3 hp fan motor. It has a black wire,red wire, blue wire, yellow wire and (2) brown wire that go to a capacitor. May Furnace has Black power wire, red wire (speed) and white common. What wire is the common to the fan motor?? I hooked it up with black to black, red to red, and white to the blue. It ran fine for 5 min then it thid my breaker in bresker box???? If the blue was not common how could the motor run at all??

Hello, Typically your common wire will be white, high speed- black, medium speed- yellow, medium low-blue, red- low. The motor could still run for a short time if it was wired wrong but will either trip a breaker or go off on it;s overload when it's ... Air Conditioners

Wiring compressor Replaced defective fan motor on my a/c unit. Old motor had three wires: black, yellow, brown. New generic motor has black, white, brown, brown w/white stripe. This new motor came with a new two terminal capacitor. Old cap. had three terminals. The black and white wires from motor connect across the line voltage and the other two wires connect across the capacitor. After install and trying to run the unit, found that compressor turns on for about two seconds and shuts down, but

The two terminal cap is only for the new fan motor. Connect the compressor wire back where you found it, on the 3 terminal cap. It's the terminal marked, "herm". The "common" terminal on the 3 terminal cap must still be connected to one side of the ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have an A.O. Smith f48l47a50 blower motor, and I need help with wiring. First it's a 460v,1phase,1/2hp,975rpm,3spd motor. My question with the wiring is do I need to supply a wire for line power? I know the brown and purple go to the capacitor. The green is ground. I guessing the blue and orange are to designate low/med speed, but that's all the wires that are attatched. I think I need to supply a wire from the blower motor relay to the motor's hi spd terminal. Could you confirm this?

Are you SURE its 460volt single phase??? that voltage is normally a 3phase motor voltage,and color of wires is right for 480/277, but that would be 3 phase.....not saying your wrong,just make sure ... Air Conditioners

I just purchased an fse1028sf to replace my faulty fan motor. I purchased it from a a/c supply store. My existing fan only had three wires. They were brown, black and purple. Black to: capacitor "c". Purple to: T2 and brown to: "fan" on the cap. The new motor has: brown, brown/white, black and white. The paperwork that came with the motor says to put brown & brown/white to the cap, black & white . The cap has a red wire on "fan". I'm confused

Hi, this is a different wiring diagram then what you have . The 2 brown/wht wires are for the run cap only. Black and white are t-1 and t-2. They sold you a motor that takes its own run capacitor to run it with just both brown wires. Take the diagram ... Air Conditioners

I am replacing my old a/c fan motor with a new one. The old motor is an A.O Smith B13400-251 and has black, brown, and a purple wire and was connected to a dual capacitor. The new motor is an A.O Smith ORM5458 and has a white wire on one side and on the other is a black, brown, and a brown/white wire. The dealer sold us a single capacitor and i'm having a hard time figuring the wiring. Can anyone offer some instructions?

For one, thank you for posting all the info, it really helps! On your new motor, the white has became your purple, black is black, and your brown/brown and white wires go to each side of the new capacitor, there should only be 2 terminals. You can le ... Air Conditioners

I have a trane 1100 and I need to replace the condenser fan motor. I checked into buying a different brand and it has four wires and comes with it's own capacitor. I guess my question is do I use the original 5 uf/40 uf and the new capacitor for the fan motor together? If so how do I wire them up?

Hi thereI am afraid to give you my opinion of how to wire the motor and I would\015\012rather rely on the motor manufactures wiring diagram. If you wire it\015\012incorrectly you can smoke/damage the motor and that is not covered\015\012u ... Air Conditioners

I bought a replacement Dayton electric condenser fan motor. The original GE had 3 wires. L1 L2 & the fan capacitor wire. The Dayton replacement model 4MB21 has 4 wires, L1 L2 and 2 capacitor wires tan & tan/white tracer Where does the other tan wire go

The tan/white wire can be insulated/capped and not used. Use and ohmmeter to take a resistance reading between the tan/white wire and L1 & L2. There will be no resistance between the tan/white wire and one of the others. This will be the common w ... GE Air Conditioners


... Goodman Air Conditioners

Hello I live in Las Vegas and have a tempastar 2200 heat pump. The unit is approx 6 years old. The fan motor was making alot of noise and then quit. When I inspected the motor there was alot of play in the shaft. I got a replacement motor a 1/3 hp instead of the 1/4 hp motor that came out. Unfortunatley I wired it wrong and fried the new one. Then I had a a/c tech come out and take a look at the wiring. He wired the burt one and added a capacitor and told me to wire the replacement the same way.

Depending on where you bought the motor, you should be able to return it for a warranty exchange...seeing as how the motor is only a month old.Before replacing the motor, I would first inspect the blades. If the blades are out of pitch o ... Air Conditioners

Have a Payne pg8uaa furnace. Furnace only works when I run a jumper between R and W. Replace wiring to furnace. I suspect that the outside blower motor is the problem. When furnace is running the blower motor has a humming sound but does not blow air. At this point, I would like to know how you would diagnose a Tjernlund HSUL-J blower motor. Should the motor itself be replaced or should the fan prover be replaced?

You would have to test the motor as well as the capacitor on the motor capacitor goes for alot less then the motor though.here is the pdf manual on your blower h ... Air Conditioners

1996 Cadilac Deville. Automatic climate control display works but no fan on any speed. Jumpped power wire to blower motor and got fan to work; no voltage on a/c programmer wire to blower; advise. thanks

Sounds like your going to need a new climate control uint. sorry. They go like light bulbs, no warning . ... Air Conditioners

Replaced condenser fan motor with OEM and I replaced the dual run capacitor with exact same rating and the condenser fan motor still will not run, I wired the way it came off (3wires brown to f on capacitor, black to contact, and purple to df1 on the defrost timer board). The contactor appears good it plunges when I give it power and the compressor comes on. Wondering if the defrost timer board is bad.

One way to test the motor and the board is to bypass the board. You need to direct wire the motor and test to see if it comes on. Then you know the motor is good and the board is bad. Not sure exactly what board your talking about though. Condens ... Air Conditioners

Connecting protect condenser fan motor 5 wire to dual capacitor. old fan motor has 3 wires.

... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

I Have a outside A/C unit I have replaced the fan and I need to know which Capacitor leads go to the Fan, the compressor and the contactor. the capacitor is a 35/5 with one lead with 4 male blade connectors-one with two and one with only one lead. There are also two brown(one with a stripe)wires from the new motor instead of the one on the original motor.

The 2 brown wires go to the capacitor, the solid on the positive or colored dot side, the striped one goes on the other side. ... Dayton Air Conditioners

Replaced old Ge 1/2hp fan blower motor w/ emerson motor wire not the same couldnot get to work. motors has blk,blue,red,white/brown, brownw/white strip/furance wires are blk,red,white could some tell me how to wire correctly Thanks

Hello GREG Black=hi speed blue=medium speed red=low speed white/brn=common or white . brn/white=line 2 leg of 220 volt.110volt furnace is black to black=cool speed blue unused(tape/wirenut end)red to red=heat speed white/brn to white=common brn/whi ... Air Conditioners

Recently replaced blower wheel and blower wheel motor mounts,that problem was solved but now fan motor for the compressor runs non stop-wont shutoff except by breaker box.also changed thermostat at the same time.have i inadvertinly placed the wrong wire terminal in the wrong recepticle in either the blower motor or thermostat? If so,which one and where?How can it be fixed?The unit is a 1973 coleman evcon.

First question first, NO! this is a simple problem and a common one to fix, just change out the outside contactor coil, the contactor has a thin layer of silver on them to prevent them from arching and sticking together, over time this thin layer b ... Air Conditioners

My E.G. Air Cond.Compressor/condenser fan motor was replaced because it burnt; I replaced it with an O. Smith Electric Fan Motor. I also changed the capacitor. The new fan motor runs full speed for about 10 minutes and stops while the compressor is still runing. I need help to assure I have it wired corectly. I may need a manual which I do not have.

These motors have a wiring diagram on the motor. Make sure you don't have two different speeds connected together. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic 579 Series Brisk Air AC. The model Number is 57915.531. When I turn the fan on, nothing happens. If I reach up and turn the wheel blower the fan will start up and everything works. I replaced the fan motor and put on a new capacitor part # 3100248.412 was supplied. The fan still will not start on it's own. I still need to turn the wheel blower to get it started. Help!

My sheet shows part # 3100248.420 as fan run capacitor.You may have an updated number. Check voltage outputs labeled on it are same as on old one, and double check wiring is correct, to and from capacitor. Be careful not to mistake compressor start c ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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