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Dehumidify mode also cools

\015 When operating the unit in dry (dehumidify) mode, it blows cold air. Yes, dehumidification works by passing room air over cold so moisture condenses. But other dehumidifiers mix warm air from the compressor with the cold(dehumidified) air that blows into the room. The DPAC9031 instead exhausts the warm air from the compressor to the outside of the building. That's fine on hot days, but when the room is already 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the dehumidifier needs to run for two hours to get the humidity level down, the room also becomes very cold. I'm wondering: 1) Is my unit working as designed? 2) If yes, does someone sell a hose adaptor for this unit that will divert part or all of the warm exhaust into the room? 3) If no, how can it be fixed so that dry mode doesn't also continuously cool?\015

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Some units do cool/dehumidify only im afraid why cant you let the unit dump its hot air into the room then it wont heat or cool the room?

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Dehumidify mode also cools

Some units do cool/dehumidify only im afraid why cant you let the unit dump its hot air into the room then it wont heat or cool the room? ... Danby DPAC9031 Silhouette 9,000 BTU Portable AC Air Conditioner

I have a Mitsubishi ductless mini-split AC unit (model MSY-A17NA) and a Mitsubishi Electric remote (type KM07L 0029445). Could you please tell me what some of the mode symbols mean - in particular, the 4-sided box with the arrows, and the 6-sided symbol (snowflake?). Also, does the water drop mode mean that the unit is dehumidifying only, or is it dehumidifying AND cooling. Thanks. Tanya

Google ( mitsubishi air conditioner ) you should be able to get all the help you need .. dont forget you need your modal and serial number when you call it will give them the help they need to give you the right answers you are looking for .. once yo ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

What does the "dry" mode function do on the Goldstar GWHD6507R window air conditioner unit? There are also "cool" and "fan" modes, but the "dry" mode is mysterious. Is it some kind of dehumidifier function? Howard Ferstler

Your AC removes humidity and cools the air, in Dry Mode it cools the air but does not remove the humidity as much, which is OK in a desert (Las Vegas, Arizona, etc.) but not good for caribbean with the high humidity ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

I have a split system sanyo heat pump model # kmh0922. The evap. fan will not come on when called for in fan mode. When i put it to heat the indoor fan will also not come on. The compressor runs but the reversing valve seems to stay in the cooling mode. When it is put into cooling the indoor fan goes off after 15 seconds and will not come back on. (The condenser fan and compressor seem to act normal in cooling.) Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Thank you, Mike

Sounds like the blowers capacitor has gone bad ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

Chigo kfr-51gw/gx1a 1800btu split unit, when it is in cool mode the compressor runs for ten min , shuts down for 3 min repeatedly while the inside head unit fan still operates. I have read that this unit has a de humidlifier mode that has simular response, is there any way I can bypass this dehumidifier mode? or is that normail operation for this unit? Thank-you

Do you have a dehumidifier? ... Air Conditioners

Everstar mpk10cr grinding compressor I think.... Fan works fine, will kick into cool mode (elevated fan level) for a few seconds then it sounds like the compressor has a loose mount or something... sometimes it rattles for a few minutes (and cools) but sometimes it shuts the rattling off as fast as it starts and doesnt really ''cool'' or dehumidify.... Some days its works fine all day, others it just never really gets its ''**** together'' so to speak... Can users recharge the coolant themselve

Hi, I hear you , you have to keep her happy and cool!! First of all, no you can't buy R-22 unless you are a contractor and you have a certification card showing you are qualified to use freon. This is not your problem from what you are saying. If thi ... Air Conditioners

Window Unit - Fan does not come on in high & medium cool modes, works fine in low cool, fan also works

Fan motor speed control on the motor itself is out.. Replacement is only option. Good Luck\015\012\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

New general electric air conditioner. after 2-3 minutes of starting the cool mode, no cool air is coming out and also a E5 code is on screen air con automatically stop. what is going on?..first time used...

... GE Profile ASM10AA Air Conditioner

We have a split system model number S24AHP-ND6 its 7.5 kw cooling and 7 kw heating. We have been having problems with it for a while ,it has only been delivering about half the amount of air flow on cooling mode, and now it has stopped delivering cold air altogether and is only blowing uncooled air, also the outside unit seems to have stopped working too.

... Air Conditioners

Hi there I have an lg reverse cycle aircon model LWC122RH-2 and the heating seems to work fine on it at however when I try and put the cool mode on it desn't seem to get very cold and the cool light does not come on also the defrost light doesn't come on but the heat light and the fan light and timer lights all work and come on ...please help

... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

Unit in heating mode only electric heaters run no heat pump, also when in cooling mode unit does not run, Power is on.

I understand that you have a heat pump that doesn't work in cooling mode , and if the thermostat is not for heat pump , it will not work.First be sure you have the right thermostat and then that is wired correctly. Let me know what kind you have and ... Air Conditioners

Pace Air 24HPEW-HEC Unit will not heat, though heat mode comes on, dehumidify and cool mode work, and fan works as advertised. Fault Code E4 presents at startup. Manual is off site. What is this code telling me?

If unit displays "e4"1? Check whether the winding resistance andoperation current of the compressor are normal.2?Check whether the high and low pressure is normalwhen the unit is running.3?Check (whether the ... Pace 12ACXWHEC Split System Air Conditioner

My bonaire evaporative cooler cycles from high to low fan speeds when set in the cool mode. It works fine at the required speed setting when just the fan (no water) is selected. It also dumps water immediatly the cooling cycle is turned off rather than holding it for about 40Min as it should. Sounds like a controller problem, but I'm not sure if it would be the touch pad or the board up on the roof mounted unit.

... Air Conditioners

Would like to know what the Mode button is for on the remote control is a pink panel which has I feel, Cool, fan, Dry, what do these mean? also what is the Econo Cool button for? Can anybody help?

Cool is for cooling only- will cool until it reaches your specified temperature\015\012\015\012Fan will operate the fan only\015\012\015\012Dry will remove moisture from the air\015\012\015\012Econo cool is usually ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have a chigo kfr-51gw/gx1a two piece air conditioner that runs in cool for 10 minutes then shuts down for 3 minutes and keeps repeating cycle while The indoor units fan keep running I've read that this unit has a dehumidifier mode that dose this same cycle. If this is what it is doing is it possible to stop this mode from cycling Thanx

... Air Conditioners

M7Y15 Maytag room air conditioner. Fan goes on but no cooling. Display reads random numbers from 76 to 88 and 25-31 when fan or mode buts are pressed. Display also read EE. Very strange. Unit is only 3 yrs old and Maytag/fedders is not offering any warranty service.

... Maytag Air Conditioners

My A/C unit will not run in either heat or cool mode. Also, the fan will not run when selected to ON. Could it be a thermostat problem?

Is this a new installation or did this just start, after unit has been running fine for several months?\015\012If it's a new installation it could be wired wrong.\015\012If it just started, first check to see if the furnace is getting the ... Air Conditioners


... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

Ac Doe's not switch off also, heater comes on all modes, even on cool settings.

... Sanyo STW1223H2 12000 BTU PTAC AC - Heat Pump With Backup of Electric Heat Air Conditioner

My haier room air conditioner (hwr08cx7) just stopped working. The power goes on, the electronic displays light up, but fan does not blow. I also cannot adjust the mode--fan, cool, energy saver, dehum. I can adjust the temperature/speed but it doesn't do anything. Using the remote gives me the same results. The air conditioner is about a year old....

The Haier A/C unit has a small, electronic keypad on the front, right corner of the cover. There is very little you can do with it but check the wires going to it. Make sure nothing is broken or pinched going to it. The electronic module can be repla ... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

After a few minutes the power light flashes in a group of 4 and the unit turns off. resetting the mains power allows the unit to operate again but only for a few minutes. This occurs in "fan only" and cooling modes. there is also a red led flashing on the cct board in the inside unit. thanks Tony

Hi Tony,\015\012You did not include a model number... it would be helpful for looking up that code....\015\012However you ashould have the key to that code right there on the back of one of the panel covers...\015\012\015\012L ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My Friedrich Quiet Master window Air conditioner blows cold air for a couple minutes then switches to warm air, almost like it switches to fan mode. We also are getting water blowing in. We cleaned it, this helped a little. Could our cooling problem be with the thermostat?

Air conditioner may be too small for the room.If the air conditioner is put in too large of a room the air compressor will freeze. If you take off the filter you will see ice inside. The best thing to do is let the AC thaw out unplugged and put ... Air Conditioners

My wa1200 works only as a fan. air condition mode doesnt work, it shows all the images it shou like falling snow flakes and the word "COOL" but then it also says "E4". what does that mean and how do i get it to work?

Hello,The e4 is an error code signifying there is a connection problem in the air conditioner.It simply means there is a malfunction in the system and that is why it is not getting cold.Check the compressor of the ... Sunpentown Air Conditioners

I don't know which Carrier A/C model I have at this rental home and there is no manual on this unit. But the box attached on the wall upstairs has the ProgramOn Heat set at 62 and Cool set at 85. What is this ProgramOn mode and how from this ProgramOn mode that I can set to cool 75 and not 85. I can lower it to 75 but once I leave that mode it would return to cool 85 again. But i always have it on just Cool mode at 75 but i don't know why the house most often get hotter at night. Do you know w

Hello NTRINHVU You have to hit the HOLD button to keep 75 permantaly,otherwise it will go back to 85 every 3 hrs automatically. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Lg Neo plasma inverter split model s18ahn isn't heating or cooling properly. When in heating mode air con will go into defrost/preheat mode for 5 minutes and then air con will blow out air for 5 seconds and then go back into defrost/preheat mode. When in cooling mode indoor fan will pump out air but will not get cold. In both heating and cooling modes the outdoor unit will not start up and the outdoor fan will not spin. I have just replaced the main pcb board and that hasnt made a difference. Bo

... Air Conditioners

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